TDW Exclusive: Amber Wallace Talks 90210, Looks Back on One Tree Hill

Regular TDW readers know what a small world the world of teen dramas is. We see it each week with Six Degrees of Teen Dramas, finding how one actor leads to another. But the best connection is when you need just one actor.

That’s why I was thrilled last December when I spotted Amber Wallace on 90210. Previously seen as Glenda on One Tree Hill, Wallace was introduced on 90210 as Lila, a star reporter for the Blaze. When the show came back from hiatus in early March, we saw Wallace’s role grow.

In our exclusive interview, Wallace and I chatted about her characters on both shows as well as her musical inclinations.

TeenDramaWhore: 90210 viewers first met you in an episode that aired in December [Episode 2.12, Winter Wonderland]. When did you know you would be coming back again?

Amber Wallace: I already knew about the episode with Navid [Michael Steger] and the date [Episode 2.15, What's Past Is Prologue]. I knew I was going to be in it for, I thought, maybe a couple of episodes. I didn’t realize I was going to be in it for the length that I actually am.

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Amber Brooke Wallace Interview

Thanks, Alicia for the heads up…we haven’t seen Glenda in quite some time but she talks a bit about her experience on the show in an interview.

You played Glenda Farrell on the TV series “One Tree Hill.” What was that experience like?
My first time filming was very brief, so I wasn’t able to really get the full experience. When they asked me to come back on the show I was able to meet everyone and experience the set a little better. I have to say, it was probably one of the most friendly casts and crews that I have ever worked with. It was so fun!