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Apr 26,2010

7.20 Learning to Fail Promo

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Apr 26,2010

WWK Spoiler

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Marcio in Ipswich, Mass.: Could we get some news on One Tree Hill or Melrose Place? Will they both stick around?
Nope. I’m told Melrose Place is pretty much a goner. It would take a miracle for it to survive at this point. However, the jury’s still out on One Tree Hill. The ratings in the next few weeks do matter, and it returns with a new episode tonight. (Hint, hint.)

Jenelle from Conn.: Yay! One Tree Hill is back tonight! The death of Haley’s mom made for such a great episode! What happens after?

Well, when we talked to James Lafferty, he had this to say: “Haley has a long road ahead of her in dealing with her mother’s death, as anybody would. A big part of the Scott family life will be dealing with the grief. It’s definitely a growing experience for the family.” Another tease? Here’s the deal with Nathan for the rest of the season: “He’s finally got some time to spend with his family, and his family at this point in their lives really needs him,” James tells us. “He really gets the opportunity to be a father and a husband.” Model husband and father? Adorable.

via Spoiler Chat: A Gossip Girl Is Leaving – E! Online.

Apr 26,2010

7.19 Every Picture Tells a Story Music

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Enough to Let Me Go Switchfoot  (opening) This whole album is amazing! Switchfoot - Hello Hurricane (Deluxe Version) - Enough to Let Me Go
All for the Taking Turtle Giant Turtle Giant - Feel to Believe - All for the Taking
August Moon  Dylan in the Movies Dylan In the Movies - Feel the Pull - EP - August Moon
Car Crash Wakey! Wakey!
Control Control JJ Heller JJ Heller - Control - Control
Let You Go  Noush Skaugen Noush Skaugen - Lost and Found - Let You Go
Make You Feel My Love ADELE ADELE - 19 - Make You Feel My Love
Rock and Roll  KISS
Substitutes The Windupdeads
Who Who Midnight Hour
You’re Gonna Break My Heart Someday  The Idyllists The Idyllists - The Long Hours Between Sunset & Morning - You're Gonna Break My Heart Someday
Black Tables Other Lives (CODA) Other Lives - Black Tables - Single - Black Tables

Apr 26,2010

7.19 Every Picture Tells a Story Reaction

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Whoo Hoo!!  Tonight felt so great.  It’s been too long since I live-blogged an episode of One Tree Hill but it’s back!

Here’s my take:

  • While I like feisty Brooke, I also liked the Brooke we saw tonight.  Commanding yet compassionate.  I’m glad she’s happy and her and Julian seem like they’re on a good path.  Hopefully there’s nothing around the corner!
  • The sex tape.  So at the end and at the previews we find out Josh IS behind the whole deal but apparently it’s spiraled out of control.  And apparently Josh is gay??  What the heck is going on?  Did he want it leaked so everyone wouldn’t know he was gay?
  • TMI with Victoria and Alexander.  I think I’m over that.  If they try to make their relationship serious, I may seriously throw up.  Little gag reflex with the big reveal.  Didn’t you love Brooke’s reaction when the curtain came down?
  • Nathan is always super cute as a doting father but I wasn’t a big fan of the Kiss moment.  But I don’t want to dwell on that because the shaving and reading moments were really cute.  Speaking of Nathan as a father, it simply melted my little heart when Nathan told Haley he wanted another baby!!  Super squeeee!!!!  A Naley baby!
  • Let’s talk about Haley.  My heart broke for her when she went into the ugly cry at the pool.  While it was the “ugly cry” it wasn’t ugly.  It was a beautiful ugly cry.  Does that make sense?  In other words, Haley acted her butt off. I simply can not imagine losing my mother and whatever dark period she goes through, I don’t hold it against her for one second.  Bless her heart.
  • While I feel bad for Skills, I’m all Team Mouth and I just hope Skills and Mouth can make up eventually.
  • Katie.  Psycho Nanny 2.0 or is it Psycho Derek 3.0?  She’s lost her mind.  I’d really just like her arrested already somehow and kicked out of Tree Hill but it looks like we’re going to have to ride another psycho out.  I hope we survive!
  • Finally I fully enjoyed Quinn.  She looked smoking hot tonight and I loved that she had to do.  I like happy Quinn!

Overall I felt like this was a solid episode, probably one of my favorites of Season 7.

Apr 26,2010

7.19 Every Picture Tells a Story Quotes

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Quinn: Your love for her won’t diminish us.

Clay: So you don’t think I’m weird?

Quinn: All I know is that if I could see my mom, I would stay up all night talking to her.

Brooke: Mother, another button please? The slutty milf look is sooo not you!

Josh: Please do your job: keep my trailer stocked with red vines and lube!

Julian: Hey Christian Slater, calm down!

Jamie: I’m bored.

Nathan: You can’t be bored, you’re seven. You have any idea how fun being seven is? You know who’s babysitting you tonight?

Jamie: Please say Junk and Fergie!

Nathan: Nope, me!

Jamie: Is this how you got mom?

Nathan: It took a lot more than a close shave to get your mom.

