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Dec 04,2010

8.10 Lists, Plans Roundtable

Posted by Amanda with 6 Comments

1) Favorite quote of the episode?

LizzyB: It’s really not a quote but I LMAO’d when Nathan did the banana fo fana song with “Chuck” in his head and the light bulb finally went on.

Amanda: I liked Lizzy’s quote above (I laughed a lot) and I also liked Nathan saying “My teacher was mean to me today. Promise me you will stay away from anyone with keller in their name.” ha i laughed a little

2) On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome was Brooke’s “nightmare” wedding?

LizzyB: Are you kidding? Nathan in that outfit..Haley shooting a bird..Jaime drinking a beer…totally an 11!!!

Amanda: I am giving it an 11 too. Totally Fantastic, I loved it all.

3) What’d you think of the return of Dan Scott?

LizzyB: I loooved it! Oh how I miss that guy and his completely unorthodox way of doing the right thing!

Amanda: I missed Dan too and agree with Lizzy above.

4) Who was cuter–Brulian or Namie (Nathan and Jamie)?

LizzyB: Ughh damn it! They were both so sweet I swore I was going to have a million cavities when the episode was over. I guess if I have to choose, I’d go with Nathan and Jamie…I’m a sucker for father-son bonding!

Amanda: Nathan and Jamie 100%. I loved seeing them together!! They were so cute studying together :)

5) Alex, Mia, or just over the whole thing?

LizzyB: Still going with Alex. She knows what she wants and goes after it and, while I hated that about her with Julian last year, I absolutely love it about her this year with Chase!

Amanda: When the show ended I was thinking about this. It seems as though Alex has grown on me a little  since joining the show cause if I had to choose I would choose her to be with Chase.  I like her fiestyness. Sorry guys.

Bonus Question: Thoughts on the ending?

LizzyB: My exact words–“What the f—! That b*tch is crazy!”

Amanda: WOW!…