8.17 The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get Roundtable

1) Favorite Quote of the Episode?

LizzyB: There were a few goodies (i.e. Kellerman calling Facebook the “face page”) but Quinn has been super fun and funny to me lately and I thoroughly enjoyed her toaster strudel song!

Amanda: Yes!! Quinn’s toaster strudel song for me too! Cute :)

2) Who had the funniest labor test run?

LizzyB: I have to say Quinn. Putting Haley in the trunk of Clay’s car…classic!

Amanda: Same here too. I loved Haley being put into the trunk of the car. so cute. ( I must note – Seeing Julian pass out was also funny though)

Amy: I liked Brooke and her freaking out about her car seats.

3) More confusing: The guys’ conversation about cell phones or Alex and Chase’s relationship?

LizzyB: The cell phone conversation. I expect all guy-girl relationships to be confusing because of the whole Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus thing…

Amanda: I don’t think I found either confusing. I loved the guys convo abou cell phones. They were guys being guys and I laughed. Alex and Chase are being Alex and Chase.

Amy: Alex and Chase’s relationship.  I loved the cell phone conversation!

4) Does anyone notice that Alex Dupre is famous anymore?

LizzyB: Right? She just hangs around One Tree Hill without sunglasses or a wig and nobody seems to care. Weird!

Amanda: Right? What happened?

Amy: Agreed!  But maybe it’s like some of the OTH people in Wilmington…locals just let them be.

5) Do you like Millie as a reporter or should Mouth have the job?

LizzyB: Honestly, Millie was so cute on TV in her chicken suit but that commentary was 100% Mouth’s. They should be a duo..like Regis and Kelly!

Amanda: Millie is great but I think it deserves to go to Mouth. What happens when she is stuck without him?

Amy: I really miss Mouth as a reporter but I think Millie did GREAT.

Bonus Question: Ian is responsible for nearly killing Brooke and Jaime on the bridge–did you see that coming? What will Nathan do now that he knows?

LizzyB: From reading spoilers, I did know it was coming :( Nathan is totally going to go ape sh*t on his a$$, a la Dante Season 4.

Amanda: Well I kind of knew it was coming too. I’d like to see Nathan get all protective!

Amy: I did NOT know it was coming and I just KNEW Ian was trouble!  I hope he reports him ASAP.

8.15 Valentine’s Day is Over Roundtable

Favorite quote of the episode?

LizzyB: Chuck’s “My dad says real men drink whisky.” I love me some whisky!!

Favorite Brulian sex game?

LizzyB: I liked the plumber one..mainly because Julian’s attempt at some kind of weird plumber accent was hilarious!

Amanda: The plumber because I didn’t really like any of the others.

Amy: The plumber!

Best Valentine’s Day surprise?

LizzyB: Chuck’s love of show tunes..who knew! And his singing was so cute!

Amanda: Haley’s face when Nathan hands her a card and a rose and goes to hop in the shower. I died laughing. I thought that was cute after she had been snooping all day. (I know it was not a “big” surprise but it was a surprise to her)

Amy: I can’t believe I’m saying this but Clay and Quinn with TRIC.

Thoughts on Ian Kellerman?

LizzyB: Exact thoughts = It’s weird that he’s calling Nate and Clay old when he looks older than them!!!

Amanda: I don’t have any yet. Although he was pretty arrogant!

Amy: Pretty much hate him so far.

More gross: Creepy pizza delivery guy or Nathan trimming his nose hairs?

LizzyB: Are you kidding? I NEVER want to see Nathan with that contraption in his hand again. I want to keep believing that Nathan just wakes up in his hot nose-hairless state!

Amanda: I laughed at the pizza guy so I guess I have to go with Nathan.

Amy: Nose hairs!

Bonus Question: Which Tree Hill character would you want as your Valentine?

LizzyB: Jaime! I’m a simpleton so a home-made card, heart shoelaces and skee-ball seems like the perfect V-day to me!

Amanda: I loved Jamie too. Skee-ball is my favorite arcade game but Nathan comes in close behind him!!

Amy: Mouth :)

8.12 The Drinks We Drank Last Night Roundtable

1) Favorite quote of the episode?

LizzyB: There was some great stuff last night but I’m going with Sylvia’s, “It’s like I did shots of fire!!”

Amanda: I know there was LOTS of funny in this episode but this line stuck with me. Call me a sucker but i loved this line that Alex tells Quinn riding in the car… Own it. My scars are from a moment of weakness. Your scars are proof of your strength. ”

Amy: Haley: It’s like an X-rated version of Where’s Waldo

2) What was your biggest OMG moment of the girls’ wild night out?

LizzyB: I think for me it was when they all got into an ice cream truck. WTF! Where did that come from? It was never explained either and I bet that was a funny story!

Amanda: Yeah I am going to go with Lizzy on this. Where did the ice cream truck come from and no it was never explained. What the…..? :)

Amy: Oh where to begin?  The boot was pretty insane.  That is a LOT to drink.

3) Which one of the girls would you want at your bachelorette party?

LizzyB: I’m gonna have to go with Millie, I mean Boots, on this one…the girl’s a freeeak and I love it!

Amanda: Alex, she’s so full of spunk

Amy: Um, Alex.  Hello, spa!

4) Did your thoughts about any of the girls change after seeing their drunk, crazy sides?

LizzyB: Please see above! Also, I was pretty surprised at how much I enjoyed Quinn–she was really funny!!

