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Aug 26,2011

Bethany Joy Galeotti: “20 questions with Torrey DeVitto””

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Yes I am about a week late posting this but I wanted to make sure I got it up! Click the link at the end of the page to read all 20 questions and get excited for when Joy continues her 20 questions next week… :) I am!!



1 Were you named after anyone? Yes, Torrey is my moms maiden name.

2 Do you like your own handwriting? Not really. I wish it was more elegant and romantic looking.

3 What would your superpower be if you could choose one? Read minds. I always pride myself on being pretty intuitive and would love to be able to really hear what people are thinking to see just how right (or wrong) I really am!

4 Are you an Optimist or Pessimist? I am an pessimist with the most optimistic views.

5 What do you collect? Nothing. I used to collect pins from around the world when I was a little kid. I had this jean jacket that I wore all the time that I would stick my pins on. The entire front was covered on both sides and most of the back! One night when we were at a wedding rehearsal in Manhattan, someone broke into our car and one of the things they took was my little jean jacket. After that I swore I would never collect anything ever again. It totally scarred me for life.

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Jan 08,2008

Episode 11 and Episode 12 Stills

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Woah! Check these out! If you can’t tell, that guy kissing Peyton is Chase!


hilarie burton stephen colletti


episode 12 stills hilarie burton chad michael murray peyton lucas

episode 12 stills torrey devitto jackson brundage

episode 12 stills michaela mcmanusaa


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Dec 31,2007

New CW Source Video – New Faces Welcome to OTH Cast

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The CW Source has a new video for us today.  This one focuses on the new cast members being welcomed into an already tight OTH cast.

First up is Joe Manganiello/Owen – He says when he got the call about OTH he had just moved to LA and had ordered new furniture.  He says it’s still wrapped up and sitting in LA waiting on him. 

Daphne Zuniga/Victoria says she is excited to come into the cast and everyone was welcoming and specifically mentions Sophia Bush.

Stephen Colletti says he was welcomed with open arms and yes they are tight but everyone was helpful when he found himself in culture shock in North Carolina.  Jason asks where he is from and of course Stephen says CA.  Jason, we love you but do you not watch MTV?  Laguna Beach ring a bell?  Sorry.  Stephen also mentions he was taken out to dinner by the cast and then Jason teases him about then having to come in and have the hard job of kissing Sophia.

Torrey DeVitto says everyone welcomed her and mentions the first night Joy (Haley) invited her and Michaela McManus for a movie night.

Robbie Jones is last and has a quick clip saying how great it has been.

Dec 23,2007

Torrey DeVitto/Carrie Profile

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torrey.jpgWe’ve mentioned before that 23 year old Torrey DeVitto, who is set to play Jamie’s nanny as Carrie, was a series regular in “Beautiful People” with another OTH newcomer Daphne Zuniga. But what else has Torrey done? It doesn’t look like Torrey is new to TV. Besides “Beautiful People”, Torrey has been guests on “Drake & Josh”, “Jack & Bobby”, “The King of Queens”, “Scrubs” and “Dawson’s Creek”.

Torrey has also done a handful of movies. I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer is from last year, Heber Holiday came out this year and then Killer Movie and Green Flash will be coming out next year. Looks like Torrey already has a fan base from this previous work. Check out her myspace fan page.

Some interesting trivia from wikipedia:

  • Favorite movies are Newsies and Say Anything.
  • Favorite store is Target.
  • Favorite TV show is Ellen.
  • Her father, Liberty DeVitto, is a drummer and has played on most of Billy Joel’s albums.
  • When she was in 4th grade, Torrey earned her place as the 4th chair violinist in a high school band.
  • Has two sisters named Devon and Maryelle.
  • Is a huge Bettie Page fan.
  • Good friends with actress Jessica Stroup.

Torrey is a beautiful woman with some great experience. Looks like her character Carrie will be causing her fair share of drama on this season of One Tree Hill and I can’t wait!

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Dec 21,2007

All they want for Christmas is…

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The CW Source has posted more video from the 100th Episode Party.  In this one, Jason asks all the cast members what they want for Christmas.  Here are the answers.  The video is really cute, take a look.

Sophia Bush – Some time with her family.  She says she hasn’t seen her parents in awhile.
Lee Norris – Sleep.  He loves sleep and it’s free!
Chad Michael Murray – More episodes of OTH.
Torrey DeVitto - puppy
James Lafferty – Wireless guitar hero 3 controller
Michaela McManus – Be home with her family
Stephen Colletti – 72 GT Ford car
Robbie Jones - 79″ plasma screen TV
Joe Manganiello - The rest of the season to get picked up
Hilarie Burton – Hers is funny.   She seemed stumped and then says, “Ham.  I’m from Virigina.  I love my Virginia ham.”
Paul Johansson – Another year of OTH

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Dec 17,2007

New Cast Connection

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I was just getting updated on the new cast members for OTH Season 4 and realized that two of the new cast members were on a previous show together.  Daphne Zuniga (Victoria – CEO of Brooke’s company) played Lynn Kerr on “Beautiful People” that aired on ABC Family and Torrey DeVitto (Carrie – Nanny for Jamie) played her daughter Karen Kerr. I’m really excited to see them back on screen!

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Dec 14,2007

Fast Forward Preview Episode 6 New Faces

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CW has the new Fast Forward Preview out. Episode Six is about all the new characters. This is my favorite one so far. Lots of new info!

Lindsey Strauss played by Michaela McManus – Again, this is Lucas’s book editor.

Mia played by Kate Voegele -She’s a singer for a band in the show and is apparently timid at first but then comes out of her shell when she realizes she is a great singer.

Jason played by Kevin Federline – He’s a self-absorbed rock star.

Victoria played by Daphne Zuniga – Very bullheaded, precise, methodical and focused CEO of Brooke’s company.

Millicent played by Lisa Goldstein – Brooke’s assistant who is a quiet, hardworking, sweet people pleaser. Described as a female Mouth.

Alice by Kelly Lintz - Mouth’s uncensored “firecracker boss”.

Owen played by Joe Manganiello- the”sexy bartender” who gets involved with the female characters. He apparently has a history.

Quentin played by Robbie Jones – Ravens basketball player. Very cocky character who believes he is NBA bound.

Carrie played by Torrey DeVitto – Nanny for Jamie. She’s overzealous and peppy.

Jamie played by Jackson – Nathan and Haley’s son. No one can quit talking about this little kid!

I’m so excited about all the new characters! This season is shaping up to be great!

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