9.11 Danny Boy Reaction

My reaction: If I think about this episode I am back to crying. That is all!

I think i have said for these last few episodes I have tried really hard to not read the spoilers so I am not in the know like I usually am. And I was shocked this episode for sure.

And even though my heart jus breaks when I think about this episode I think this is one of the BEST yet! Thank you MARK.

  • We have had such a lack of Nathan  and Haley this season. Was there anyone else who jut spoiled by having them together, Oh i was just loving it. Every time they were together I just smiled.
  • The Music – loved it.

Dan, Dan, Dan. I love him, That last 5 mins I couldn’t type. Nathan and he on the River court. Keith. It was perfect. Just perfect.

I think I may have to collect more thoughts and post about it in the morning. I will let you guys put down your thoughts in the comments below…..

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  1. Bet. Episide. Ever!
    Where do we start, I was crying by the first commercial break, cried through the entire hour & wept the last 5 minutes! Love, redemption, a trip down memory lane and of course, perfection from Mark again! And Paul! Oh my! What an amazing performance! Dan has stolen my heart this season!

    I hope all the people who have had nothing but negative comments watched this and are ready to comment and thank Mark for such amazing work! I am so sad to see it go, but I could not imagine a better season to say goodbye!

    Next week can’t come soon enough! I hate to see it end, and take a piece of it with me, but I will always have a piece of the river court, my trips to Wilmington, meeting the cast and being an extra for the finale.

  2. Fantastic! The whole episode was amazing! I loved every second of it! <3 Nathan and Haley together are just amazing. I love those two, this was my favorite episode! Bringing Kieth and Dan together was pure genious!! LOVED IT!

  3. definitely the best episode in a long time. i’ve always loved dan, and i’m glad that nathan finally forgave him. loved the naley moments, and the little “always and forever” line. haven’t heard that in a while. not going to lie i fastfoward over clay, quinn, and brulian. the moment where keith showed up, and told dan that he was his plus one. awwww. loved everything about this episode.

  4. I was crying throughout the whole episode, but the last 5 minutes completely wrecked me. The Nathan/Dan scene on the River Court, plus the TOTALLY unexpected Keith cameo just ruined me. Props to everyone involved for keeping his appearance a complete secret! As someone who is prone to read a lot of spoilers, I’m so, so, SO happy that they managed to keep that scene a total surprise. This episode definitely ranks up in the top 5 all-time OTH greats for me.

  5. OMG!!! What an amazing episode. I was crying from the first flashback and like others I was sobbing at the end. This is one of the best if not the best episode of all nine seasons!!! To send Dan out like that was incredible and to have Keith come back and forgive him. Amazing!!! Thank you OTH for an amazing 9 years and unbelievable final season!!

  6. Was dreading watching this episode because i didnt want to see Dan die but it was so well done! The entire episode i was crying both from sadness and also the love that Dan was getting!! Paul J did an amazing job and the last 5 minutes were so heartbreaking but i was SO happy for Dan that he got to be with Keith and be his “plus one” :) very bittersweet

  7. Great episode. Glad we got a good Nathan/Haley reunion. But I was so happy with the Dan scenes. I thought Paul got a great send off. My ONLY critical comment was that if Chad was only coming back for one episode, I wish it had been this one. Just to have closure with his father and have a scene with his brother. But oh well. I thought the scene with Nathan and Dan on the rivercourt was great, one of the best scenes of the series. I thought it made Nathan’s forgiving of his father understandable and believable. I even forgave Dan! So congrats to the writers for making that happen. Keith was such a great surprise! I thought Keith forgiving Dan kind of closed the book on a relationship that anchored the series in the beginning and was kind of forgotten.

  8. I just loved it so much! I just teared up. I loved every moment, every scene. It was amazing! The Naley Reunion! Everything! I don’t think we ever saw Naley kiss like that! Haha, Just freaking loved it! Like the best episode ever! :)

  9. I was in tears watching this episode. All the Scott family scenes were amazing. The Dan/Haley/Jamie/Lydia scene had me crying the most. I have loved all the Dan/Haley moments this season and just seeing them together one last time along with their conversation from Dan telling Haley she’s the best thing that ever happened to Nathan (esp since he didn’t like her involvement with him in the earlier seasons) to Haley telling Dan Lydia will know how much he loved his grandchildren was just so beautiful and sad. Also, the Nathan/Dan, Keith/Dan, and Deb/Dan were amazing also. And I’m so glad NH are together again, they are the strongest couple and they’ve been through so much they deserve to be happy. I honestly wasn’t expecting a good reunion for them so I had low expectations but their reunion was more than I expected and I loved it. I also loved their other scenes too esp the one where Nathan sees Lydia walking for the first time and Haley breaks down. I also loved the Haley/Julian bit, they have always been one of my favorite relationships despite how small their scenes have been, but I just loved their hug so much. I skipped over the Brooke stuff though and I didn’t care for the Clay stuff, I loved the Logan stuff at first but now I could care less, I did think the old people were adorable looking though. Anyways, this is one of my favorite episodes,

