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Feb 23,2011

8.16 I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here Ratings

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Feb 23,2011

Theme Song Artist of the Week: Olin and the Moon

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Check out last night’s theme song by @olinandthemoon here!

Feb 23,2011

Bethany Joy Galeotti Blog: “I Just Met A Girl Named…”

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Congratulations Joy!!

“I Just Met A Girl Named…”


Michael and I are pleased to announce the arrival of our beautiful girl, Maria.

I’ll probably be MIA from my blog for a few weeks as we adjust to life with our girl, but I’m hoping to bring in a few “guest editors”!

Bless you guys and thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!

xoxo Michael & Joy

via Bethany Joy Galeotti: “I Just Met A Girl Named…”.

Feb 23,2011

8.16 I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here Quotes

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Jamie: Why are you wearing that?
Haley: Because I’m so excited. I’ve got a new sport to watch, I’ve got new lingo to learn, new plays to call, and new cheers to cheer! Um, we want a catcher, not a belly scratcher! (blows whistle)
Jamie: There’s no whistles in baseball mama.

Quinn: Oh I can’t I have to, ah, rotate my tires. No that’s not a euphemism.

Brooke: I was a great student. Honor roll, that sort of thing. And now we’re homebodies. A cup of green tea and a movie is us in a nut shell. Organic food.
Julian: Love the organic food.

Brooke: Our parents are wonderful. Solid. Even-keeled. Wouldn’t you agree honey?

Brooke: We’re getting a baby! We’re getting a baby!
Julian: Brooke Penelope Davis- Baker. You break that box spring and you’re sleeping on the floor.

Quinn: She’s driving me crazy. I need another excuse, think!
Brooke: Say…
Quinn: You’re smothering me!

Haley: A daughter that I really want to name after mom. I remember once that you wanted to name your first daughter Lydia so I wanted to check if that was okay with you.
Quinn: You know what I want? I want a niece named Lydia. And she’s gonna be beautiful, just like her mom. Just like our mom.

Julian: Eating ice cream is the best part about little league … except for catching butterflies.

Ian Kellerman: My dad cares about three things: books, his dog and his boat.
Nathan: Well you have to admit the dog is pretty school… he rides skateboards.

Quinn: Because we’re throwing you a surprise shower today, ow brain freeze.
Haley: You guys are throwing me a baby shower?
Quinn: Yeah. Please act surprised.
Haley: Oh my gosh, what do you guys mean surprise? It’s not like it’s my birthday or anything.

Haley: Uhh, I miss beer.
Alex: Get somebody to drink it for you. The buzz isn’t as good but the hangover is better. Yeah Brooke, chug a beer for me.
Brooke: No way.
Haley: Come on, it will be like designated driver but a designated drinker. Please!!
Lauren: Listen to the pregnant lady.
Brooke: I so should not have saved you.

Haley: Well, you must be starving. Feel free to have some food and uh, just don’t eat my ho-ho cake.

Brooke: I’m not umemployed.
Millie: Okay, tomato tomato. You lost your company. So anyway…

Victoria: I thought we were good after the wedding. Apparently somebody goes to prison and you don’t cut her a break. Yeah, prison. Get used to it everyone. It’s not that big of a deal. It happens.
Millie: Victoria, have a martini and calm down. Nobody here is ashamed about jail time. I mean, I went to jail and I am not ashamed to say it.
Alex: I say, who hasn’t been to jail? I remember my visit very fondly.
Brooke: Okay, can we all stop saying jail?
Haley: Yeah, let’s just be rational and stop over-exaggerating. Jail is so not that big of a deal.

Haley: I wanted to make a toast to my amazing friend Brooke for throwing me this party. And for… saving my son’s life. Because if she hadn’t risked hers to save Jamie, I wouldn’t be standing here with all of you, happy. Brooke, there’s a reason why we picked you as Jamie’s godmother. And I’m thankful every day that you are.

Brooke: But even at the height of my success, I always felt like there was still something missing. Love, a family. And then I met Julian and he is an amazing director, but he is even more amazing man. And I know he is going to be the most amazing father.

Brooke: I’ve known for a long time now, I want to be a mom. I want to see Julian be a dad. And I want our child to feel loved and protected, even when they’re struggling. Like I did, like we all have.

Chloe: It seems like you guys have a lot of baggage. But the thing is I want two people who are going to love this baby, who can care for this baby. And who will understand if they make a mistake. So I think it’s okay that you guys have too. And that’s the reason why I want you guys to be the parents.

Thanks Rachel!!

Feb 23,2011

8.17 The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get Promo

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