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Oct 14,2010 Should Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton Return to One Tree Hill ?

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E!’s Watch with Kristin blog reported late on Friday that the couple formerly known as Leyton will probably be returning to One Tree Hill before Season 8 is through. The original plan was to bring them back for Brooke’s (Sophia Bush) two-episode wedding (planned to air sometime during the first 13 episodes of the season), but now that The CW has ordered six additional scripts, Murray and Burton might return closer to the season (series?) finale. Show creator Mark Schwahn also told E! that bringing other characters back would not be out of the question, so Dear Mr. Schwahn, we’ll take more of Karen (Moira Kelly) and Jake (Bryan Greenberg), please!

On one hand, this news could not come at a better time for the show, which has been in a slump since Murray and Burton left at the end of Season 6. On the other hand, lots of former fans think One Tree Hill should have quit while it was ahead, and bringing Murray and Burton back might just seem desperate. It could also make for some on-set awkwardness—Murray didn’t exactly leave on great terms, and he’s Sophia Bush’s ex-husband.

I’d like to think that Murray and Burton would give One Tree Hill a much-needed revival, but at this point it might be too late to save the show from its long, painful death. What do you think?

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Oct 14,2010

8.05 Nobody Taught Us To Quit Roundtable

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1) Favorite quote of the episode?

LizzyB: Absolutely anything that came out of Mouth’s, umm, mouth. He had me cracking up the whole time!

Amanda: Clay: Did you see me own that apple sauce earlier? St- rong!!! I thought it was cute.

Amy: I have to agree with you, LizzyB.  Mouth CRACKED ME UP.  BUT, Nathan’s speech got me:

“Some people never get to touch their dreams, know what it feels like. Never find that thing they love, or get to do it for a living. Was it a tragedy that had it taken away from you, no, the tragedy would be to lie awake at night wondering ‘what if’

2) On a scale of 1 to 10, how harsh was Victoria to Brooke about selling her company?

LizzyB: She was pretty damn harsh but we’re talking about Bitchtoria here so I’ll only give it a 7.

Amanda: I thought she was pretty mean. It always seems when she is turning around showing a little glim of hope/happiness she turns right back to her old ways. I would give her a 7.5

Amy: I thought she was awful.  9.

3) Is Jaime the smartest person on the show?

LizzyB: Sometimes it really seems like it. The innocent are so wise!

Amanda: Yes, I sometimes think so and it seemed to be that way this episode.

Amy:  Love little Jamie.  Yes, he gives it to us straight.

4) Do you think Nathan “avoids things?”

LizzyB: Don’t all men?!

Amanda: Kinda agree with Lizzy :)

Amy: I don’t think I’ve ever noticed that about Nathan actually.  Honestly I felt like that was pulled out of the blue.  Or maybe I’m just not paying attention.

5) Are Chase and Alex done?

LizzyB: I like them together but if they keep being as corny as last week, then it’s probably for the best if they are.

Amanda: I don’t know but I really liked them together.

Amy: Doubt it.  I mean, would someone actually walk away from someone for lying to them and never go back?  This IS Tree Hill we’re talking about.

6) Better press conference speech: Nathan or Brooke?

LizzyB: Loved Nathan’s speech, especially because he quoted Lou Gehrig. And because he’s just so cute to look at ;)

Amanda: I liked Nathan’s speech. One because he does look cute and two because although I understand completely with why Brooke did what she did I am still having a hard time with the whole selling EVERYTHING.

Amy: Nathan’s!  See quotes question above!

Bonus Question: How do you feel about Haley’s “frisky” pool game?

LizzyB: Would have liked to see more of it please…they always cut Naley’s scenes when they start to get gooood!

Amanda: Loved it!! and also would have loved to see more :)

Amy: I felt like it got a little cheesy at the end but always love seeing some Naley action.

Oct 14,2010

People: True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Is Engaged

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(Joe Manganiello: Former OTH’s Owen)

Sorry ladies, Joe Manganiello is off the market.

While on vacation in Italy the True Blood heartthrob, 33, popped the question to his girlfriend, actress/model Audra Marie, his rep tells PEOPLE.

Manganiello, who plays werewolf Alcide Herveaux on the HBO drama, and Marie met at a 2009 Super Bowl party, but it was anything but love at first sight.

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