  10. I had to write another comment :). I just couldn’t believe when I saw Keith that moment and Nathan and Dan at the river court playing basketball not keeping score. I loved it! Haley saying she was going to get Rocky Road and Nathan said Mint Chocolate Chip! :)Omg I loved it I love ONE TREE HILL! :)

  11. words can not describe

    from naley getting back together and then any scene dan was involved with .. heart breakign and beautiful moment when we went to the rivercourt with dan and nathan and then to keith.. wow

    keith keith keith.. thats what this episode was all about and wow.

    and of course my naley heart feels a little better after this long season of them apart.

  12. I think this was one of my top episodes. I loved that there was more Naley this episode. The scene with Dan and Nathan on the River Court had me in tears. Paul was outstanding in this episode! When I saw Keith I smiled. All the closure was making me cry. Now, it feels like it’s truly ending.

  13. OMG I was crying the whole episode. Was smiling by the 1st break and can I just say that when I saw Keith I screamed!! That was the best surprise in a long time on Tree Hill! Loved the whole thing! Best Ep of the season!

  14. I think this episode proves what an incredibly character driven show this is. There are so many shows on television that could never pull off that kind of emotion. This episode worked so well because we care so deeply about all of the characters and I am so proud to call this my favourite show.

  15. ….That was probably the hardest episode of the series for me to watch. I kept thinking back to season 1 when Dan was such an ass. Then in season 2 he softened a bit and I started to love Dan Scott. Over the course of 3 and 4 he was still an ass but I really loved his character. Season 5 was heartbreaking to watch him try to rebuild his relationship with Nathan and be on the outside of his family. Yes I know he killed Keith but I love Dan! I wanted so much from this final season to see him and Nathan build a relationship. Im so glad they got to say goodbye.

    I was in tears throughout much of this episode but that final scene between Nathan and Dan on the rivercourt definitley called for some ugly face crying! LOL I cant believe its almost over. Its going to be harder then I thought to say goodbye and realize that there will never be a new episode of OTH. There will never be another show like this one and Im so thankful to the cast and crew for 9 years with these characters that I love.

    I cant believe Dan is gone… :(

  16. Hiding Craig from the ‘special guest star’ opening credits was brilliant. Hmmm, maybe CMM & Hilarie will be in the finale after all (as another secret surprise???)

  17. Now that I am done crying I will write something. AMAZING episode. WOW. So sad Dan is gone. BUT I loved the end with Nathan and then with KEITH!!!! I have way too many good things to say about this episode. WELL DONE!

  18. Thought it was a great episode. I wish though Lucas was back for this episode to and I do not like it when they make it seem like Dan’s only son was Nathan sometimes. I get Dan was not there for Lucas and etc. but I wish sometimes not only in this episode but others they include Lucas in his conversation when he talks about family. Anyway, have not watch a lot this season but did tonight and thought BJ, James, and PJ did a great job and loved seeing Keith again.

  19. OH MY GOD. I was in tears when Dan passed away, but I LOSTIT when keith was on screen. I had to double take to see if it was flashbacks, but when i realized it was new scenes I was done for. Cried as hard as I did when my dog died. Craig Sheffer is amazing, and he gave the final closure that was needed for Dans story. I can’t believe how well kept of a secret his coming back was. I LOVE spoilers, but I think I love how excited and shocked and how much emotions were going through me when I saw him on screen with out expecting it. I love that this show still delivers after 9 seasons. The last time i was shocked about something during this shwo was when Jake came back in season 3.
    I love that they are definitely making this season a love letter to the fans that have been with the show since season 1. Its amazing. I was a wreck tonight but I will be 1000x’s worse during the finale.

    Can I say that I love the idea of julian making An unkindness of Ravens into a tv show? Since the book is about the show. Julians book will be a show about the book which about the show. Its full circle. It’s like one tree hill will never leave us. Because I know for me, one tree hill has been a huge part of my life and it will continue to be after it is off the air. I’M just wondering where I will get all my new music from. Everything I listen to now adays is from this show. Ahhhhh. Too emotional.

