Hollywood Life: [PICS] One Tree Hill Season 9 — Julian Baker (Austin Nichols)

Before tonight’s new ‘One Tree Hill, browse our gallery of Julian’s journey from d-bag director to devoted dad. (Includes new quotes from Austin Nichols.)

When you think about how much we’ve seen Julian (Austin Nichols) evolve since he arrived in Tree Hill, it’s hard to believe he’s been on the show for less than four seasons. Of course, considering One Tree Hill‘s penchant for time jumps, we’ve pretty much known Julian for a decade. Or two. And as we head deeper into the show’s final season, HollywoodLife.com is taking a look back at Julian’s growth, with insight that Austin himself gave us during our recent visit to One Tree Hill‘s North Carolina set.

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HollyWood Life: One Tree Hill Season 9 Spoiler — Is Brooke And Julian’s Baby Dead?

We all knew the ninth season of One Tree Hill was going to be rough, but I don’t think anyone was expecting to see Brooke (Sophia Bush) and Julian’s (Austin Nichols) son Davis being carried off in a stretcher on last week’s episode. “It could happen with any parent,” Austin told HollywoodLife.com during our recent visit to the show’s North Carolina set, adding that “Julian really puts a lot of blame on himself for this thing that happens.”

And while it will be difficult to watch Julian deal with the consequences of his neglectfulness — he accidentally left Davis alone in the car to suffocate — Austin says he’s reveling in the drama.

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E!: One Tree Hill’s Final Season: The Cast Says Goodbye

It’s the beginning of the end for One Tree Hill, and it’s really official now that the last season is under way. No more denying it; soon we’ll have no more OTH in our lives.

Lucky for you guys, we were on set while they filmed the final season last year, so we made sure to squeeze every last bit of scoop and nostalgia out of the cast. Here’s part one of our exclusive sit-down with the stars of OTH where they talk about saying goodbye to Tree Hill and what’s ahead for their characters…

Austin Nichols and Shantel VanSanten may be relative OTH newbies, but that doesn’t mean season nine will put them on the sidelines. After all, one managed to marry the one and only Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) and the other is part of what we hear is a very intriguing storyline. We’re talking about Clay (Robert Buckley) and Quinn, of course.

“I think that we’ve presented our characters with a lot of challenges in these 13 episodes,” Shantel tells us. “I think that we have the strength to make it through these challenges that we’re presented, but you never know where life leads you. And I think obviously the end goal that we both have in mind is that we don’t see our life ending without each other. We see it being forever, but you just never know.”

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