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Dec 07,2010

Photos: Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols @ 2010 Global Green USA Sustainable Design Awards

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Dec 07,2010

8.11 Darkness on the Edge of Town Reaction

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OK, some of you know what I have to preface this with this news…we SO CALLED this hurricane on the OTH podcast (28:55) back before the season started.  I suggested a natural disaster like a tornado, Denise said it would be a hurricane since it was Tree Hill and Kaitlin went so far as to name it Dan.  Well, we never got anything more than “a storm” so I hereby name it Hurricane Dan.  LOL  Holy cow, thank you Mark Schwahn.  Whether this was in the works or you listened to us, either way it worked.  Super duper worked.
OK so at this point YOU SO DON’T CARE and I need to get over myself because all you care about is that you just watched an AMAZING, NAIL-BITING episode.  Was that awesome or what?!

  • Loved that this episode was like a story within itself however we did get a few storylines moving forward.  Brooke and Julian decide they are going to stay in Tree Hill.  Jamie gives up 1st place for Madison in his spelling bee that we’ve been seeing him prepare for.  And holy cow, we are finally rid of Katie FOR GOOD.  Hopefully she is headed to jail right after the hospital.
  • I loved that Brooke and Julian had an honest to goodness fight.  It’s something that a regular couple would fight about without any outside influence.  (Well, barring a meddling mother in law).
  • I love that Brooke was awesome and got Madison and Lauren out and nearly got Jamie out with her MacGyver skills.  Loved seeing that strong Brooke!
  • I loved though that Julian saved Brooke in the end.  Her knight in shining armor!  I love that we almost lost Brooke (not that I want to lose her, but I love that they took us close to that).  Man, I was on the verge of tears!
  • And how about almost losing Jamie? “He’s just a boy”  It really did get dusty in here for me!
  • I loved the car accident after the car accident.  Definitely a shocking turn of events.  And how about that jerk that drove off? Sheesh!  Oh, and the levy breaking?  Drama didn’t stop!  I can’t leave this point without mentioning the other car accidents we’ve had off bridges.  Maybe it’s on OTH thing, I don’t know, but it worked for me.  Can we say that Brooke died and Julian revived her?  I mean, seriously.  Brooke died tonight.  Craziness.
  • Nathan and Haley talking about Jamie growing up and then the rain comment, it was Naley goodness tonight.
  • The one thing I was torn about though was, probably not to your surprise, Katie and Quinn.  Them basically playing hide and seek with knives in Clay’s house was, oh, I don’t know, a little akin to running through a corn field.  Yes, it was a bit of cheese.  But when Quinn took after Katie and threw them into the pool, well, it had me hooked.  I have to say I was actually a little upset to think they had just killed Quinn off.  Pretty smart of her to stay in the water. And then Quinn having the smarts and guts to shoot Katie….wowsers.  So glad she will be behind bars for quite some time.
  • So why no Clay this episode?  Tree Hill has a hurricane and he completely misses out.  Not to mention Alex, Mia, Chase, Skills, Victoria and Millicent were all missing too.  I suppose not everyone could be in it.  I do have to say I think I enjoyed the concentrated storylines and didn’t feel like I was being pulled in 8 directions.
  • One other problem I have that will never be solved in Tree Hill is timeline.  We just had Thanksgiving, Nathan just started school and it’s already Hurricane season?  That is June-November.  Is this officially NOT a hurricane because they never specifically say it is even though episode summaries said it was.  And even if not, have you ever seen such a storm in, say, February?  I live in South Carolina and let me tell you, no sirree.  Is this a time-jump we should be assuming?  I’m just finding the timing of this to be hard to swallow.

Overall have to say that the writing, turn of events, pacing, etc was amazing and really have to thank Mark again for such awesome writing and kudos to the actors as well.

What’d you think?

