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Oct 19,2010

8.06 Not Afraid Quotes

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(While fighting off zombies:)
Brooke: Nice shot.
Quinn: Watch out!
Brooke: Don’t look at the dress!
Julian: I’m sorry! I didn’t see it!

Haley: If you’re there who’s that creepy serial killer on the couch?

Julian: How you feeling today beautiful?
Brooke: Not very beautiful.
Julian: Oh, okay well I’m gonna go grab a mirror. Your reflection should take care of that.

Millie: Where’s the pumpkin?
Mouth: Which pumpkin are you referring to?
Millie: The mini pumpkin I gave you just a few hours ago.
Mouth: Oh, that one… where’d I put that?
Millie: You tried to carve it, didn’t you?

Brooke: What the hell are you wearing? This is supposed to be your costume.
Julian: You want me to go as Flavor Flav?
Brooke: Why are you dressed like a dog Julian?
Julian: You’ll find out in about 3 seconds…

Man: Wow this is great I’m a huge Bobcats fan, huge.
Nathan: I think they’re gonna have a good year.
Man: I bet you’d give anything to be playing tonight.
Nathan: Actually, not really. Happy Halloween.

Chase: Call it the Chase-o-Lantern. Enjoy the buzz.
Julian’s Mom: Oh God. That’s bad.

Nathan: Dude, that is an awesome dog costume. High five!
Julian: Right on!

Nathan: You know how there are a handful of moments in your life that you just know that what’s happening, you’re gonna remember it for the rest of your life. I had one of those moments tonight when I looked at Jamie.

Haley: Come on, turn it up. Let’s finish the game.
Nathan: We already know how it ends.
Haley: The game. But not the rest of it.

Thanks Rachel!

Oct 19,2010

StarNews: Some familiar local faces on ‘One Tree Hill’ tonight

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This is a little late: Posting it after the show but the article talks about the artists featured on episode 6 open mic night :)

Tune in to the Halloween episode of the hit, Port City-filmed CW series “One Tree Hill” at 8 p.m. tonight (Oct. 19), and you’ll see several members of Wilmington’s arts community.

The episode, which is being directed by one of the show’s stars, Sophia Bush, features Wilmington-based actress Amy Tipton as a self-described ”terrible (hopefully funny) singer” during open mic night at the show’s Club Tric. Tipton has appeared in many local theater productions, including plays at Linda Lavin’s Red Barn Studio and musicals at City Stage (“The Producers,” “Reefer Madness”). She’s actually a really good singer, by the way.

Also appearing on tonight’s episdoe at Club Tric’s open mic is Sean Thomas Gerard of Wilmington band Onward, Soldiers, who’s been known to run a few real-life open mics around town. (Bush is said to be a fan of Onward, Soldiers.)  The music of Gerard’s band has already been featured on “One Tree,” but tonight you can see him in the flesh as a singer who wows the Club Tric crowd (the role shouldn’t be much of stretch for him).

And last but certainly not least is longtime cast member Cullen Moss, who’ll be making yet another appearance as Junk Moretti. Moss said he’ll be “passed out on the couch with face graffiti, playing Junk, the neglegent sitter,” but assures he’ll be back in an increased capacity for next week’s episode: “You know, with lines and stuff.”

via Some familiar local faces on ‘One Tree Hill’ tonight – The WAE – Wilmington Star News – Wilmington, NC – Archive.

Oct 19,2010

8.07 Luck Be A Lady Promo

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Oct 19,2010

8.06 Not Afraid Reaction

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Great job, Sophia Bush, I think you did a wonderful job as director!  I really enjoyed myself watching this episode.  High five?

  • I have to be honest.  That opening freaked me out a little.  Clay’s mouth thing going on was…eww!  Jamie as a vampire?  Zombies?  Ack!  This scaredy-cat can’t take it!

