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Apr 01,2012

Exclusive: One Tree Hill Chat Room Interview with Enation’s Johnathan Jackson and Richard Lee Jackson

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Richard Lee Jackson and Jonathan Jackson from Enation were awesome to stop by the chat room last week. We had lots of fun. They are great guys. Check them out on their website Follow on twitter at @Enation! Check out the chat below! 

OTHTwitterBugs: Welcome

OTHBlog: Hi!

 mydreamisastory:: Hi

LO: Hello!!!

sunsetblvd92: :)

 mydreamisastory: Excited I could join.

OTHTwitterBugs: Hi Guys! Welcome to chat!

 Enation_JJackson: Hello world

wendij: thanks

Enation_RLJackson: Hello!

wendij: hello

 mydreamisastory: Hi

Jen_a_domaholic: Hi Jonathan

 LO: HI! =)

Enation_JJackson: Hi!!!

Enation_RLJackson: Thanks for having us. :)

sunsetblvd92: Hi hi

OTHBlog: Thank you for being here!

wendij: so Richard what do you like more acting or singing? I loved you in saved by the bell the new class

Enation_RLJackson: wendij:, Thank you. I like both, but right now music is my bigger passion. Enation is a lot of my energy at the moment.

MelissaAlayne: HI

Mydreamisastory: Excited to talk to you guys.

 ayousif1126: Jonathan!! I miss you on GH !! KILLS ME not to have you on there!! BUT I’m glad you’re enjoying the band!!! You are an ALLSTAR!! :)

Enation_JJackson: Thank you! I love everyone at GH. but I’m thankful for the new opportunities…


ggmarie1234: hello

Rowaenthe: Hola.

Jen_a_domaholic:Hi Richard

MelissaAlayne: Hi all

 ayousif1126: hey!!!


Rowaenthe: How many gigs are you guys doing each month? Are you sticking geographically to any particular part of the country?

Enation_RLJackson: There isn’t a set amount of gigs per month. But we just had a great east coast / Nashville tour. We’d like to play the west coast again soon. But really, anywhere they’ll have us!

 LO: Where did that name Enation come from?

Enation_JJackson: The name Enation means to issue forth, or an unusual outgrowth. We found it in a huge dictionary with words not often used

MelissaAlayne: Is there any plans for Enation to come back East?

ayousif1126:Still my DREAM to be able to meet the cast and especially YOU! Hopefully one day I can meet the entire band!! :)

Enation_RLJackson: We’d love to come back to the east. We’re planning more shows in more cities right now but nothing is locked down.

 Enation_JJackson: We would love to meet you as well!

OTHTwitterBugs: Ive been waiting for a Miami pit stop!!!! Can we see that in the future?

Enation_JJackson: I’d love to go Florida! I was born in Orlando. Hopefully soon!

OTHTwitterBugs: O awesome!!!!

 mydreamisastory: Jonathan, excited for your new show. What drew you to it?

Enation_JJackson: Nashville is an amazing script and wonderful people involved. I get to play music and act for the same project; it’s a dream!


sunsetblvd92: If someone doesn’t know your music which songs should they listen to first? Any special ones?

Enation_RLJackson:Good question… I would say ‘Eyes of Grace’, ‘Tears of Hope’, ‘Everything Is Possible’ ‘Feel This (Love Fall Down’, and ‘World In Flight’

OTHBlog: Yes I like all of those songs!

 Enation_JJackson: If you love hard rock I would say The Solution

Enation_RLJackson: Harder edged songs: ‘Let The Beauty Out’, ‘Something Worth Defending’, ‘This Darkness’

Rowaenthe: Somebody has to be the prankster. Otherwise you’d be incredibly dull. Which one is it?

Enation_RLJackson:Maybe  we’re really dull… :) seriously though, Daniel is really funny. Not quite the prankster… that’d be our Tour Manager, Chris.

Rowaenthe: If your tour manager is the prankster, you’re in trouble. Sleep with an eye open. ;)

ggmarie1234: Jonathan, what’s the status with GH? How do things look for you returning?

ggmarie1234: Jonathan, the soap magazines are saying you are in talks with GH. Do you think you’ll be able to return?

