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Nov 09,2010

8.08 Mouthful of Diamonds Quotes

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Jamie) This sucks. (talking about his braces)
Nathan) This sucks. (talking about going to talk with Troy Jameson)

Sylvia) Good luck with your Hoot ‘n Nanny Wedding. (Fighting with Brooke about the wedding)
Brooke) Good luck with being old. By the way, I like my towels. (as Sylvia goes out the door)

Julian) People like the Chicken Dance, Mom. (talking with Sylvia as she consults with him)

Brooke) I should apologize to her but first can you call her and tell her to come to the store?
Julian) You want to hit her? (they were standing on top of Clothes Over Bros with water balloons)
Brooke) You really want to hit me with that water balloon, don’t you?
Julian) Really bad
Brooke) Yike

Julian) What’s your life like, now?
Nathan) Best of both worlds

Mouth) Sorry for the guy who has to clean up this place; which is me. (storage room at Tric)

Haley) Life is so good.
Jamie) Life is not good.
Jamie) Damn it!
Haley) Hey!

Clay) Yes! Suck it soup! (Clay trys to open a can of soup)

Julian) Happiness is not a destination. It is a mood it is not permanent. It comes and goes and if people thought that way then maybe people would find happiness more often.

Erin) How is Haley as a person?
Mia) Amazing. She is one of the good ones.

Clay) Everyday I am alive is because of you. So all I want to do is thank you. (talking to Will Bennett’s grave)

Nathan) What was your dream, Troy?
Troy) I wanted to be a Power Ranger and a ballplayer.

Sylvia) Some Jack Ass hit me with a water balloon.
Brooke) What is wrong with people? (said with a smile while hugging Sylvia)

Erin) Truth is always worth hearing.
Haley) Yes it is.

Nathan) What is this?
Clay) An electric can opener.

Mouth) Man waiting for the bus, parents coming home tried from work and still has time for their kids. That’s who I respect.

Jamie) Some people look a little different. Some people are a little different. I think that’s cool.

Haley) Some people needs a little help, you know.

Nathan) How does it feel to be an Atlanta Falcon?
Troy) Like a dream come true.
Nathan) It is.

Announcer) Standing at 6 foot 4, weighing in at 215 pounds, Quarter back number 13, Troy Jameson

Thanks Terrie!

Nov 09,2010

Zap2it: ‘One Tree Hill’s’ James Lafferty on big changes for Nathan Scott

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When “One Tree Hill” premiered in 2003, Nathan (James Lafferty) was a self-centered teenager with a bad attitude. He had respect for only one thing: basketball. Though Nathan has since grown into a respectable and responsible adult, his passion for the game and dream of playing in the NBA has remained constant.

Of course, staging NBA-level basketball games and casting entire teams isn’t exactly an easy feat for a television show to accomplish, regardless of budget. Plus, having Nathan on the road and away from his family for most of the season doesn’t make for much of a story.

This season, Nathan retired from the game for health reasons and for the opportunity to spend more time with his pregnant wife, Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) and their son, Jamie (Jackson Brundage). Zap2it caught up with Lafferty to talk about his reaction to Nathan leaving basketball behind.

via ‘One Tree Hill’s’ James Lafferty on big changes for Nathan Scott – From Inside the Box – Zap2it.

Nov 09,2010

8.08 Mouthful of Diamonds Reaction

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Dear Mark Schwahn, kisses and hugs, I love you so much.  Whew, I was worried after last week but this week was amazing.  Really amazing.  My favorite episode in quite some time.  It brought me to tears and it made me want to watch it all again.  That episode had heart.  It had drama.  It just was One Tree Hill for me.

  • I loved the interviews Julian was doing.  They all seemed genuine.
  • I loved the Mark transitions between scenes.
  • Brooke – I couldn’t believe she got into it with Julian’s mom like that. I was like, Brooke!  You can’t talk to her like that!  I’m so glad she realized that and they made up.  Good to see that come full circle.  And good for her for sticking up for her wedding.  So sad to see Brooke lose COB.  Honestly though I’m ready to see that next step.  Does she try to reclaim it?  Start something new?  Oh, and have to comment on the water balloons. I was scared it was going to be cheesy but it really wasn’t.  And Brooke saying “what’s wrong with people?” was gold.  Loved it!
  • Nathan was amazing this episode.  It was good to see him in a locker room again. I hate he misses basketball but it’s good to see him offering advice to other athletes just starting out.  It’s almost as if he’s what Dan always should have been.  Speaking of, anyone else missing him this season?!  And I have to add in here I loved seeing the Falcons. I have a friend that’s one of the cheerleaders and she was on there :)
  • Haley and Jamie were ADORABLE this episode.  She was hilarious with those teeth and glasses.  And Jamie’s friend saying “cool” like Lucas was awesome.
  • I actually really liked Mia this episode.  I liked that she was able to provide some guidance to Erin.  I liked that she had something other to do than fight over Chase, which is all that has been happening lately.
  • I loved Mouth and Chase together.  I love to see them buddying up…something that I wish we would have seen last week with Julian getting some guy time.  That’s what I wanted it to look like.  Mouth’s speech about him wanting to do better is what starting the tears for me.  Such a timely sentiment these days.

