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Mar 16,2010

EW Pilot Intel: ‘One Tree Hill’ grad Michaela McManus joins The CW’s ‘Nomads’

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One Tree Hill alum Michaela McManus has scored the female lead in The CW’s promising Alias-esqe pilot Nomads, sources confirm to me exclusively.

The underrated McManus, who followed up her OTH run with a year-long stint as ADA Kim Greylek on Law & Order: SVU, will play a brave and resourceful Army Brat determined to earn a place in the CIA. She finds herself fighting an attraction to her handler (Mental’s Warren Kole) and a fellow agent-in-training (Friday Night Lights‘ Scott Porter).

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Apr 19,2009

Michaela McManus Leaves Law & Order: SVU

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Law & Order: SVU may be accustomed to changes, but departures don’t usually happen so quickly.

After less than one season on the long-running NBC series, actress Michaela McManus (Kim Greylek) is already out. The former One Tree Hill star joined the program when the show’s last ADA, Casey Novak (actress Diane Neal), left the prosecutor’s office due to controversy.

Greylek, who was sent away to Washington D.C. last month, saw her job temporarily filled by Alexandra Cabot (actress Stephanie March), the former assistant district attorney. Now it appears Kim will be gone for good. Michaela sent the following message to her Twitter followers on March 28: “Will no longer be on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, but would like to thank my fans for supporting me.”

Although it’s unclear whether March will be taking back her role for good, the vet is scheduled to appear in another four episodes this season.

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Oct 09,2008

Michaela McManus

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For you Michaela McManus (Lindsey) fans out there, Michaela has officially debuted on Law & Order SVU as well as a small part in CSI: NY.  You can check out stills here and some video here.  I personally think she fits the part on L&O quite well.

Jul 15,2008

Former One Tree Hill actress now in Law & Order

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NBC has resolved one of its biggest casting questions regarding Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. They recently announced Michaela McManus would be the new prosecutor this fall, replacing Diane Neal’s Casey Novak character.

Neal either voluntarily left or was fired, depending on which source you choose to believe, but there’s no question about her past importance to the program. Many fans have expressed their displeasure at her departure, which assures that McManus will be closely watched from the opening moments of her first scenes.

McManus will also be working in very different thematic surroundings. She’s previously been seen on the CW’s One Tree Hill, where her character split with Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) after leaving him at the altar on what was supposed to be their wedding day. She then rebuffed all attempts at reconciliation, although the cliffhanger finale implied that the two might have eventually gotten married after all. Now, that’s not an option.

Whatever the case, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’s focus on sordid cases and heated character interaction will require a different approach than One Tree Hill’s nighttime soap opera setting. We’ll see how (or whether) McManus makes the adjustment.

Jul 02,2008

Tree Hill Beauty Preps for Move to SVU

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It was the news that answered one burning question — “Who will replace Diane Neal?” — but left another in limbo: “Who did One Tree Hill‘s Lucas call?” Michaela McManus, whose Lindsey apparently is not on her way to a hasty Vegas wedding, started her summer by scoring a hot new job, playing Law & Order; SVU‘s new ADA. Surveying the drastic change in roles, McManus says, “It will definitely be challenging, but that’s what’s so thrilling about it. To play a woman who’s unafraid to cross boundaries will be very liberating.”

To prepare for her gig as a legal eagle, McManus will check in with her cousin and brother-in-law, both of whom are lawyers (“They’ve offered whatever advice they can lend!”), as well as glue herself to the TV, “watching past episodes to get better acquainted with the SVU world.”

As for her OTH world, McManus calls her run “a fulfilling experience I will always treasure.” But what of Linds? Just because Lucas didn’t ring her, is she simply to vanish? “I honestly don’t know,” the actress shrugs when asked if she might film a wrap-up scene. “We’ll have to wait and see.” When then asked who she thinks the boy should have gone for, she lets slip nothing: “Lucas should follow whatever his heart is telling him to do. But what that is, I’m not so sure.”

As for spec by Lindsey fans that Lucas did choose her, but she rebuffed his proposal, McManus allows, “Anything is possible!” — Matt Mitovich


Jun 24,2008

Watch with Kristin Spoiler Alert on Michaela McManus

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Well, here’s a fun riddle for you savvy mathematicians:

Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) called up and proposed to someone in the latest One Tree Hill season finale—presumably, either Lindsey or Peyton.

The lovely Michaela McManus (OTH’s Lindsey and former receptionist at our E! building gym) has just been cast as a series regular on Law & Order SVU, playing the new assistant district attorney.

What does this all add up to? OTH boss Mark Schwahn crying in a corner somewhere.

Not only is the loss of Michaela a, well, loss, I’m also guessing the powers that be are none to happy that this casting news sure seems to point to a Lucas/Peyton pairing—or at the very least, a not-so-bright future for Lucas and Lindsey.

Though, of course, anything can and does happen in Tree Hill, so we’ll have to tune in this fall to see.

In the meantime, what do you think of Michaela’s new gig? SVU is lucky, no? And more importantly, the money Q: Whom will Lucas choose? Comment below!


Jun 24,2008

Michaela McManus joins Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

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Ladies and gents, meet your new Diane Neal. Michaela McManus (One Tree Hill) is joining the cast of NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as the new assistant district attorney, effective with this fall’s Season 10. McManus will play the ADA assigned to the Special Victims Unit, thus following in the footsteps of predecessors Diane Neal and Stephanie March.

McManus, who attended NYU’s graduate acting program, had a recurring role as Linsey Strauss on One Tree Hill. Are you ready to see Lindsey in the courtroom? — Anna Dimond


Jun 05,2008

Michaela McManus Talks to Jason C. about Lindcas

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Jason C. from The CW Source talked to Michaela McManus at the CW Upfronts.  Check out the video.

May 28,2008

Ausiello Report on Michaela McManus

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Question: Any word on whether Michaela McManus (Lindsey) is returning to One Tree Hill next season? — Sam

Ausiello: Based on the finale, I’d say there’s a 33.333333 percent shot, right? Truth be told, no final decision has been made yet. Wisely, McManus isn’t twiddling her thumbs waiting for producers to decide her fate. The up-and-comer has booked a juicy guest stint on CSI: NY to air next fall. She’ll play a flight attendant who gets caught up in a hijack scheme and ends up helping Mac.



May 16,2008 Interviews at The CW Upfront

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