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Sep 14,2011

Variety: Dunton embraces ‘Plastic Jesus’

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Hilarie Burton will have a role in this. 

After winning an audience award at Sundance for teen thriller “To.get.her,” director Erica Dunton is turning her attention to “Plastic Jesus,” an indie written by Bryan Bertino and starring “Twilight Saga” moppet Mackenzie Foy and Chandler Canterbury.

Production is under way in North Carolina on the coming-of-age story in the vein of “Stand By Me,” which follows three small-town kids who encounter mystery, loss and hope. Foy and Canterbury play the two young leads, while Paul Schneider and Hilarie Burton (“One Tree Hill”) will play their parents.

Indie fixture Joshua Leonard (“Higher Ground”) co-stars alongside Bryce Hurless.

Bertino, whose last produced script was the 2008 sleeper hit “The Strangers,” produces with Adrienne Biddle under their Unbroken Pictures banner along with Heather Rae (“Frozen River”) and Stephanie Caleb, while Global Creative’s Christopher Rockwell will co-produce.

Rae recently produced another coming-of-age indie, Leah Meyerhoff’s “Unicorns,” a Sundance Lab finalist and IFP grant winner that stars Natalia Dyer (“The Healer”).

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Sep 01,2010

E!: Danneel Harris Talks Demon Hunting and New Hubby

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As for her new NBC show—Friends With Benefits—we wondered how the babe felt about swapping plotting, scheming, manipulating, and drama, drama, drama—on One Tree Hill, of course—for punch lines and sexy times.”Its all Ive ever wanted to do,” she gabbed about getting her funny on. “Ive always wanted to do comedy, its where I started and then I was shipped off to this drama and I think I did OK.”

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Aug 30,2010

E!: Rick Fox joins Dancing with the Stars

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Nathan’s Season 4 nemesis Daunte is on Dancing with the Stars!

• Rick Fox: Vanessa Williams ex-hubby and Eliza Dushkus current roomie was slick and talented on the parquet while winning three NBA championships with the Lakers. But all that tallness tends to be a liability on this show.

via Dancing With the Stars Cast Revealed in Full, Includes the Hoff, a Palin, a Quarterback and The Situation – E! Online.

Jan 07,2009

‘One Tree Hill’ gets 2 more episodes than ‘Creek’

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WILMINGTON, N.C. — “One Tree Hill” won’t just have the same number of seasons as the other teen-angst drama filmed in Wilmington. It also will film two more episodes than “Dawson’s Creek.”

“One Tree Hill” creator Mark Schwahn said in an e-mail that the drama will have completed 130 episodes at the end of its sixth season, two more than “Dawson’s Creek.”

If a seventh season materialized on the CW network, then “One Tree Hill” would total 152 episodes.

And what’s the status of that seventh season? Schwahn was evasive, saying only that he has a contract to run “One Tree Hill” for a seventh season and he would love to be able to do that.

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Sep 01,2008

Article: Crown debuts on ‘One Tree Hill’

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In the upcoming season of “One Tree Hill,” Fayetteville fans will recognize a piece of their city on the CW series.

The sixth season premieres tonight. Producers shot the fifth episode of the new season — titled “You dug your own grave, now lay in it” — at the Crown Coliseum on Aug. 13. The episode, which is scheduled to air Sept. 29, centers around the character of Nathan Scott and his struggle to reclaim his basketball career.

Fans will remember that Nathan (played by James Lafferty) was nearly paralyzed in a fight in season five. His return to basketball will be a big part of the new season.

The show, which is filmed in Wilmington, is set in fictional Tree Hill, a small North Carolina town. The drama focuses on the lives of five characters, including actor Chad Michael Murray, who is central to the show’s season finale cliffhanger. At the end of last season, his character, Lucas, asked one of the lead female characters to marry him in Las Vegas. Who he proposed to will be answered this season.

