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Feb 28,2012

Yahoo: ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 14 Cast Revealed

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Gavin DeGraw will be on.

legend Martina Navratilova, TV host Maria Menounos, Motown great Gladys Knight, opera singer Katherine Jenkins, Disney star Roshon Fegan, NFL champ Donald Driver, singer Gavin DeGraw and Telenovela actor William Levy round out the celebrity line-up.


The stars also met their professional partners. Defending pro-champion Karina Smirnoff, who won her first mirror ball trophy last season with celeb J.R. Martinez, is partnered up this time with singer Gavin DeGraw.

via ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 14 Cast Revealed – Yahoo!.

Feb 27,2012

Episode 9.08: A Rush of Blood to the Head – Promotional Photos

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Spoiler TV

Feb 24,2012

9.08 – A Rush of Blood to the Head – Producer’s Preview

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Feb 24,2012

Spoilers Update #60

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Season 9 Episode 10

Feb 23,2012

Episode 9.07 Last Known Surroundings Quotes

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Kidnapping Building:
Nathan – “You think I’m afraid? I’m NOT afraid of you, You threaten me all you want, talk in your stupid riddles all day, take my world you can take my life, but you won’t get my fear, I’m not afraid of you, and I’m not going to be.”
Demttri – “You think your woman’s afraid? He built his empire up to a whore.”
Nathan – “You touch my wife, and I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you.”

The Scott Home:
Jamie – “Dad’s not coming home is he?”
Haley – “Don’t say that.”
Jamie – “It’s true.”
Haley – “No, it’s NOT true.”

Officer Stevens – “Mrs. Scott, Do you remember me? I’m Officer Stevens, I know detectives are handling things, but I’ve been going over the evidence, following a few leads of my own quietly.”
Haley – “What does that mean?”
Officer Stevens - “It means that I’m not a detective, and this isn’t my case, and I shouldn’t even be here.”
Haley – “So Why are you here?”
Officer Stevens – “I became a cop Mrs. Scott to help you, ever since this case became official I’ve been carrying around that I sent you away that day, I’m Sorry I need to fix that.”
Haley – “How can I help you quietly?’
Officer Stevens – “Ok, Umm is there anything you haven’t told us or shown us?”
Haley – “Yeah, Yeah, just a second.”
Haley – “Nathan brought this back for our daughter, and I found it at the airport.”
Officer Stevens – “Ok, your pretty smart to bag it.”
Haley – “I didn’t bag it because, … I just wanted to keep it the way it was. I’d like to have it back when your done please?”

The Trailer/Studio:
Dan – “Where are you son?”

Brooke and Julian’s Home:
Brooke – “He’s up for parole, Xavier!”
Julian – ” What? How can that be? He murdered Quinton?”
Brooke – “They never convicted him of Quinton’s murder, they convicted him for kidnapping and aggravated assault, and now he’s up for parole.”
Julian – “That is a physcotic maniac, whether they convicted him or not he needs to be locked up.”
Brooke – “He wants to meet with me before his hearing.”
Julian – “No way.”
Brooke – “I think I should.”
Julian – “Why?”
Brooke – “I want to look into his eyes and see if he is the same person he used to be.”

Clay’s Doctors Office

Dr. – “Tell me about your normal routine?”
Clay – “Well I’m awesome in bed, and she begs me for sex a lot, Uh, Uh, I don’t know we hang out, we get drunk, we watch Haley and Nathan’s kids, not while were drunk, she also buys me a lot of clothes online and calls me Sergio, geez no wonder I’m in here right?


Haley – “You see him yet?”
Quinn – “No, you?”
Haley – “No”. PAUSE “YEAH”
Lucas – “Uh, Hey bud!” …PAUSE …“Give me a second”
Haley – “You don’t write, you don’t call.”
Lucas – “HI”

Haley – “HI”
Lucas- “Hey, Buddy come here let me get a look at you, Uh Ah, Well… You look exactly the same.”
Jamie – “I DO NOT”
Lucas – “I was thinking by now you would have a mustache…”
Jamie- “See Lydia?”
Lucas- “She has your eyes”
Haley – “I think she looks like Jamie” … “You, remember my sister Quinn right?”
Lucas – “Of course! It’s good to see”
Quinn – “You too, how’s Sawyer and Payton?”
Lucas – “They’re good, they should be, they team up on me and get their way!” … AHH, I missed you so much Bud!”
Jamie – “Me too”
Lucas – “Come on, let’s go get some food!”
Haley – “OK, you going to take her?”
Jamie – “YEAH”

