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Apr 21,2010

Latest From Ask Ausiello

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Question: I’m so desperate for a scoop on One Tree Hill. Please help me. —Anna
Ausiello: The CW soap returns Monday with an episode that features blackmail, a marriage proposal, a pregnancy test, and um…er….one other thing I’m forgetting.

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Apr 21,2010

TDW Preview: James Lafferty Interview

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I wanted to let you all know I just got off the phone with James Lafferty (Nathan, One Tree Hill). Our interview will be posted Sunday.

In addition to discussing the upcoming episodes, James shared why he thinks Naley fans have been so loyal, what he hopes the show’s legacy will be–and much, much more (including what he thinks of!)

I know other outlets are also interviewing him this week, which makes me especially grateful that James found time in his busy schedule to have a conversation with me. I am also grateful to The CW for giving me the opportunity.

Regular readers know I usually don’t “reveal” my upcoming interviews in advance but I was excited to share this with you guys and I hope you’re excited, too.

I thought I’d share some select quotes to hold you over til Sunday:

On one of his favorite One Tree Hill moments: “I literally felt like I had won the lottery.”

On One Tree Hill’s renewal chances: “There’s hundreds of questions and no answers. I’m trying to sit back and just wait.”

On how he’d like to leave the fans: “I’m a sucker for happy endings. I would love for our story to be one that ends positively.”

Come back Sunday morning to read the full interview!

Apr 21,2010

Chad Michael Murray’s Graphic Novel Due Summer 2010

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“Chad wanted me to let you know to look for his graphic novel titled Everlast dropping later this summer. It’s been a six year process in the making and after reading it I have to say that it really is an intriguing story that kept me caught up in the moment. I am incredibly proud of him and we both are pumped about it.”

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Thanks, Ashley!

Apr 21,2010

Spoilers Updated

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Episode 7.22

Apr 21,2010

OTH 7.19 Promo #3

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Apr 21,2010 Jana Kramer Lights Up Nashville!

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Country music has a new hit-singing sensation on the way and her name is Jana Kramer! The One Tree Hill star proved her talent extends far beyond acting when she performed to a full house at Nashville’s ‘3rd and Lindsley’ last…

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Apr 21,2010


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Within the last month or so, we have all been doing as much as possible to show The CW that the fans of One Tree Hill want a SEASON 8! From tweeting, polls, petitions, various projects to E! Online’s ‘Save One Show’ campaign. While we’re positive the CW is paying attention, we’re not in the clear yet … OTH is still on the line and we need to create enough noise that the network stops and pays attention.

The most important thing we can do at this point is to make sure that we all tune in and watch the last four episodes of Season 7, which begin on APRIL 26th at 8PM. We then plan to bombard the network with feedback and our pleas for another season of our beloved show on APRIL 27th. Want to join in? For details on how you can participate in the “We Are ONE Campaign”, please CLICK HERE and spread the word!