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Sep 28,2010

8.03 The Space in Between Recap

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Haley is writing Lucas a letter while sitting in Quinns room at the hospital. Jamie is sleeping in the bed with Quinn.
Nathan is in Clay’s room and he is reading the paper to Clay about how the Charlotte Bobcats are doing. Nathan skips an ad tilted “Closed over Bros”
Brooke and Victoria are having breakfast and Victoria says Brooke’s troubles are over. They will pay a fine and get a slap on the wrist. Victoria say she has always had Brooke’s interest at heart. Victoria wants a thank you Brooke’s says how about a Your Fired They smile and Victoria apologizes.
Quinn apologizes for putting Haley through all of this. Quinn asks to see Clay and Haley says she asks everyday and the doctors say it is not ok for her to move yet. Haley promises to taker her when they say she can move. Jamie wakes up and Quinn asks Jamie to take her gold star to Clay cause he needs it for a while. Ghost Clay is watching through window.
Ghost clays walks the hallways talking to people throughout the hallway when someone answer him. He begins to look around.
Haley meets Brooke and Julian in the hallway of the hospital. Julian takes Jamie cafeteria and Haley asks is He and Brooke can take Jamie for the day. Brooke says Mouth and Millie send their best and Haley asks if they are back together. Brooke says no.
Mouth and Millie are in bed together. Mouth says Pretty good. They discuss hat their days will be like and hop out out of bed abruptly.
Clay find man who is talking to him in the waiting room. Guy says how hot quinn is. Clay says he hasn’t spoken to anyone in a week and asks if he can slap him. Guy says they are in between and they get back by living. Alarms go and doctors run into Clays room.

Ghost Clay and Guy are watching Clay on respirator. Guy says he is on one too. Clay says he has to find his way back.
Julian and Jamie are looking at the babies in the nursery. Jamie asks where babies come from. Julian says stork. Brooke’s walk up and Jamie ask and she says not from me.
Millie asks where skills is. They ask each other is either one is seeing another person. They both say no. Mouth talk about a podcast he is working on. They say awkward goodbyes.
Haley tells Quinn that Clays organs are failing. She says he needs a kidney transplant. Quinn says she needs to him.
Mouth is working on his podcast. He is talking about the best sports movie. His favorite is The Natural. Robert Redford plays Roy Robs gets shot by a crazy woman at close range.
Nathan asks doctor how long till a kidney becomes available. Nathan says take mine. Doctor says if you do this your basketball career is over. Ghost Clay is watching with the new Guy. New guy says Plot Thickens.

Jamie and Julian are playing baseball. Jamie hits all of the balls Julian throws. Brooke says he is going pro and Jamie says he will play basketball like his dad.
Nathan and Haley are in the hospital chapel discussing the options if he gave up his kidney. He would have to give up his career but he could live a normal life. Ghost Clay and guy are listening. Clay says this is unacceptable. Nathan says they ran tests on his back and it is getting worse. His back is degenerating. He says he can play this season but he doesn’t know past that. Haley says she loves the person that he is. Clay leaves.
Clay feels Nathan is using him as an excuse. Guy reminds him what he could lose. Clay looks in on Quinn.
Mouth with his podcast explaining the movie Field of Dreams and says that Moonlight Graham knows he will never play again and he is with ok it because he had his moment in the sun and he had something to replace the game.
Nathan walks into Jamie’s room. He explains what is going on with Clay and how he is going to try and help. That he might not be able to play basketball again but that if Clay doesn’t get a kidney he may die. Nathan put Jamie to bed and kisses Jamie on the head. Jamie tells Nathan he should help clay.
Haley walks in with a wheelchair and takes Quinn to see Clay. Quinn holds Clays hand. She tells Clay she is right here.