A few costume notes:

  • Jamie and friends were adorable as Harry Potter and company though.  Those glasses on Jamie were cuh-yute!
  • Julian and his mother were hilarious as Cruella and a dalmatian.  And poor Brooke was left out in the cold as an orange.  I gotta say, she looked pretty silly.  My favorite line in all that though was Julian’s, “You want me to be Flava Flav?” Bhahaha!
  • Dear Mia, I wish I looked like you in a Mermaid Suit.  kthxbai
  • Haley was hilarious as a Ravens.  I actually loved seeing that uniform again.
  • Clay as Edward?  He actually looked a lot like him!  Except he shouldn’t have those teeth!  Someone didn’t read Twilight!

There wasn’t much going on plot wise but let’s see:

  • I liked Nathan playing the sports agent role.    It suits him well.
  • Haley needs to sign that singer now.  Although she seems REALLY polished to just be getting signed to a label.
  • Ok, don’t hate but my favorite line of the night was from Clay to Quinn, “I think you should take that assignment in Africa.”  Or something like that.  Sorry!  I just am not a fan.
  • Julian’s mom needs to take a hike.  I was liking her there for a second.  I think we see from the preview this is all headed down hill.

OK, so we didn’t make it far in the episode but I definitely had some favorite moments.  I hope the ball starts rolling next week with some drama!

What’d you think?  Did it deserve a high-five?

Oct 19,2010

8.06 Not Afraid Recap

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Quinn gets out of bed to find Clay. He is in the living room sitting with a zombie Katie. Quinn says what are you doing She tried to kill us. Clay turns around and looks like a Zombie and says Lets eat her brains. She screams.
Quinn goes to Nathan. Nathan is playing a zombie killing game. Quinn says clay is dead and trying to kill her. Nathan says he is not dead yet. Nathans pull s out one of his kidneys and says he will be fine it is not a match but it will be fine. Nathan is a zombie now.
Quinn runs screaming for Haley. Haley says it is too late Nathan bit her and she will be a vampire soon. Quinn says Zombie. Haley says no, what ever it is zombie or vampire, she tells Quinn she needs to take care of Jamie. Haley starts to turn. Quinn and Jamie run.
They are in Clothes over Bros store. Brooke and Julian are Zombie killers fighting the zombies. Jamie turns into a zombie. Quinn wakes up breathing heavy gets out of bed. She goes and looks in the mirror and opens a drawer at desk and makes sure the gun is still there.

Haley walks into the kitchen. She is excited cause she is cause she is handing out candy instead of apples. The guy on couch turns around in a clown mask. She thinks it is Jamie but Jsmie walks past her. It ends up being chuck.
Clay says Bobcats season openers are tonight. Clay is talking about the Falcons with Nathan. They are Troy Jamerson.
MIllie brings Mouth a pumpkin and wishes him a happy Halloween. SHe ask him if he wants to hang out later. Chase comes up and asks if Mouth and Millie are back together and Mouth says they are just hanging out. Mia comes up to the bar and apologizes to Chase for the fact that Alex left town. Chase tells her to stop pretending like she cares.
Haley is at the crisis center answering calls. The repeat caller calls. She finally tells haley her name, Erin. Haley asks Erin how she is doing. Erin says Slainte aks Cheers.
Brooke is reading a magazine on couch. Julian walks in. Brooke is not feeling good about herself. She is sad she has lost everything. She says without Clothes over Bros she doesn’t know who she is. A women knocks on the door. Brooke opens it and women says “trick or treat” and Brooke responds aren’t you too old to be trick or treating. It is Julian’s mom.