Jamie: Really?

Nathan: When I met your mom I wasn’t the nicest guy in the world. I was selfish and fought a lot, but your mom made me better. Your mom made Uncle Lucas good too.

Jamie: It must’ve been so cool having a brother…it’s like having your best friend over at your house all the time!

Nathan: You gotta remember Uncle Lucas and I weren’t really close when we were your age, but yeah, having a brother is like having an automatic best friend.

Nathan: Can I ask you a favor? Even though she doesn’t show it all the time your mom is still very sad that your grandma died.

Jamie: Yeah.
Nathan: So I need you to keep an eye on her to make sure she’s not too sad…be the man of the house.

Jamie: Okay.

Apr 26,2010

7.19 Every Picture Tells A Story Recap

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Julian wakes up to breakfast in bed from Brooke.  It’s his last day on set. The movie is on time and on budget.  Brooke leaves to work on the wardrobe.  She says they’re going to Quinn’s gallery opening.
Clay is out on his porch and thinks he sees Sarah on the beach.  Quinn comes out and he tells her he sees her, but less since he’s been seeing her.  She says it’s ok if he has pictures out of her.
Alexander and Victoria are kissing in COB and Brooke almost catches them when she comes for clothes.  Alexander says it’s going to end badly and they need to tell her.  V says to quit worrying.
Lauren and Mouth talk about Skills.  He says they need to be honest.  Lauren says Skills is great and it’s complicated.  Mouth says he should talk to him since he’s his best friend.
Josh storms off set mad that his computer was stolen.  Julian tries to calm him but Josh says it’s not the computer, it’s what’s on it.
Jamie tells Nathan he’s bored.  Nathan says he couldn’t be bored, he’s only 7.  Nathan tells him they’re having a guys night.  Haley is going to Quinn’s gallery opening.
Haley looks at a pregnancy test and says 1..2..3.
Grubbs and Miranda are in the studio working on his song.  He says it needs work and she says to move on.
Haley finishes her makeup in the living room when Quinn comes in.  She’s nervous.  Quinn gives Haley a thank you present.  It’s a picture of her and Lydia in the kitchen when she was a little girl.
Skills is on his cell in his kitchen.  Mouth comes in and Skills says he’s trying to be the east coast rep so he might be able to stay.  He’s planning to get Lauren back.  He’ll quit his job if he has to.  He’s going to talk to her tonight.
Clay and Quinn walk in her gallery.  Clay turns the lights on Quinn says it’s perfect.  Katie watches them from a car outside.
Quinn and Clay walk through the gallery as people peruse the gallery.  Clay sees a picture of him she’s put up.  She takes him to the back and says everyone is taking a picture tonight and they’re feeding it outside so everyone can see it.  They kiss and it shows up out in the gallery on the screen.
Mouth and Lauren start to talk and Skills comes up and steals Lauren away.
Nathan teaches Jamie to shave at home.  Jamie says it’s a lot of work.  Nathan talks about wooing Haley and having Lucas.  Jamie wants a brother.
Haley and Quinn chat about a photo named “Sisters”.  Haley says she’s going to buy it.  Julian and Brooke show up hand in hand.  Josh asks if there are nudes.  Alex pulls him away looking for a bar.  Julian says they wrapped and Quinn congratulates him.  Shot of Katie at the gallery watching Clay watch Quinn.
Skills tells Lauren on the riverwalk he came home for her and he wants to be like it was.  Lauren says it’s not like it was.  He asks if there is someone else and she says maybe and apologizes.
Julian’s dad shows Josh and Alex’s sex tape to Julian on his phone. He says he’s being blackmailed.
Julian pulls Alex behind a curtain and shows her the tape.  She says I slept with him and she didn’t make the tape.  He keeps trying to find the best version of her and she keeps showing him the worst.
Lauren says he was really upset.  Mouth says he really likes her.  Lauren says he has feelings for him.
Miranda is on the phone with someone and saying so there is nothing I can do?  Grubbs comes in and she says she’s going back to England.  She’s being deported.  He asks where that leaves them and she says there’s not going to be an us.
Brooke tells Alexander he can’t believe V is talking to Julian’s dad.  Alexander says she’s hot.  Brooke stops him.
Alex confronts Josh and Josh didn’t realize what happened and says it wasn’t his fault.  She says why would you make a tape if you suck at it?
Nathan and Jamie play Guitar Hero in KISS outfits.
Julian tells Brooke about the sex tape.  She says you have to help her.  It would be bad for the movie.
Quinn says someone bought her portrait and she points out Katie.  Clay drops and breaks his beer.