Enation_JJackson: We’re still talking to them. Right now, all my focus is on Nashville and Enation.

wendij: where can i buy your music?

Enation_RLJackson: You can buy our music a few places:

wendij: ok cool thanks i’ll have to go buy some stuff

Enation_RLJackson:Awesome, wendij:, enjoy! You can also sign up for our Enation Army for free at:

wendij: ok thanks

KayKEELY: Are you still filming Nashville?

Enation_JJackson: Yes, I’m still filming. It’s going great!

Rowaenthe: This question has nothing to do with the band, per se, but I love acapella voices and wondered if y’all did, too — and what quirky forms of music do you enjoy?

Enation_JJackson: Love all kinds of music. Soundtrack music…

Enation_RLJackson: Quirky music? Hmm… sometimes I enjoy some spanish guitar instrumentals.

KayKEELY: When is Nashville slated for a debut? I know it is a pilot, but what are the plans? Sounds like my cup of tea!

ggmarie1234: Do you have a love interest on Nashville? I hear you get to play a bad boy :)

Enation_JJackson: Yes, KayKEELY, it might just be your cup of tea :) we’ll know mid-may if it becomes a series!

 LO: Burst Wide Open is another good one

Enation_RLJackson:Thanks for the ‘Burst Wide Open’ shout out! I also really like ‘The Rushing Wind’…

 mydreamisastory: Excited for the release of your book, Jonathan. When is that going to be?

Enation_JJackson: The book should be up on the website any day. Under the store… I’m excited to share it!

LO: How did the whole Enation USO tour and OTH come about?

Enation_RLJackson: The Enation USO / OTH show came together after Bethany Joy asked to cover one of our songs and have us play with her on the show (the song ‘Feel This’).

Enation_RLJackson:We were honored to play for the troops in NC, and to be part of OTH. It was an amazing experience playing in front of 3,000 troops.

JustMakingLove4OTH: when are you coming to Ohio to play in my backyard?

sunsetblvd92: Do you ever think about going more international?

 Enation_JJackson: Ohio would be grand! We’re talking to booking agents now about touring.

 ayousif1126:I was in Nashville for 6 months .. LOVE IT there.. wish I was able to see you !!

Jen_a_domaholic: Love the book Jonathan, so inspirational!

 Enation_JJackson: Yes, we feel like Europe would respond quite well to Enation…

MamaLeslie81: Jonathan, the book is amazing! I read it every day at work! My boss has finally stopped yelling at me about it and just accepted that it actually keeps me sane while on the job!

 Enation_JJackson: Thanks Jen!!! You Rock!

 JeannineC::Hi Jonathan and Richard! =)

Enation_RLJackson: Many of our favorite artists are Euopean… Coldplay, Radiohead, U2, etc.

Enation_RLJackson:Hi Jeannine! Glad you’re here…

 Enation_JJackson: Thanks MamaLeslie81 that’s great! :)

Enation_RLJackson: Uh, European. Not sure how many artists are Euopean. :)

sunsetblvd92: Nice, keep us updated ;) germany would be totally fine ;)

MamaLeslie81: You guys have spent a lot of time in Nashville. What are some of your favorite things to do while in our neck of the woods?

MamaLeslie81: You’re welcome! Do y’all have any favorite authors?

Enation_RLJackson:C.S. Lewis is one. I love biographies, and political bios, too in another genre.

 JeannineC: Thanks…me too! Wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it. I’ve got 6 kids in my house tonight…my 4 plus my 2 nephews! Slumber party!

 Enation_JJackson: Berlin!

sunsetblvd92: Frankfurt and hamburg are nice cities in germany as well :)

 mydreamisastory: How is the new guitar, Jonathan?

Enation_JJackson: The guitar is a beauty! Amazing! Plays so well!

Enation_RLJackson: Re: Nashville… I LOVE sweet tea.

