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Dec 09,2011

Happy 25th Belated Birthday Kate Voegele!

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I am a day behind but I still hope you had the happiest birthday!!

Hope your day was wonderful and spent with those you love :)

Oct 04,2011

Kate Voegele on ‘What’s Trending’ TODAY

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Heys Guys looks like Kate will be doing a live web stream event today at 10am PST/1pm EST. If you are interested in watching check out the link below! I am not sure what they will cover :)
Kate Voegele Don’t miss Kate on What’s Trending TODAY at 10am PST – you can stream her appearance live here:


Sep 26,2011

PlumWillow: WIN a LIVE Online Style & Chat Session With Kate Voegele!

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Enter the contest here:

They are also having an online styling party on Thursday at 8pm EST, where there will be giveaways, styling outfits for the contest, playing Kate trivia and more!

RSVP here for the styling party :

Jul 07,2011

US Magazine: Watch A One Tree Hill Star’s New Music Video

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That crazy One Tree Hill gang never slows down.

The CW’s staple teen drama was just renewed for its ninth season and Chad Michael Murray, Sophia Bush, James Lafferty and the rest always seem to be out and about doing something. And let’s not forget about Kate Voegele, 25, who plays Mia on the show and also has a blossoming night gig as a singer-songwriter.

Check out her latest video for “Heart In Chains” (off her current disc, Gravity Happens) above and catch her on tour with Natasha Bedingfield now (tour dates at

By Ian Drew for Us Weekly. To read more of Ian’s blog, click here.


Kate Voegele- Heart in Chains from Grandson and Son on Vimeo.

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May 24,2011

Kate Voegele’s New Album “Gravity Happens”

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Ok All, I have been very bad about not getting this up sooner. Many of you probably already have Kate’s new album and that is awesome!! If not I am posting a link now.

Click itunes to purchase album “Gravity Happens”! Gravity Happens (Deluxe Edition) - Kate Voegele

Check out Kate’s website by clicking the picture below. There you can see pictures and video on the making of her new album “Gravity Happens” plus so much more!!


May 23,2011

Ology Exclusive: Interview with Musician and ‘One Tree Hill’ Star Kate Voegele

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You may know Kate Voegele as Mia on One Tree Hill, but she was first and foremost a musician — and an amazing one at that! At 24 years old, Kate has three great albums under her belt. Her latest, Gravity Happens, just dropped last week and quickly found it’s way onto the iTunes Top 10. Read my raving review of it here!

Too often musicians put out new albums just to put them out. These mediocre attempts at staying relevant force us to skip through tracks to find some semblance of an ipod-worthy song. But trust me, every song on her new record is ipod-worthy. Kate doesn’t mess around!

She was nice enough to talk to us about the new record, her upcoming tour with Natasha Bedingfield and of course, her feelings on the season 9 renewal of One Tree Hill! Read our interview below!

Click here to buy Kate’s new album!


Hi Kate, how are you?

Hey Sharon, I’m great. How are you?



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Apr 28,2011

HollyWood Life: Kate Voegele Reveals What Inspired Her New Album ‘Gravity Happens’ & What’s Next For Mia On ‘One Tree Hill!’

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The gorgeous singer-songwriter shares the experiences that shaped her upcoming album… which is going to be amazing.

Kate Voegele‘s third studio album, Gravity Happens, has been a work-in-progress for just about a year now, and the One Tree Hill star can’t wait for fans to get a taste of her new sound. “A lot of things changed in my life this year,” Kate tells exclusively, one of which was her permanent move from Ohio to Los Angeles. “The music is definitely along the same lines of what I’ve done before, but it’s a little more raw and honest and rough around the edges.”

I had the pleasure of seeing Kate perform some of her new tracks live April 25 at the Loews Regency Hotel in NYC — and trust me, you’re going to love Gravity Happens. Between songs like “Sand Castles,” which echoes the frustration young adults face as they abandon their child-like views, to the absolutely beautiful title track, fans will really feel the emotional upheaval of Kate’s experiences over the past year.

And there are many.

One of those experiences was a trip to Nicaragua, where she spent time with families living in a trash dump community. “I don’t speak any Spanish, but the whole thing really rocked me,” she says. “It was all these people who literally live off the trash. It’s pretty intense to see little kids going through a garbage looking for meat for their families — but they were still so happy. It was a whole different level of things I’ve never seen.”

And here’s some good news for Tree Hill fans: Not only will Mia will be back for the May 18 season finale, but she’ll also be performing one of her new songs, “Heart in Chains!”

“Fans will see Mia’s life has changed for the better,” Kate tells us. “She left because her priorities were out of whack, she wasn’t focusing on her music, and she was tired of fighting with Alex. … She and Alex are cool now.”

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Apr 26,2011

E!: Kate Voegele Spills on Her New Album and One Tree Hill’s Possible Series Finale

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Kate Voegele is certainly no one-trick pony. Not only is she an über-talented singer/songwriter, but she’s been a staple on the CW’s One Tree Hill since season five. Juggling her music career and acting on such a fan-favorite show hasn’t been easy, but Kate told us that it’s all part of the process.

And that process has led to her third album, Gravity Happens, which drops on the same day as the One Tree Hill season-eight finale: May 17. Kate talks to us about the new album and OTH’s season-ender, plus we have an exclusive track from Gravity Happens for all you fans who need to feed your ear brains:

After two studio albums, Kate says she went on a “little journey” to find inspiration for her new album, including finding the title. “I know who I am as an artist and I know what my sound is, but I wanted to know what I could do in order to take it to that next level,” she tells us. “So the experiences I had last year of moving to California and traveling to places like Rome and Nicaragua where I met a lot of people just had a really big impact in my life. Gravity Happens came from all of those influences and the song that the album is named for is about how stuff just happens and that it’s out of our control and we all learn that as we get older.”

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Oct 25,2010

Video: An Important Message From Kate Voegele

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RealOneTreeHill – An important message from @KateVoegele

Oct 11,2010

Daemon’s TV: Exclusive: ONE TREE HILL’s Kate Voegle Interview

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ONE TREE HILL fans are very familiar with Kate Voegle, who plays singer-songwriter Mia Catalano on the CW hit drama. Life Unexpected fans will also get to know her when she brings Mia to that show Tuesday October 12 at 9pm/8 central, directly following an all new One Tree Hill.

Daemon’s TV talked to Kate, who happens to be a talented singer/songwriter in her own right, about the crossover, what we can expect from Mia this season, and what it was like to cover the One Tree Hill theme song.

via Exclusive: ONE TREE HILL’s Kate Voegle Interview | Daemon’s TV.