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Sep 28,2010

8.03 The Space in Between Quotes

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Mouth / Millie in bed
Mouth: Sleep Well?
Millie: Yep you?
Mouth: Pretty Good.
Mouth: Last Night we must have.
Millie: Yes, we must have.

Ghost Clay/Guy(Will) Hospital
Ghost Clay: I can smack you right?
Guy(Will): Yep

Guy(Will): Respirator is always tough break.
Guy(Will): I am on one too if it helps.
Ghost Clay: It doesn’t.

Jamie/Julian/Brooke outside the nursery in hospital
Jamie: Where do babies come from?
Julian: Stork Bro.
Jamie: Weak

Jamie: Aunt Brooke Do you know where Babies come from?
Brooke: Not From Me.

Quinn/Haley Quinns hospital room
Quinn: Never told you Congratulations on the baby.
Haley: Well, you were kind of busy with the trying to live thing.

Nathan/Doctor outside of Clays hospital room
Nathan: Take my kidney
Doctor: That’s a noble gesture but you need to know something.
Nathan: What?
Doctor: Your basketball career is over if I take your kidney.

Brooke/Julian/Jamie baseball field in park
Julian: Let’s see if you can hit my fastball.
Julian: Ok guess your good at that.
Julian: Here comes the curve ball.
Brooke: Dude!!!! You are so going pro!!!!
Jamie: Nah, I want to play basketball like my dad.

Haley/Nathan somewhere in hospital
Nathan: If I do this for Clay I can save his life.
Haley: I love you. I love the person you are and your strength.

Jamie/Nathan Jamies bedroom
Jamie: Hey dad! Clay was the reason you were going to the Bobcat’s this year. So if he needs help we should help him.
Nathan: Your a great man Jamie Scott!!!
Jamie: Your a good man too dad!!!

Quinn/Clay Clays hospital room
Quinn: It is going to be harder to get in Nathan’s basketball games next year. Because my left boob will set off the metal detectors. Apparently, I still have some of the bullet in me. So you can cross that off your fantasy girl list.

Ghost Clay/Guy(Will) Somewhere in limbo land (talking about crazy lady that shot him)
Ghost Clay: Been thinking maybe I lead her on.
Guy(Will): Nah Crazy is Crazy!

Victoria/Millie Clothes over Bros
Victoria: If we did involve Brooke last time she would be going to prison and not me. Would you want that?
Millie: No

Doctor/Nathan hospital
Doctor: I am sorry Nathan your not a match.

Nathan/Haley hospital church

Nathan: I am not strong enough for this.
Haley: Yes, you are and when you are not you have me.

Jamie/Brooke/Julian Brookes house.

Jamie: Aunt Brooke… Julian you guys will make great parents some day.

Brooke at her home
Brooke: Please don’t be the police.

Brooke/Victoria Clothes over bro’s

Brooke: Is it true? Are you really going to prison?
Victoria” It is White Collar more of a country club really.

Ghost Clay/Guy(Will) hospital waiting room

: It was good hanging with you. It is not your fault.

Quinn/Clay Clay’s hospital room
Quinn: I love you Clay til kingdom come

Quinn/Clay Clays hospital room
Clay: You look pretty!!!
Quinn: Oh my God!! Oh my God!!!!! God I missed you!!!!
Clay: Is this heaven?
Quinn: No but it is my version of it.

Thanks Cristan!

Sep 28,2010

8.03 The Space In Between Reaction

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This was a slow one for me, folks.  I know it was supposed to be somber and sad and full of tension but it just didn’t quite strike a chord with me.  Yes, some great moments, but overall, not a favorite.

  • Podcasts are close to my heart. And so is Mouth. And Mouth doing a podcast is just perfection and all feels right in the Tree Hill universe when Mouth is in front of a microphone.
  • Nathan wanting to save Clay was quite noble. “I love you.  I love the person you are.”  “Where’d you think I learned it?”  Ahh.  I love that.  Just think about where Nathan came from.  So good to see a character redeem themselves.   I enjoyed Clay’s “fly-on-the-wall” banter with him as he tried to decide what to do.  Also?  Jamie offering his kidney is so sweet.
  • As much as I’m not a fan of Quinn and Clay, it was sad to watch Quinn with Clay.  Shantel did a great job with those scenes.  And Nathan crying?  Break my heart!
  • I’m glad they sent Victoria to prison.  That sounds cruel but if she really was lying, then I’m glad she got a proper punishment.
  • That was pretty cool about Clay…I’m assuming it was Will’s kidney?  Nice one!

