8.18 Quiet Little Voices Reaction

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to Nathan and Haley!  We have a little Lydia!  Was she not adorable??

And I want to be saying congratulations to Brooke and Julian but oh my, what a sad note to end this episode on.  I wanted to come out feeling extraordinarily happy for little Lydia but I have to say it was overshadowed by the loss for Brooke and Julian.  And not saying it shouldn’t be a big deal.  They both should be a big deal but I’m afraid Lydia’s moment got stolen.  Heck, we didn’t even get to see Nathan with the baby!

I don’t have all bad things to say.  Austin did a great job directing.  That shot of Brooke and Julian upset with Nathan in the background was heart-wrenching.  Brooke going in and having to hold Lydia was heart-wrenching.

I also enjoyed the mesh of flashbacks but I have to say, by the end it was a tad too much for my taste.  It seemed there was more time spent in the past than in the present and while I like the past much better, it only made the present look that much worse.    Sorry to be harsh but I think by the end I was itching for old scenes to get through just so we could move on with current time.  BUT I did especially enjoy seeing Nathan being so vulnerable with Haley back in the day and the scene with Dan made me want more Evil Dan!

The cracker scene was hilarious and I really hope to see outtakes of that on the DVD.  Clay had perfected the art of spraying cracker while talking.

I enjoyed Jamie’s voiceovers and loved Haley’s at the end even more.

I do have one more nitpick…not a fan of “Lydia Bob”.  Haley Bob rolls off your tongue but Lydia Bob feels hokey to me.

Music was outstanding this episode.  I wanted to buy every song.  Well done, Lindsay Wolfington.

All in all, a good episode.  It will be interesting to see what happens with Brooke and Julian as well as watching the Scott family adjust to a new little one.  And it looks like there is going to finally be some drama surrounding the car accident.

What’d you think?


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  1. sorry i missed some of the episode.. WHAT HAPPENED TO BROOKES BABY.. ive been trying to look it up everywehre adn i just caught the end of it last night.. hellppp!!

  2. I read some places online that people think last nights episode was bad…. they are crazy. A true One Tree Hill fan loved last nights episode BECAUSE of all the flashbacks. It was a great episode!

  3. I also agree that Brulian overshadowed Naley. There should’ve been a Naley scene with Lydia. There’s always room for improvement in episodes i guess. I look forward to more Naley scenes as well!

  4. I’m so not a fan of the middle name…And how come now in season 8 they are saying her middle name is Bob….I mean I know they kinda called her haley bob as a nick name but come on now they are saying it bob please… Hello That why she went by Haley James Scott most of the show cause they didn’t give her a middle name.

    And I liked it when they would give there kids there friends names as middle names. We’ve got James Lucas Scott and Sawyer Brooke Scott…. Where’s a Peyton or Nathan or Mouth or Skills?

  5. Okay I just lost my dad like two weeks ago and One tree hill has been a big help,naley has been a huge part of my life…..that scene with naley about “tell me a story”…. “a memory”geez made me bawl like h**l.God I miss classic naley those sweet,tender swoon moments…..mark why don’t you tell the naley fans how you really feel……stop robbing us of our naley.

  6. @Lindsey…

    Just thought I’d answer, lol. Haley’s middle name as Bob was told to us in s3. I think Mark said it in an interview and that they had cut the on-screen explanation for something else. Other than that, the only other time it’s hinted at is the deleted scene with PBH getting mugshots…Haley’s board says Scott, HB. She went by HJS because she didn’t like her middle name. But I think pregnancy hormones and losing her mom made her nostalgic and she wanted to pass down another ‘family’ thing I guess. But it does sound very odd to say, lol. ohh, Lydia Peyton sounds pretty!

    As for everything else…well, I stopped watching OTH a long time ago, but my friend said NH had a baby and I wanted to see the newly expanded family. Sucks that a scene with all of them doesn’t exist. I came here to see if I could find out more, but it’s not sounding good. While a sad!Brooke/Lydia ending is fine and dandy, there really SHOULD have been at least a Nathan/Lydia scene SOMEWHERE in the episode. That’s not a dig against Brooke or anything, but Lydia’s birth was already overshadowed by the sadness, so a nice NHJL family moment would have evened it out a little more and made the contrast that much shaper, too. And they could have made room for such a scene by taking out a flashback or something.

    I guess I really didn’t miss anything by not watching.

  7. @megan No, you didn’t miss anything at all by not watching. If you want to see Lydia, there are screencaps and a brief animation floating around on the net (tumblr/forums) of Haley holding her. The birth was such a non-event in the episode (and the season, quite honestly) that it really doesn’t even feel like it happened and I say this having watched the entire episode. Maybe if they actually show the family together at some point in the remaining episodes..and I’m not holding my breath for that…it will finally seem real.

  8. @lindsey, I agree where’s Mouth, Skiills, Brooke, Peyton and Nathan. I always thought that seeing Naley was kinda boring sometimes but now their showing too much Brulian. I can understand because Joy was pregnant but still…and anyways Brulian had already gotton married so now the focus needs to be back on Naley now. Quinn and Clay I can’t stand to look at anymore, their relationship is boring as hell. They really didn’t even know much about each other before they started dating. It was sad to see her keep chasing him around last season. My God please Mark do something with this couple. Season 8 kinda reminds me of season 2 it was a little boring. The only was good about season 2 was Haley leaving Nathan, Peyton and Jake and Lucas storyline. In season 8, so far episodes 1/2/3/4/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/16/17 were good. Nathan’s storyline is boring…Chase and Chuck are boring…Mouth and Millie are boring…Quinn and Clay are boring…Brulian are now getting boring…I just want Mark to put more into their storylines. Although Nathan’s storyline is about to get interesting.

  9. Sorry about your loss @margarita, your family is in my thoughts and I’m glad OTH has helped you through it somewhat. :)

    But, yeah I really, really miss NH together. I hope that they will at least be getting some amazing moments in the finale along with Jamie and Lydia, but I’m not gonna put my standards at a high level at all considering how this season hasn’t been good for them.