Nathan is lifting weights. Clay is lifting his hand. Rehab. They are talking about Jamerson and Clay says Nathan is going to go talk to him.
Chuck (ron) and Madison (Hermione) are sitting on Jamie’s bed waiting for him to come out in his Harry Potter costume. They are arguing over who Hermione had a crush on.
Clay is sitting on bed with a big bowl of candy telling Quinn he wants the kids to be able to pick out their own candy cause as kid he hated when people gave them the candy. She is nervous but agrees to dress up and try and have some fun.
Nathan meets Troy. Troy talks about Nathan playing basketball back in the day. He says he really loved his retirement speech. Nathan tells him that he is not judging about what his agents are telling him to do with his football career but he asks troy who football is it. His or his agents.
Julian is having lunch with his mom. He asks his mom if she likes brooke. She says she is a little materialistic. Brooke shows up with some of her wedding ideas.
Millie stops by to say hi to mouth. She asks Mouth where his small pumpkin is. He says he tried to carve it. He also says he hopes she understands that he can’t jump back into a relationship it is not serious and he is not ready. She say she was wondering what this. She says thank you know i understand the rules.
Brooke’s mom says she has arrived early and wants to pay for the wedding completely. Brookes says I don’t know what to say. She says you can start calling me mom and she welcomes her to the family.
Quinn and Clay have their first trick or treaters and Clay walks out as vampire and Quinn is Super Quinn. Quinn looks at the security monitor and sees Katie. She runs and get Clay and tells him not to open door. When he does it is just the parent to the children. Clay apologizes to the mother and children.

Jamie and his friends are sitting on couch wondering where Nathan is. Haley think they look cute as Harry Potter characters. Nathan wants to know what his costume is. He asks Haley not to get them a couples costume and she agrees. They both think they are stupid idea.
Brooke and Haley are in the costume store. Brooke says she and Julian are doing a couple a costume and since he hates halloween she is making easy for him. He will be a clock and she will be an orange. Therefor Clockwork Orange. Haley didn’t get it.
Quinn is looking out the window. Clay thought she was doing better and he says they can’t live in fear. She says she can’t sleep and she checks every night so she does live in fear. He asks why she didn’t tell him and if it is the beach house they can move. Clay thinks she should take the photo assignment in South Africa and get away from Tree Hill for a couple weeks.
Chuck is bragging about how much candy he has. They come up to a creepy house. Chuck starts telling a scary story about the owner of the house. Nathan tells him to knock it off.
Brooke comes in excited about Julians costume. He walks out as dog. She asks why he is dressed like a dog. His mom comes down as Cruella. He says know you know why I said I hated my mom and marches back into the bathroom.
Nathan and kids are the last house of the night. A man approaches Nathan and says he is a huge Bobcats fan and says he bets Nathan would give anything to be playing tonight. Nathan looks at his son and friends smiling big and trick or treating and say no not really.

Everyone is at a Halloween party at tric. Mia asks Chase what he thinks of her costume, Chase gives her a look and says little mermaid. She says nope just a mermaid. He looks at Haley and says pregnant cheerleader. Haley say yep I’m me in high school. Haley asked why chase didn’t dress up. He said he did. He dressed up as a guy who keeps getting dumped. Mia goes to introduce open mic night.
First singer goes up. Mouth asks what Millie is and says walk off saying she is a free bitch. Brooke who is an orange says Lady Gaga and ask for a drink not made by Chase. Mouth says he is sorry she had to close Clothes Over Bros. Mouth doesn’t get Brooke costume.
Julian introduces Chase to his mom. Chase say he just made a new halloween cocktail Julian says don’t do it. She says she’ll take. Chase asks Julian if he has talked to Alex. Julian tells Chase about his starting over documentary. Julian’s mom tries it and say it is bad just terrible.
Mouth asks Nathan if he has ever highfived Julian. He says no. Chase comes over and says he just did he has to go do it. Nathan goes over and does it and Julian jumps up silly looking and high fives.
There are lots of trick or treaters at Clay and Quinns door, The light bulb goes out and Clay goes to find a flash light. When he is looking in the drawer he finds the gun.
Jamie and the kids are home and emptying out their bags of candy. Chuck has the most. He say unless there is one more house and dares Jamie to go back to the creepy house that they skipped along the way earlier. Jamie agrees after he is pressured. Jamie won’t ring the bell so Chuck goes and knocks on the door. As he turns around to brag someone opens it and pulls him in. Jamie and Madison scream.