The Observer was given access to the set during the show’s short stint in Fayetteville and saw how producers transformed the Crown arena into a TV-ready basketball court. The changes were subtle, but the Hollywood mystique hung in the air.

We spoke with Lafferty and the show’s executive producer Greg Prange about the show — and what little they could reveal about the new season. The following are excerpts.

Observer: How does filming in Wilmington as opposed to Los Angeles shape the show?

Prange: You can’t really create North Carolina in Los Angeles. It’s a very odd reality.

We’ve always found that the river and the water and the beaches — all those things are characters in our show as much as the characters are.

Observer: What should fans expect for next season?

Prange: I can’t give any of that away. I never do that, because they would kill me if I did.

They should expect a pretty good roller-coaster ride. We got a lot of stuff happening. I think it’s probably one of the best openings of the season we’ve had.

Observer: How did jumping the story four years last year help the show creatively?

Prange: There was a lot of nervousness by the studio and network in the process of doing that, but we felt our show was so advanced in a strange way. Our kids, when they were in high school, were already getting married. They were already having babies, so it’s like when you go to college you’re not going to be doing anything different. I think we were successful in doing it. I think the audience responded to it, and we’re back for season six.

Observer: To what do you attribute the show’s longevity?

Prange: Mark Schwahn created the show. He guides our ship completely. We have good stories with a lot of heart, and we have an extraordinarily talented cast. If the audience wants to come back and see the characters because they are invested in the stories, then you’re doing your job.

Observer: Music has always been a big part of the show. Will there be another musical act you hope to launch? (Last year, singer Kate Voegele saw a jump in sales after playing a recurring character on the show.)

Prange: It’s too soon right now. We haven’t really done that too much, though we have a pretty good plan for things we want to accomplish. I can’t really talk about it now because it hasn’t happened, and I’d hate to jinx it.

James Lafferty has played Nathan Scott since the show debuted in September 2003. His character is balancing family life with a wife and young son and a comeback to basketball.

Observer: Do you think your high school basketball background helped you get the part on the series?

Lafferty: Somewhat. If I hadn’t played basketball, it probably would have been a bit harder for me to convince the producers that I was right for the role.

I went through the entire audition process. Then the last actual test was a basketball test and I passed that pretty well.

Observer: Is that really you dunking on the show?

Lafferty: Yeah, that’s me. I requested not to have a double used. I can generally do most of things that they want me to.

Observer: What can fans expect of your character in the new season?

Lafferty: A Nathan with a renewed sense of purpose and a guy that is really there for his family and sort of on a mission to get his life back to where he once thought it would be.

Observer: What other projects are you working on?

Lafferty: I did a film — a sequel to “Donnie Darko.” I don’t actually know what it’s going to be titled right now. It’s in the post-production process, and we’ll see what happens with that.

Observer: What have you enjoyed most about being part of “One Tree Hill”?

Lafferty: Just the experiences. I started the show when I was pretty young — at 17. I’m 23 now, so just the growth process and learning about my craft and learning about industry, and also making friends along the way. It’s been an amazing experience.

Observer: What’s it like working on a show that’s lasted six seasons?

Lafferty: It’s great. Not a lot of television shows make it that far. Not a lot of television shows shoot 100-plus episodes. It’s really special to look back on that and see what an accomplishment it’s been for everybody involved.

Observer: Why do think the show has endured?

Lafferty: I don’t think you can really peg any one thing, but I think one thing that’s been instrumental in keeping us on the air and keeping us relevant is how in touch we are with our fan base and how well we sort of cater to their needs.

We have all been really good about reaching out to the fans and trying to do signings and trying to do contests — really making it interactive. I think that’s helped us hold on to our core fan base and hopefully recruit some new fans.


Jul 11,2008

The Secret Life of Bees Premiere

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This is Hilarie Burton’s newest movie coming out

If you are looking to be among the first people to ‘The Secret Life of Bees’, which stars Jennifer Hudson, Dakota Fanning, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, and Sophie Okonedo, you will have to get a ticket at the Toronto Film Festival, where it will make its world premiere.

