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Jun 27,2008

Sophia Bush in OK Magazine

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Unjaded despite a short-lived marriage to Chad Michael Murray, Sophia Bush is a breath of fresh air. OK! spoke to the star, 25, at Switch Boutique in Beverly Hills three days after the wrapping movie Table for Three, and just before she returned to North Carolina for the sixth, and possible final, season of One Tree Hill.

How do you feel about the possiblity of OTH coming to an end?
-Either way, I’m happy with it. It’s been a great run. But it’ll be nice to have more than six days off.

How do you relax on those days off?
– I spend time with my friend, see my parents & take my dog out. He’s an one-eyes pit bull who I love with all my heart. He’s like my kid, the light of my life.

How do you stay in shape?
– I want to be one of those women who is still 70 & still hiking, so I’ve gotten away from the gym & the weights. I’m into active training, like stairs, sprints and a lot of movement.

Do you worry how you look?
-It’s more important for me to be healthy than thin. I have no desire to be miserable and size 0. I like my curves.

Do you diet?
– No, life is too short. I’m not going to deny myself dessert, bread or wine. I’m Italian. I love food. It’s about moderation.

Which leading man is your favorite?
-Clive Owen. I would give that man my firstborn child! And he’s in love with his wife, which makes him even sexier.

Are you dating anyone right now?
-The only two men I have time for are Barack Obama and my trainer! Those are the closet I come to relationships.

Source:  OK Magazine, July 7, 2008 issue and reader Christy-Anne

Feb 01,2008

Three OTH Couples Make Top 10 TV Ships for 2008

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Congratulations to Naley fans! Nathan and Haley are the #1 TV Ships for 2008.  Leyton and Brucas made it to the top ten as well.

1. Nathan & Haley [One Tree Hill]
2. Brooke & Lucas [One Tree Hill]
3. Jude & Tommy [Instant Star]
4. Clark & Lois [Smallville]
5. Blair & Chuck [Gossip Girl]
6. Clark & Lana [Smallville]
7. Lucas & Peyton [One Tree Hill]
8. Serena & Dan [Gossip Girl]
9. Clark & Chloe [Smallville]
10. Chuck & Sarah [Chuck] 

Check out the full listing and details at Portrait Magazine 

Jan 03,2008

Sophia Bush working out and looking good

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According to Us Weekly, this is what Sophia has to say about working out:

TUNES: "She likes Kanye West and Common," trainer Harley Pasternak tells Us of Bush, 25.
FAVE WORKOUT: "I can have her doing intense lunges, where people would be nauseous," says Pasternak. "She laughs."
DRINK: Fuze energy drinks.

This week we posted on Sophia’s appearance in Miami and her cute white outfit has made it onto the hit list at


Jan 01,2008

January Portrait Magazine

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Visit Portrait Magazine

Portrait Magazine has lots of really great One Tree Hill stuff for us this month including a wallpaper challenge where your wallpaper could be included in next month’s issue and features on Bethany Joy Galeotti and James Lafferty as well as an article to get someone caught up on what Season 5 is going to look like.  The Bethany and James articles are great including lots of personal little facts and some history.

The magazine is also looking for someone to take over their TV column, so email them if you’re interested.



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James Lafferty: Prince Charming
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One Tree Hill Wallpaper Challenge
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and enter it in our challenge!


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