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Jan 18,2012

TVGuide: One Tree Hill’s James Lafferty: Nathan Actually Needs Dan In His Life This Season

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Will One Tree Hill’s Dan Scott gain forgiveness in this final season?

As the resident villain, Dan (Paul Johansson) has long been shunned by his son Nathan (James Lafferty) and his family, but on the Season 9 premiere a much more broken-down Dan returned to town in hopes of convincing Nathan and his wife Haley to help him to get back on his feet.

“In the past, Dan’s presence has brought a lot of turmoil and conflict, but this year, the way he colors Nathan’s life is much, much different,” Lafferty tells “Nathan’s actually going to need Dan a bit more this year.”

Tragedy, transformation and troubled couples: What to expect From One Tree Hill’s last season

But can Dan ever redeem himself for killing his brother Keith, among other things? Lafferty says, “That remains to be seen. That’s largely at the heart of Nathan’s storyline this season and that’s one of the things we have to see him come to terms with — whether or not he can forgive Dan towards the end.”

It only seems fitting that the series, which began by highlighting Nathan and Dan’s intense relationship, comes full circle with the storyline — although it seems one of them might not make it out alive. When asked about that body Haley identifies in the season premiere, Lafferty says, “It definitely has something to do with Nathan’s storyline, but I can’t tell you how much.”

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Jul 18,2011

Zap2it: ‘One Tree Hill': Paul Johansson returns as Dan Scott, but has he been redeemed?

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“One Tree Hill” is currently filming its ninth and final season in North Carolina, and we’re already feeling a little bit nostalgic now that the end is near.

Executive producer Mark Schwahn told Zap2it back in May that he was looking forward to exploring the return of Dan Scott in Tree Hill, and now our friends at E! confirm that Paul Johansson will be returning as a full-time cast regular.

The last time we saw Dan, he was flipping burgers at a roadside diner that looked like something out of a horror movie. His son, Nathan (James Lafferty) may have extended a cautious olive branch in the season finale, but we hear that Nathan won’t be too comfortable with Dan moving to Tree Hill in a more permanent capacity. Let’s just say that Dan’s new residence is much, much too close to where Nathan and Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) lay their heads.


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Jan 26,2011

Happy Birthday Paul Johansson!

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Just wanted to send out a birthday wish to one of the biggest “villains” played on Tree Hill!
Happy Birthday Paul. Enjoy your day!

Nov 22,2010

E! Online: Spoiler Chat: Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, House and More!

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Megan: Are they ever going to tell us what happened to Dan Scott on One Tree Hill? I love me some Dan Scott!

Get outta my head! I just love it when you ask about the things I just heard about…Sources tell me that Dan (Paul Johansson) will indeed return for one episode of OTH this month or next, so you’ll get to see what he’s been up to. No finalized plans yet for Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray, but I do keep asking for you guys (pinky swear). Still hearing they will return, but the exact way/time hasn’t been settled yet.

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Aug 20,2010

Huffington: Paul Johansson on Atlas Shrugged

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The big screen production of Ayn Rands legendary novel “Atlas Shrugged” is well under-way, and has a behind-the-scenes look.In the video, director Paul Johansson whose biggest credit is “One Tree Hill” talks about the struggles and trepidations he and the rest of the crew faced while adapting one of the most successful books of the last 100 years.”Whenever it comes to Ayn Rands material,” Johannson said, “I think that a movie that doesnt get made in 53 years, either people dont know what the story is that theyre going to tell, theres a battle on that, or its just a control issue, or because these characters are so iconic, people are afraid.”

Read the rest of the article here:Ayn Rands Atlas Shrugged Movie: Will It Work As A Film? VIDEO.

Jun 14,2010

SlashFilm: Atlas Shrugged is Filming; One Tree Hill’s Paul Johansson Starring and Directing

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Atlas is finally shrugging towards theater screens. A few weeks ago we told you that producer John Aglialoro was going to get a feature version of Ayn Rand’s novel together come hell or high water. And, indeed, cameras started to roll on Atlas Shrugged Part One over the weekend. Who are the star and director? Same guy: Paul Johansson, of the TV show One Tree Hill.

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Dec 05,2009

Actor Johansson gives ‘One Tree Hill’ direction

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Paul Johannson, who is directing episode 14 of Season 7 of the locally filmed television show One Tree Hill, is seen on set at EUE/Screen Gems Studios Thursday, Nov. 19, 2009.

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Oct 26,2009

Pictures: James Lafferty Directing 7.07 I And Love And You

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One Tree Hill Connection Pocast has posted several behind the scenes stills from 7.07.  Check it out.

Jun 27,2009

Paul Johansson Blog

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Got this email from Kerissa.  Looks pretty legit from what I can tell.  Thanks, Kerissa!
i saw your post about the galeotti’s restaurant and under blogs that they are following was a blog called “acrylic rain” and it is pictures taken by paul johansson…the address is….im assuming since the galeotti page is following him it is real…

Apr 23,2009

Paul Johansson Supports the Armed Forces

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Hollywood Ambassadors Start Overseas Tour in Qatar

This is a great article on Paul’s recent visit to support the Armed Forces.  More pictures at the bottom.