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Apr 18,2010 Have lunch with the cast of ‘One Tree Hill’ and help bring life back to the Los Angeles River!

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Have you ever thought about what it would be like to actually hang out with the cast of One Tree Hill? Now thanks to Tree Hill’s very own Daphne Zuniga, one fan will soon be able to share a meal with the stars of the show all while benefiting…

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Apr 18,2010

TDW Exclusive: Jonathan Jackson and Enation on Their One Tree Hill Connection

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About 200 artists are heard on One Tree Hill each season, according to the show’s music supervisor, Lindsay Wolfington. Of that 200, only a tiny portion are seen on-screen. A few easily come to mind…Fall Out Boy…Kate Voegele…Mike Grubbs. But what made the use of Enation particularly unique is that its first song on the show, “Feel This,” wasn’t sung by the band but by Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley).

After Galeotti’s character performed the song during the season 5 finale (Episode 5.18, What Comes After The Blues), the band performed onstage with Galeotti as she sang it again in season 6 during the USO concert (Episode 6.10, Even Fairytale Characters Would Be Jealous), which also featured Voegele (Mia) and the band Angels & Airwaves. Enation, which features Jonathan Jackson (yes, that Jonathan Jackson), Richard Lee Jackson, Michael Galeotti, Luke Galeotti and Daniel Sweatt, also had their song “World In Flight” played in that episode.

I recently spoke with Jonathan Jackson on the phone and caught up with Richard Lee Jackson and Luke Galeotti via e-mail. In our interviews, the band discussed the effect One Tree Hill has had on them, their plans for the future and using social media to connect with their fans.

TeenDramaWhore: First of all, I want to congratulate you. I heard you have another baby on the way.

Jonathan Jackson: Yes, I do. Thank you. We’re excited.

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Apr 18,2010

OTH in 30 Days – 8 Days Left

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Just over a week! It will be here before we know it!

Ash sent this in:

Here ( is a Brucas fanfic that I just started.

“8 years, 5 months, 6 days since she has spoken to him. She see’s him on TV with his brunette whores & wonders how she ever loved such a selfish man. He left her devastated & heartbroken, now he’s back to fix the mistakes of his past. But so much has changed.”

Apr 18,2010

BTS: Spring Break Winners Day 2

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