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Oct 18,2010

StarNews: “Hellcats” star Matt Barr talks cheerleading, “One Tree Hill” and Wilmington

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It’s been more than three years since Matt Barr played a psychotic stalker on “One Tree Hill,” but his performance still resonates with the show’s passionate fans.

“I flew from Vancouver to L.A. today and probably got stopped three times in the airport from ‘One Tree Hill’ fans,” he told me this summer while promoting his new CW series, “Hellcats.”

Dan Patch, his “Hellcats” character, seems much more stable than “Psycho Derek,” who stalked Pyeton (Hilarie Burton) for much of the fourth season on “One Tree Hill.” Dan is the best friend of Marti (Aly Michalka ), who joins her college cheerleading team for the scholarship money and must now balance that competitive cut-throat world with her pre-law studies.

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May 20,2010

OTH Alums Join CW’s Hellcats

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Check out OTH Alums Matt Barr and Robbie Jones in the CW’s new show Hellcats.


Here’s the promo that was released today:

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Oct 25,2009

TDW Exclusive: Matt Barr on Going From Psycho Derek to Keith Van Der Woodsen

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Appearing on just one teen drama? Psht. Two? Forget that. If you’re Matt Barr, you have a trifecta going and will settle for nothing less.

Barr is perhaps best-known for playing Ian “Psycho Derek” Banks on One Tree Hill, but has two other teen drama roles under his belt: a young Keith van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl’s 80s flashback episode and Wes, a college student on The O.C.

What could make it even better? This: Barr couldn’t have been nicer–or funnier–in our interview. See for yourself below.

TeenDramaWhore: When you were cast on One Tree Hill, were you aware of all the twists in store for your character? Specifically, did you know you weren’t really Peyton’s brother and did you know you were going to go down the ’stalker’ route?

Matt Barr: I really did go into it pretty blind. The only information the producers shared with me in the beginning was that Derek had a dark side. What that meant, I really had no idea. Little did I know I was going to have time of my life! I had no clue it would escalate the way it did, and to the degree it did. I remember, towards the end of that wild character arc, I told creator Mark Schwahn, “Man, you’re really not afraid to go for it!” Loved every minute of it.

TDW: How did you channel all the craziness you had to display?

Barr: Ha Ha. Good question. You know, truth is we all have this instinctual dark side to us. I’m not saying it’s evil; it’s just this raw survival technique that, when placed in extreme circumstances, or faced with desperate measures, we are all capable of some pretty crazy things. Ha ha. I remember when I was like 6 years old, it was my birthday, and as my mom brought my birthday cake to the table, my little brother jumped up and blew out all my candles. I was so mad; I screamed and said something like, “I’m going to kill you, Luke!” Needless to say, I didn’t kill my brother that day. He’s now 22, and bigger and stronger than me. But you could say as I tapped into that angry craziness of Derek, it all started with my little bro. I guess you just have to reach down inside yourself and pull it out. Thanks, bro.

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Jul 20,2009

Matt Barr Interview on One Tree Hill Podcast No. 62

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Matt Barr, who played Psycho Derek in season four of One Tree Hill, stops by the One Tree Hill Podcast for a visit. In this exclusive “Behind the Scenes of One Tree Hill” interview, Matt shares memories of his time on One Tree Hill and catches up on his current projects.

NEXT WEEK: The review of One Tree Hill season three begins with the first three episodes.

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