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Dec 14,2007

Fast Forward Preview Episode 6 New Faces

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CW has the new Fast Forward Preview out. Episode Six is about all the new characters. This is my favorite one so far. Lots of new info!

Lindsey Strauss played by Michaela McManus – Again, this is Lucas’s book editor.

Mia played by Kate Voegele -She’s a singer for a band in the show and is apparently timid at first but then comes out of her shell when she realizes she is a great singer.

Jason played by Kevin Federline – He’s a self-absorbed rock star.

Victoria played by Daphne Zuniga – Very bullheaded, precise, methodical and focused CEO of Brooke’s company.

Millicent played by Lisa Goldstein – Brooke’s assistant who is a quiet, hardworking, sweet people pleaser. Described as a female Mouth.

Alice by Kelly Lintz - Mouth’s uncensored “firecracker boss”.

Owen played by Joe Manganiello- the”sexy bartender” who gets involved with the female characters. He apparently has a history.

Quentin played by Robbie Jones – Ravens basketball player. Very cocky character who believes he is NBA bound.

Carrie played by Torrey DeVitto – Nanny for Jamie. She’s overzealous and peppy.

Jamie played by Jackson – Nathan and Haley’s son. No one can quit talking about this little kid!

I’m so excited about all the new characters! This season is shaping up to be great!

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