Also featured in the film are Tristan Wilds, Nate Parker, Paul Bettany, and Hilarie Burton.

The festival will run from September 4 through September 13. Also showing there will be Spike Lee’s ‘Miracle at St. Anna’, and Guy Ritchie’s ‘RocknRolla’ with Idris Elba and Thandie Newton.

Directed by Gina Prince Bythewood, the film is based on a 2002 bestselling novel by American author Sue Monk Kidd.

Set in South Carolina in 1964, story centers on Lily Owens (Fanning), who escapes her lonely life and troubled relationship with her father by running away with her caregiver and only friend (Hudson) to a South Carolina town that holds the secret to her mother’s past.Latifah, Okonedo and Keys play the three sisters

Jun 24,2008

Sophia Bush to Present at the ESPY’s

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Presenters at the 16th annual 2008 ESPY Awards, to be handed out in July, range from Lance Armstrong to Zac Efron to Jet Li.

Hosted by Justin Timberlake, the annual ceremony deals out awards to athletes using fan-based voting.

The complete list of presenters is as follows: Lance Armstrong, Jason Bateman, David Beckham, Kristen Bell, Sophia Bush, Ashanti, Zac Efron, Brendan Fraser, Samuel L. Jackson, Jet Li, Steve Nash, David Ortiz, Candace Parker, Danica Patrick, Annika Sorenstam, Kate Walsh and Luke Wilson.

ESPN said more presenters may be announced in the coming weeks.

The show will be taped July 16 at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles and televised on ESPN at 9 p.m. on July 20.


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Apr 26,2008

Star News Article on the Charity Game

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The fifth annual James Lafferty One Tree Hill Charity Basketball Game was part real athletic event, part Hollywood. A DJ played music while actors dribbled down the court. Free throws were shot shirtless. And the second half was almost delayed because Jackson Brundage, the 7-year-old actor who plays Jamie on the filmed-in-Wilmington series, was so caught up dancing on the court, Lafferty had to pick him up and plop him down on the sidelines.Each year, Lafferty, who plays basketball mentor Nathan Scott on The CW drama, hosts the game in Wilmington to thank his fans for their support and to raise money for various charities.

This year, the money raised at the event went to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Wilmington Family YMCA and Winnie’s Garden.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for fans of the show to meet the cast and I think it’s for a great cause,” said Chloe Glenn a 21-year-old fan from New Jersey.

She and her friend, Michelle DuBois, 24, from Atlanta, have attended the games for the past two years. Other fans came from as far away as Canada, Ohio and Florida. The winners of a recent Macy’s Weekend in Wilmington contest attended, too. After the game, they were on their way to a party with the cast and a private concert by musician and fifth season guest star Kate Voegele.

The night before the game, DuBois and Glenn got their own special encounter. While walking around downtown Wilmington, they ran into Joe Manganiello, who plays Owen the bartender this season. To their surprise, he stopped and talked with them.

“They’re just good people, down to earth,” DuBois said of the cast.

DuBois and Glenn were among the 1,300 fans who paid $25 a ticket to see the cast and crew. Tickets, which went on sale more than a month ago, sold out in less than 10 minutes. Saturday’s game began at 11 a.m., but many fans showed up hours in advance and many stayed late into the afternoon.

The game, a face-off between the “old” and “new” lineups of Tree Hill Ravens (the series’ fictional high-school team), started out tough for Lafferty’s home team. The actor, who won his high school’s MVP award in basketball, wore his character’s old black jersey.

Helping him out were co-stars Antwon Tanner (who plays Skills), Stephen Colletti (Chase), Vaughn Wilson (Fergie) and others.

The newbies, who included Manganiello and wore white jerseys, racked up points early on. Laffety’s team fought back to end the first half 40-37.