Chase’s Place:
Random Girl – “HEY!”
Chase – “Uh, WAIT!”
Chris Keller – “Hey Chase”
Chase – “AHHH”
Random Girl – “Baby, I got to go”
Chris Keller – “NO, one more pony ride?”
Random Girl – “NO, you can’t afford it! You weren’t that good at it anyway…Bye Boy’s”
Chris Keller – “Bye, Pony” … “Did she just leave in her underwear?”
Chase – “She’s a stripper, I think they do that!”
Chris Keller – “AWSOME DAMN NIGHT!”
Chase – “NOT SO LOUD!”
Chris Keller – “Geez, what’s with you anyway?”
Chase – “I just called to active duty!”
Chris Keller – “WHAT, you got drafted can they do that?”
Chase – “I’m in the air force Chris!”
Chris Keller – “REALLY? WHY?”
Random Girl #2 – “Did pony just leave me?”
Chris Keller – “AWESOME DAMN NIGHT!”
Chase – “AHHH’

Kidnapping Building:


Dmitri – “Knock it off”
Drug Dealer – “What this!”
Dmitri – “Are you Chuck from Gossip Girl? NO means NO!”


Haley – “What if he’s dead and he’s not coming back?”
Lucas- “He’s coming back!”
Haley – “I…Luke, I need to say the words out loud and let them shock me because I have to face the reality of the situation…NATHAN IS MISSING!” … “There’s a good chance that he’s not coming back”
Lucas – “Chances are better that he is.” … “Look I know you have done the research, same as me, 95% of all missing persons are located!”
Haley – “And the ones that aren’t most of the abductees are dead within three hours!”
Lucas – “You don’t know that he has been abducted”
Lucas – “Haley! This is Nathan! He will come home! Now say that out loud!”
Haley – “He’s coming home!”

Jamie – “I can’t find my dad!”
Quinn – “What Buddy?”
Jamie – “The video he sent me, I put it on my iPod but I didn’t bring it!”
Quinn – “Ok! Well you know it’s at home right?”
Jamie – “But, I want to take it with me, it’s the video he sent me from Europe!”
Quinn – “WAIT, you have your lap top?”
Jamie – “Yeah, but its not on there, it’s on the computer in my room!”
Quinn – “Ok, well you can have someone send you the file? Or I mean when I get home I can!”
Jamie – “We can call Julian, They have a key and he’ll know how!”
Quinn – “PERFECT! AND Jamie, were going to get your dad back, Video and for real! Call Julian!”
Jamie – “Julian! It’s Jamie!”

Haley – “He needs his dad, we all do!”
Lucas – “What, are the police saying?”
Haley – “HUH! I don’t know they don’t seem as concerned as they should be or as active as they should be, it’s not good enough! It’s a nightmare!”
Lucas – “Maybe, I should just come back to Tree Hill!”
Haley – “NO!”
Lucas – “There’s gotta be something more that I should do!”
Haley – “NO, your doing it! I need you to take the kids out of the house, before I completely lose it and Jamie realizes how bad things really are! They’ll be happier with you guys!”
Lucas – “Ok, And as soon as Nathan comes home, you’ll be a family again and he will, I PROMISE!”
Haley – “I wish you could keep that promise more than any other promise you’ve ever made, but I think it’s really bad this time Luke, REALLY, REALLY BAD!”

Kidnapping Building:

Dmitri – “There he is my cash cow, you should be morning for it, COW, MOO! Our terms have been received and my people are willing to renegotiate the terms, so are you afraid now Nathan Scott? Because you should be!”

The Trailer/Studio:

Julian – “What’s this?”
Dan – “Lunch, you want some?”
Julian – “NO! Maybe, the burger’s smell pretty good!”
Dan – “You know the secret to a good burger is? AHH, Never mind!”
Julian – “Here, this is a video I thought you might like! There’s a lap top in trailer, I’ll see you later I got to prison with Brooke!”
Dan – “Their going to love you there!”
Julian – “Yeah, Thanks!”

Kidnapping Building:

Dmitri – “I saw you play once, you lost! You fall behind one quarter you no come back, sometimes there’s no come back!”
Nathan – “Can I have a drink? Water?”
Dmitri – “You forgot to say please!”
Nathan – “PLEASE”
Dmitri – “Nothing short of becoming a man is when you have modesty, stillness and humility, but when the blast of the war blows in our years, he imitates the action of a tiger. LAUGHTER! I like you Nathan Scott, to bad I have to kill you!


