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Sep 09,2011

Bethany Joy Galeotti: 20 Question with Robbie Jones

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Robbie Jones (Quentin)


1 Were you named after anyone? I was named after my father and my grandfather…i’m the third (III)

2 Do you like your own handwriting? Yes. It works..I’m definitely ok with it..

3 What would your superpower be if you could choose one? MAN! Only one!? I guess it would be FLYING. Although X-RAY VISION would be awesome!

4 Are you an Optimist or Pessimist? Super Optimistic… always.

5 What do you collect? I collect plastic watches.

Read More here! Bethany Joy Galeotti.

May 20,2010

OTH Alums Join CW’s Hellcats

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Check out OTH Alums Matt Barr and Robbie Jones in the CW’s new show Hellcats.


Here’s the promo that was released today:

Thanks @HellcatsPodcast

May 26,2009

Fan Encounter with Chad Michael Murray and Robbie Jones

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From Kristin: I was in Studio City Sunday night (5-24-09) and they were having drinks together at Firefly.

Sep 25,2008 Video Interview with Robbie Jones

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Sep 12,2008

Exclusive: One Tree Hill’s Q Will Return

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Days after One Tree Hill fans unexpectedly found themselves saying goodbye to Quentin, caught up with Robbie Jones to find out that, yes, the head case turned good guy may be gone, but he shall not be forgotten. — Matt Mitovich How did you learn that Q would be killed off?
Robbie Jones:
I was talking to [OTH creator] Mark [Schwahn] probably four or five months ago, and he told me what was going to happen. Of course it was a shocker, but I understood where he was coming from. I always respect his vision. Did he tell you why he was doing this?
Jones: It was something he thought would have a big effect on the viewers and on each character on the show. It would be unexpected and give everyone a strong storyline, as the result of something so impactful and tragic. Did you enjoy Q’s journey?
Jones: Of course. To start off as such an arrogant type who nobody liked then turn the corner to where he’s Jamie’s best friend, Nathan’s inspiration, Haley’s “mission” student… that was great. The readers of our recap blog were pretty devastated.
Jones: Yeah, I’ve been getting a whole lot of responses and comments…. It’s crazy to see the outpouring of support. Then again, the episode sort of telegraphed Q’s death, short of giving him the nickname “Dead Meat.”
Jones: Right, you could see it coming. Rumors were out there, and when you saw the storyline developing, you’re like, “Oh my gosh, it’s coming.” [Laughs] But we have not seen the last of Q, I understand.
Jones: We will be seeing some more of Quentin in the future, yes. Will it be in some ghostly capacity…?
Jones: Actually, I really don’t even know. There are things I am not necessarily privy to. I would just say to stay tuned. There’s going to be a lot of cool stuff happening. Who were your best buds on the cast?
Jones: I hang out with Antwon [Tanner] a lot, James [Lafferty], Sophia [Bush] sometimes…. It’s a big family and they’ve been together for so long, so I didn’t know what to expect [when I joined OTH], but they all embraced me with open arms, man. From Paul Johansson all the way to Mark Schwahn.

Jones can also be seen in the December film Hurricane Season, starring Forest Whitaker and Isaiah Washington.


Jul 09,2008

Robbie Jones helps with Read Across America

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Millions of young readers “Heard a Who!” today as they celebrated the National Education Association’s 11th annual Read Across America Day.

Aimed at raising awareness about the importance of reading, the nation’s largest reading event included special appearances by Dr. Seuss’s famous feline, the Cat in the Hat, at thousands of Read Across America Day events from coast to coast—including a red carpet celebrity read-in, Cat-a-Van reading tours, Spring Training read-ins with professional baseball players, U.S. Senate resolutions, and community reading celebrations at Target stores nationwide.

“Every year on Read Across America Day, the imaginations of millions of youngsters are ignited with the invigorating and electrifying magic that happens when they open up a good book,” said NEA President Reg Weaver. “As we light these fires in the minds of young students, we have a responsibility to cultivate the flames to develop life-long learners. Read Across America is not just about one hour or one day of reading but a lifetime of good reading habits that will translate into academic success.”

In Compton, Calif., dozens of celebrities donned signature Seuss gear and read the Dr.’s classics to more than 750 local public school students. The red carpet worthy reading roster included Emmy-award winning actress Jenna Fischer of “The Office,” hotel heiress Nicky Hilton, Corey Feldman of “The Two Coreys,” Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” A.J. Buckley of “CSI: NY,” Jowharah Jones of “Ugly Betty,” Emmanuelle Chriqui of “Entourage,” Shamyl Brown of “The Wire,” Robbie Jones of “One Tree Hill,” and Skye McCole Bartusiak of real-time thriller “24.”