But the momentum did not last. The gamed ended with the new cast members pulling off 89 points to the old school-ers’ 83.

It probably did not help that Brundage, Sophia Bush (Brooke), Lee Norris (Mouth) and the show’s creator, Mark Schwahn, had microphones on the sidelines and were giving the players a hard time.

“The new Ravens have the lead, but the old Ravens have more screen time,” Schwahn announced at one point to the crowd. “But I think if the new Ravens continue to have the lead, they’ll have even less screen time.”

It’s likely most fans will not remember the details of the game, however. After the two 20-minute halves, most of the 1,300 fans queued up to wait (and wait) to seek autographs from cast members armed with uncapped Sharpies. The cast signed everything from DVDs and inflatable pink flamingoes to posters and the shirts on fans’ backs.

Meanwhile, crew members stood in the center of the court and auctioned off items from the set. The first item, a photo with the cast in attendance, went for $1,000 cash.

Scores of happy teenage girls walked out of Cape Fear Community College’s Shwartz Center giggling and firmly clutching their autographs.

“I expected chaos,” said 17-year-old fan Elizabeth Reese from Virginia. This was her first game. “I watched all season, religiously.”


Apr 17,2008

Brittany Snow: Sophia Bush Helped Me Overcome Anorexia

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Prom Night star Brittany Snow says she couldn’t have beat her nine-year battle with anorexia without the support of actress (and BFF) Sophia Bush.

“Sophia gives really, really good advice,” Snow, 22, reveals in the May issue of CosmoGIRL!. “I was going through a difficult time, and she was going through a difficult time figuring out the whole Chad [Michael Murray split] thing.

“We had so many slumber parties where she held my hand [as we worked] through a lot of different things,” Snow goes on. “When somebody can be there through something like that, they’re a friend forever.”

Snow says she decided to make her struggle with anorexia public after two of her friends died from an eating disorder.

“I was devastated,” she says. “I have so many girlfriends who are not even in Hollywood who struggle with eating disorders — Sophia and Amanda [Bynes] are the only two people I know who are happy with their bodies.”

Living in the superficial world of Hollywood, Snow says she is glad she overcame her battle at an early age.

“I think everybody wants to be popular, especially out here in Hollywood,” she says.

“Thank God I went through all of that so early, in middle and high school, to realize it’s not about being popular or cool — it’s about being who you are.”


Mar 27,2008

Article: James Lafferty Hosts Charity Basketball Game

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From the moment he gained fame as basketball prodigy Nathan Scott on One Tree Hill, James Lafferty has been using his celebrity to help others.  During the first four seasons of the show, Lafferty hosted an annual charity basketball game to help raise money for various organizations around Wilmington, North Carolina, which is where the series is filmed.  The games have not only raised a ton of cash for some great causes, but they’ve allowed One Tree Hill fans the chance to meet their favorite stars in person.

On Saturday, March 29, tickets will go on sale for The 5th Annual James Lafferty/One Tree Hill Charity Basketball Game.  The game will take place on April 26 in Wilmington, and will feature stars such as Sophia Bush and Jackson Brundage competing against one another.

In case the idea of seeing adorable little Jamie Scott playing basketball isn’t enough to get you to book a flight to North Carolina, many other stars will also be attending.  According to, the list of confirmed stars includes Bethany Joy Galeotti, Lee Norris, Paul Johansson, Stephen Colletti (Chase), and series creator Mark Schwahn.  Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton have yet to confirm their appearances, but it’s quite possible they’ll stop by as well.

Tickets go on sale this Saturday for only $25.  Proceeds from the event will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which is an organization that helps treat children with serious diseases.  The Wilmington Family YMCA will also receive part of the proceeds, as will Winni’s Garden, which assists homeless pets and animal shelters.

Not only will fans get to see the basketball game for a mere $25, but there’s also an autograph session afterwards where they can meet the stars.  That’s quite a deal.