Overall, such a great episode.  Pretty sure it’s my favorite for the season.  Well done!

What’d you think?

Nov 09,2010

8.08 Mouthful Of Diamonds Recap

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Julian is filming Jamie and trying to get him to smile. When Jamie smiles he has braces on and he says it sucks.
Nathan says it sucks. He and Clay are together in car. Clay is preparing him for his next trip and meeting where a contract will be signed.
Brooke is signing papers. She is now not affiliated with Clothes over Bros.
Haley comes in with a patch on her eye and says that as long as Jamie pouts about his braces she is rocking the patch.
Chase walks in with papers for Mia. He slaps himself in face and tells Mia he did it for her in case she wanted to slap him again.
Mouth is at Tric and walks in with a plunger in his hands. Jerry is standing there. Station has made him program director. Jerry says he is going to try and get Mouth back at station.
Brooke is looking at her wedding dress drawing again. Julian’s mom comes in with all kinds of plans for wedding and Brooke says she can’t afford it. Sylvia says she is paying for it all. Brooke says she started her company in high school selling clothes on the internet. She tells Sylvia she does not want her input she wants a small wedding. They get into an argument and Sylvia leaves.

Julian is filming Brooke. She is talking about what Clothes over Bros was to her and how hard it was losing it.
Julian is talking to his mom. She is complaining about how bad Brooke is. She says Brooke has poisoned him and wants a drink.
Haley and Mia are listening to a recording of Erin. Haley really wants to work with her and Mia says maybe she needs to hear that Haley will protect her.
Julian is walking by Clothes over Bros and almost gets by a water balloon. He ends up on the roof and Brooke talks about how Peyton used to come up there on bad days. Julian apologizes for his mom. Julian explains a little bit about why his mom is the way she is. Brooke says she should apologize to his mom but first she wants him to call and tell her to come to store so she can hit her with a water balloon.
Clay is trying to open a can with can opener and can’t. He misses the trash can when he throws with his left hand.
Nathan and Troy are on the Falcon stadium.

Haley is being filmed. She is explaining her life now. She says she is happy and life is good. Jamie comes in and says his life is not good. He is wearing headgear. Haley starts to laugh. He says you are not supposed to laugh and he walks away and says damn it. Haley jumps up and says hey.
Chase has asked Mouth to reorganize a very messy storage closet.
Haley comes in Jamies room and tells him he can take his braces off if he wants to. She puts in fake teeth and puts on a show. She says Lucas helped her get through her braces. He laughs and say Chuck is going to make fun of him. She says is you think they are cool then it doesn’t matter what Chuck said.
Clay is examining the can still trying to figure out how to get it open. He gets it and yells Suck it soup. He opens a bag if chips with his mouth and they go all over the place. As he is looking around comes Will Bennett obituary.
Nathan and Troy run into Tony. Tony tell Troy he should be with the Falcons and Troy says he hopes to be to soon.
Chase and Mouth are talking about relationships while cleaning out the storage closet. Chase says he might have a second chance.
Clay goes to visit Will Bennet’s grave.

Julian is filming Mouth and ask why he decided to come home. Mouth say he had a girl and job here but he ended up taking what he had for granted.
Mouth tells Chase that he misses Millie. Mouth finds tequila and they find shot glasses.
Julian is watching home videos. Julian says happiness is not a destination. It is a mood it is not permanent. It comes and goes. and if people thought that way then maybe people would find happiness more often.
Erin is paying the piano. Mia walks in. Erin asks what kind of person Haley is. Mia says she is amazing and says she is one of the good ones. Erin says her songs are her life and they are all shes got. Mia tells her that her songs are good and she is good.
Clay is talking Will at his gravestone and says thank you and that he is not going to waste anymore time getting frustrated. He is thankful for Wills sacrifice.
Nathan is telling Troy that he wasn’t sure what to do lastyyear when his contract was up. He said he ended up asking himself one simple question “what did you want to be when you grew up.” Troy said a power ranger. Troy asks Nathan is he feels like he is getting a good deal. Nathan says yes and Troy says ok.

