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Oct 28,2011

Happy Birthday Daphne Zuniga!!

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Wishing you all the best today!!

Happy Birthday Daphne.


Mar 19,2011

Daphne Zuniga/Team True Beauty

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Here is a link to the official mailing list for Team True Beauty, Daphne’s site. This will send you updates from her about the campaign and projects. It’s for her official site.

Click the link here to learn more and to sign up:

Feb 28,2011

Photos: Daphne Zuniga at 83rd Academy Awards

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Jan 12,2011

Examiner: Daphne Zuniga’s Message Of Hope To Young Women Everywhere

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In support of the True Beauty campaign actress and activist Daphne Zuniga has written an incredibly inspiring and touching letter to all girls about the importance of good self-esteem. She warns about the downfalls of falling into the pressures of society’s obsession with thinness and the outside physique. Daphne tells us of valuable ways all young women can feel great about themselves and live a truly fulfilled, healthy, and happy life. I will let the letter speak for itself, but I just want to take the moment here to thank Daphne Zuniga for so graciously taking her time to write this beautiful message that will positively influence so many.

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Dec 20,2010

Daphne Zuniga: “On Strike for Christmas” Movie

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Check out Daphne Zuniga (Victoria) on the Lifetime Movie Network starring in the movie “On Strike for Christmas. It will be on LMN December 24th. Check you local listing for channel/time.

’Tis the season, and a mother’s work is never done. After years of making sure everything is perfect for her family, Joy Robertson (Daphne Zuniga) is saying “enough,” and decides to go on strike for the Christmas season. If her husband, Stephen (David Sutcliffe), and their kids want to have the perfect holiday, they will just have to organize it themselves. But as more and more women in town join the growing boycott and Christmas approaches, some of the families discover they have larger issues … and it turns out that a little holiday magic might be exactly what they need.

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Oct 30,2010

StarNews: Daphne Zuniga talks turkey about her new Hallmark film and “One Tree Hill”

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Daphne Zuniga got a head start on the holidays this year.

Playing Victoria Davis, the bold, blunt and now felonious business head of her daughter’s fashion label, on the locally filmed TV series “One Tree Hill,” Zuniga was in town recently to film a Thanksgiving-themed episode of the CW series.

But in the past year she’s also filmed two holiday-themed TV movies – “A Family Thanksgiving,” airing at 9 p.m. Saturday on Hallmark Channel, and “On Strike for Christmas,” airing Dec. 5 on Lifetime.

“I’ve been on a lot sets with a lot of turkey alot lately,” she says.

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Oct 11,2010

Examiner: One Tree Hill’s Daphne Zuniga Exclusive: “I Have So Much Fun With Victoria!

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Actress Daphne Zuniga has portrayed a very impressive versatile range of women in her work with film, television, and theater. Her talent can never be doubted when viewing the many different roles she’s played in her career. And it’s those roles and that talent that has led her to have two different generations of fans! In the 90’s Zuniga starred in the highly popular Aaron Spelling Fox drama Melrose Place. Jump to present day and Zuniga is a part of another successful young adult hit show, The CW’s One Tree Hill. Where she plays the one of a kind role of Victoria Davis; a no-nonsense business woman and mother with whom you never know what will say or do next! And that Zuniga says is exactly what makes playing Victoria such a fun thrill to her. She recently chatted with me about all the great moments she has with her character and how her experience with One Tree Hill has been a true gift to her.

Talking to Zuniga is a gift on its own. A very intelligent and interesting person whose contributions are noted in more than just the entertainment industry. She is a major activist for the environment and is currently on the board of the Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation.Wwhich Zuniga says when completed is going to raise the quality of nature life in Los Angeles; a topic she is highly passionate about. And that was just one of many insightful perspectives she shared that prove as much as Victoria Davis stands out in the world of Tree Hill, Daphne Zuniga stands out for her own great reasons!

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May 26,2010

Pictures: Sophia Bush and Daphne Zuniga attend the Sigerson and Morrison and Rachel Pally trunk show

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Feb 10,2010 Interview with Daphne Zuniga

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She’s smart, talented, and incredibly passionate, and not just about what she does on-screen. To actress Daphne Zuniga, it’s how she uses her time off-screen to be a part of a positive outcome and encourage people to take action…

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Aug 24,2009

WWK Spoiler

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Jen in Dallas: Is Daphne Zuniga done with One Tree Hill because she’s going to be on Melrose Place?

Daphne Zuniga is going to be back on One Tree Hill. She’s doing just one or possibly two episodes of Melrose, so that won’t conflict with OTH. Her return to OTH is just dependent on their storylines.

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