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Oct 14,2010

People: True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Is Engaged

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(Joe Manganiello: Former OTH’s Owen)

Sorry ladies, Joe Manganiello is off the market.

While on vacation in Italy the True Blood heartthrob, 33, popped the question to his girlfriend, actress/model Audra Marie, his rep tells PEOPLE.

Manganiello, who plays werewolf Alcide Herveaux on the HBO drama, and Marie met at a 2009 Super Bowl party, but it was anything but love at first sight.

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Jun 02,2010

Video: Joe Manganiello in True Blood

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I caught a glimpse of Joe Manganiello (“Owen”) in the new True Blood trailer.  Check it out here.

Jan 11,2010

Joe Manganiello – One Tree Hill Podcast No. 87

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Joe Manganiello returns to the One Tree Hill Podcast to talk exclusively about his return to One Tree Hill, to reprise his role as Owen, and talks about his love for Wilmington. Manganiello also gives more information on taking on the role of Alcide in season three of HBO’s hit series True Blood. He even gives a preview of Alcide’s Mississippi accent.

NEXT WEEK: An exclusive interview with Lindsey McKeon as she talks about the return of her character Taylor James. There is also an “Artist Alley” segment with the band Vedera. And look later in the week on how you can win a copy of Vedera’s album.

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Jan 08,2010

Joe Manganiello interivew on OTH Podcast Jan. 11

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It is safe to say 2010 might just be the year of Joe Manganiello. Not only is he reprising his role as the bartender Owen on One Tree Hill, set to air in February, he also garnered the coveted role of Alcide the werewolf on season three of HBO’s hit series True Blood.

Manganiello is currently in Wilmington filming for One Tree Hill and then will head back to Los Angeles to begin filming True Blood in late January. He paused from his busy schedule to visit the One Tree Hill Podcast to share his news about returning to One Tree Hill and True Blood. He even gave a preview of his Mississippi accent he is trying to perfect for True Blood.

Check out Manganiello’s exclusive interview on the One Tree Hill Podcast January 11.

Dec 28,2009

Happy Birthday, Joe Manganiello

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Today is Joe’s 33rd birthday.  Big congrats to him for his new role in True Blood and we can’t wait to have Owen back as well.  Happy Birthday, Joe!

Dec 18,2009 Joe Manganiello Reprising His Role as Owen

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Bon Temps-bound Joe Manganiello is making a little pit stop in Tree Hill.

The actor, whose career got a monster-sized boost earlier this week when he landed the coveted role of werewolf Alcide on True Blood, has signed on to reprise his role as Brooke’s alcoholic ex, Owen, on One Tree Hill for an episode.

Manganiello will squeeze in his OTH comeback before beginning work on True Blood in late January.

When last seen in season 6, Owen was heading off to rehab. What brings him back? Beats me. Whatever the reason, it’s safe to say he’ll add another layer of tension to Brooke’s already-rocky romance with Julian. At least that’s what EW’s Jennifer Armstrong theorizes. I’m a little behind on OTH.

Thoughts? Looking forward to seeing Owen again? Happy to see that Manganiello hasn’t forgotten his roots? Sound off below!

Source: EW

Dec 15,2009

EW: ‘True Blood’ scoop: ‘Tree Hill’ stud Joe Manganiello is Alcide!

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Congrats, Joe!!!

True Blood fans, it’s the casting news you’ve been waiting for…

Joe Manganiello, best known for playing barkeep Owen on One Tree Hill and Marshall’s law school chum Brad on How I Met Your Mother, has landed season 3’s most important new role: Sookie’s werewolf crush, Alcide Herveaux.

If Alan Ball follows Charlaine Harris’ books, Eric will summon Alcide — described in casting breakdowns as good-looking, rough-around-the-edges, articulate, heroic, and decent — to assist Sookie in her search for Bill.

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Dec 07,2009

Examiner: Behind the Scenes with Joe Manganiello

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When it comes to acting, actor Joe Manganiello is sort of like a jack of all trades in the field. His resume reads like a casting director’s dream in that he has had a diverse range of experiences playing roles of all genres and depths….

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Jul 26,2009

TeenDramaWhore: Exclusive: Joe Manganiello on Owen’s Future in Tree Hill

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Joe Manganiello is one heckuva long name. But just say Owen and One Tree Hill fans know exactly who he is. Manganiello’s credits also include Spider-Man, How I Met Your Mother, American Heiress, ER, Til Death and Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia.

Manganiello spoke with me about Owen’s future in Tree Hill, his memories from the set and his upcoming projects.

TeenDramaWhore: What was the audition process like for One Tree Hill? Did you have any idea at the time that Owen would go on to appear in more than just a few episodes?

Joe Manganiello: I auditioned against 20-30 guys. They called me in to read twice and then let me know I got it. They sent me three scripts at once so I knew I would be around for at least that long… -but- the first director I worked with was a complete asshole to me… He came up to me after the first take of my first scene on my first day of shooting and started the most disrespectful things any director has ever said to me… I’ve never been talked to like that at work and I’ve worked on really dense classical material with Moscow art theatre directors… I mean here we are doing a simple flirting scene between Brooke and Owen and this jerk doesn’t even pull me aside… He walks up to me in earshot of the rest of the crew and says… “who hired you?” to which I replied… “the show creator Mark Schwahn and the producer Joe Davola.” “in LA?” “yes.” “did you do that?” “well, we didn’t do that scene in the audition but yeah… that’s pretty much what I did…” He then proceeded to lecture me on what he thinks bartenders are like for several minutes until I interrupted him and suggested that “maybe I could smile more… how would that be?” “yeah, okay… try that…” It was brutal… I was a bartender when I was younger… I worked in bars and clubs from the time I was 16 years old… And I’ve been flirting with pretty girls since long before that… How far off the mark was I??? It took everything in me to not punch this old guy in the face… But I kept my mouth shut and put my head down and did the scene… And I’ve been on the show ever since… That one scene turned into 12 episodes and would have probably been more if I didn’t leave to shoot “Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia.”

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Jun 19,2009

Static Multimedia : Actor Joe Manganiello

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There are actors for whom acting is a profession. And then there are those for whom acting is a way of life. For Joe Manganiello, acting is more than just a career, it’s the only option. Manganiello is perhaps best known to the outside world as “Flash Thomson,” bullying Peter Parker in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman, or “Owen Morello,” Brook’s (Sophia Bush) love interest on teenage drama One Tree Hill. Along with these roles, Manganiello has been showing his face in a variety of popular television shows such as How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs and ‘Til Death. Looking over the list of Manganiello’s credits is like browsing a the bookshelf of an avid bibliophile: title after title, all different genres and subject matters. It’s the credit list of someone who’s playing for love of the game.

Born and raised outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Joe Manganiello graduated from the celebrated Mt. Lebanon High School, where he was an active athlete, participating in football, basketball and volleyball. Sidelined after an injury, Manganiello began to turn to acting more and more. He began cultivating his talents by writing movies for himself and his friends.

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