JustMakingLove4OTH: I make the best sweet tea

MamaLeslie81: Sweet tea….with or without lemon?

ggmarie1234: Really interesting podcast about Jon’s journey to Orthodox Christianity. RLJ, is this something you are pursuing as well?

Enation_JJackson: Thanks ggmarie1234 it continues to astound me! Blessings!

Enation_RLJackson:Re: Orthodoxy, I have been inspired by Jonathan’s journey. My own faith has grown b/c of that. I’ve gone to a service w/ him and really enjoyed it.

OTHTwitterBugs: Jonathan.. did u ever answer in regards when Nashville will debut???

 Enation_JJackson: Sometime in the fall I believe…

OTHTwitterBugs: Do U know what channel?

 Enation_JJackson: ABC y’all

Enation_RLJackson:ABC — channel is depending on where you live, I believe.

wendij: nice i’ll have to check it out

Jen_a_domaholic:  Jonathan, love you saying y’all! lol

MamaLeslie81:  Jonathan….I’m highly amused that you just used “y’all” in a sentence. Is the south rubbing off on you???

Jen_a_domaholic:Jonathan, do you keep in touch with anyone from GH & if so who

Enation_JJackson:  Yes, many people from GH. Tony Geary, Becky, Tyler, Steve, Dom, Nathan ect.

MelissaAlayne:  Any plans to release To Say Goodbye? THat is my new favorite song from Enation, and really like Eyes of Grace, and Let The Beauty out

Enation_JJackson:We want to record To Say Goodbye this year!

Enation_RLJackson:‘ To Say Goodbye’ — thanks. It’s a beautiful song. We plan on releasing it, but not sure exactly when yet. Soon!

Jenny: Can you tell us about your character on Nashville?

Enation_JJackson: I play a singer songwriter. Little bit of a rebel

Rowaenthe: Pretty soon JJ’s gonna be using words like “tharn” and “yonder” and “crick”.

MamaLeslie81: Richard Lee, could you honor us with another joke like you did at Zanies in Nashville?

Enation_RLJackson: Oh, man, Leslie, that was my best joke. Let me think here…

Enation_JJackson: I have dinner with friends I’m late for. Richard will stay on a while longer. Thank you all for chatting! Keep in touch! Blessings!!! Jonathan

OTHTwitterBugs: Thanks Jonathan!

JustMakingLove4OTH: have fun at your dinner!!! Thanks

OTHTwitterBugs: Really appreciate it

OTHBlog: Thanks for chatting JJ!

Jen_a_domaholic:Have a good night Jonathan

MamaLeslie81: Thanks for chatting with us, Jonathan! Take care! Much love and big hugs!

Enation_RLJackson: Okay, I made this one up, so forgive me… ‘What’s the world’s smartest Dinasaur that ever lived?’ Answer: ‘A-Thesauras’

MamaLeslie81: Richard, that’s actually kind of adorkable! :)

mydreamisastory: Thanks JJ

LO: Thank you for your time!

Rowaenthe: Bye, Jonathan!

Jenny: Thanks for chatting with us JJ!

Enation_RLJackson: Jonathan’s in Nashville, I’m in WA… so my dinner isn’t for a little while. :)

Jen_a_domaholic: LOL!love your sense of humor Richard!

Enation_RLJackson: :)

wendij: haha

OTHTwitterBugs: LOL… Hahaha

JustMakingLove4OTH: I am gonna steal your joke for a day

Enation_RLJackson: Yes, steal away!

Enation_RLJackson: I just want to say that Bethany Joy couldn’t have been more cool to collaborate with on ‘Feel This’. She was gracious and excited to play one of our songs.

OTHTwitterBugs: So what’s next for you guys?

Enation_RLJackson: We have our album out right now, ‘My Ancient Rebellion’. So we’re playing shows and promoting that.

wendij: i love the song you do with joy its so great

Rowaenthe: You guys coming out to the west anytime soon? It’s nice in Arizona….

 LO: What’s your favorite Enation song to perform? to listen to?

