Apr 05,2012

StarNews: The “One Tree Hill” smackdown we’ll never get to see

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Full disclosure: I am not a “shipper” by nature. I do not base the merits of a TV show on whether or not any characters end up together. I’d be fine if Castle and Beckett just flirted and dated other people for another 6 seasons of “Castle,” for example. But there was one “One Tree Hill couple, though, that I always wanted to share more screen time – and not necessarily in a romantic way.

Since season five, dastardly Dan Scott (Paul Johansson) and icy Victoria Davis (Daphne Zuniga) were the only consistent “adult” characters on the show. (All the other main characters were in their 20s by that season, but you know what I mean.)

via The “One Tree Hill” smackdown we’ll never get to see | We Love TV.

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