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May 20,2008

Episode 18 What Comes After the Blues Reaction

Posted by Amy with 359 Comments

Honestly, I’m not happy right now.  I was so hoping the cliffhanger was Dan and not Lucas’s call but here we sit with BOTH OF THEM being the cliffhanger.  Before I go off on a tangent, let me get to it.

  • Jamie and Gavin were so cute singing that song.  Sorta pointless, but cute nonetheless.
  • Brooke having to give up Angie was so very sad and unfortunately almost put to the side.  I was surprised at how littel was shown about that.  Not really sure what I expected but Brooke handed her off pretty quickly and Lucas only showed up long enough to walk out the door.  His speech to her at the apartment was sweet though.  Them saying I love you was definitely friendship as far as I can tell but it was very nice.
  • Nathan and Jamie both facing their fears and then seeing them pull through at the end was awesome.  It was fan. tastic. seeing Nathan playing ball again.  I really missed that.  Them playing in the pool was so cute.  I love her and Nathan talking at the very end.  We got a smidgen of Naley and I loved it.
  • Deb and Skills. Ew.  That is all.
  • Mouth and Millicent…I’m sorry, they are cute together.  Really.  But they could move to Omaha and no one would know the difference.  Great job on the sportscasting though, Mouth.
  • It was so. good.  to see Haley back in Lucas’s room.  After watching Season 1 again this weekend, it was just nice seeing them together.  Haley and Peyton too.  I think I had forgotten after this season how good of a friend Haley was to Peyton and it was good to see Haley rooting for both of them.
  • As for the cliffhangers…
  • Dan was almost evil Dan again with that pillow wasn’t he?  Not so shocked on the car accident but WOW the pager beeping was definitely a shocker.  Wonder if he gets the heart?

As for Lucas/Lindsey/Peyton…

Not happy that Lindsey went to see Lucas in person. She KNOWS how much Lucas is still wanting her and then she wants to come see him just so he can remember how much he misses her.  And then for her to walk out when he asks if she misses him?  That was just cruel.  And what in the heck does the book say??  How does it end?  She knows it’s the “perfect ending” so does that have something to do with her phone call to him?
OK, so how did Lucas know to go to the RiverCourt?  Did I miss something?  His reaction was great…loved that little smile.
And that leads Lucas to go see Peyton.  I liked his speech.  I get that he’s always loved her and it was hard and it’s still hard. But I was left wanting more.  Once again, Peyton is left crying, dreaming of her and Lucas again.
Lucas’s dedication was nice.  I liked that it came from him and Haley’s conversation.  It was sweet when Lindsey read it.  Her calling Lucas was nice but wouldn’t THAT be important to say in person??  I just lied to you and sent you on a binge?  Not happy with that.

So Lucas makes the decision to leave and go to Vegas…the big question is who does he take?

My first instinct was LP is dead and he’s taking Lindsey.  But two things have me clued into that it might be Peyton.  Number one is the text message to Lindsey.  It talks about those that have lost their way with love and thinking back to his book when he talks to his love being reawakened, I think it’s talking about Peyton there.  Also, I have a suspicion that Lucas did not receive Lindsey’s voicemail.  So it’s Lucas and Peyton off to Vegas but do they really get married?  Is this where the makeout session happens?  What happens when he does get Lindsey’s voicemail if he in fact didn’t get it?

May 12,2008

Episode 17 Hate is Safer Than Love Reaction

Posted by Amy with 135 Comments


It was great seeing the basketball again. I didn’t think I missed it but I did. It was wonderful seeing Skills, Nate and Luke (and even Jamie) at the court again. And I love the happy Q on the court. Great to watch.

Brooke was great with Angie. It was nice to see her in mother-mode. But what was up with the first name of the Dr? Why was she so insistent on knowing that? But Ethan..that’s a great name! Brooke, sweetie, go for it! Forget that cutie bartender!

The Deb and Skills thing might be the most awkward, hand-over-eyes, cringe-worthy moment I think I may have ever seen. I may have nightmares about that. Wow.

Why do I feel like evil Dan is coming back out again? That tone he had with the nurse made me very uneasy and brought back a lot of evil Dan memories.

Naley is again being ignored again. Jamie was as cute as can be though. The knock-knock joke, walking off the court with Q, and of course the scene with Dan. He always steals his scenes.

Wow, finally some EMOTION from Lucas. I think I actually liked angry Lucas vs. whatever emotional void he’s been in this entire season. It was good to see him actually, you know, SAY SOMETHING. I think he FINALLY got that Lindsey is gone. I don’t believe for a minute that Lindsey is actually dating someone but as long as Lucas is convinced.

