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Sep 14,2011

Ology: Fall Rush Video Interview: Ashley Rickards (‘Awkward.’) Talks ‘One Tree Hill’, Beau Mirchoff

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It’s not easy being Ashley Rickards—it wasn’t particularly easy being One Tree Hill’s Sam Walker, who had to suffer through suddenly learning that she was adopted, but as the star of MTV’s biggest hit of the year Awkward., Ashley plays Jenna, a high school girl struck by the worst bad luck when she is mistaken for attempting suicide. Because apparently, you can mistakenly attempt suicide!

Video Interview: Ashley Rickards from Ology Media on Vimeo.

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Aug 02,2011

StarNews: Ashley Rickards talks “One Tree Hill,” “Awkward” and salad recipes

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Ashley Rickards has a request for the chef at Deluxe in downtown Wilmington: Would you mind sharing a recipe?

The actress, now starring in the quirky high school comedy “Awkward” on MTV ( 11 p.m. Tuesdays), spent about eight months in the Wilmington area a few years ago playing foster kid Sam Walker on the locally filmed drama “One Tree Hill.”

And during her stay, she fell in love with one of Deluxe’s menu items.

“I am still trying to recreate this salad that I had there,” she said last week while promoting “Awkward” at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. “It was a bunch of root vegetables baked to a perfect, sort of, a little bit crunchy, a little but soft. And it had a sweet marinade but with bleu cheese on it. It was the best salad I have ever had. And I can’t find a recipe, I don’t know how to make it, and I’m about to fly back to Wilmington just to go interrogate that chef. I need to know!”

Rickards stayed at the Hilton and Riverview Suites during her stay, and spent a lot of her time off set working out while watching another popular show about young people.



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Jul 21,2011

MTV: ‘Awkward’ Star Ashley Rickards Asks For Your Help To Stop Sex Slavery

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Ashley Rickards: OTH alumni Sam

On last night’s series premiere of Awkward, you met Jenna Hamilton. Things got off to an awkward start, and they only got more awkward from there. In real life, she’s Ashley Rickards and she’s quite the changemaker. Get to know Ashley, her character Jenna and how you can help her stop sex slavery with Project Futures in her guest blog post below.

By: Ashley Rickards

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” –Gandhi

One to two million women and children worldwide are sold into sexual slavery every year. The world is suffering, and in order to end the suffering, the people of this world must come together. Your help, your commitment, your desire for a better world are what will help finally end sexual slavery and human trafficking, forever.

When reading Somaly’s book, A Road of Lost Innocence, you cannot help but be completely affected, and as such join the fight to end sexual slavery. I met with many people at the organization and traded ideas back and forth about how we could spread awareness in a younger generation and start chapters across the country and, hopefully, the world. Later, I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie Lorenzo at one of our fundraisers. Stephanie was in the process of running a wonderful organization, which she built from the ground up, Project Futures. In the two years since, Project Futures has partnered with the Somaly Mam Foundation to form a new sector: Somaly Mam Foundation Project Futures.


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Read More Here: ‘Awkward’ Star Ashley Rickards Asks For Your Help To Stop Sex Slavery | MTV Act Blog.

Jul 19,2011

Star News: Former “One Tree Hill” star and Azalea queen get “Awkward” on MTV

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MTV has been all over the place in the scripted department this year. “Skins” was a trainwreck. “Teen Wolf” is solid but a little toothless.  But “Awkward,” premiering at 11 p.m. Tuesday, could be MTV’s most solidly entertaining show in years.

Ashley Rickards, who locals may remember seeing around town when she played Brooke’s foster kid in the sixth season of “One Tree Hill,”  plays 15-year-old Jenna Hamilton, whose summer camp inaugural sexcapade with her long-time crush kicks off a series of unfortunate events that has her whole school thinking she tried to commit suicide. Oh, and it leaves her left arm and shoulder in a cast, leaving her physically and figuratively in an awkward position. (No one said metaphors had to be subtle.)

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Jul 29,2010 Get to know Ashley Rickards: as an actress & as one who brings smiles to autistic kids!

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Actress Ashley Rickards may only be 18, but she’s got a wisdom and maturity about her that is all too rare for young Hollywood and quite recognizable when speaking with Rickards. Rickards, a Florida native, began making her on-screen…

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Oct 19,2009

Ashley Rickards Balances Reality and Stardom

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Known for her recurring role as Sam on the popular CW show “One Tree Hill,” and appearances on “Entourage” and “Zoey 101,” Ashley Rickards, 17, can definitely categorize herself as a well-rounded actress. And as she begins filming her new movie, “Dirty Girl,” she weighs in with Relate magazine, a teen digital publication, on living life as a teenage celebrity.

