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Aug 26,2010

Examiner: Behind-the-Scenes with Amanda Schull! TV, Film, & Dance, she does it all!

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Amanda Schull talks about returning to One Tree Hill in season 8 & the transition from playing Sara to Katie.

Aug 20,2010

Amanda Schull Returning in Season 8

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MM: What’s up next for you?

AS: I’m looking forward to reprising my roles on “One Tree Hill” and “Pretty Little Liars.” Both characters (or should I say all three?), Katie/Sara and Meredith, are so much fun to work with.

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Aug 11,2010

TVGuide One Tree Hill Exclusive: Clay Makes a Friend in the Hospital

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Yay!  I’m excited!
Looks like One Tree Hill’s Clay may make a new friend in the aftermath of his shooting.

Edwin Hodge has been cast in an early Season 8 episode as a character who is seriously injured in a car accident while texting, a show rep tells The character will cross paths will Clay (Robert Buckley), who remains in the hospital following his shooting in the Season 7 finale.

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May 12,2010

Lindsey McKeon in Miller Light Commercial

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Lindsey McKeon aka Taylor showed up in the new Miller Light commercial.

Thanks, Denise!

Mar 30,2010 Michael Grubbs shares his passion for music, acting, & best moments on ‘One Tree Hill’!

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When musician Michael Grubbs of the band WakeyWakey joined One Tree Hill this season, he instantly became everyone’s favorite bartender. The musical talent started out as just the one giving advice to our favorite Tree Hillers, to now having a…

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Mar 02,2010

TDW Exclusive: Meet The MunnRoyds!

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In my Real-Life Relationships series, I wrote how One Tree Hill held the honor of being the only teen drama to ever have married cast members. But they also held the dishonor of being the only show with divorced cast members when that same couple split. I’m happy to say honor has been restored this season with the introduction of Scott Holroyd as David. Holroyd’s recurring role meant he was starring on the very same show his wife, Allison Munn, has been on as Lauren for more than a year now.

Munn and Holroyd haven’t yet had the privilege of sharing scenes together but the excitement of just working on the same set has pleased them both. They were also more than enthusiastic about doing a joint interview and officially introducing everyone to the MunnRoyds.

TeenDramaWhore: Is this your first joint interview?

Munn: This is our first joint interview–except for the man who married us. We had an interview with the man who married us and that was equally as fun.

TDW: I am very honored, then, to be your first professional joint interview.

Munn: It’s very exciting. We’re having some wine and sitting down. This is fun.

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Mar 01,2010

MTV: Will James Van Der Beek Return To ‘One Tree Hill’?

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“I had a lot of fun doing that actually. I had a lot of fun on ‘One Tree Hill’. At first my agent was like ‘You can’t do this. You’ve done so many guest stars.’ I was like ‘Okay.’ But then I read the script and thought ‘Okay this is fun.’ “Shooting the part also gave him the chance to head back to the location where “Dawson’s Creek” was filmed.”I got to back to Wilmington where we shot,” he said. “We were literally on the same soundstage that we shot ‘Dawson’s Creek.’ I had a blast. It was a lot of fun,” he recalled, adding that the film director he played in the show is a bit different than the one he played on “Dawson’s Creek.” “But that would be like the bizarro version

via Will James Van Der Beek Return To ‘One Tree Hill’? » Hollywood Crush.

Feb 28,2010 Amanda Schull talks ‘One Tree Hill’ and her dream roles!

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Most actresses make their big-screen debut ‘acting’, that was not the case with Amanda Schull who first graced the screen doing exactly what she had been doing her whole life; ballet dancing. Born in Hawaii, Schull landed the starring…

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Jan 31,2010

TDW Exclusive: Get To Know Mike Grubbs of One Tree Hill and Wakey!Wakey!

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Among One Tree Hill’s crop of fresh faces this season is Grubbs, a bartender at Tric. If you’re wondering where the name comes from (Is he supposed to be grubby? Chubby? Just an odd duck?), meet Mike Grubbs, the actor who plays him.

In our exclusive interview, Grubbs explains how his band Wakey!Wakey! led to a role on One Tree Hill, who his character may or may not get together with and how he uses Twitter to interact with his growing fanbase.

TeenDramaWhore: Let’s start at the very beginning. How did you first get involved with the show?

Mike Grubbs: It’s actually a very interesting story, Shari. A friend of [OTH creator] Mark Schwahn’s saw me play. She called Mark and said, “When you’re in New York next time, let me know. I’ll arrange it so this guy plays where you’re at.” Mark came to town and I got a call the night of. I was actually out on a date at the time and I got a call saying, “We need you to go to this place to play for Mark” and I was like, “Well, actually, you know, it’s kind of a bad night for me.” At that time I didn’t know Mark but they explained to me who he was and everything. So I said, “Yeah. Okay. I might as well try it.” But I was on a date so it took me a little while to get out there. Mark sat at this open mic night for three hours waiting to hear me play, which is pretty amazing. Most record executives, the way they handle hearing someone play for them is you’ll fly out to where they are and go to their office and sit in some cold waiting room until whenever they’re ready to let you in and do the audition. They’ll give you maybe about 5 minutes of their time usually but Mark came and sat for 3 hours to hear me play at this open mic in Brooklyn, which just kind of points to the fact that he’s doing something right. I think that’s why shows like One Tree Hill get such good music and good people. So he came and saw me play. He was really into the songs I played and he said, “I really want to use those on the show.” So the first song was “War Sweater” and he used that on the season finale last year [Episode 6.24, Remember Me As A Time Of Day].

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Jan 26,2010

StarNewsOnline: “One Tree Hill” actor, musician Grubbs has big week ahead

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Michael Grubbs, the lead singer and songwriter for Brooklyn indie rock band Wakey!Wakey!, doesn’t have any illusions about who’s watching “One Tree Hill,” the shot-in-Wilmington show on which he plays a bartender named Grubbs. When an interviewer admits to Grubbs (the man, not the bartender) that he’s not as familiar with the show as he probably should be, the rising star is understanding.

“Hey, you’re an adult male,” Grubbs said matter-of-factly, a reference to the show’s young, largely female fan base. “You don’t have to explain it to me.”

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