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Feb 15,2011

8.15 Valentine’s Day is Over Reaction

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All in all a cute episode.

  • Nathan and Haley – I loved seeing Haley get upset and Nathan’s response with the bedroom all done up!! The ho ho’s, the gift, the love. sigh… Gosh they are just perfect. I also loved that the showed ended with their kiss.
  • I love that Haley spent the show snooping around for her gift. I liked the interaction with her and Quinn too.
  • Jamie and Madison were cute. I enjoyed that they were sharing the shoelaces at the end.
  • I really like the role that Chase is playing. Helping out and being there for Chuck. Looks like he is taking on more then just a big brother?
  • Julian and Brooke cute but I kind of got tired of the role playing. I did laugh hard at the end with the pizza guy.
  • Kind of shocked at the end with phone call that Mouth received.

Ok these are just a few of my thoughts. Tell me yours!!

Feb 15,2011

8.15 Valentine’s Day is Over Recap

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Jamie is making a big hearts out of candy hearts. Haley ruins it by eating them saying Mama is hungry. She picks up a kiss me one and makes him kiss her.
The hot water is not working at Brookes and Julian comes out shirtless. He says he will call the plumber but he does not like him and they argue over whether or not he is hot.
Clay and Quinn are in the shower. He is amazed by her nakedness.And they both say they love each other.
Nathan and Haley are brushing their teeth together. They maneuver around each other effortlessly. His back itches and Haley says it is a blackhead and wants to pop it.
Brooke comes in wearing her lingerie and begins role playing with Julian who is trying to fix the hot water underneath the sink.

Haley is looking through closet for her Valentines day present from Nathan.
Chuck goes to see Chase at Tric. Chase gives him a root beer and tells him to shut his pie hole. Chase has cab pick him up.
Mouth gives Millie half a muffin for Valentines days because that is all they have. He talks about a job opening as a field reporter and asks Millie to help make a Demo.
Julian and Brooke are still role playing. Brooke is now french made who says oui a lot. They kiss.
Quinn comes in and Haley is still looking for Nathans present. Haley says she they may rent a movie for Valentines day that she feels it is more for couples like Quinn and Clay.
Clay and Quinn are making the bed. Clay tells Quinn they should go to Tric. He says he is not a fan of Valentines Day and gives his explanation. He also tells her that he was not able to get her the concert tickets she was wanting for next weekend either. She says that is fine they can go to tric and she pushes him in the bed and says she will be spending the rest of the day until then with her other boyfriend.
Jamie and Quinn are in a store. Jamie is looking for a Valentines gift for Madison. He picks up some shoelaces. Jamie looks at cards. He is not happy with the sappy love cards. Quinn and he decide they will go home and make one.
Clay and Nathan are on there way to go check out Professor Kellerman’s son a college prospect who can throw a ball 98 miles an hour.

Mouth is interviewing Millie about Clothes over Bros.
Julian and Brooke are still role playing. She is dressed like a school girl/ babysitter and Julian is the father. Role Reversal – Julian is the babysitter and she the working woman.
Chase is cutting roses. Chuck is talking about his dad. Chase asks is he misses his dad. Chuck says yes and that his dad has been gone for about 2 years.
Haley is still looking for gift. She is in the pantry and finds gifts.
Clay and Nathan try to introduce themselves. Kellermans son walks by and says he knows who nathan is. He is in his dad’s class and that his dad is a d-bag. He says stop talking and he will sign with the highest signing bonus. He is drinking and he calls Nathan and Clay old. Nathan likes him.
Mouth is still working with Millie on his demo tape. He asks Millie how she will spending Valentines day. She says making this tape and hoping the station hires the best guy.

Haley is cutting open the gifts she found. It is a heart necklace. She is excited. Quinn says and I getting concert tickets. Haley says I thought you weren’t getting those and Quinn says I thought Nathan didnt get you anything.
Clay and Nathan are sitting on bench drinking beer. Clay doesnt think they should sign Ian Kellerman. Nathan thinks he should. Ian reminds him of himself.
Chase and Chuck are sharing a drink and it is another alone valentines. Chuck points out that is has been more for Chase. Chase tells Chuck that he could be a little nicer. Chase asks about his hobbies. Chuck says his hobbies are show tunes. That he writes them. He gets and sings one for Chase.
Jamie is making his card for Madison.
Quinn is applying lotion. Staring at a picture of her and Clay.
Brooke and Julian are on the couch wrapped up in blanket.
Chuck finished and Chase claps with a big smile.
Haley puts back the gift wrapped up. She picks up the roses and smells them.
Chuck is working on the valentine for his mom. Chase asks how it is going. Chuck is proud of it. Chuck has decided he wants to sing his song at school. Chase tells him maybe he should keep it a secret. Chase says he has to run to the back. Chuck says you have been going to the back a lot.
Chase is in the back where he wakes up Chucks mom who had to much to drink. Chase tells her she showed up drunk. He tells her to take the cab and he will bring chuck home in a little and he will have a valentine for her. She should act happy about.