Nathan – “How’s that for a comeback HUH?”


Haley – “I love you too Sawyer, I miss you, Ok put your mommy on the phone. AH, she hung up on me. Typical.”


Lucas – “Of course she did, she can talk on the phone for hours, you know it’s the listening part she’s not faithful.”

FLIGHT 417 Now Boarding at Gate 5

Lucas- “That’s, us!”
Haley – “Yeah!”
Lucas – “We should probably go!
Quinn – “I’m going to give you guys some space ok and wait over there.”
Haley – “Thanks, Quinn!”
Quinn – “Mm, I’m going to miss you and Lydia so much, see you soon ok.” … “ Alright Luke, Thank you, take care.”
Haley – “Your big adventure, you’re going to stay with Uncle Lucas and Aunt Payton, They’re going to take such great care of you baby. As soon as your daddy gets back your going to come straight home ok because he misses you and so will I! I Love You Sweet Girl!”
HALEY TO JAMIE – “Alright, well you always wanted to stay with uncle Lucas.”
Jamie – “I’m fine mom!”
Haley – “Come here, he’s coming home!”
Jamie – “I know!”
Haley – “Do you also know that I love you with everything inside of my heart because, I DO!”
Jamie – “I know that too, I’m fine mom!
Haley – “AH, I’m NOT! Come Here, OK!”
Haley To Lucas – “Thank for everything!”
Lucas – “No, Thank You for letting me, Thank you for calling me and letting me help you for once! Just thank you for being you Hal’s, I can’t Thank You enough for that!”
Haley – “I’ll miss you Lucas!”
Lucas – “I Love You!”
Haley – “Yeah, that too! OK, I’m going to walk away because if I don’t, I won’t!” OK, MUAH, OH, BYE, BYE, BYE, Call me when you land ok! Be good and take care of your sister!”
Lucas – “We will!”
Jamie – “Hey, Mom it’s going to be ok!”


Kidnapping Building:

Dmitri – “Welcome Back my friend”

Nathan fires the gun and it’s all blanks with NOTHING IN IT!!!!!!

Officer Stevens – “Do I have to do everything myself”
Nathan – “How can you do this? You’re a cop?
Officer Stevens – “I’m a desk cop, At least to them I ‘am, their wrong, they don’t want to make me a detective it’s fine! This definitely pays better! By the way your wife says hello!”
Dmitri – “Good news we reach a new finical agreement, so they send more money and then you DIE!!!!”

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Feb 23,2012

9.08 – A Rush of Blood to the Head – Extended Promo

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Feb 23,2012

Just Jared: Sophia Bush & Emmy Rossum: Global Green USA!

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Sophia Bush and Emmy Rossum arrive in style at Global Green USA’s 9th Annual Pre-Oscar Party Supporting Green Schools and Green Communities, held at Avalon on Wednesday (February 22) in Hollywood.

The 29-year-old actress wore a Dilek Hanif dress with Rene Caovilla shoes, Amrapali jewelry, and a Judith Leiber bag.

via Sophia Bush & Emmy Rossum: Global Green USA! | Emmy Rossum, Sophia Bush : Just Jared.

Feb 23,2012

9.08 – A Rush of Blood to the Head – Sneak Peek

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Feb 22,2012

Episode 9.07 Last Known Surroundings Reaction

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Ok I personally like how this episode flowed? Kind of how how Clay would explain things about himself or Nathan and Haley and then everyone else’s story line sort of fell into that. Does that make sense? It just flowed good for me :)

  • I am sad that Lucas is only back for one episode :( I have missed him and his family. I miss that voice and his smile. Ahhh. I loved, loved seeing he and Joy together tonight! Could they have done more? yes but He is just Lucas and I will just be happy that I was able to see him one last time :)
  • Joy AMAZing. She just is having to go through so much. And we wont even go into the preview for next weeks episode. I get chills!
  • Loved the Gossip Girl line!! Made me laugh
  • Nathan ahhh yes! One of my favorite scenes was watching him break free!
  • Not sure about this cop? Certainly didn’t see that coming…
  • Sad to see the kids leave wonder how they are coming back?
  • Chase having to go back to air force and Chuck? hmm
  • Liked how Brooke handled Xavier and what she had to say at the hearing! Scary that he is out now.
  • Oh and like I said I like Clay tonight. I just felt what he had to say went along with what everyone else was going. Something tonight just flowed good for me.

What did you think. Yay or Nay??

Feb 22,2012

9.08 A Rush of Blood to the Head Promo

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