As they scream and run for the door. Chuck comes out with a knife in his head and man with a hockey mask on. He starts to laugh and thanks his Uncle.
Haley is holding her ears and closing her eyes as clowns are singing to her. Mia says it is the last number coming out to sing. A girl in the piano begins to sing. Haley turns around and stands up.
Chase comes up and apologizes to Mia for snapping at her. Mia says she is glad Alex is gone and he can do better. She says that she knows that girl is out there.
Mouth walks up to Millie and asks if she is ready to go. She say she has already found another ride and she is just playing by his rules.
When the girl stops playing Haley is standing there and thanks hers. The girls says thank you,Slainte back. Haley recognizes the phrase she uses and says Cheers.
Julians mother is becoming more demanding with with how she wants the wedding to be planned.
Clay tells Quinn again that he wants her to take the photo assignment. He pulls out her camera and He tells her her camera will save her. He pulls out the gun and says this will not. She says she will go but he has to promise he will be ok. He says he will and they hug.
Jamie is asleep on the floor in living room after eating candy. Nathan is sitting on couch. Haley walks in shocked to see Nathan watching the final 4 basketball game from back in the day. He says he is watching basketball because he needed a reminder. Now that basketball is over he is worried if he will ever find anything that is great at again. Haley says she is not worried. She know he will find something. Nathan kisses her. Haley says hurry up lets finish it. He say you know how it ends. She says the game not the rest of it.

Oct 19,2010

Examiner: Sophia Bush talks ’One Tree Hill’, her passions, & how we can all make a difference!

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Sophia Bush is an inspiring and refreshing part of young Hollywood today. At a time when so much of it is filled with people who are famous for doing absolutely nothing; this young star is doing more than just something major to make a real difference. Just look at the issues the One Tree Hill star is advocating for and the multiple positive messages she is sending to her fans, and it is quickly recognized that the Pasadena native deserves to be in the very much admired part of young Hollywood. Wisdom is the meaning of her name and it is definitely fitting with this ‘Sophia'; for when speaking with the actress and activist that’s exactly what you hear. Her intellect and sound compassion have shown us that Bush’s talents far exceed that of what she does on-screen; but also in the way she goes about trying to improve the lives of others.

With over 100,000 followers on Twitter, there’s no question people care what Sophia Bush has to say and she has been putting that interest to good use by engaging her fans in creative ways to help her achieve positive change in the world. With posts ranging from educating people on how to live a more eco-conscious life, to further spreading the word on the importance of equality and tolerance, to raising awareness about the major BP oil spill in the Gulf; Bush has been using her Twitter as a major outlet for her charitable passions.

Her passion for good has never been hidden and that certainly came across during our interview. As did her passion for the role she has been playing for the past eight years; none other than that of Brooke Davis. Bush talked about how much she is enjoying the developments her character is going through, the most valuable things she’s learned from her experience with One Tree Hill, what she believes in fighting most for; and much more that prove Sophia Bush will continue to make a significant impact in far beyond just Hollywood for many, many years to come.

via Sophia Bush talks ’One Tree Hill’, her passions, & how we can all make a difference! – National one tree hill |

Oct 19,2010

8.06 Not Afraid Music

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Can’t Be Love – Laura Izibor Can't
Golden Frames – KT Tunstall Golden
Good Night Ladies – Beach Music Quartet
Holding A Heart – Girl Named Toby Holding
Keep Me Tonight – The Open Sea Keep
Monsters – Onward, Soldiers
Only Human – Ryan Huston Only
Possibility – Sierra Noble Possibility
Star – Kalie & Mister Dunmore
Take Me – Jarrod Gorbel Devil's
The Diamond Church Street Choir – The Gaslight Anthem The
Whiskey For The Road – Amy Tipton

The CW

Oct 19,2010

Video: Head Make-up Artist Previews Tonight’s OTH

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blueaeryn1 (Denise Gideon): Head make-up artist @makeupbytym, previews tonight’s OTH Halloween ep & @sophiabush dressed as an orange