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Jan 24,2012

VIDEO: Rock The Schools 2011 Concert (Tyler Hilton & Bryan Greenberg)

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Here is a neat video put together by BTFConcerts.  

Oct 21,2011

MTV: Bryan Greenberg Talks Loudspeaker Tomfoolery On ‘When I Was 17′

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You know him as the hunky star of “One Tree Hill” and “How to Make It in America”—but if you knew Bryan Greenberg in high school, you’d have known him as a class-clown-turned-persona-non-grata due to his prankish public announcements. (Aha! We knew that adorably smirky, quirky grin was hiding a past full of shenanigans.) And in this clip from Bryan’s upcoming appearance on “When I Was 17″ (airing Saturday at 11 a.m.) he reminisces about the time that a PSA went SNAFU.

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via Bryan Greenberg Talks Loudspeaker Tomfoolery On ‘When I Was 17′.

Feb 06,2010

Bryan Greenberg on Jimmy Kimmel

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Bryan Greenberg will be on Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday February 10th. Check your local listings for details.

Jan 15,2010

Video: Bryan Greenberg in The Good Guy

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A trailer has been released for The Good Guy, featuring Bryan Greenberg (Jake).  Check it out here.

May 27,2009

SHOOTING STAR: Bryan Greenberg

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I spent the afternoon at Bryan’s house, photographing and interviewing him for an upcoming project from The Hundreds. Bryan Greenberg is an actor, you may have caught him in TV shows like “One Tree Hill” and “October Road,” or films like “The Perfect Score” and “Bride Wars.” Personally, my favorite work of his is “Prime.” It’s a good one, plus his mom is Meryl Streep and he dates Uma Thurman in it, which is a good spot to be in.

Anyways, Bryan’s got a good thing coming, starring in an HBO series called “How to Make it in America” that’s currently in production. It’s done by the same guy who did “Entourage,” maybe a little bit of the same vibe, but on that New York hustle. Plus, it’s all about him being a startup fashion designer, burnt out on an enviable sneaker collection, and immersed in East Coast skate culture, so you’ll find plenty of crossover references with our little world.

Oh yeah, and Bryan’s a musician as well.. His summer tour kicks off on Thursday night in Hermosa Beach. Click HERE to learn more about Bryan’s music and schedule, and stay tuned to The Hundreds to find out what happened with today’s interview/shoot.

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Oct 08,2008

Pilot News: October Road Cutie Comes to America

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Sorry, Hilarie ─ it looks like a certain “big lug” won’t be returning to One Tree Hill.

Bryan Greenberg, who also and most recently fronted ABC’s October Road, has landed one of the two leads in How to Make It in America, a comedy pilot for HBO. Victor Rasuk (Stop-Loss) fills the other spot, says the Hollywood Reporter.

Coproduced by Mark Wahlberg, How to Make It in America concerns a pair of industrious pals who live in New York while striving to achieve the American dream. Of course, here in the Big Apple that dream is “buying a lunch for less than $10.”


Jun 10,2008

Pictures of Bryan Greenberg at Monte Carlo Television Festival

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I know Jake hasn’t been on for awhile and it appears he is no more, but since he’s a matter of topic today, I couldn’t help myself…link to full versions here.

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Jun 10,2008

Bryan Greenberg Interview at Monte-Carlo Festival

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I got notified of this article by a reader.  It is a French interview from the Monte Carlo Festival.  From what I can tell, Bryan says he’s talked to producers about coming back on One Tree Hill but he says he’s looking into movies now.  Someone please translate if you can!  I tried Yahoo and it was similar.

Pensez-vous reprendre le rôle de Jack dans Les Frères Scott (One Tree Hill) ?

Non, je n’ai pas l’intention de revenir dans Les frères Scott. Je fais des films maintenant. J’ai déjà fais de la télévision. J’ai adoré faire partie du cast de séries. Mais dorénavant, je trouve plus amusant de changer de personnage tous les trois mois. Je viens juste de finir le film Bride Wars avec Kate Hudson. Et je pense enchaîner avec un autre film.

Est ce que les producteurs des Frères Scott vous ont contacté ?

Il y a eu des discussions mais ce n’est pas quelque chose que je veux refaire. J’en ai finis avec cette partie de ma vie.

 Do you think you will come back in One Tree Hill ?

No I have no intention to come back in One Tree Hill. I am playing in movies now. I have already played on television. I really appreciated to be a member of the cast. But I find
more exciting now to play other character every three months.

Have you recently been in touch with the One Tree Hill producers ?

We have been negotiated recently but is not something I would like to do again.  This part of my life is over.