But y’all, that I Hate You hurt. Like HURT. That look on his face and tone in his voice was scathing. Awful. Hurtful. I don’t think that really meant I love you in the least. Maybe in a weird way it was…he hates her because he loves her and Lindsey realized it and ruined something good but wow, I know Peyton has got to be hurting. Her reaction was priceless you could feel the wind blow out of her chest.

But WHERE WAS THE BEDROOM SCENE???? Is that really for the finale?

What a great episode though! What’d ya’ll think?

May 05,2008

Episode 16 Cryin’ Won’t Help You Now Reaction

Posted by Amy with 35 Comments

Whew! What an episode! You can tell we’re getting down to the wire..all the storylines are starting to wrap up and getting really juicy! And for us LPers who thought we’d have nothing but hate these last few episodes, what an episode!!! Yes, the first part was somewhat slow but it had some great moments but the end was great!

I still feel bad for Dan. I can’t help. The man is dying and I’m 100% totally convinced he has changed. And in my world, if you have a change of heart, that calls for forgiveness. I applaud Nathan for going to see him and rationally telling Dan he wasn’t allowed back in but that still sucks. I feel so bad for Jamie. And Lucas. Him saying he’s dead already. Ouch, that hurts. Which I can kind of understand from Lucas’ viewpoint since Keith was like a father to him. But Nathan..well, he has Jamie to think about. And Dan DID push him to be a great basketball player. Did anyone notice Nathan’s words to Q were almost exactly Dan’s to him? I thought for sure after that Nathan would realize how much Dan loved him and he’d let him in. But he doesn’t and denies a dying man his only wish. So sad.

Brooke was cute this episode. I love, love, love the new Baby Brooke line. That was spot on. And her saying it’s you and me, baby at the end was a-dor-a-ble. Seriously. And how about Dr. McHotty?? Loved him for all 30 seconds we saw of him.

Mouth’s declaration of love was very creative and cute. They’re so cute together!! At least they attempted to bring in Brooke into their storyline a bit with her dropping Millicent off. Mouth has yet to really interact with anyone but at least it’s a try. Oh, and Millie with that video game was hilarious!

And what’s up with Nathan and Haley? We get a great bedroom scene and then nada. I’m missing that supposed shower scene too!!

And onto my favorite part…the love triangle!

I love that Haley told Peyton about telling Lucas not to marry Lindsey. I sorta had forgotten about that (??). I liked how Haley said she realizes her subconscious came out when she was writing and she felt it was the same for Lucas. It totally prepared Peyton for what she was about to read!

And how about that little visit to Lindsey’s office. I was totally confused about why she was there until I realized…ahh..this is how she gets Lucas’ book! Just how many people suspected. Yay for Peyton really standing up for Lucas realizing how much he was hurting. I think I actually believed her this time she really wanted the best for him. But when Lindsey handed her that book and said it’s not me you have to convince, you’re the one that has to make the decision, well, I was floored!! What does that mean?? What does that book say? The whole River Court thing makes sense now because I’m assuming that’s her way of showing him she made her decision.

As for Lucas, the poor guy is still trying to get Lindsey back. I thought maybe after the key thing he’d get it but nope. Maybe after she rejects him AGAIN he’ll finally get it!

And none too soon seeing we have a huge episode next week with them! I’m not sure I totally understand what happens with the I Hate You comment and I’m not sure if I totally understand what happens after watching that promo but I CAN tell you Peyton is sitting on top of Lucas on a bed and I LOOVE IT!

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Apr 21,2008

Episode 14 What Do You Go Home To? Reaction

Posted by Amy with 25 Comments

Tonight was ok.  I’m not smiling and clapping and ecstatic about the episode like I normally am. It was good to see everyone interacting. I felt a little like Lucas was going rounds in between everyone as they carried on with their own thing.

So first off, I’m SO glad to have this whole baby thing cleared up.  It IS a foster baby and that explains so much!  So for that, I did get excited for Brooke that she gets this trial period.  But honestly, I’m still hoping she decides she doesn’t want to actually adopt.  I’m hoping this trial will let her see that maybe that’s just not what she’s looking for.  And what is up the Owen call?  I think that was kind of random and really a pretty lame excuse.  It was nice to see Chase again to smooth things over but also a little lame since it seemed to just be stuck in there for the Owen storyline.  Maybe I’m crazy.