Quinn tells Clay everyone is putting on brave funny faces for them. But they can’t imagine their lives without him. She asks him to surprise everyone and open his beautiful blue eyes. Ghost Clay watches behind her.
Ghost Clay and guy are outside on the roof of the hospital. Clay starts talking about the girl the shot him. He feels like he may have led her on. Guy tells him it is not his fault. Guys asks if Clay knows what comes next if they die.
Nathan and Haley are in bed. They are discussing what Quinn and Clay should have for their future.
Brooke and Julian talk about how much Jamie loves spending time with them, Julian asks if it makes her a little sad and she says yes. Julian asks about the company and Brooke says Victoria has taken care of it. Julian asks if she can trust her. She says damn it and calls her mom.
Victoria ignores the phone call from Brooke. Millie and Victoria are together and Victoria is going to prison instead of Brooke.
Nathan is getting his test to see if he is match for Clay and he is not match.
Mouth continues with his podcasting and a movie called Brian’s Song.

Quinn is trying to find a donor for Clay. Haley says Clay doesn’t have much time. Haley brings Quinn into Clays room. She is crying. Haley leaves and begins to cry. Brooke and Julian bring Jamie to the hospital.
Quinn says the world will be too dark if he leaves.
Ghost Clay and Guy are standing there and Guy say this sucks.
Nathan cleans off car and takes it for a ride. He sees Horses running in a pasture. He begins to cry.
Nathan and Haley are in the chapel. He says there is no miracle and this is too big for him to face. He says he is not strong enough to handle this and now understands what she went through when she lost her mother. Haley says he is strong and that he has her.
Mouth is working on his podcast. Rocky Balboa on the eve of the fight of his life he cant sleep so he goes to see Adrian and realizes it is a fight he can’t win. So she says…
Quinn is in Clays room and say What are we going to do?
Mouth says What are we going to do? He say he loves rocky cause he uses we not i.
Jamie is staying at Brooke and Julians house and Jamie says that they will make great parents as they are putting him to bed.
Quinn is holding Clay’s Hand.

Knock on Brooke’s door it is Millie with who says she has something she need to say.
Brooke goes to Clothes over Bros to confront her mom about going to prison. Victoria says she is going because she is her daughter and she loves her. Brooke hugs her mom.
Jamie says they need confetti for when clay wakes up. Haley says clay is really sick. Nathan says he loves jamie.
Quinn says she loves Clay but she wants to talk to Clay about Sarah. She believes that heaven has plan for Clay to be with both her and Sarah.
Clay and Guy on top of the roof. Clay says he loves quinn. Clay asks how Guy got here. Guy says he was in a car accident. Guy says it was accident because he was texting. Guy says his name is Will.
Mouth says most great stories are stories of will.
Clay and Will are sitting on couch in waiting room. Clay says he doesn’t know how to do this. Alarms go off. Doctor run. They both stand up and Will says it was nice hanging with you. Clay sits back down and Will says it was not your fault.
Quinn says I love you Clay Evans till Kingdom comes.
Quinn narrates. Victoria Davis goes to prison.
Brooke watches from a distance.
Quinn narrates: Bobcats are still without point guard

Shows Quinn in Clays room reading the newspaper to him. As she is reading Clay says “Your look pretty.” Quinn looks up shocked.
Quinn narrates. Will Bennett passed away Monday evening and his organs were donated so that others may live.
Quinn kisses clays head.

Jan 05,2009

Episode 13 Things a Mama Don’t Know Recap

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Peyton is on the phone with Lucas looking at a picture of her and her mom.  She says she has to tell him something.  She says it’s late and she’s not sure she can call him my fiance anymore, I think I’m going to call you my baby daddy.  She says she’s having his baby.  Our baby.  We’re pregnant.  She wants him to be ok with it because she’s ok with it.  He says I love you, Peyton.  She says I love you too.
Haley and Nathan are in her room.  Haley is complaining about hearing about Dan and Skills.  He got the job with the Charleston Chiefs as the point guard.
Mouth tells skills Millie left him because of Gigi.  Skills says he tried to warn him.  Mouth says maybe he enjoyed the attention from Gigi.  Maybe he deserved to lose her.  Mouth says he’s not sure she can come back from a broken heart.
Millicent cries in COB.
Brooke stops a police officer and says she needs help finding Sam.  The officer says they can’t do much about it…it’s not really her kid and she usually comes back.
Nathan and Haley wake Jamie up and tell him the good news about Nathan.  He says he starts practice that day.
Sam is on a mattress in a house.  The guy wakes her up.  She says thanks for letting me crash.  He says friends do things for friends.  He says Jack is out.  He stops her when she tries to leave and he says I wish you hadn’t looked at my sketches and taken them.  Now he’s pissed off.

