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Oct 05,2010

8.04 We All Fall Down Reaction

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I enjoyed this week.  Especially the back-half of the show.  I love when a common theme begins to unfold itself.  So here’s what we’re dealing with:

  • Nathan decides to quit basketball.  It’s super sad to see basketball go.  It will be the first time that we don’t have someone involved in the sport.  Boo!  But at the same time, when Nathan and Haley were deciding, I wanted Nathan to walk away.  I think it’s best for his health and family.  Like he said, he lived his dream and really that’s all anyone can ask for.
  • Alex and Chase were cute together.  I was super disappointed she let him in her room at the end.  I really thought she was going to play this one straight.  I mean, she looks up to him because he’s an actual gentleman but she’s going to play that card instead of actually letting him be a gentleman?  I don’t know, call my old-fashioned but I was disappointed.  But this IS Alex we’re talking about so what can I really expect?
  • Quinn and Clay…honestly nothing much happened here.  They miss each other after Quinn leaves the hospital.  Snooze.
  • Brooke is the one that broke my heart this week.  Well, let me back up and say I’m really loving Brulian again and that whole Biltmore scene was sweet. I can not WAIT to see that wedding.  But for the business, that was awful that guy that came in about his daughter.  I felt so bad for them and I’m glad Brooke did too. She’s doing a mighty fine thing by giving up her company for the investors.  I love that Julian is supporting her through this and she truly wants to make things right.  Yay for integrity!  I honestly do hope they find another way to make it right though. I would hate to lose COB.

So I think that about covers it for tonight.  The music was amazing tonight and I especially loved the Maroon 5 song!

What’d you think?

Oct 05,2010

8.05 Nobody Taught Us To Quit Stills

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HQ and/or Additional Promotional Photos Here

Oct 05,2010

8.04 We All Fall Down Recap

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Nathan is playing at the Rivercourt, sweaty and making all his shots.  Haley doing a voiceover letter to Lucas.  She asks how their lives got so complicated.  Julian records footage of Nathan walking off the court.
Haley sits in a cubicle and answers a call from someone who can’t get a girlfriend.  She recognizes Junk.  He hangs up.  She keeps answering calls to Crisis Intervention.  She answers a call about someone whose souffle fell.  She talks them through it and says this isn’t what I had in mind.
Brooke visits Victoria in jail.  She says they’re not broke but they have a lot of work to do.  Someone comes up and hands her some paperwork and V has been working in jail.  V says they can spin this right because she’ll have street cred when she’s “gets up out of here.”
Alex and Chase play golf.
Julian films Brooke as she leaves jail.  He says he’s testing out a new camera because he’s on a new hot young directors to watch list. Brooke is stressing about everything that needs done and he says they should take a drive.
Haley tells Nathan they’re releasing Quinn and she’s going to see her.  She asks him if Quinn can stay with them until Clay gets out of the hospital.
Quinn is talking to Clay.  She says she wasn’t sure if she’d ever see him again.  He apologizes and says he should have protected her.

Chase says they should play truth or dare golf.  Loser has to lay the next hole in their underwear.  Alex swings and doesn’t hit the ball.
Haley talks with Quinn while packing her up.  She says she should move her in.  Quinn agrees.  The nurse comes to get Quinn and Haley takes her out.
Chase says it’s truth time and asks for a secret.  She says she’s never been in love, that one special person.  He says he can’t imagine all the guys weren’t in love with her.
Julian opens Brooke’s eyes and shows her the Biltmore Estate.  He says it’s a nice spot for their wedding.  Brooke loves it but asks if it’s selfish.  He says no because years from now they won’t remember the bad stuff, only the great wedding.  They kiss.

Clay tells Nathan donating a kidney and ruining his career was his worst move ever.  Nathan says some things are bigger than the game.  No big deal.  Clay says it was a really big deal and thanks him.
Alex shoots a ball in the water and says she sucks.  He says she doesn’t.  She shoots another in the water.  He says bad for you, good for me.
Brooke is drawing in empty COB.  An investor walks in the door and she tells them it’s just a rough patch and they will recover.  He gives her a  picture of his daughter who just got accepted to college to study fashion design like her.  He wanted her to see the picture because he has to tell his daughter she can’t go because all his investment money is gone because she lied.
Brooke says she wants to pay the investors back . V says they’d have to get rid of the company and it would be a mistake.
Quinn tells Clay it feels wrong to leave without him.  She says she’ll visit and call every day.  Clay says they’ve made it and nothing will stop them.
Haley takes Quinn out and says let’s go home.  They hug.

