The CW Source Podcast

The CW Source has their podcast up discussing Episode 5 I Forgot to Remember to Forget.

We all agree Lucas’s post-proposal behavior was unacceptable…the breakup, the CD, the kiss…all of it.

Very happy with Brooke…she’s so much more mature now.

And wow, they pointed out something we all said at our viewing party…must be weird for Chad and Sophia to have to kiss.

They also mention the NY Times article which said One Tree Hill wasn’t true to life but it was their guilty pleasure.

And everyone agrees…we’re not crying over no claw-mark Mouth last week.

Possible One Tree Hill Music

One Tree Hill is certainly known for having good music and last night at Daughtry’s Charlotte concert (which was AWESOME) I found a very “One Tree Hill band” that both Heather and I loved. And from the comments on Daughtry’s site, they were well received by everyone else as well. They are a band from Ontario Canada and called The Midway State. They have fantastic lyrics and were just really cool. Mark, if you’re reading this, check them out!!

This is their song “Change for You”. Another song we really like is “Nobody Understands”

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