It was GREAT to see NHJ in full action tonight.  Haley’s music sounded great and I’m so glad she’s moving forward with that.  As for Nathan’s dreams, well, it looks like he has a lot of work to do.  The nanny scene was funny but I was surprised they hired Deb as nanny.  It does feel like a natural fit IF Deb has her head on straight now.

Mouth and Millicent were SO cute together.  Her being all nervous about the virgin thing was so cute.  Mouth has a Clean Teen again!!  I thought that was quite funny to think about.  Skills comment about Millicent walking around the house naked was hilarious.  Skills is funny even when he’s mad!

I felt pretty bad for Dan this week.  They sure aren’t giving him any slack.

And this week was the final Lucas and Peyton reunion a month after the wedding.  The initial reaction was nice and awkward to watch.  But what was with the buddy-buddy talk during a walk in the park.  I just thought there would be a little arguing or more awkwardness or something.  But no it was all, I’m sorry, I want you to be happy.  And me too because she DOES still love me and it’s going to work out so in your face, Peyton.  Ugh.  I really didn’t much like that scene at all.  I DO like Peyton and Lucas talking but it just seemed so…cordial.  And with the looks of next week, it doesn’t seem that Lucas has let go one bit of Lindsey.  I thought we were going to be over this whole thing!!

As I said, tonight was ok.  Naley was good…as always.  Jamie was cute rapping with Q.  Deb was cute with Jamie and I think I’m pretty happy with that.  The nanny interviews were cute.  It was good to see Haley moving on and Nathan playing ball again.  It was good to see Peyton and Lucas at least talking.  Maybe they can build on their friendship again.  But a few things seemed forced and weird.  Dan showing up every where Nathan was…Lucas making rounds to everyone…the whole Owen/Chase thing…and wow, lots of purple monkey talk tonight!

Well, all I can seem to come up with is it was ok.

What’d you guys think?

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Apr 14,2008

Episode 13 Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace Reaction

Posted by Amy with 40 Comments

Tonight was one of the best episodes ever. I missed the interaction between the group but tonight was a fan.tastic episode. Really. Almost like one big counseling episode but it was great to hear stuff finally come out. So many quotable conversations tonight. Big kuddos to Mark tonight. Loved, loved, loved how the scenes meshed together and the interaction was there with the dialogue even if it wasn’t in the classic sense.

So let’s see…there were basically six things going on and I’ll comment on each.

Dan/Sam - Definitely the least interesting of the episode and I really could have done without these scenes. What did we learn except Dan feels like his debt is paid and he loves his family. Nothing really interesting there.

Peyton/Max – It was good to see her work out some of her feelings. I’m glad she admitted how she didn’t really want Lucas and Lindsey together and when she said she wanted them to be happy she REALLY wanted Lucas and her to be happy. I like how she digs deep for patience and grace to let Lucas be happy and yet still admits how hard it is to have such character. It was so good to see Max. Mark does a great job. It feels like a genuine conversation between old friends and I love that.

Brooke - Brooke was looking pretty bad there in the evaluation. I think the case worker was asking the right questions though and on the surface it does appear that Brooke is not ready for children. And honestly, I don’t think she is. The whole speech was great and yeah, she’s ready to love someone but really I don’t know if she’s ready to be a single mom. Trust me, even as a mother with a husband to help it’s hard work and I think there’s a little bit of fantasy there. And maybe it’s ok. It is a tv drama and I can get into the whole suspension of disbelief thing and really, her speech at the end was good and I think probably convinced Patricia to let her have a baby.

Andy/Lucas – Ugh. Obviously if you haven’t figured it out, I’m a Leyton fan still so it was hard to see Andy trying to convince Lucas to go to New York. Although I have to say it was GREAT to see Andy back and especially liked to see a mentor figure back in Lucas’s life. And Lucas’ comment about the comet was HILARIOUS. We seriously rewound it 3 times to laugh.

Lucas/Lindsey – I was literally yelling at Mark at the end of their scene together. Lucas’ speech to Lindsey was SOOOO sweet. Loved it. It *almost* made me like Lucas and Lindsey together. But I was lovin’ that Lindsey wouldn’t give in. But, man, that speech was good. I loved especially the part where he said she had to be the one to edit it so they could have late night and arguments and it’d be like they were married. Gosh, break my heart, Mark, that was perfect! That is the real Lucas I don’t think we’ve seen all season. We got serious-face, squinty-eyed, poetic Lucas tonight. Yay!