Amanda: Millie, I am with Lizzie she is pretty nuts :) It was fun to watch. “Boots” I loved her nickname.

Amy: Yes, LizzyB, Quinn was not nearly as annoying ;)

5) Did you miss the boys?

LizzyB: You mean shirtless Julian wasn’t in every scene? Guess that was just my imagination…thanks Mark! :)

Amanda: Nope

Amy: I did kind of miss Mouth and I can always use more Nathan.

6) Thoughts on how the Peyton/wedding situation was handled?

LizzyB: I like that it was an actual issue and not just a quick mention. I also very much liked the speech that Brooke gave to Haley about her being there during the toughest year of her life and making her the maid-of-honor…IMO, Hales deserved to be it whether or not Peyton came for the wedding…just sayin!

Amanda: The certainly addressed the situation and I am really glad that Haley will be the maid of honor. I will leave it at that.

Amy: I already gave some opinion in my review of the episode but in summary, I think it’s a big stretch but as a mom that had two sick kids last week, I’m biting.

Bonus Question: In the preview for next week, who is having dirty wedding sex in the limo??

LizzyB: Ok, I rewound and paused this like a million times and I really think it’s Chase and Alex. Couldn’t convince my cousin that it was Alex though so there’s still some doubt in my mind about it…

Amamda: I am thinking Alex and Chase. (that is who i would like it to be)

Amy: I thought Alex and Chase too.

8.11 Darkness on the Edge of Town Roundtable

1) Favorite quote of the episode?

LizzyB: Definitely Brooke’s “I love you” right before her head went beneath the water. Quinn’s “I’m your storm” was a close second.

Amanda: Brooke when she is saying “he’s just a boy” Something about how she says those lines…

2) Whose storyline was scarier: Brooke, Jamie and Julian’s or Quinn’s?

LizzyB: I have to go with the former because there was a child involved. The whole thing gave me chills.

Amanda: The first. Children involved and then being stuck in water. Panic!

3) Was this the most intense OTH car accident to date?

LizzyB: I have to say yes because they spent the whole episode on it. Though, for me, no one part beats the look on Nathan and Haley’s faces right before Nate dove into the water to save Cooper and Rachel in Season 3.

Amanda: I am going to agree with Lizzy.

4) Did you think anyone was going to die? If so, who?

LizzyB: Not going to lie…I knew Brooke wasn’t dying but, for a hot second, I wasn’t sure about Lauren and I actually thought that about Quinn when I saw her legs in the pool.

Amanda: Ok I knew as well about Brooke  too but when Quinn was laying in the pool I thought for a second. Oh no!

5) Who was your favorite hero of the night?

LizzyB: Brooke and Quinn were definitely bad ass but my heart broke for Julian with every scene, from him jumping in the river to save Brooke and Jamie, to him screaming under water when he saw Brooke was unconscious to him yelling at Brooke to wake up while performing CPR. Mad props to Austin last night, he was awesome and totally had me crying…even though I knew there was no way Brooke was dying.

Amanda: Julian certainly won my heart with his parts but I also really enjoyed watching Brooke. She was strong and resourceful and these were things I felt she has been lacking in the last few episodes due to the loss of her company so I liked watching her kick in to gear and be a hero.

6) Has Tree Hill seen its last psycho killer?

LizzyB: HA! Not even if this really is the last season!!!

Amanda: See above answer

Bonus Question: What are your hopes for the second half of the season?

LizzyB: More Naley awesomeness and more Skillz. And no more crazy Katie please!

Amanda: If this is the last season then I hope to see some closure for all and happiness too :) (i know it sounds a little cheesy)

8.10 Lists, Plans Roundtable

1) Favorite quote of the episode?

LizzyB: It’s really not a quote but I LMAO’d when Nathan did the banana fo fana song with “Chuck” in his head and the light bulb finally went on.

Amanda: I liked Lizzy’s quote above (I laughed a lot) and I also liked Nathan saying “My teacher was mean to me today. Promise me you will stay away from anyone with keller in their name.” ha i laughed a little

2) On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome was Brooke’s “nightmare” wedding?

LizzyB: Are you kidding? Nathan in that outfit..Haley shooting a bird..Jaime drinking a beer…totally an 11!!!

Amanda: I am giving it an 11 too. Totally Fantastic, I loved it all.

3) What’d you think of the return of Dan Scott?

LizzyB: I loooved it! Oh how I miss that guy and his completely unorthodox way of doing the right thing!

Amanda: I missed Dan too and agree with Lizzy above.

4) Who was cuter–Brulian or Namie (Nathan and Jamie)?

LizzyB: Ughh damn it! They were both so sweet I swore I was going to have a million cavities when the episode was over. I guess if I have to choose, I’d go with Nathan and Jamie…I’m a sucker for father-son bonding!

Amanda: Nathan and Jamie 100%. I loved seeing them together!! They were so cute studying together :)

5) Alex, Mia, or just over the whole thing?

LizzyB: Still going with Alex. She knows what she wants and goes after it and, while I hated that about her with Julian last year, I absolutely love it about her this year with Chase!

Amanda: When the show ended I was thinking about this. It seems as though Alex has grown on me a little  since joining the show cause if I had to choose I would choose her to be with Chase.  I like her fiestyness. Sorry guys.

Bonus Question: Thoughts on the ending?

LizzyB: My exact words–“What the f—! That b*tch is crazy!”

Amanda: WOW!…