  20. That was an amazing episode. When Haley offered lydia to dan it was heart wrenching!
    The rivercourt was the perfect scene. nothing could have been done to better that scene between dan and nathan.
    all the things dan said about why he did it, and the torment he went through that day, makes you love him so much more! He has always been my favourite actor on this show, and I hope everyone appreciated everything he did for OTH!

  21. I have been sooo disappointed with the past few seasons of OTH (including season nine), but Mark you reminded me why you have had a show on for nine years. For the first time in a long time, i felt like i was watching a classic OTH episode. Loved the throwback to key OTH moments. Brilliant acting, brilliant music and brilliant writing! I am happy that Lucas wasn’t written into this storyline, i think it would have taken away from Lucas and Karen’s pain when they lost keith, who was and always will be Lucas’ father (in my opinion). This was a beautiful episode about redemption, it was a perfect ending for Dan Scott. I am officially excited to see how this season will end. Loved the idea of turning the novel into a TV show, even though Kevin Williamson already did this storyline with Dawson’s Creek. But nevertheless still love it because we get to have some amazing flashbacks coming!!!

  22. is it really bad that given keith’s completely unexpected return that i’m hoping maybe they threw chad and/or hilarie into the finale and kept it a huge secret like keith so we’re shocked? that’s probably like crazy wishful thinking on my part but that would be BEYOND amazing.

  23. This was one of the best episodes ever!!! Paul and everyone were awesome. I had tears while watching, especially the scene with Dan, Haley, Jamie and Lydia. I loved it so much, I’m speechless!

  24. I honestly can say that I thought going into this episode that I wouldn’t cry because the writing has been so bad last season and this season.

    I don’t think my tears were dry in any scene with the Scott family. And from the river court sequence to the end, I totally broke down in heavy sobs. (Seriously, my roommates thought someone died and I was like DAN IS DYING and they gave me a look like wtf i can’t believe you still watch this show.)

    God, I am still crying writing this.

    Well done One Tree Hill. I’ve watched a lot of TV and that was definitely the best hour of TV I’ve seen in recent memory.

  25. OH MY GOSH!! I honestly don’t even know how to put into words what I thought of this episode, besides that it was so amazing. From the very beginning I was crying. All of the classic OTH throw backs got me. My Naley lovin heart just melted FINALLY getting to see them together again. ‘always and forever’ <3 ALL of the scenes with Dan had me in tears, I have grown to love him and have been rooting for him and Nathan for a few years now. The river court scene did it for me, wow.. one of the very best scenes in OTH history. When Nathan told him he loved him I just lost it, I was bawling like a baby. THEN.. Bam.. Keith shows up, I couldnt believe it. SO glad they kept that a secret, I was so surprised, happy, sad, tons of emotions. The scene were Dans family was looking over him, omgsh. & Keith with his +1 line. :)

    Man, after this episode I finally have faith that the finale will be everything I'm hoping it would be. I have been having such a hard time thinking that after watching if for 9 years and growing up with this show.. When I started watching I was a Junior in High School, now I am married and have two kids. I feel like this show is apart of me. After tonight, there is no doubt in my mind that the finale will be everything I want it to be and more.

    Oh, I loved seeing the FOUR trending topics I seen on twitter tonight. #NALEY, RIP Dan Scott, Always & Forever, & Keith. Made me so happy to know lots of OTH fans were watching. :)

  26. Woops, I lied, I was a Sophomore in High School when it started.. lol. But still, I cant believe its almost over. As sad as I am, I cant wait to see the finale.

  27. @Amanda. The trending topics I seen were Naley, Nathan and Haley, RIP Dan Scott, Always and Forever, Keith, Hi Hales, and Naley reunion. I’m not sure if there were more, but I’m so glad they got a lot though.

  28. @Jessica AHH!! No way! :) I wasn’t on much because I was bawling in tears most of the time, just glancing on my phone during the commercials. Tha’ts amazing for a show that no one thought would make it this far, just got 7 TTs! :)

  29. Definitely this was a top 5 of all time episode for me. Maybe the best since 3.16 even.

    I love the scene in I think season 4 where Hilarie and Lee do the Saturday Night Fever dance and maybe that is my favorite scene from the whole series and that came after the school shooting.

    But as an episode this one was right up there from when Dan killed Keith in 3.16 for me.

    I did have some problems with it.

    How did Dan get out of the hospital to play basketball on the rivercourt with Nathan?

    Was Nathan talking to Dan or was Dan dreaming that Nathan forgave him?

    Was the whole scene a dream?

    Is Keith going to say “breathe little brother, just breathe” and Dan is going to wake up and get a second (really a 10th) chance to live now?