And finally the stars of tonight’s episode…

Nathan/Haley – Wow, Nathan and Haley rocked this episode. The guest counselor was fantastic. I loved her accent, the interaction between the three was authentic and genuine and natural and just great acting on all three parts.

Nathan was just HOT tonight. Hot, hot, hot. I know people were already complaining about Haley looking less than cool but after seeing the episode, I kind of think that was the point. They were trying to show that she had gotten away from the young, hip musician/mother she is and she needs to remember to get back to that. As the counselor says, she IS young.

I loved Nathan talking about basketball and really letting his guard down to talk about how much he missed it. I loved the part where the counselor asks if faced with the same dreams, could they treat each other differently and they say yes and then hold hands. Fabulousness. And of course, their last scene when she asks Nathan to not-sleep with her..when he tells her how overwhelmingly kind and sexy she is. And of course the kiss and everything, it was just so wonderful. I expect lots of clips, quotes and avatars and all kinds of stuff from that scene. Best Naley scene this season by far.

So it looks like Naley is back on track which is great. Brooke looks like she’s set to get a baby. Peyton is still trying to move on and Lucas is in holding pattern with Lindsey. Who knows what will happen there. Well, I sorta know since I read spoilers, but just speaking from this episode…lol. Anyway, FANTASTIC episode tonight..I’m not sure how many more times I can say I loved it or something about it.

Anyone with me? What’d you think?

Mar 11,2008

Episode 11 You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side Reaction

Posted by Amy with 13 Comments

Woo Hoo!  That was a GREAT episode!  Loved it, loved it, loved it!

I don’t even know where to begin?!  So many great interactions but I have no idea who I wanted who to be with who each minute!   Let’s see if I can comb through this episode and say something that makes any sense.

  • For the 18th time, I LOVE Owen and Brooke.  The whole car scene with him figuring out who “Brooke” was, was highly entertaining.
  • Speaking of that, CHASE IS BACK!  I LOVED him.  And Peyton’s right..he’s so cute!  And I loved him with the quick wit and all the smiling.  It was just great.
  • Oh my gosh, I don’t know what to talk about and in what order!
  • I loved how Chase kissed Peyton realizing that Lucas was watching and then for Peyton to do the same because Brooke was watching.  At that moment, I had no idea who I wanted together…I love Brooke and Owen and Brooke and Chase and Lucas and Peyton and then Chase and Peyton were cute together.  I had no idea what I wanted!
  • Skills and Jamie were so cute together tonight.  Word.
  • Jamie was so pitiful this week upset about Nathan not being home.  Can we get a chorus of Awwww’s?  Poor little guy, Nathan and Haley better get back to being Naley soon.
  • Speaking of THAT, I was so hopeful that Lindsey and Lucas’s scheming would help but all it did was give Haley a chance to say it’s over.  Man, I felt so bad for Nathan and I really hope this does not stick.
  • Bevin was very…peppy.  And the spoiler figure outers were right…Tim and Bevin are married and have a son named Nathan.  Wild, I say, wild.
  • Dan was disgusting this episode..the flirting, the random one night stand..ugh.
  • So Rachel ran off with a wad of money to party I guess. Just have to shake my head at that.
  • Very proud of Brooke for firing Victoria.  You are fired!!  Go Brooke!
  • Is anyone very, very curious about this second book of Lucas’s?  I love that Haley got to read it first.
  • And speaking of…it took me a few minutes to realize that that’s why Haley called Lucas.  All that live-blogging and I didn’t see that it was his book she was reading.  We were all screaming when Haley told Lucas he shouldn’t marry Lindsey.  WOO HOOO!

The only thing I didn’t like about this episode is that um, wasn’t this supposed to be a party for Lucas and Lindsey?  I sort of felt like they were hiding out the whole time and it was absolutely nothing about them.  Although I’m NOT a fan of them, I sort of felt like they didn’t get enough attention at their own party.

But wow.  I just loved this episode.  I love that everything was intertwined.  So many angles and people interacting.

So what’d you think??   Did I miss something?

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Mar 04,2008

Episode 10 Running to Stand Still Reaction

Posted by Amy with 1 Comment

Amy’s Reaction

Woah, that was quite an episode.  Now THAT’S the kind of drama I was looking for.

First, Brooke and Owen.  I really, really love Owen (especially with that shirt off!!).  He did a great job with that guy and with Rachel.  Loved all those scenes.

And while we’re at it, let’s talk about Rachel.  Poor Rachel.  She felt betrayed by Brooke and although she took the wrong way to handle it, I still feel bad for her.