Dec 07,2010

8.11 Darkness on the Edge of Town Recap

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The radio in a car says a storm is coming in and everyone should stay in.
Jamie is at the spelling bee.  Nathan and Haley are in the audience.  He has to spell entrepreneur but he gets it wrong.  A little girl Madison wins.  Jamie tells her she did great.  Nathan gives Jamie a fake talking to and Jamie guesses Grandpa Dan?  Nathan says Clay couldn’t get home because of the storm.  Haley comes up and congratulates him.  He wants to go with Mrs. Lauren but she says the storm is too bad.  She says ride home with Chuck or go home with them and go see Quinn.  He chooses Chuck.
Brooke and Julian are arguing about why they live in Tree Hill.  He says her work isn’t holding her there anymore and more opportunities would be in LA.  She thinks his mom is prodding him to do it and he prodded her to lose the company for his own benefit.  Julian says they could spend some time apart for their careers.  She gets mad and leaves.
Quinn loses Clay on a phone call.  Katie shows up outside their house.
Nathan and Haley are driving in the rain and Haley is worried about Jamie.  Nathan says he likes the rain, they’ve had some interesting moments in the rain.  Haley gets a flat tire and has to pull over but has no signal.  Nathan has to get out and change the tire.
Quinn’s surveillance camera loses signal in the storm.  Her car alarm goes off and she goes outside to stop in.  Quinn notices a leak in their kitchen and gets a bowl out to catch the water and takes her tea in the other room.  It’s actually Katie’s hair dripping from upstairs.
Julian calls Brooke and says he’s sorry and there is flooding and the levy might break.  She says she can barely see the road.  Julian says he’ll come get her.  She’s coming up on a bridge and he loses her.  She screams and Chuck is in the middle of the road.  He has blood on his head.  There’s been an accident and a car is flipped on the bridge.
Brooke tells Chuck to get in her car.  Brooke finds Jamie and he’s stuck.  She gets madison out.  Lauren is knocked out and bleeding.  She puts Madison in her car and tells her to call 911.  She gets in the car to help Jamie but she can’t get him out.
Haley tells Nathan she still doesn’t have signal while he changes the tire.
The water is still dripping at Quinn’s.  It’s a mix of blood.  Quinn goes to look at it and sees it’s not just water.  She takes a knife and apple to another room. Katie is gone from where she was.
Brooke wakes up Lauren who starts to panic.  Brooke tells her she’s going to get help.  Chuck is losing consciousness.
Quinn gets in bed and leaves Clay a message on her phone.
Brooke gets stuff out of the trunk and takes it to the car.  She puts a blanket over her and gets her to crawl out.  Madison gets out and says it’s Chuck, he’s going to sleep.  He says he can’t stay awake.  Lauren says she’ll take the kids to the hospital.  Brooke is going to stay and get Jamie out.  She starts getting him out and then a live electrical cord gets close to the car.
Haley gets out to help Nathan and her umbrella blows away.  He goes to look for it.
Katie walks in to wake up Quinn and she finds pillows under the bed.  Katie pulls Quinn out from under the bed.  Quinn stabs her.  Katie pulls her gun out.  She says dejavu.  Katie empties her gun and throws the bullets out the window.  Knives it is.  Quinn runs outside and starts to leave in her car and a tree is down in her driveway stopping her.  Quinn runs back inside and Katie goes after her.
Brooke continues to get Jamie out.  She says it’s going to work.  He shows him his ribbon.  Jamie asks where she was going.  She said just driving.  She tells him she got mad because she got stubborn and stupid.  He says he’s not stupid.  She tells Jamie to spell some words for her.
Katie laughs at Quinn and says you really think I won’t find you?  Quinn is hiding.
Jamie says he missed the word on purpose so Madison would win.  Brooke says she likes Madison and she asked about him.  He says the first thing he’s going to do is tell his mom and dad he loves them.  She’s going to tell Julian.  Julian shows up.  She says she’s ok.  A car comes from the other way and he waves at them to stop.  The car crashes into Jamie’s car and they fall over the bridge.
The car is filling up but the car is on the side and it’s not sinking.  Julian helps them get out.  Julian says he’s got to get Brooke out first so she can get help.  He has to get Jamie out because he’s going to be his best man.  Brooke’s leg is stuck under the steering wheel.  Jamie hears a loud sound.  The levy has broken and water starts rushing in.
Katie finds Quinn and they fight.  Katie knocks Quinn out.  
Julian tries to get Brooke out with a crow bar.  Brooke tells Julian to help Jamie.  “He’s just a boy.”  Julian pulls the seat out and takes Jamie to the shore.
Katie continues to beat up on Quinn, trying to choke her.  Quinn puts her finger in her knife wound.  Quinn runs in the storm.  Katie says she’ll be her storm.   Quinn runs back after her, taking her down over the balcony into the pool outside.
Jamie watches from the bridge.  Julian gets back in the car for Brooke.  He can’t find the crow bar.  He says this isn’t happening, we’re going to stay in Tree Hill and be together.  The water overtakes Brooke.  Julian gives her some air.
Katie comes up out of the water but Quinn is lying in the middle of the pool.
Julian keeps trying to get Brooke out but she appears to drown, still stuck.
Jamie yells from the bridge.  Julian finally comes up with Brooke.  He carries her to the shore but she seems out of it.
Katie walks out of the pool.  Quinn is still ok, she’s faking her death in the pool.  The pool cover is holding her up.
Julian tries to resuscitate Brooke.
Katie makes tea inside.  Quinn comes in from outside.  Katie spots her.  Quinn goes to the right .  Katie grabs a knife.  Quinn finds the gun, puts one bullet in.  Katie comes in and says it’s empty.  Quinn shoots until the bullet kills Katie.
Nathan and Haley pull up on Jamie.  He says Brooke is dead.  Haley takes him to the car and Nathan goes to help with Julian.  Julian starts crying over Brooke and then Brooke’s hand moves.  He starts again.  She coughs up water.
Katie is not dead, she is gasping for breath and tells Quinn.  Quinn tells her she’ll pass out soon.  She won’t lay there for 12 hours, she says, only a psycho would let you do that.  Quinn goes to change the song on the record player and cries.
Brooke gets loaded into an ambulance, Julian goes with her.
Katie gets loaded into the ambulance.  Quinn tells her she’s her storm and goes back inside.
Naley and Jamie are in bed together sleeping.
Brooke sleeps on Julian’s lap.
Quinn sleeps on the couch and then gets up and goes to the door, opens it and leaves it open.