    I also read about and knew Keith was coming back. It was not a surprise to me. I still enjoyed it though.

    Bored with Clay and Logan. Totally over that. His character is useless on the show now and I guess if he was not dating Haley’s sister he would not even be needed not that Quinn has ever really been needed except to add another HOT chick on the show to draw in the male viewers. Love Shantel. Can’t hate on her really but I’d rather have had Peyton around this whole time.

    Could care less about Brooke and her daddy issues she’s had for 10 years. Beating a dead horse. We all know her dad is worthless and there was no need to even bring his character onto the show for us to see he is a douche. Of course knowing Mark he will allow Brooke’s father to have his moment of redemption before the series ends.

    He’s only hung Rachel out to dry on the getting redemption story line and maybe Dante when he got killed in the car wreck. Not that he counts cause he was only in a few episodes.

    Any way I am way off on old episodes.. tonight was good. I enjoyed it. Paul did a really good job.

    I still don’t forgive Dan for killing Keith. It totally changed the show and I guess that is was needed to give us those 6 extra years to spend in the fictional world of Tree Hill.

    Now that Dan is gone does that mean that Lucas, Karen, and Lily can come back to Tree Hill?

  30. On Man,Fcuk this episode reminded me why I followed this show for 9seasons the drama,rawness,love,family,screw ups,mistakes and redemption.Naley and the characters.I said it before and I will say it again One Tree Hill made a huge impact on my life helped me through some very difficult times Thank You.I was crying th entire episode and I am a mess I don’t think I can watch this anytime soon it broke my heart.I Love it!LOve naley,the cast,everyone involved in OTH,The characters we all enjoyed and felt connected to.Thank you One Tree Hiil!

  31. OMG!!!!!! I knew I would ball my eyes OUT this episode and it didn’t dissapoint. Did it feel amazing to have Nathan back with Haley or what?! Mark did a great job with Dan’s path to redemption this season. The way Paul Johansson portrays him is amazing and the chemistry he has with all the other actors is just great. Seeing Keith was, AMAZING, and all that in the hall of Tree Hill High, it felt great and sad seeing that. There’s only two episodes left but I know that Mark did a great job and that we’ll all be very happy with the way it turns out. Don’t forget everyone, the last episode is TWO HOURS LONG so for those who record it so that we can replay the episodes over and over again, set your vcr’s.

  32. I am a Naley shipper thru and thru. Last night I was just soo happy to see them together! James and Joy are my favorite OTHers and they have played this couple so well the past 9 yrs. They made me smile most of the episode cuz the last 45 mins I felt all the emotions building up and when Craig popped on my screen as Kieth I freaked out and the river broke. Dans scenes were so great I just couldn’t take it. Finally getting a full explaination as to why he shot his brother and to see how guilty he was all those yrs even before he killed Kieth, it was so good. The Nathan and Dan scene at the rivercourt was so nostalgic. And then when Dan wanted to just play with Nate becuz he loved him and he didn’t want to keep score, that got me too. I noticed that charcters like Chase and Chris were missing and I was ok with that. We got to mainly focus on Dan and the Scott family. I love that Barbara came back again. But LASTLY but not LEASTLY how freaking amazing is Mark with the whole Julian ” let’s turn Unkindness of Ravens into a tv show.” I just died. ONE TREE HILL Guys. ONE TREE HILL <3

  33. i cried the whole entire episode. but it was soooo good. so glad that keith was there, and glad that there weren’t any spoilers for his return, it was such a beautiful shock. i loved every minute of this episode. amazing.

  34. What can I say that hasnt already been said. It was an amazing hour of television jam packed with emotions. I thought that all 3 stories meshed well together. Love the beginning of one family (Clay Logan and Quinn) happened while another one ended. In one word it was absolute perfection. :) Not sure how the last two can beat it though. That is gonna be hard.

  35. This will be short and sweet since I’m writing it on my iPod. Omg. I’m still in shock. I knew he was going to die but I still had a little glimmer of hope that he would survive. Bawling by the end and the surprise of Keith just made it worse. Best episode ever, hands down.

    And about the rivercourt scene: I watched that about 3 times and it never actually took place. Dan was hallucinating. Yes, the conversation took place (except for the whole let’s play some bball on the rivercourt) but it was all happening at the hospital. Which kills me because that would have been my fav scene from the entire series if it had really happened. But I still loved the line “let’s not keep score. For once, let’s just play to play.” that really showed us how much Dan had changed from when we first saw him.

