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Feb 14,2012

StarNews: “One Tree Hill” star Lee Norris talks makeup, Mouth’s journey and… teaching?

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Each character on “One Tree Hill” has changed over the show’s nine seasons. They’ve grown older, wiser and more successful. But at the start of season nine, one character was also noticably thicker. Marvin “Mouth” McFadden started this season about 60 pounds heavier than he eneded season eight, thanks to a sudden zeal for food that’s driving a wedge between him and his girlfriend, Millie.

“I never envisioned that’s where my story was going,” says Lee Norris, who has played Mouth since the show’s pilot episode and now performs his scenes buried under prothstetic makeup and extra padding.

I recently chatted with Norris at a CW event in Pasadena about the locally filmed show’s legacy, his North Carolina roots and what his future might hold.

Q: Are you living in California full-time now?

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Jan 05,2012

TV Guide: Which One Tree Hill Character Gets Fat for the Final Season?

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When One Tree Hill returns on Wednesday (8/7c, CW) one character will be virtually unrecognizable.

“Mouth [has] gained about 60 pounds,” Lee Norris tells “He’s undergone a physical transformation … but what is really going to interest the audience is why this transformation happened.”

The cast of One Tree Hill shares their all-time favorite episodes

When we last saw Marvin “Mouth” McFadden, he and girlfriend Millie (Lisa Goldstein) had begun their very own morning show. While the two are still at it when the show returns, they’ll have a lot on their plate.

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Nov 09,2011

Ology: Interview: ‘One Tree Hill’ Star Lee Norris Teases His Character’s Final Season Fate

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As a longtime, devoted One Tree Hill fan, the upcoming last season is certainly bittersweet. I’ve been watching this show since I was 16 years old and it definitely helped define a post-Dawson’s Creek generation littered with failing teen dramas. And even though OTH has evolved over the years with character departures, we still run home to watch it. Every. Single. Week. Think about it. This show was not supposed to last past high school graduation. It’s just unheard of on television these days. And nine years later, we’re still one of the most dedicated fan bases out there. The OTH fan family will forever be misunderstood by bullying network favorites and people that never even gave it a chance. And hey, we’re OK with that.

Over the past year, I’ve been lucky enough to interview several castmembers and I recently caught up with the ever-sweet Lee Norris who’s played Mouth McFadden since the pilot episode. Not only did Lee shed some light on the final season (sans spoilers!), season finale, Chad Michael Murray’s return and his MAJOR character development, but he was cool enough to talk about Boy Meets World too. Such a pleasure! Check out our interview below!

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Oct 15,2010

Video: Lee Norris With a Message on Hope

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Aug 26,2010

Video: Lee Norris Reminds You to Watch

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May 18,2010

Lee Norris on Artists on Demand Radio

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As we posted, Lee Norris was on Artists on Demand Radio last night.  You can check out the audio here.

May 11,2010

Talk to Lee Norris Live After Season 7 Finale

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Lee Norris will be the special guest on Monday at 9pm EST for Artists On Demand Radio. Lee will be speaking with the hosts and taking calls from listeners for an hour following the Finale of OTH that night.  Check out more info here:

Dec 18,2009

Twitter Audio Messages

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Bethany Joy Galeotti sends out a holdiay greeting to all One Tree Hill fans

Lee Norris sends out holiday message to One Tree Hill fans

Nov 09,2009

MovieWeb EXCLUSIVE: Lee Norris Gets Mouthy for One Tree Hill

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Sometimes an actor can be just so right for a part based on where they came from. Lee Norris grew up in the basketball-friendly state of North Carolina and attended the ACC powerhouse school Wake Forest, known for a rich legacy of college basketball greatness. Norris plays Marvin “Mouth” McFadden, who becomes a basketball commentator on the hit CW series One Tree Hill, which is currently airing its seventh season on Monday nights at 8 PM ET on the CW Network. I recently had the chance to speak with Norris over the phone about his role in this long-running series, and here’s what he had to say.

I was curious how you first heard about this character Mouth and what was your first reaction about this character?

Lee Norris: I was actually a student in college when I got the call to audition for Mouth. I was really interested in it because he was really interested in sports and I wanted to be a sports announcer. I went to an ACC school, Wake Forest, I’m a big college basketball fan and it was just a natural interest for me. In fact, I wore my basketball t-shirt into the audition and kind of talked junk with our executive producer Mark Schwahn, who went to Maryland. It was sort of a cool way to try out for the part and, obviously, the part grew and it was nice to become more complex as the show has gone on.

With your background, I guess it wasn’t that hard to prepare and to channel in this character?

Lee Norris: No, no. Definitely not. Sports is a natural thing for me, it’s something I’m interested in so I channeled all my old ESPN SportsCenter nights watching those into the character. It was just a natural fit, really.

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Nov 09,2009

Digital Spy: A chat with Mouth from ‘One Tree Hill’

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Warning: This entry contains spoilers about season seven of One Tree Hill which some fans may wish to avoid.

In One Tree Hill’s seven-year history, castmembers have come and gone, time has jumped back and forth, and Dan Scott has become more and more evil. But one constant throughout it all has been Marvin ‘Mouth’ McFadden. Recently, we caught up with actor Lee Norris to discuss his unlucky-in-love alter-ego, OTH’s Chad Michael Murray-shaped hole, and the return of Rachel.

How have the new faces settled in to Tree Hill?

“They’re doing really well. They’re obviously all good-looking people, which never hurts! The show has been really clever about how it’s introduced people. Rob Buckley’s character has just had that major revelation of his wife dying tragically. You feel a lot for a character like that and the show has done a great job of balancing the older characters with the newer characters.”

Has everyone adjusted to life without Lucas and Peyton?

“Obviously we miss Chad and Hil – when you work with someone for six years, it’s tough to say goodbye. But I think everyone has really embraced the fact that we’re in our seventh year and the fans are still passionate to hear about the characters that are left. There are still interesting stories to tell. It’s a bitter-sweet thing: we miss them, but we’re excited to turn a new page.”

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