Julian is filming Nathan and asks him why it is hard to walk away from the game. Nathan said the game mattered to him, the competition, the adrenalin and he wonders if he will ever find that in something else.
Tony asks Nathan is he misses it and Nathan say everyday. Tony says he heard the rookie was going to sign. Tony wishes him good luck.
Chase and Mouth are drinking and talking about Alex and Mia. Chase tells Mouth to get back to cleaning.
Brooke apologizes to Sylvia. Brooke says she loves her son. She says that Sylvia has done and incredible job with him. Sylvia then tells brooke how she is a smart, strong, successful women and her mother is proud of her just like she is proud of julian.
Erin stops by Haley house. Erin looks at the burnt piano. She tells Erin about her mothers death and her experience. Haley tells her she hears truth and hope in her music. Erin says your good.
Troy says your good. Nathan says he is officially in the NFL and Troy signs a football for Nathan. Troy Jameson #13 – Troy thanks Nathan for his counsel. Nathan asks what it feels like to be an Atlanta Falcon.Troy says it is a dream come true.

Julian is filming Clay and asks how hard it has been starting over. He starts to laugh because Julian is talking about Clay being shot and Clay is talking about helping Nathan starting over being an agent.
Clay is waiting for Nathan at the airport. They get into the car. Clay has bought an electric can opener.
Mouth tells Chase that he is not getting the job at the tv station. He opens the door and storage closet is totally organized and looks great.
Mouth is behind camera. He says he is not the only one struggling. He says all he can do is keep trying.
Chase is behind camera. He is talking about Mia and Alex. Both are great girls. He said right now if he had to choose he would choose… Julian’s battery starts to die.
Madison comes walking up. Jamie walk over and says hi. She asks if he got braces and he says yes. She says cool.
Jamie is behind camera. People are look a little different and he thinks it’s cool.
Haley is in studio and Erin walks in.
Haley behind camera. She says sometimes people just need a little help. She is a mom and she hopes if her son needed help someone would help him.
Nathan takes his Ravens game basketball down off the trophy mantel and replaces it with his autographed falcons football.
Nathan behind camera. Says it is going to be amazing to watch Troy play as a Falcon and it feels like the beginning of what comes next.
Troy runs out onto the field for his first game. Nathan and Jamie are on the sidelines.
Brooke behind camera says she doesn’t know what is next and she begins to cry. She says I’m sorry. Julian sets camera down and goes over and gives her a hug.

Nov 09,2010

Zap2it: ‘One Tree Hill’s Sophia Bush compiles benefit album for Gulf Oil Spill victims

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After the catastrophic B.P. oil spill devastated the Gulf region last April, “One Tree Hill” star, passionate environmentalist, and all-around warrior for change Sophia Bush leaped into action.

Zap2it has spoken with her extensively about the time she spent in Grand Isle, Louisiana, examining the damage — not only to wildlife and to the earth, but also to the fishermen and their families who relied on the Gulf to survive. You can see some of her startling photographs and read the heartbreaking stories below.

Bush and her co-star and boyfriend Austin Nichols were inspired to help in any way they can. They recently run a half marathon to raise money for their cause, and they’ve given away prizes like iPads and signed DVD box sets to their fans and fellow movers and shakers who have donated.

Perhaps their greatest project, however, is “Gasoline Rainbows,” a compilation featuring music by some of their favorite artists. 100% of artist and label proceeds from “Gasoline Rainbows” will go to Global Green, the American arm of Green Cross International. Global Green will use the funds to aid the communities, people, and ecosystems impacted by the BP Oil Spill. They also allocate funds for environmental education and for their push for better regulation.

via ‘One Tree Hill’s Sophia Bush compiles benefit album for Gulf Oil Spill victims – The Dish Rag – Zap2it.

Nov 09,2010

8.08 Mouthful Of Diamonds Music

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Be Still My Heart – Peter Bradley Adams
Can’t Be Love – Laura Izibor Can't Be Love - Can't Be Love - Single
Crooked Lust – Bowerbirds Crooked Lust - Upper Air
Everybody’s Wrong Sometimes – Laura Izibor
Ides Of March – Lex Land
People in the Hole – Catherine Feeny People in the Hole - People in the Hole
Roll Over Me – The Autumn Film Roll Over Me - The Ship and The Sea
Take It All In – Trent Dabbs Take It All In - Take It All In - Single
Tangled Up – Gareth DunlopTangled Up - Rooms
Times Move Slow – Aqualung Time Moves Slow - Magnetic North (Bonus Track Version)
With Me Tonight – Ellery With Me Tonight - With Me Tonight - Single

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