To put the “across” into the special reading day, NEA revved up its engines again this year with three Cat-a-Van tours hitting the road to bring the gift of reading to thousands of schoolchildren. Covering more than 1,200 miles, the Cat-a-Van tours will visit more than 18 cities in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas.

The weeklong Cat-a-Vans will provide books and cash donations valued at more than $100,000 to public schools and their libraries along the reading route through a generous donation from NEA’s Books Across America. In recent years, Cat-a-Vans have traveled through Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

The Cat-a-Van tours will keep trekking throughout the Sunshine State in early March for “Read Across Spring Training,” designed to bring reading fun to ballparks as Major League Baseball teams show they “got game” by hosting special read-ins for local schoolchildren. This year’s reading line up includes the Boston Red Sox, Florida Marlins, Houston Astros, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets and Washington Nationals.

The challenge to get youngsters to read continues to grow, according to a recent study by the National Endowment for the Arts that found teenagers and young adults are reading less often and for shorter amounts of time.

“Nowadays children have all sorts of distractions—video games, Internet surfing and high-tech gadgets—which can take them away from reading,” said Weaver. “NEA’s Read Across America provides tools, resources and tips for parents and educators that make reading a fun and enjoyable experience so kids will keep turning pages.”

Visit for additional information on Read Across America Day and the Cat-a-Van Reading Tour.

Jan 08,2008

New Season 5 Pictures

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Everyone looks so great!

Brooke and Lucas

Quentin and Haley


Kevin Federline



Brooke and Peyton

lucas and peyton

skills and mouth


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Dec 31,2007

New CW Source Video – New Faces Welcome to OTH Cast

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The CW Source has a new video for us today.  This one focuses on the new cast members being welcomed into an already tight OTH cast.

First up is Joe Manganiello/Owen – He says when he got the call about OTH he had just moved to LA and had ordered new furniture.  He says it’s still wrapped up and sitting in LA waiting on him. 

Daphne Zuniga/Victoria says she is excited to come into the cast and everyone was welcoming and specifically mentions Sophia Bush.

Stephen Colletti says he was welcomed with open arms and yes they are tight but everyone was helpful when he found himself in culture shock in North Carolina.  Jason asks where he is from and of course Stephen says CA.  Jason, we love you but do you not watch MTV?  Laguna Beach ring a bell?  Sorry.  Stephen also mentions he was taken out to dinner by the cast and then Jason teases him about then having to come in and have the hard job of kissing Sophia.

Torrey DeVitto says everyone welcomed her and mentions the first night Joy (Haley) invited her and Michaela McManus for a movie night.

Robbie Jones is last and has a quick clip saying how great it has been.

Dec 21,2007

All they want for Christmas is…

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The CW Source has posted more video from the 100th Episode Party.  In this one, Jason asks all the cast members what they want for Christmas.  Here are the answers.  The video is really cute, take a look.

Sophia Bush – Some time with her family.  She says she hasn’t seen her parents in awhile.
Lee Norris – Sleep.  He loves sleep and it’s free!
Chad Michael Murray – More episodes of OTH.
Torrey DeVitto - puppy
James Lafferty – Wireless guitar hero 3 controller
Michaela McManus – Be home with her family
Stephen Colletti – 72 GT Ford car
Robbie Jones - 79″ plasma screen TV
Joe Manganiello - The rest of the season to get picked up
Hilarie Burton – Hers is funny.   She seemed stumped and then says, “Ham.  I’m from Virigina.  I love my Virginia ham.”
Paul Johansson – Another year of OTH

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Dec 21,2007

Robbie Jones/Quentin Profile

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robbie.JPGLet me just say it’s hard to find info about Robbie Jones.  And there’s a reason!  Robbie is a 25 year old newcomer to TV.  Robbie will be playing Quentin, the new Ravens basketball star.  Playing the part should feel familiar as Robbie was a high school basketball star at Cordova High School.  Robbie then went on to play in college at Cal and Canada College (majoring in American Studies) before heading off to play in the American Basketball Association.  Robbie started in the entertainment business after he landed a few commercials through some contacts and then with his friends encouragement enrolled in some acting classes.  One audition later he was one of three finalist to play in a network pilot which eventually didn’t make it itself. 

The One Tree Hill opportunity came up and since he was known as an actor in that world, One Tree Hill folks weren’t sure whether he could fulfill the athletic part of the Quentin role.  He quickly showed them his basketball skills and landed the part.  Robbie just finished filming for One Tree Hill and is now living in North Hollywood.

You can see Robbie filming a scene for One Tree Hill with Bethany Joy Galeotti on the river court below. Also, you can see more of Robbie in the Fast Forward video we posted about here.


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