Rickards shares how she handles everything that comes along with being a teen in the spotlight and offers words of advice to fellow teens regarding peer pressure:

“I think you are a reflection of what you surround yourself with—if the people and things in your life aren’t positive then change that by volunteering, reading good books, saying “No” when you want to,” Rickards says.

Rickards is featured as the Relate cover girl for the 2009 fall issue. To read the entire two-page article, log on to to purchase the latest issue.

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Sep 23,2009

Alloy: Ashley Rickards Interview

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Ashley Rickards lit up Tree Hill last season as Sam Walker, the runaway foster child. While there’s no news about her returning this season on One Tree Hill, we’re very hopeful! We caught up with Ashley to dish about what it was like being so young on set and what her favorite part of playing Sam was. Read on for deets!

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Aug 17,2009 Ashley Rickards Style

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Chad Michael Murray isn’t the only hot person on One Tree Hill We caught up with Ashley Rickards who, in the neverending plot twist of OTH plays runaway foster child Samantha Walker. Find out what she wants to steal from the set and her fave parts of being on One Tree Hill below

17: Were you a big fan of One Tree Hill before you were on it?

Ashley Rickards: I hadn’t heard of it when I auditioned. But then I’d go and watch it on SoapNet on the weekends and I easily became addicted. It was awesome because I would always know what was happening. I’d get the script ahead of time. I felt like I had a VIP pass.

17: Is your style at all similar to your character’s style on One Tree Hill?

AR: If I’m in a really bad mood, it is a lot like Sam’s, yeah

17: Is there anything you wanted to steal from the set

AR: Totally There was this great Ralph Lauren leather jacket that I actually found at a vintage store. I was really good friends with the wardrobe person at the time. So I called her and was like, “Carol, this is perfect for the show, but my mom won’t by it for me”. And we got it on the show and I totally wanted to keep it.

17: Have you gotten to keep any clothes from the set?

AR: Not from the show, because it’s kind of interesting, they have to keep it all in case they do flashbacks or anything. This season they did a ton of flashbacks with Peyton and Lucas from like five years ago. While I was in Wilmington, though, I found these Domino Jeans – they’re a Canadian brand. And I love them, they’re amazing Once you try Domino Jeans you won’t go back to anything else.

17: How’s the shopping in Wilmington, North Carolina, where One Tree Hill films?

AR: It’s okay. When you find a good place, it’s a really good place. There’s a store called Oliver that has really cute clothes.

17: What is the biggest fashion faux pas you’ve ever committed?

AR: When I was 13 I used to be obsessed with big bright pink sparkly clothes. And I just, oh my goodness, that is my biggest pet peeve right now. I probably looked like some pink Christmas tree or like I don’t even know. I committed many during the 12-13 age. I have this one picture. I have this hot pink vinyl raincoat and I lived in that for a year. That was definitely the worst fashion faux paus ever

17: What is your favorite beauty product?

AR: Forever Waterproof eyeliner. It’s from Maybelline. It just changes your life. It’s really cool.

17: How pumped are you for next season?

AR: I’m very excited. I love that show. I love shooting it, everything about it. The cast is great to work with and I learned so much from acting techniques from different ways to shoot things. If I ever want to direct something — which I do want to do — I’ve learned from them.

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Jul 31,2009

ASHLEY RIKARDS Interview at ORPHAN Premiere July 21, 2009

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She talks briefly about One Tree Hill.

Feb 09,2009

The One Tree Hill Podcast No. 39

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Ashley Rickards, who plays Sam, highlights the 39th edition of the One Tree Hill Podcast. In this exclusive “Behind the Scenes of One Tree Hill” interview, Ashley talks about filming some intense scenes recently and finding her character on Youtube. There is also an “Artist Alley” segment with Tim Hanauer whose song “Miss” was on the 14th episode of season six.

NEXT WEEK: Exclusive “Behind the Scenes of One Tree Hill” interviews with Kelsey Chow who plays Gigi, Cassandra Jean who plays the role of Brooke in the Unkindness of Ravens movie and Alexandra Sgambati who plays the role of Peyton in the Unkindness of Ravens movie storyline.

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