Brooke says these are the best days. The days they will remember. She says she wants a pizza. A meat lovers.
Mouth and Millie are eating Chinese together on the floor. They are happ to be together. He gets her a whole muffin and something Brooke recommended (makeup). He tells her she doesn’t need it though because she is beautiful. She cuts her muffin in half and gives it to him a long with a tie for when he gets his job. He says he loves her and they kiss.
Clay and Quinn arrive at Tric but it is closed. They go inside anyway. It is decorated and Chuck is waiting to seat them at a table for 2. Chase introduces City and Colour and Clay says oh I guess we dont need those tickets now.
On the count of 3 Madison and Jamie open their gifts. Madison loves hers and She got Jamies wrist bands for when he plays baseball. They go to play skee ball.
Haley is lighting candles. She is all dressed up. Nathan comes in and asks what she is doing. He thought they weren’t celebrating. He then says ok and pulls out a card and one rose and kisses her on the cheek and says he is going to go take a shower. She is really confused because that was not the same gifts she found earlier.

The doorbell rings and Sophia answers it half naked saying can I help you. When she realizes it’s not julian she shuts the door embarrassed. Julian comes out and laughs. He opens door and says I’m here. Pizza guy says I’m cool with that. Julian shuts door. He opens it again and grabs pizza.
Quinn opens up a heart necklace (same one haley had opened). Quinn got Clay heart shoelaces.
Chase takes Chuck home. Chase tells him he should go and sing and that is going to try and get him in the studio. Chase says he will him tomorrow and Chuck smiles.
Haley is sitting on the couch. She flips out going off about the gifts she finds. Nathan starts saying she shouldnt have done that. When he opens the bedroom door and the bedroom is beautifully put together with roses and ho ho’s and a little box. She starts to cry and says you do love me. And nathan says with all my heart.
Clay and Quinn are still at tric listening to City and Colour.
Jamie and Madison are sharing ice cream and they each are wearing a valentine shoe lace.
Julian says he thinks they should adopt.
Mouth gets a call from the station.They want to talk to Millie.
Brooke says they have had a perfect day. Julian tells her she will be a perfect mom.
Nathan is feeding Haley ho ho’s in bed. They kiss….

Feb 15,2011

8.15 Valentine’s Day is Over Music

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Castle – Timmy Curran Castle - Verses
For You – Forbidden Friends
God Willin’ & the Creek Don’t Rise – Ray Lamontagne And The Pariah Dogs God Willin' & the Creek Don't Rise - God Willin' & the Creek Don't Rise
Heart Beats Slow – SO & SO Heart Beats Slow (From One Tree Hill) - Single - So & So
I Can See – Sierra Noble Gypsy Soul - Sierra Noble
Pressure – Quadron Pressure - Quadron
Rhythm of Love – Plain White T’s Rhythm of Love - Wonders of the Younger
The Girl (Acoustic) – City and Colour The Girl (Acoustic) - The Girl (Acoustic) - Single
The Northern Wind – City and Colour
We’re Gonna Make It – Michael May

Source – CW

Feb 15,2011

HollywoodLife: Will ‘One Tree Hill’ Get A Ninth Season? Sophia Bush Tells Us: ‘I Doubt It!’ Exclusive!

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Now more than halfway through its eighth season, One Tree Hill is one of the longest running dramas on The CW — but will it live to see season nine? caught up with star Sophia Bush to get the scoop: “We only have a month left to shoot, and as of now we haven’t heard anything about it coming back,” she told us Feb. 13 at the Max Azria show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC. “So I doubt it.”

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Feb 15,2011

E!: Latest from Kristin – Various Shows – 15th February 2011 | Spoiler TV

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KatieAwerkamp (via Twitter): Scoop on One Tree Hill’s James Lafferty and all about when he is going to propose to me.

I’m sure he’s going to pop the question any day now. Fingers crossed! But in Tree Hill world, Nathan will be much too busy dealing with a wife who is nearing the crazytown station, as she prepares for the arrival for the second baby in the James-Scott household. Seriously, it’ll be a whirlwind of crazy mother-to-be situations.

via Latest from Kristin – Various Shows – 15th February 2011 | Spoiler TV.