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  1. random. its going to be really weird without haley there. yeah i know that joy was on leave.

  2. ah El Conquistador I’ve been there many times! Beautiful hotel! Viva Puerto Rico!!!!!

  3. @ othfantiffany, Bethany is on maternity because she has recently become a mother. that’s the reason why she isn’t traveling to Puerto rico.

  4. Rachel, I’m not sure what twitter account you were looking at, but Joy was not in Puerto Rico filming. It was just Sophia, Jana, Allison and Shantel.

  5. Joy tweeted that she was not filming there. She said she would rather be at home with her baby anyway.

  6. This is going to go down as the worst penultimate episode ever. I guess it’s no surprise considering the what the show has become.

  7. Why are they in Puerto Rico??? Again…I’m so tired of seeing Alex!!! And I thought Quinn was bad.