Also, I must mention the music was perfection this episode.  Beautiful!

What’d you think?

Sep 28,2010

8.03 The Space in Between Recap

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Haley is writing Lucas a letter while sitting in Quinns room at the hospital. Jamie is sleeping in the bed with Quinn.
Nathan is in Clay’s room and he is reading the paper to Clay about how the Charlotte Bobcats are doing. Nathan skips an ad tilted “Closed over Bros”
Brooke and Victoria are having breakfast and Victoria says Brooke’s troubles are over. They will pay a fine and get a slap on the wrist. Victoria say she has always had Brooke’s interest at heart. Victoria wants a thank you Brooke’s says how about a Your Fired They smile and Victoria apologizes.
Quinn apologizes for putting Haley through all of this. Quinn asks to see Clay and Haley says she asks everyday and the doctors say it is not ok for her to move yet. Haley promises to taker her when they say she can move. Jamie wakes up and Quinn asks Jamie to take her gold star to Clay cause he needs it for a while. Ghost Clay is watching through window.
Ghost clays walks the hallways talking to people throughout the hallway when someone answer him. He begins to look around.
Haley meets Brooke and Julian in the hallway of the hospital. Julian takes Jamie cafeteria and Haley asks is He and Brooke can take Jamie for the day. Brooke says Mouth and Millie send their best and Haley asks if they are back together. Brooke says no.
Mouth and Millie are in bed together. Mouth says Pretty good. They discuss hat their days will be like and hop out out of bed abruptly.
Clay find man who is talking to him in the waiting room. Guy says how hot quinn is. Clay says he hasn’t spoken to anyone in a week and asks if he can slap him. Guy says they are in between and they get back by living. Alarms go and doctors run into Clays room.

Ghost Clay and Guy are watching Clay on respirator. Guy says he is on one too. Clay says he has to find his way back.
Julian and Jamie are looking at the babies in the nursery. Jamie asks where babies come from. Julian says stork. Brooke’s walk up and Jamie ask and she says not from me.
Millie asks where skills is. They ask each other is either one is seeing another person. They both say no. Mouth talk about a podcast he is working on. They say awkward goodbyes.
Haley tells Quinn that Clays organs are failing. She says he needs a kidney transplant. Quinn says she needs to him.
Mouth is working on his podcast. He is talking about the best sports movie. His favorite is The Natural. Robert Redford plays Roy Robs gets shot by a crazy woman at close range.
Nathan asks doctor how long till a kidney becomes available. Nathan says take mine. Doctor says if you do this your basketball career is over. Ghost Clay is watching with the new Guy. New guy says Plot Thickens.

Jamie and Julian are playing baseball. Jamie hits all of the balls Julian throws. Brooke says he is going pro and Jamie says he will play basketball like his dad.
Nathan and Haley are in the hospital chapel discussing the options if he gave up his kidney. He would have to give up his career but he could live a normal life. Ghost Clay and guy are listening. Clay says this is unacceptable. Nathan says they ran tests on his back and it is getting worse. His back is degenerating. He says he can play this season but he doesn’t know past that. Haley says she loves the person that he is. Clay leaves.
Clay feels Nathan is using him as an excuse. Guy reminds him what he could lose. Clay looks in on Quinn.
Mouth with his podcast explaining the movie Field of Dreams and says that Moonlight Graham knows he will never play again and he is with ok it because he had his moment in the sun and he had something to replace the game.
Nathan walks into Jamie’s room. He explains what is going on with Clay and how he is going to try and help. That he might not be able to play basketball again but that if Clay doesn’t get a kidney he may die. Nathan put Jamie to bed and kisses Jamie on the head. Jamie tells Nathan he should help clay.
Haley walks in with a wheelchair and takes Quinn to see Clay. Quinn holds Clays hand. She tells Clay she is right here.

