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Feb 27,2010

StarNewsOnline: The new ‘One Tree Hill’ cast member talks surf and style

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The newest member of “One Tree Hill’s” cast, Mitch Ryan, moved to Wilmington in November to shoot episode 12 of the CW television drama. Now he’s working on episode 21 and has settled into his new job, his new home and his new character.

Ryan plays Alexander Coyne, an Australian fashion designer of men’s clothes with a quick sense of humor who is romantically involved with his boss’s mother, Victoria (Daphne Zuniga).

When he talked to the StarNews briefly before a recent autograph signing event, he seemed a little shy but excited to work on “One Tree Hill” and spend time in Wilmington.

Q: Had you ever visited Wilmington before landing the job on “One Tree Hill”?

A: I had never been, no, never before this. And it’s very cool because I’m from Australia, and it’s very kind of similar to back there.

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