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Jun 28,2010

Bethany Joy Galeotti Releases New Single for Charity

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I’m so excited about what Joy is doing.  Thank you for the many commenters who left word about it.  My husband and I sponsor through Compassion as well and I can’t say enough good about that organization.  Please support Joy’s cause!  From her blog:

This is Leonida. She lives in Mombasa, Kenya and she is a good friend of mine as I have had the privilege of being her sponsor for nearly 10 years through COMPASSION INTL.

She is a bright, funny, and beautiful young woman who loves God and her family deeply. In her letters she writes to me often about the water conditions in Kenya. Though they have recently had relief from an extended drought the water still needs to be purified properly in order to be digestible. Here are a couple organizations that are doing something about it…
To read more about the water conditions in Kenya, follow THIS LINK
I’m releasing a song called “Shiver” (from an album that does not exist ;) for FREE. I’m hoping that if you choose to listen to (or pirate) this song, you will make a donation of $1.99 – the cost to purchase a song on iTunes to any of the above 3 organizations (Compassion Intl, KWWT, or FSD).
Every little bit counts!
Here’s the link for “SHIVER”…

Also, you can sponsor a child and have personal correspondence with them for only $38 a month.  Please consider helping a child.

Jun 28,2010

Bethany Joy Galeotti and James Lafferty up for Teen Choice Awards

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So sorry on the delay but both Joy and James have been added as nominees in the Teen Choice Awards along with Sophia Bush!!

Female screen stealer: Joy

Male screen stealer: James

Parental unit: Joy and James (Nathan and Haley)

Make sure to vote every 24 hours! Go here!

Jun 28,2010

One Tree Hill Production Offices Open Today

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Kelly Tenney tweeted this morning:  “Opening OTH production offices today for season 8! Yahoo!”

As we reported, Sophia confirmed on Twitter that Season 8 filming begins on July 14.