Quinn tells Clay everyone is putting on brave funny faces for them. But they can’t imagine their lives without him. She asks him to surprise everyone and open his beautiful blue eyes. Ghost Clay watches behind her.
Ghost Clay and guy are outside on the roof of the hospital. Clay starts talking about the girl the shot him. He feels like he may have led her on. Guy tells him it is not his fault. Guys asks if Clay knows what comes next if they die.
Nathan and Haley are in bed. They are discussing what Quinn and Clay should have for their future.
Brooke and Julian talk about how much Jamie loves spending time with them, Julian asks if it makes her a little sad and she says yes. Julian asks about the company and Brooke says Victoria has taken care of it. Julian asks if she can trust her. She says damn it and calls her mom.
Victoria ignores the phone call from Brooke. Millie and Victoria are together and Victoria is going to prison instead of Brooke.
Nathan is getting his test to see if he is match for Clay and he is not match.
Mouth continues with his podcasting and a movie called Brian’s Song.

Quinn is trying to find a donor for Clay. Haley says Clay doesn’t have much time. Haley brings Quinn into Clays room. She is crying. Haley leaves and begins to cry. Brooke and Julian bring Jamie to the hospital.
Quinn says the world will be too dark if he leaves.
Ghost Clay and Guy are standing there and Guy say this sucks.
Nathan cleans off car and takes it for a ride. He sees Horses running in a pasture. He begins to cry.
Nathan and Haley are in the chapel. He says there is no miracle and this is too big for him to face. He says he is not strong enough to handle this and now understands what she went through when she lost her mother. Haley says he is strong and that he has her.
Mouth is working on his podcast. Rocky Balboa on the eve of the fight of his life he cant sleep so he goes to see Adrian and realizes it is a fight he can’t win. So she says…
Quinn is in Clays room and say What are we going to do?
Mouth says What are we going to do? He say he loves rocky cause he uses we not i.
Jamie is staying at Brooke and Julians house and Jamie says that they will make great parents as they are putting him to bed.
Quinn is holding Clay’s Hand.

Knock on Brooke’s door it is Millie with who says she has something she need to say.
Brooke goes to Clothes over Bros to confront her mom about going to prison. Victoria says she is going because she is her daughter and she loves her. Brooke hugs her mom.
Jamie says they need confetti for when clay wakes up. Haley says clay is really sick. Nathan says he loves jamie.
Quinn says she loves Clay but she wants to talk to Clay about Sarah. She believes that heaven has plan for Clay to be with both her and Sarah.
Clay and Guy on top of the roof. Clay says he loves quinn. Clay asks how Guy got here. Guy says he was in a car accident. Guy says it was accident because he was texting. Guy says his name is Will.
Mouth says most great stories are stories of will.
Clay and Will are sitting on couch in waiting room. Clay says he doesn’t know how to do this. Alarms go off. Doctor run. They both stand up and Will says it was nice hanging with you. Clay sits back down and Will says it was not your fault.
Quinn says I love you Clay Evans till Kingdom comes.
Quinn narrates. Victoria Davis goes to prison.
Brooke watches from a distance.
Quinn narrates: Bobcats are still without point guard

Shows Quinn in Clays room reading the newspaper to him. As she is reading Clay says “Your look pretty.” Quinn looks up shocked.
Quinn narrates. Will Bennett passed away Monday evening and his organs were donated so that others may live.
Quinn kisses clays head.

Sep 28,2010

8.03 The Space in Between Music

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All The Way – Carolyne Neuman
Factory – Band of Horses Factory
Good Man – Casey Shea Good
I Still Do – I Am Kloot
I’ll Be there – The Parlotones I'll
Liberty – Andy Davis
Pray You Through – Sixteen Cities Pray
Red October – JBM Red
Ring The Bells – Satellite Ring
Your Beating Heart – Brendan James Your

Source: CW

Sep 28,2010

Video: Bethany Joy on LUX/OTH Crossover

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Bethany Joy Galeotti singing Stars while filming the Life Unexpected/One Tree Hill crossover episode in Vancouver, BC.

Source: naleyjls