OTHTwitterBugs: Awesome! & its avail in iTunes?

sunsetblvd92: I think feel this really fitted into the show and I love both versions so much :)

Enation_RLJackson: We are planning on releasing a new live album in a few months, too. It’ll be pretty cool, b/c we’ve always felt a real connection to being a ‘live’ band.

JustMakingLove4OTH: I am gonna buy every album you all put out bc they are A-Maz-ing of course


OTHBlog: Well it was that song that led me to y’alls band. So I have been following you guys for a while now! I greatly appreciate your music.

wendij: so is “my ancient rebellion” the newest album you guys have out?

Enation_RLJackson: Would love Arizone!

OTHBlog: I have yet to be able to come out and see you live!

Rowaenthe: Live acoustic? Just curious…

Enation_RLJackson: Thanks, OTHBlog.

Jen_a_domaholic:Awesome, I love your live performances, y’all rock!

JeannineC::  I still can’t pin down one favorite song from MAR…they’re all so good! My most listened to CD in the car!

Enation_RLJackson:Yes, MAR is our newest album.

Enation_RLJackson: Live full band rock concert.

Enation_RLJackson: Arizona… my assistant makes so many mistakes. Sheesh. :)

wendij: ok good i’ll have to get it after the chat

Enation_RLJackson: Jeannine, thanks, that’s awesome of you to say…

Rowaenthe: Wow, those are monsters to record. Good on you, then.

JeannineC:  I only speak the truth! ; )

 LO: Dumb question what’s an EP? ex. Live from Molly Mallones? (which is great btw)

Enation_RLJackson: It was fun to have two versions of our song, ‘Feel This’. It showed how amazing it can be to change something up. You go from a slower ballad male-vocal to an up tempo female vocal balld, and it works both ways.

Enation_RLJackson: Ballad… Samantha, why can’t you type!

OTHTwitterBugs: I knew the Feel this was your song but never heard it…

Rowaenthe: EP is short for “extended play”, I believe.

JustMakingLove4OTH: I am addict to Feel This just saying

Enation_RLJackson:EP = Extended Play. Funny though, it usually means a shorter album. LP = Long Play. Longer album.

sunsetblvd92: Feel this is one of my calm down songs

JustMakingLove4OTH: so what do u like to do for fun beside music and what not?

Enation_RLJackson:If you’re going to be addicted to something, a song about finding redemption in your life is a good one to obsess about. :)

JustMakingLove4OTH: Sunset: That reminds me that it was on my calm down song list that my roommate and I had after stressful college day!

Enation_RLJackson: For fun? Hmm.. I’d say probably, like, music and what not.

JustMakingLove4OTH: oooo you are something else

Enation_RLJackson: Calm down song = very cool.

JeannineC: Personally, I love the Love Fall Down version the best…esp. when performed live with an extended intro! :}

OTHTwitterBugs: Have u guys collaborated with anyone else? If u could, who would u like to work with?

Enation_RLJackson:I’d love to work with Coldplay, U2, Radiohead, or Bon Iver. Or Bob Dylan. I could go on.

Enation_RLJackson: Seriously though, I like to awesome TV shows. And sometimes play sports. And be with my twin girls and my wife.

Enation_RLJackson: I like to WATCH awesome TV shows… Samantha, we need to get you into typing school.

Enation_RLJackson: Samantha is my made up assistant when I make mistakes typing.

MelissaAlayne: Have you been on any shows or movies since Saved By the Bell The New Class?

JeannineC: What’s your favorite thing to do with Hannah and Evelyn?

Enation_RLJackson: With my kids? Stare at them.

sunsetblvd92: Staring at kids is the best!

Enation_RLJackson:I also love going out to eat with them and seeing them get excited about what they’re about to eat.

 LO: lol

JeannineC: LOL I was wondering! Never heard you guys mention a “Samantha” before!

ggmarie1234: As a twin myself, may I suggest you resist the temptation to dress them alike.

ggmarie1234: Richard, do you or Jon have any movies coming up? Its been ages since I’ve seen either of you on the “big screen.”