Katie tells Quinn meeting the subject of the portrait makes it even better.  She excuses herself to see the rest of her work.    Clay gets a text that says “She’s so wrong for you.” from Katie.
Miranda apologizes to Grubbs at TRIC and says she’s has to leave sooner than later.  She says she promises they’ll find someone to finish the record and he doesn’t want to.
Clay asks Katie what she’s doing.  She’s uninvited and she needs to leave.  She says she felt a connection and she guesses she was wrong and walks out.
Alex starts to drink and Julian puts it down.  She says she never tried to hurt him and she’ll leave.  Julian says they’ll get to it together and he’ll do whatever to help her.
Nathan puts Jamie to bed.  He tells her Haley is still very sad and when he’s gone to training camp he needs to be the man of the house.
Brooke and Haley talk.  Haley says it helps to have Jamie since Lydia is gone.  Brooke tells her she can’t have kids.  Haley tells her not to give up.
Julian dad says he’s not sure what to do.  A million dollars is a lot of money.  Josh says he has a friend at Sundance.
Alexander and Victoria talk behind the curtain.  She needs to concentrate on the new line.  She’s not ashamed of him.  She starts kissing him.
Skills talks to Chase at the bar when he sees Lauren and Mouth’s picture on the screen.  He goes to confront Mouth and punches him and takes down the curtain to expose Victoria and Alexander.

Grubbs serves Skills at TRIC.  He says it’s too late to get her back and he should have just told her how I feel.
Haley and Quinn clean up.  Quinn gives her a check for back rent.  Quinn says Mom would have loved it.  Haley says sometimes she can’t breathe when she thinks of it.
Brooke gives Victoria and Alexander a lecture and thinks Alexander was pay back for Paul but Alexander explains they’ve been seeing each other.
Haley gets home to find Nathan in a mess.  Haley tells him he’s a great parent.  He tells her he wants them to have a baby.  She says she took a test today and it was negative.  He says they’ll try again.
Miranda packs up and Grubbs comes in and proposes.
Josh goes to Alex’s room and says he’s sorry.  He wishes he could take it back and asks for forgiveness. She says the movie is wrapped and so are we.  He gets on the cell and said the plan was to get the tape out but not blackmail them.
Quinn asks Clay what’s wrong.  He tells her who Katie is.  He gets a picture of Katie and she sees they look the same.
Julian and Brooke talk in bed.  He said she rescued Alex.  He’s dreamed of them being back together and she looks even more beautiful than in her dreams.  He loves her and nothing can ruin them.
Haley gets out of bed in the night and goes out to the pool and sobs.

Apr 26,2010

EOnline: Bubble Talk With One Tree Hill’s Robert Buckley

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Rob knows about the basketballs!!

Frantic fans have been known to do everything in their power to save their shows. Roswell watchers sent 3,000 bottles of Tabasco to the WB network execs. CBS programmers received 20 tons of peanuts from those desperate to save Jericho. And Chuck was kept on the air in part because of viewers purchasing foot-long sandwiches from product-placement sponsor Subway.

So what are One Tree Hill fans sending to the CW to save their show? Robert Buckley (Clay) tells us…


“I didn’t know this, but apparently fans are sending in basketballs to the CW. That’s not easy to send a basketball!” laughs OTH new dude Buckley. “You have to make a big effort to send an object that awkward and big in the mail. I was really surprised, because that’s not a cheap or easy thing to do. But apparently they’re sending basketballs to the CW powers that be.”

via Bubble Talk With One Tree Hill’s Robert Buckley – E! Online.

Apr 26,2010

Zap2It’s TV Show Rehab: 12 steps to a better ‘One Tree Hill’

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Definitely check out Zap2It’s rehab for OTH below.  The only one I whole-heartedly disagree with is Ditch Brooke’s mom.  Victoria entertains me and in general I miss many of the older cast members.

Zap2It’s TV Show Rehab: 12 steps to a better ‘One Tree Hill’ – Zap2it.

Apr 26,2010

OTH Hiatus Recap

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Let’s recap so we all can remember what happened last.  Here are a few highlights.

  • Brooke finds out Alex didn’t sleep with Julian.  The ep ends with them kissing on her couch with wine.
  • Josh films him and Alex having sex
  • Alexander and Victoria kiss even though Alexander stood her up
  • Lauren kisses Mouth and then Skills shows up
  • Quinn and Clay tell each other they love one another
  • Clay tells Katie he can’t represent her but Katie says she’s going after Clay after she realizes she looks just like his wife
  • Lydia passes and they have a funeral

Ready for tonight??

Apr 26,2010

Zap2it: ‘One Tree Hill': James Lafferty talks Nathan and Haley, Season 8 possibility

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After a few months on hiatus, “One Tree Hill” returns this Monday (April 26) with the final four episodes of Season 7.

As of now, the series has not yet been renewed for an eighth year, so what happens in these next few hours should be interesting.

Korbi TV caught up with “OTH” star James Lafferty (Nathan Scott) to get a little scoop on what we can expect…

Last we saw Nathan, his mother-in-law had just lost her battle with cancer. Will much of your upcoming storyline revolve around Nathan helping Haley and Jamie through that loss?

JL: It’s actually Nathan and Jamie helping Haley through it. She’s obviously the one that’s hit the hardest by [her mother’s death]. Her and [her sister] Quinn. So it’s something that is going to pull the Scott family unit tighter.

via ‘One Tree Hill': James Lafferty talks Nathan and Haley, Season 8 possibility – KTV: Korbi TV – Zap2it.