8.10 Lists, Plans Quotes

Brooke — Ok Brooke Davis, this is it, the day you’ve always dreamed about. Don’t cry, you still have pictures and don’t trip, you’ll ruin your dress.

Quinn – Excuse me
Dan – What can I help you with?
Quinn – Murder

Quinn – When I’m not angry I’m afraid, at least I used to be.

Nathan – Sometimes the hardest things are the most rewarding.

Julian – Everyone in France rides one, its quite fashionable

Brooke – I hate you!
Julian – I love you! Bon Voyage!

Brooke – Finding a man you adores me as much as you do and getting to keep him forever.

Bar attendee – I’ll take a beer from Haley James Scott if she is serving.

Dan – I ended 2 lives the day I pulled that trigger and one of them was mine.

Mia – Rock stars don’t wait in line.

Brooke – If its affirmation your fishing for, Mr. Baker, then fish nor more

Brooke – They say the only thing that is worse than being poor is being rich and then poor.

Thanks Trisha!

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  1. I think the best quote was from Nathan to Jamie ‘just promise me you will stay away from anyone with Keller in their name. Lol

  2. or Brooke: ‘James Lucas scott, are you drinking a beer!’
    and julian’s quote from hitch and his ‘ it’ll be the second most exhilerating 45 secs of your life’ and brooke ‘oh a sex joke, which might be cute if we weren’t 15k feet in the air with a quarter of the plane missing!’


  3. comment by peyton&lucas in december 1, 2010 @ 11:10 am
    Dont forget Nathan: First Tutor Girl now Tutor Boy!!

    Tutor son … But love that line I’m buzzed and scared too see the next ep god I hope Brooke has awesome news like she pregerz xx nothing like wishful thinking right

  4. Dan: You look familiar, did we sleep together?
    Quinn: No. I’m Haley’s sister.
    Dan: Ah, so you slept with my son.
    Quinn: That was Taylor.

  5. Jamie while asleep: tutor – t u t o r – tutor
    Nathan: There’s an “O” in tutor?
    Haley: mmhmm
    Nathan: Man, he’s even a genius even in his sleep

  6. I loved the Keller & “O in tutor” lines!
    But Julian screwing up the Hitch quote, but having it written down in his pocket was hilarious!