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Jan 08,2008

New Season 5 Pictures

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Everyone looks so great!

Brooke and Lucas

Quentin and Haley


Kevin Federline



Brooke and Peyton

lucas and peyton

skills and mouth


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Dec 28,2007

Kevin Federline/Jason Profile

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image Kevin is the last in the series of New Faces Profiles.  I specifically left him for last because how does one really profile Kevin Federline?  Unless you live under a rock, you’ve pretty much watched his personal life over the last few years.  I could just say he’s Britney’s baby daddy and be done with it but it doesn’t quite seem to do justice to him. 

To be quite honest when Britney married Kevin and she was still riding high, I felt like Britney had made one big mistake but honestly, these days, Kevin looks like the good guy.  And I don’t mean that just in his personal life.  Everything I’ve read has built Kevin up to be a nice guy.  I’ve heard the cast of One Tree Hill has had nothing but good things to say about him and that has been the case on several other things he has done.  In his personal life he has clearly tried to be there for his children…not just for Britney’s but also for his daughter from Shar Jackson.  Ok, that is my personal rant on Kevin but let’s take a look professionally what Kevin is involved in…

  • I guess we all know he is a dancer but did you know it included all these entertainers…Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Christina Milian, and LFO.
  • And I suppose we all know he is an aspiring rapper who released his album Playing with Fire in 2006.
  • I did not realize he was a model.  He modeled for Five Star Vintage line which was a top selling line in Macy’s and Lord & Taylor.
  • I also did not realize he had been on WWE RAW wrestling against John Cena which went so well they were considering giving him a regular role.
  • As for acting, Kevin appeared in his and Britney’s reality show Britney & Kevin: Chaotic, appeared in the movie You Got Served as well as made guest appearances on 1 vs. 100 and CSI.  Not to mention that funny Nationwide commercial which ended in him working in a fast food restaurant and then it says, "Life comes at you fast."

If you ask me, he’s not an angel by any means but I don’t think he is given enough credit in the media.  I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what Kevin brings to One Tree Hill.

Following is an interview from back in the fall on Extra with Kevin.  It also shows some filming on One Tree Hill.


Dec 25,2007

OTH in Kate Voegele Interview

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I mentioned this in the previous post but thought it was worthy of an individual post.  Kate Voegele who will play Mia was recently interviewed by  She mentions her new role on One Tree Hill and they show scenes with her singing and also arguing with Kevin Federline’s character.  Oh, I can’t wait!

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Dec 25,2007

Kate Voegele/Mia Profile

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kate.jpg Kate Voegele is set to play Mia for six episodes in Season 5. Kate’s character Mia takes over for Kevin Federline’s character after he is fired and performs her actual music from her new release “Don’t Look Away”.

Kate’s career seems to be taking off quickly this year. She completed two demo albums (“The Other Side” and “Louder Than Words”) starting at the age of 17 before becoming the first signed artist under Myspace Records in 2006 and releasing “Don’t Look Away” this year. She attended school at Miami University until the spring of 2007 with an art education major before leaving to focus on this burgeoning career.

Kate’s music has been featured on several shows. Most recently “It’s Only Life” was on MTV’s Newport Harbor and “Facing Up” was on their show “The Hills” (we love that show!).

One Tree Hill is Kate’s first acting gig (as far as I can tell) while she has spent time furthering her career singing in Farm Aid and many other public appearances. It looks like One Tree Hill is snatching Kate up and making quite the star out of her.

Recently, she was interviewed by and even talks about One Tree Hill! There are even spoiler scenes in it! Check it out and be sure to check out Kate’s site, her myspace and music as well.


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Dec 14,2007

Fast Forward Preview Episode 6 New Faces

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CW has the new Fast Forward Preview out. Episode Six is about all the new characters. This is my favorite one so far. Lots of new info!

Lindsey Strauss played by Michaela McManus – Again, this is Lucas’s book editor.

Mia played by Kate Voegele -She’s a singer for a band in the show and is apparently timid at first but then comes out of her shell when she realizes she is a great singer.

Jason played by Kevin Federline – He’s a self-absorbed rock star.

Victoria played by Daphne Zuniga – Very bullheaded, precise, methodical and focused CEO of Brooke’s company.

Millicent played by Lisa Goldstein – Brooke’s assistant who is a quiet, hardworking, sweet people pleaser. Described as a female Mouth.

Alice by Kelly Lintz - Mouth’s uncensored “firecracker boss”.

Owen played by Joe Manganiello- the”sexy bartender” who gets involved with the female characters. He apparently has a history.

Quentin played by Robbie Jones – Ravens basketball player. Very cocky character who believes he is NBA bound.

Carrie played by Torrey DeVitto – Nanny for Jamie. She’s overzealous and peppy.

Jamie played by Jackson – Nathan and Haley’s son. No one can quit talking about this little kid!

I’m so excited about all the new characters! This season is shaping up to be great!

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