    I really need to stop thinking about the episode because I keep wanting to cry… :( I know it’s only a tv series, but paul’s acting was incredible throughout the entire episode and just ahhhhh.

    Oh oh and! Naley was amazing. That was highschool naley (and I should know, I’ve been watching season 4 the entire past week)

  36. Wow! I have not cried like that in a while! Great episode! Who would have thought 9 1/2 years that Dan Scott would do a 180. Well written, well directed and well acted. I am really gong to miss this series!!

  37. Wow!Wow!Wow!I had a lump in my throat the enitre episode and bawled like a baby at the end when Keith said to Dan “You’re my plus one.”Bringing Keith back was brilliant.

  38. Tears were streaming down my face nearly the entire episode. I love how the entire show is coming full circle with the tv show idea. It really is a perfect way to end an amazing show. I thought it would be hard to top last years finale but what better way than to revisit how the entire show came about in the first place. Just a beautiful idea all around. Lookin forward to seeing how it all plays out but not ready for it to end! Amazing episode!

  39. Was I the only one wondering what happened to Chris Keller?

    Keith wouldn’t have aged in heaven, they should have tried to make him look younger.

    Other than that, it was great, I have always believed in Dan’s redemption.

  40. I wonder if they pushed the story line of Dan dying back to episode 9.11 just so the 9.11 would be tied in to Dan dying and it would mean more then say 9.09 or 9.10 would?

  41. This was a phenomenal episode. Beautful end to Dans arc and the inclusion of Keith just felt RIGHT. It was moving, nostalgic and powerful. The Naleyness was just to die for and their reunion was in my opinion epic and way more than I expected. Having watched this ep several times now it does not lose its impact. I find myself saddened by the thought that Dan Scott, an OTH staple, is gone. The characters, in particular Jamie will never see him again and everyone now just has memories. Then theres the bittersweet thought that although gone, Dan can now have the relationship with Keith he couldn’t before. Credit to the show ffor successfully conveying the sensation of an actual death and being able to provoke these feelings lol

  42. Wow so many comments. I live in the uk and watch online and this had me crying my eyes out. Was such an emotional episode. I really want to see how the series ends but at the same time I don’t want it to end. I have every episode on DVD and since I was 18 have watched it so I have grown up with the show! Watched since day 1. I never hated dan I always felt sorry for him but as the years went on and the series went on I began to love his character. In spite of the bad things he did he always loved his family and would do what he could to be a part of it and protect them. I am glad that they have seen him for the loving person he became and have forgiven the bad he has done. And Keith well that was such a lovely ending to the episode, made the tears flow even more! It really did feel like I’d lost someone close to me tonight and to say that when the show is over I will be gutted is an understatement. Thank you one tree hill for 9 years of fun laughter tears and happiness, it’s been great to watch :)

  43. Ok, please don’t hate me. I did love the episode and I did cry but I felt that there was a slight lack of emotion with regards to Nathan coming back. He was KIDNAPPED. He was beaten. I doubt his kidnappers fed him or let him go to the toilet. He probably thought he would never see his family again and vice versa….

    So although I’m sure some of it was just unsaid, I wanted some amazing music, a proper reunion scene where time freezes and it’s just the two of them together. Jamie was back playing his DS within minutes!!

    Come on! Before you kill me, re-watch a bit of season one. Look at the love there. Then look at the scene where the Ravens won the championship and the confetti was everywhere and Haley was leaping into Nathan’s arms…

    That’s all I’m asking for

  44. Dan couldn’t have had a better ending to his character than this. AMAZING. I was crying when Nathan ran out of Dans room, and when i saw Keith there I just broke. Cried as if my own mother had died! Mark, I will forever love you for giving us Keith back like that, and I love the fact that no one knew about it!!
    Giving me some major hopes about the finale..

  45. I felt like a big baby..I actually started making sounds with my crying cause it affected me so much. My husband was looking at me with concerned eyes. lol.

    But it was such an amazing episode. one of the best!! I cannot believe that Dan Scott is gone. I was watching some of season 3 yesterday and it made me tear up just thinking about the Danny Boy episode.

    The scene that got me the most was the rivercourt with dan and nathan. when they started playing basketball and had smiles on their face and then it faded back to reality. whew.

    So proud of them for such an amazing job. I will always and forever love OTH.

  46. @mel I hear you. Nathan/James has been robotic ,to say the least, for quite some time, but his performance was leaps and bounds better than it has been recently, but still nowhere near what it was early on. I fault it on how hard it must be to get into character when he was just showing up periodically and not really present the whole season. As far as James was concerned Nathan Scott was done, but he obviously came back physically but not totally emerged into his character.