One Tree Hill Vodcast – Hangin’ With Grubbs

The following is a video interview with Mike Grubbs, lead singer of Wakey!Wakey! and Grubbs on One Tree Hill, shot on location Saturday, June 5 in Atlanta, Georgia at The Vinyl. Denise Gideon and Grubbs talk about the Wakey!Wakey! tour, filming the finale of One Tree Hill and what it was like for the two to meet after knowing each other for year. The video also includes highlights from the concert.

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Zap2it: ‘One Tree Hill’ star Michael Grubbs on Wakey!Wakey! and the finale’s ‘crazy twist’

“One Tree Hill” star James Lafferty recently wrapped his seventh season on the show, so he’s used to fans recognizing him. Co-star Michael Grubbs, the frontman of the band Wakey!Wakey! who joined the cast this season as musically-inclined bartender Grubbs, isn’t quite as accustomed to the attention.

“Last night I went out with James here in New York, he’s visiting, and for the first time ever I got recognized before him,” Grubbs tells Zap2it. “These girls came up to me and said they had watched me on ‘One Tree Hill’ and really liked the band, and James was kind of just standing beside me. I’m talking to these girls for a minute, and then suddenly, they realize James is there and they freaked out. Like, ‘Oh my god! You’re James Lafferty!’ I was like, ‘And, we’re back to normal.'”

via ‘One Tree Hill’ star Michael Grubbs on Wakey!Wakey! and the finale’s ‘crazy twist’ – From Inside the Box – Zap2it. Michael Grubbs shares his passion for music, acting, & best moments on ‘One Tree Hill’!

When musician Michael Grubbs of the band WakeyWakey joined One Tree Hill this season, he instantly became everyone’s favorite bartender. The musical talent started out as just the one giving advice to our favorite Tree Hillers, to now having a…

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Drinkin With Grubbs on One Tree Hill Podcast No. 96

This week the One Tree Hill Podcast introduces its segment “Drinkin’ With Grubbs.” Mike Grubbs, who plays Grubbs the bartender on One Tree Hill and is also the front man for the band Wakey!Wakey!, joins Denise Gideon in this very special segment. In conjunction with celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on March 17, Grubbs shares what drinks he thinks each One Tree Hill character would be “Drinkin’ With Grubbs.” He also shares what he thinks creator Mark Schwahn, executive producer Joe Davola and music supervisor Lindsay Wolfington would be drinking.

Grubbs also announces the winners of the “Drinkin’ With Grubbs” contest.

NEXT WEEK: One Tree Hill Music Supervisor Lindsay Wolfington joins the podcast for the very special musical episode, as she shares how certain One Tree Hill scenes were enhanced with just the right musical placement.

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