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Apr 15,2010

Claim Your Campaign Postcard

Posted by Amy with 8 Comments

Christy-Anne has created a web site where you can claim your campaign postcard.  She has all the details below:

This website is for 4 different types of people/fans… those that originally donated to the 1st campaign, anyone who lives in the states & can watch the CW in their city (or near by city), for fans in a country where OTH is played & then for those that submitted their names to the 2nd campaign… Pretty much this is how it works… the website will open & they can come in & look for their name, city or country, find the correct postcard, click it & save the image to their computer, along with saving the actual avatar.

There may be fans that didnt get to submit their name, well they may just be in luck- alot of “popular” names were written w/o an actual location but instead a state or country, so if they want a copy of that they are more than welcome to grab it.  Also- as you all know I am still working on the 2nd campaign & I am working as fast as possible to get all those names signed & scanned, but I wanted to go ahead & open the site already.

The website is:

If anyone has any questions or concerns let me know.. I will be sure to clear it up for you. Thank you all for your amazing support through out this journey that I have taken on, its been amazing meeting all these new people, but very tiring at the same token! Dont forget… as soon as S8 is announced, I will be emailing you all about the 2nd OTH fan reunion which will be taking place July 24th to the 27th. Talk to you all soon.

Apr 15,2010

Everly Q&A

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Everly, the band Bethany Joy Galeotti is in, tweeted that they are planning to do a Q&A session.  Post questions to their Facebook Page.

Apr 15,2010

Video: Jackson Brundage in Park City, UT

Posted by Amy with 7 Comments – Jackson wants to remind you to watch April 26!!!

Apr 15,2010

BuzzSugar: Top 10 One Tree Hill Moments

Posted by Amy with 18 Comments

BuzzSugar posted a gallery of Top 10 One Tree Hill Moments.  I think they at least covered the most interesting.  What do you think?

Apr 15,2010

OTH in 30 Days – 11 Days Left

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Happy Tax Day!

Meagan sent this Brucas video in:

the best one tree hill video i’ve ever ever seen

Apr 15,2010

Video: Jana Kramer with Better Nashville

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Jana Kramer just gave to Better Nashville on NBC. She also sings a song “Lets Just Be”. Thought you’d like to post it on the blog. Jana Kramer balances TV, movies, singing

Thx, nabs!