Dec 07,2010

Zap2it: ‘One Tree Hill': Where the car accidents are always awesome

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Okay, so it could be said that “One Tree Hill” is a little bit car-crash happy. Nearly every character has been in a car wreck over the course of 8 seasons. However, it could also be said that the car accident episodes are amongst their best ever, so we’re not complaining.

Remember when Nathan’s race track wreck gave us a glimpse into his coma-dream, where he and Lucas switched lives? Luke’s near-fatal car accident changed the course of his mom’s relationship with Keith, and showed us the strength of his friendship with Haley. When Rachel sent Cooper’s limo off a bridge, Nathan’s wedding day heroics had us swooning.

And who can forget Dan getting hit by Nanny Carrie’s car, Haley getting hit by Dante’s car, and Peyton… somehow not getting hit by a car despite intentionally running red lights over and over.

Now, it’s that time again.

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Dec 07,2010

Hollywood Life: Sophia Bush Tells Us Lucas & Peyton Won’t Be Back For The ‘One Tree Hill’ Wedding

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It’s been the question on every One Tree Hill fan’s mind since last May’s season finale: Will Lucas Chad Michael Murray and/or Peyton Hilarie Burton come back to Tree Hill for Brooke Sophia Bush and Julian’s Austin Nichols wedding? The big day is just a few episodes away, so we went straight to Sophia for the answer — and it’s looking grim. ”We’ve shot the wedding,” Sophia told on Dec. 6 at the Sustainable Design Awards in NYC. “We really wanted Chad and Hilarie to come back. You know, Peyton is Brooke’s best friend! They both had scheduling conflicts.”And don’t think for a second the cast wouldn’t welcome back “Leyton” with open arms. Sophia continued:

via Sophia Bush Tells Us Lucas & Peyton Won’t Be Back For The ‘One Tree Hill’ Wedding — Exclusive Interview & Video! « Hollywood Life.