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  1. You are not alone people, I too thought it was Sophia at first – they have coloured her hair for this one, its lovely and she looks amazing! I too think she is too much on the skinny side, especially for her build/height. Other than that, as I said before she looks amazing! I love what they have done with her hair!

  2. Motherhood has done her a huge favor. She is one hot MILF. Can I even say that? I had a huge crush on her in season 1 and she was the whole reason I even watched the show to begin with.

  3. I thought it was Sophia too, until I zoomed in. She looks gorgeous, and I love her hair darker as opposed to the bleach blonde Peyton of seasons 1-4. I loved her hair in seasons 5&6 also. Lucky girl!

  4. didnt mistake her for sophia but she is gorgeous as always. i love castle, can’t wait for this episode.

  5. She looks absolutely gorgeous and no she does not look like Sophia at all! Hilarie’s hair looks so much fuller and with lots of body.

  6. @weenie – yes she does look georgeous – she always was and motherhood seems to have brought out even more beauty in her! I do tend to disagree with you however and I am sure others will be in agreement with me, you may not think that she looks like Sophia but I do and I can only reiterate that comment. Its what I think and I cant change that, I do respect the fact that you dont agree and thats fine, we cant all think the same. If you look at the picture just fleetingly then you will know what I mean! @ed fury – yes you can say that (at least I think you can!)

  7. She looks awesome. Mad you aren’t coming back for the final season of One Tree Hill, but still love you and your character P. Sawyer!!!

  8. Does anybody know the brand of the jeans that Hilarie Burton is seen wearing in Caste? The scene where she is in the police station going over pictures of herself with the detective?