Julian calls Lucas on the cell phone.  There are issues with the movie and Julian needs his help saving the movie.
The guy asks what Sam knows about the sketches and what she told Brooke. She says nothing.  He says he used to like her but he doesn’t like people who forget where the belong.  Jack comes in and takes up for Sam but he gets hit.  He locks the door to the house.
Owen is at the bar drinking.  Peyton comes in and asks about it.  He says he’s not sober anymore.  Peyton finds Mia in her office.  She says she needs to apologize for how she acted.  Mia says she’ll record the songs.  Peyton says she’ll support her but she’s gotta tell her what’s going on.  Mia says she’s working but it’s not coming as easy as the first record.  Peyton says she’ll buy them some time so she can write.
Brooke comes in and says Sam’s gone.
Nathan walks in the coliseum and picks up a ball.  Bobby comes in and says he is his new coach.  They welcome each other back.
Jamie tells Quentin’s brother about Nathan.  He says he misses Q.  He wants to go to the cemetery and talk to him.  Jamie says they can try to go together.
Skills goes to see Millie at COB.  She doesn’t want to talk.  He says everything can be taken back.  He says don’t take it out on the pencils.  Talk to Mouth.
Lucas goes to see Paul Norris.  He says they need the right team.  They talk about a producer.  He asks about Julian.  Lucas says he can’t judge Julian.  Paul says Julian should have been there.  He’s a loose canon.  Lucas asks why he keeps working with him.  He says he’s his son.

Nathan puts pictures up at his locker.  His jersey is number 25.  Someone says 23 is already taken.  He says he knows who he is.  He’s the point guard and it’s his team and he’s not throwing it away like he did.
Paul says he takes it Julian didn’t tell him about their relationship.  He asks about Peyton.  He says she’s good.  Paul says Peyton was good for him.  Julian is all talk though.  He came to him when he needed money for the movie.  He thinks the movie will make money but he’s asking the same he interested in the movie or Peyton?
Mia plays the guitar at the studio when Haley comes in.  Mia is frustrated.  Haley says she’s there to help.  She brings a hoodie she wore when she wrote the first record.  Haley says we’ll try to find the girl that used to wear that hoodie.
Q’s mother is making cookies.  His brother says you’re making Q’s favorite?  She tells him to go play with Jamie in the yard.  In the yard, her brother says she said they can go.  They leave to go see Q’s grave.
Brooke and Peyton are driving around.  Peyton says she’s carsick.  Brooke is upset and says it’s her fault because she didn’t say anything about the sketches.  She let her go instead of saying she loves her.  Sam isn’t answering her cell.
Sam is in the house.  Jack’s brother took her phone.  Sam wants to go to the police but Jack doesn’t want to.  He gets the window open though and Jack gets out but Sam gets pulled back in.  He pulls out duct tape.