Clay does well and says he was on golf team in high school.  Alex guesses on how he was in high school.  He says he was a Clean Teen.  She didn’t see that coming.  He says he let the Clean Teens down but he was a skater.  She says maybe she was wrong about girls crushing on him but even if she is she knows someone who is crushing hard right now.
Haley washes Quinn’s hair.
Clay tells Nathan he should go to camp.  The game won’t wait for him.
Julian brings flowers for Quinn from Brooke.  He says they can help if they need anything.  He admits he picked out the flowers.
Chase lists all the stuff Alex owes him.  Last hole and the loser has to do whatever the winner wants.  Chase almost gets a hole in one.  Alex hits a tree but it gets close.
Nathan goes to Clay’s house.  It’s taped up.  Nathan walks in and sees all the blood where they were lying.

Chase narrowly misses the hole.  Alex makes it and wins the hole.  Alex asks Chase to kiss her on her cheek.  She then does a victory dance.
Nathan and Julian are TRIC . He thanks Julian for spending time with Jamie.  He says he fixed his swing.  Nathan is surprised by baseball.  He tells Julian his back is done and he’s going to tell Haley tonight he’s done playing.  He just decided because Haley’s pregnant and Quinn/Clay are recovering and he didn’t even know his own son liked baseball.
Haley brings soup to Quinn.  She says she’s an angel sent to take care of the rest of us.
Julian comes home and Brooke tells him she’s going to lose her company.  She’s upset but she can’t go on my deceiving and stealing from people. Julian says all we really have is our integrity and she’s doing the right thing.
Nathan gets home and asks Haley about Quinn.  She’s fine and Haley says thank you for all he’s done.  He couldn’t imagine being any other place and he’s not going to camp.  He says he’s back is too much of a risk.  He says he had a dream and lived it and it’s more than most people get.  He wants to walk away while he’s able.  She wants whatever he wants.  They agree he’s going to quit.

Nathan brings Quinn’s stuff up to her room.  He tells her just to do whatever Haley suggests, it’s the best strategy.  She asks about the beach house.  He says it’s good it’ll be fine whenever they want to go back.
Chase walks Alex to her place.  She says she’d invite him in but she likes him so she’ll see him later.  They exchange kisses on their cheeks.  He walks away and she stops him and says she knew he was right about him and tells him to come in.
Haley takes another call about a cat at the Crisis Center.  She tells everyone bye and takes one more call.  It’s someone having a hard time and wants to talk to someone.  She’s struggling to believe in at all.  Haley says she called the right place.
Brooke meets with a lawyer.  He says she can only pay back 70% to investors.  She wants to liquidate her personal stuff too.  He says it would be enough.  She says to do it.
Quinn goes to see Clay.  He’s asleep and she crawls in bed with him.
Julian edits Nathan’s footage and names it What Comes Next.
Nathan cleans up Clay’s apartment.
Haley finishes her conversation saying “You are not alone”

Oct 05,2010

8.04 We All Fall Down Music

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Good Life – OnerepublicGood
How – Maroon 5 How
Just You – Amy StroupJust
Love Is On The Way – Susie Suh
My Own Drum – Jules Larson My
Peace In The Valley – Dawes Peace
Sick Of Dreaming – Alexander Cardinale Sick
Sleepyhead – Thom
The Rock And The Tide – Joshua Radin

Oct 05,2010

E!: Latest with Kristin

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One Tree Hill
Jenna: One Tree Hill is still awesome. Any scoop?
Clay is going to be OK and released from the hospital in the next few episodes. Nathan on the other hand is not so good and his struggle to remain in the NBA continues. As usual, Haley will be there to provide sage advice, but ultimately Nathan will have to make the choice


Oct 05,2010

TVGuide: One Tree Hill: Haley Will Use Her Own Crisis to Help Others

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Following the recent death of her mother and near-death of her sister, Quinn, One Tree Hill’s Haley James Scott (Bethany Joy Galeotti) knows plenty about hardship. Now that Quinn is out of the woods, Haley will put her experiences to good use, as she helps others by joining a crisis center.

“Haley decides when Quinn is in peril, ‘I want to give back,’ and says, ‘If you’ll just see her through this I’ll be better about remembering that I have a lot of good things in my world,'” creator Mark Schwahn tells

One Tree Hill’s Mark Schwahn: Season 8 will be A return to form

Last season, viewers watched Haley fall into extreme depression. Schwahn says that even though Haley has turned the corner, he doesn’t want to be dismissive about people suffering from depression in real life.

via One Tree Hill: Haley Will Use Her Own Crisis to Help Others – Today’s News: Our Take |