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Feb 03,2012

Exclusive: One Tree Hill Chat Room Interview with Keedar Whittle (Nino)

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Keedar Whittle is known for playing Nino and giving Nate a little mouth on One Tree Hill during Season 6. The One Tree Hill Chat Room hosted by OTHTwitterBugs had the opportunity to participate in a group chat with him Thursday night.  Check out the Q & A they had below…

OTHTwitterBugs: Here he is
keedar_whittle: It’s keedar


OTHTwitterBugs: Welcome to the 1st special guest chat. Thanks for taking the time to do this! :)
keedar_whittle: Of course. It an honor


OTHTwitterBugs: So tell us a lil about yourself! :)
keedar_whittle: Well I’m from Atlanta. Went to undergrad in va. A bit of grad school in Boston


OTHTwitterBugs: What got you into acting?
keedar_whittle: I dropped out of grad school and did my first professional play


JustMakingLove4OTH: What were you studying?
keedar_whittle: I was a bio premed undergrad and microbio for grad
OTHTwitterBugs: Wow… thats a huge change!

OTHTwitterBugs: What came 1st acting or comedy?
keedar_whittle: I read a book by Julia Cameron titled The Artist Way and that got me into comedy.


OTHTwitterBugs: Had u ever seen any episodes of the show before he was cast?
keedar_whittle: Hahahahha never seen an episode before I booked the show.


lalleman: were you naturally a funny person growing up?
keedar_whittle: Yeah I was funny growing up but not like oh hes going to be a stand up comedian funny


OTHTwitterBugs: Do you watch when you can now?
keedar_whittle: I don’t watch now but I still talk to mark all the time. (does that count?)
Jennifer: Thats just as good you still have an idea of what is happening! you probably know more then we do!
keedar_whittle: Hahahah Ive see a couple of episodes. My mom still watches.


OTHTwitterBugs: Were you nervous when you got the call about being nino? Oth4life
keedar_whittle: I was nervous and excited. It was my 1st major job.


OTH9season: what was it like working with a group of people that had already been together for so long?
keedar_whittle: It was like “o these people been working together…they know what to do and I don’t”
keedar_whittle: Like…

OTHTwitterBugs: How was it like working with james?
keedar_whittle: I showed up to set and they threw me right in there…no rehearsal for the rehearsal. They assumed I knew what to do.
keedar_whittle: James is cool. He’s quiet if u don’t know him.
keedar_whittle: He’s a perfectionist!!!
keedar_whittle: Very nice crew. And mark was my director. We hit it off


lalleman: did you ever play basketball like James had before the show?
keedar_whittle: Yeah I played college ball


OTHTwitterBugs: We know you were in 2 episodes where Joy & James directed. What was it like having a different director each time & what it was like acting with & being directed by James- meg121186
keedar_whittle: It was weird cus when I got back in town I was looking for mark. But they knew what they were doing. James 1st time directing was my episode. He was a wreck!!! Only because he’s a perfectionist. It came out great.


OTHTwitterBugs: What got you to audition for this role?
keedar_whittle:  My agent sent one out for it. Then I booked. It was great. 1st class flights…limo service…
Jennifer: Sounds luxirious!
OTHTwitterBugs: What new projects coming up??- hollyholtman23
keedar_whittle: I have a commercial out now. It’s an O’Charley’s commercial. I’ll be on The Walking Dead next month My name is Nate on that show. I just shot a sketch comedy show yesterday. It’s called Stevie TV on VH1.

OTHTwitterBugs: when did you first realize in life that you wanted to be a comedian/actor and is it harder to play a serious role when you are naturally funny?- lalleman
keedar_whittle: Hahahah after I did that play in Boston I said I this is what I want to do full time!! And I did broadway from 04-06 so I rather do serious roles. I just so happen to be natural at comedy

imafanatic: What did you do on Broadway?
keedar_whittle: Circle in the Square Theatre so all shakes and contemporary stuff
keedar_whittle: I did some Chekhov as well
imafanatic: That’s great!
lalleman: thats some hard stuff to master into acting
keedar_whittle: Yeah it’s a continuing class and learning

lalleman: Whose your favorite comedian?
keedar_whittle: Favorite comedian is Chris rock and Martin Lawrence
keedar_whittle: Eddie Murphy from back in the day

Jennifer: In what ways do you think you can improve as an actor? Are there any Actors/actresses that you look up to in order to improve?
keedar_whittle: I can always improve on being accessible and not blocked. I love Johnny Depp for that reason. And Meryl Streep and Don Cheadle and Jeffrey Wright

JustMakingLove4OTH: Would you consider writing a comedy script for a movie?
keedar_whittle: I have a comedy script. I wrote a drama that mark is interested in.
JustMakingLove4OTH: really awesome!!!
Jennifer: Would the drama be a movie? or something else?
keedar_whittle: TV drama
OTH9season: wow! that’s awesome!
keedar_whittle: A 1 hour
OTHTwitterBugs: Dude Mark is a genius anything he touches will be amazing!!!!
lalleman: count me in as a viewer :)
imafanatic: Nice.


lalleman: Whats youre favorite TV show? (since we know it isnt one tree hill) lol
keedar_whittle: Ha. I watch hgtv so I can learn how to upgrade my house for cheap
keedar_whittle: That or sports

oth4life: are you going to be watching the superbowl?
keedar_whittle: Yeah go giants for superbowl
JustMakingLove4OTH: YEAAA GIANTS!!!!
hollyholtman23: Wrong choice my friend!!

lalleman: With acting, broadway, writing, comedy etc…where do you HOPE to be 10 years down the road?
keedar_whittle: In 10 years I want to have at least all grade levels 7-12 installed at my school. my ultimate calling in life is to build schools all around the world. All schools will be different in make up school but same in that there will 2 concentrations. One is religion and the other could be the sciences, art, business, sports, etc…

This is pretty much the end of a looong time chatting. Keedar was awesome!  Expect great things to come from him!  Look for him to be in a pilot this season. He says we will be able to see him on tv every week.

You can keep up with him

A huge thanks to ChristyAnne for putting together the chat. Don’t miss out on the next one. Sign up here!