May 03,2010

7.20 Learning to Fall Quotes

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Thanks, Jill!

Brooke- When you’re passionate about something, you put everything you got into it

Brooke- Have fun with your cub

Victoria- I think my hair looks amazing but that flag needs to be much bigger

Alex- Josh made the tape, I just suffered through it

Millie- can I ask you a question?
Mouth- what?
Millie- do you never miss me?
Mouth- of course
Millie- thanks, means a lot

Brooke-“Clothes over blows”

Millie- I guess we made our beds and now we have to sleep in them

Nathan- its going to be okay
Haley-.. I wanna be alone

Katie- you will never be sara
Quinn- neither will you

Haley- .. I’m going to go call my mom

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