Rowaenthe: I’m dying of hysterics over here imagining the scuffle over Richard’s keyboard…

LO: how old are they?

JustMakingLove4OTH: Is Samantha close to being fire?

Enation_RLJackson: My girls are 2.

JustMakingLove4OTH: fired? oops

OTHTwitterBugs: Aww.. 2.. the terrible 2’s!!! x’s 2… It must be crazy!

Enation_RLJackson: Yes, Samantha is on the ropes. She’s trying hard though, and she’s had a tough life so I try and cut her some slack.

Rowaenthe: yeah, staring at kids makes them hear the voices. Better that than they bug me with all those questions.

JustMakingLove4OTH: awww that is sweet

LO: they must be in awe of almost every thing

Enation_RLJackson: My wife and I call them the ‘teachable two’s’. It keeps us sane knowing they just are learning a lot right now.

Rowaenthe: You need a Samantha, JustMakingLove4OTH.

OTHTwitterBugs: hahaha I like that!

JustMakingLove4OTH: hahaha sometimes I do

Enation_RLJackson: Samantha might be on the murket sun.

JeannineC: You must have gotten quite the reception when you returned from the east coast/Nashville shows!

Enation_RLJackson: market soon. see.

Rowaenthe: You do realize your children will be as outgoing, if not more so, than you are? Which means they’re going to goad you. Until YOU’RE Samantha’s age.

Enation_RLJackson: Yes, probably like you returning home after venturing out to CA to see us at GHFCW.

ggmarie1234: Speaking of which, are you going to play at GHFCW again this year?

Enation_RLJackson: :)

Enation_RLJackson:Re: GHFCW — we actually haven’t talked about it. It may depend on the ‘Nashville’ shooting schedule, etc.

JeannineC: Pretty much! ;) But those trips were totally worth it! Seeing friends and hanging with the wonderful guys of Enation!

JustMakingLove4OTH: What sometimes sports do u like to play?

Enation_RLJackson:Softball, basketball, (once in a while tennis) — that’s where you only hit the ball once in a while.

JustMakingLove4OTH: hahaha I love love love softball and tennis and golf

Rowaenthe: No golf?!

Enation_RLJackson: Golf I wish I was better at. I’m decent on the green, not so good at the drive. Yet.

JustMakingLove4OTH: I can improve your skills I played in college

Enation_RLJackson: I don’t just have a slice in golf, I have a whole pie.

Jen_a_domaholic: What was your favorite thing to do while you were in Nashville?

sunsetblvd92: I’ve always wanted to try golf…

Rowaenthe: By “decent on the green”, do you mean “I don’t swear that much”, or “I can hit the ball and not land in the trap”?

LO: Thank You Richard for your time! Look forward to hearing more from you and ENATION!! =) good night!

Enation_RLJackson: Thanks, LO! Keep in touch w/ us at

wendij: will do

Enation_RLJackson: ‘I don’t land in the trap’ too much.

Rowaenthe:  See ya, Richard! Stay dry up there in the great Northwest. I’ll hit a follow on your Twitter.

Enation_RLJackson: I also wanted to mention that we have some cool projects that will be for members only at Enation Army. It’s free to sign up if you haven’t yet:

wendij: i’m a member!!!

OTHBlog: I’m a member!!

JeannineC: Thank you so much for doing this chat, Richard! Be well and dream of a show or 2 in FL! Gotta run…kids are planning a coup! lol

Jen_a_domaholic: Looking forward to hearing about the projects!

Enation_RLJackson: Yeah, follow @Enation, @JonathanJackson, and me @RLJacksonTweets. Good-night guys. Have a wonderful evening. OTH was an amazing experience and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

JustMakingLove4OTH: Goodnightyyyy have a funtasticly wonderful evening

OTHTwitterBugs: Thanks Richard

wendij: thanks for being a part of it

OTHBlog: Good Night! Thank you very much :)

OTHTwitterBugs: It was great having you!

Jen_a_domaholic:Good night Richard, talk to you on twitter

Enation_RLJackson: ‘Night!