Brooke and Peyton are at COB.  Julian walks in.  Brooke says she knows he was looking for her.  They agree she’s a good kid.  She remembers her boyfriend Jack, she’s not sure why she didn’t think of it.  Julian says great idea, he’ll look out.  He walks out and Peyton says you just got a glimpse of the guy I used to know.
Paul says Lucas you must be thinking of Julian and Peyton.  Luke says no.  Paul says you should be.  Lucas says you don’t like Julian much?  Paul says sometimes you have a vision of what you want your kids to be and no matter what they fall short.  He asks what he wants.  Luke says he wants a director that cares about the movie and Dixon isn’t it.  Paul says that’s what Julian said.
Jamie and Andre talk and walk on the way to the cemetery.
Nathan is at practice.  Nathan seems to be struggling.  Coach benches him.
Mia and Haley work on the song.  Haley says she needs an inspiration like a bad boyfriend that she had instead of being on a tour bus.  She says go outside to find inspiration.  Take a walk, talk to a stranger.  Peyton and Brooke show up.  Mia says she’s leaving to get a life.  Brooke tells Haley about Sam.
Millie goes to see Mouth.  He apologizes.    He says she has nothing to feel sorry for. He’ll do anything.  Millie says she had sex last night.  Mouth is speechless.  Millie says say something.  She says sorry, I was drunk.  It was a mistake.  Mouth won’t let her touch him and leaves.
Brooke and Peyton get ready to leave.  Brooke says she should go alone so it’s not too much on Sam.  Haley says she worries about Jamie and wishes she could lock him up and homeschool him.  Peyton says she plans on homeschooling too.  Haley catches it and says OMG, you’re pregnant!  She calls dibs on godmother.
Brooke walks up to Jack’s house and Jack says not to say anything or she’ll be an orphan.  Again.

Brooke is at the house explaining about Sam. She asks to talk to Jack but he’s gone.  She asks where he is and he asks if she thinks they’re having sex.  Brooke says no.  He asks what’s wrong with sex.  He says he doesn’t know where the kid is, he’s just trying to pay the bills.  One less mouth to feed.  Speaking of mouths, yours is nice.
Coach gives Nathan advice.  He says the guys know the league isn’t his NBA although it’s theirs.  Nathan asks to wear the number 12.  He goes to his locker and they’ve torn up their pictures.  Nathan tells the guy he’s taking his spot and when the NBA calls, he can have his job back.
Jamie and Andre talk sitting in a tree.  Andre’s mom goes looking for them and sees a note that says they went to see Q.
Owen is at the bar cleaning up and drinking.  Chase shows up.
Lucas and Paul shake hands and Paul is going to fire Julian.  Lucas says Julian is a big part of the script and he deserves it.  He says he just found out he’s a father and he hopes he’ll believe in his son when he wants to take a risk.  Paul says he’ll stay.
Chase says Peyton called him. Owen says he got hooked on pain medication after things went south with Brooke.  Chase says he shouldn’t be working at a bar and Owen says he can’t just leave.  Chase says he’ll take over.
Jack shows up at the restaurant and tells Julian he needs help.
Brooke tries to leave and Jack gives her a hard time and says “have a nice night”, same thing her attacker said.  She turns around and beats on the door.

The guy answers the door and she pepper sprays him and kicks him in the stomach a few times.  She goes running through the house looking for Sam.  She finds her taped up in the closet.  He gets Brooke and throws her across the room.  He tries to strangle her but she gets away.  She fights back and tries to get to her purse.  She pulls her gun on him and says she’s not the same girl from the store.  All she’s thought about is she hates him. She cocks the gun and Julian and Jack show up.  Sam comes in and says please don’t, I need you, Mom.  I need you so much.  Brooke says you’re not worth my time or life and punches him and kicks him and says you have a nice night.  Sam runs and hugs Brooke.
Jamie and Andre goes to see Q.  Andre leaves cookies.  Andre’s mom shows up.  She says why did you leave, you’re all I have left.  He says sorry, he just wanted to talk to Q.  She apologizes.
Mia plays the guitar and Chase comes in and asks how to make a Long Island Iced Tea.
Mouth looks at a picture of him and Millie when Millie walks in.  She’s getting ready to leave.  She says she’s sorry.  He says me too.
Mia helps Chase at the bar.  Mia says if it helps, she has no idea what she’s doing in there either.
Police are at Jack’s house.  Julian brings Jack some water and tells Brooke he’ll get them home.  The police finds Q’s wallet.  Brooke says He killed Quentin and starts crying.
Nathan is looking at a shoe when he gets a call from Jamie.  He’s excited.
Peyton is sleeping in bed.  Luke kisses her and has a rose.  He asks how she is and she says we’re good.  He kisses her belly.  He says “Yes we are”.  Peyton says hey baby, daddy’s home.  They kiss.