As for Lucas and Nathan and Dan.  Honestly, I feel like Dan really has changed and I get what Lucas is saying about Dan being persuasive and evil but I don’t know.  I think he convinced me.

Peyton and Mia…that whole thing they did to trick John was AWESOME.  I loved how they did that.

And finally the real drama this week was with the Scott family.  Woah.  First off Carrie getting in that shower.  What is that woman thinking??  And finally Nathan really tried to push her away.  And then Haley!  Poor Haley had to see that.  I love when Haley gets mad.  She’s so authentic.  As for Carrie going to see Jamie…ugh, that was low of her to try to tell Jamie that it was Haley’s fault.  I would be SO MAD.  I’d be putting a restraining order on her and getting a school cop to watch my child.  Ugh!  I’m glad Lucas convinced Nathan to go try to work it out so at least Haley heard the truth.  That scene when Jamie goes outside and they are fighting was heartwrenching. I  could barely breathe.  We have a pool and I have two preschoolers so I was definitely sweating that one out.  And man, what a moment to be fighting about their marriage.  Haley let it all build up and come out and she screams she wants a divorce.  A divorce?!  Noooo!!!!  They can’t do that.  I totally understand the amount of emotion she is feeling now but it’s just as much her fault for not watching Jamie at the pool as Nathan.  Totally unfair to Nathan.

Man.  That was an emotional episode.

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Feb 26,2008

Episode 9 For Tonight You’re Only Here to Know Reaction

Posted by Amy with 3 Comments

First off, I apologize to everyone for putting the Carrie spoiler for tonight in 5.09 and it’s really for 5.10. Sorry! It was simply a copy and paste error!  Everyone watching the show with me kept waiting on it and nothing!  Sorry, sorry, sorry!

I really don’t know what I can say about that episode. Yeah, I do actually. It was quite boring. This is by far the worst episode of the season. Absolutely nothing happened. You can sum up tonight by saying it was make up night for Lindsey and Peyton. And unfortunately the cat fighting wasn’t nearly as entertaining as I thought it was going to be although there were some really good digs back and forth. I felt bad for Lindsey when she tells about her dad. That was the moment I sorta felt bad for her. In some ways I’m glad the whole Lindsey/Peyton thing is finally over. I still don’t want Lucas and Lindsey together but I haven’t really liked Peyton much this season which I guess is the point.

Tim was hilarious as always. Good to see him on the show.

Mia was funny this episode. She sort of reminds me of the old Brooke. Like the fun one of the bunch.

Well, I guess that’s it. There wasn’t much of anything that actually happened in this episode!

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Feb 19,2008

Episode 8 Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want Reaction

Posted by Amy with 7 Comments

Updated with Heather’s Reaction:

like last night’s episode. I was so thankful to have the old Mouth back. Him and Millicient are so cute together. I love Brooke & Owen together. I loved the line where Owen says about her “being full of herself”. Nanny Carrie is PYCHO. I feel really bad for Haley b/c she has NO IDEA what is going on behind her back. I can’t imagine someone I was trusting with my kid doing that to me. And what is up with Nate not firing her?! Jamie is so cute. He just gets better and better in every episode. I love him and Brooke outside together. Really cute scene. Lucas, Peyton & Lindsey. (big sigh) I really would not want someone to propose to me that way. I really don’t even think that Lucas would of even proposed had she not found that ring. And WHAT is with Lucas and his insecurity with the book writing? I’m glad Peyton is letting go like Keith and thought that was really cool of her to see that similarity but I still want them together. Lindsey just seems like a ball of mess. She’s now this insecure clingy girlfriend (fiance). I liked the scene of Peyton at the graveyard with her mom. Really good acting on her part.

Amy’s Reaction:

I’m actually going to start at the beginning. We got to see the proposal! As far as I’m concerned, it was not romantic at all. It was a proposal born out of a fight and a mistaken find. All Lucas could say was I was scared to death you didn’t love me for the right reason and oh will you marry me since you found the ring anyway? Ugh. It really made me want to puke..just like I thought. It was probably the most UNromantic OTH moment. Blah.

As for Peyton’s speech to him at the end, I loved it. I loved the comparison to Keith and Karen. I thought it was big of Peyton to put her feelings on hold for him.

I loved Haley’s performance this episode. I love how upset she rightly is over Luke and Peyton. I loved her speech to Peyton. She was right on…it puts her in a very awkward position and Peyton is wrong for trying to get Lucas when he’s still with Lindsey (as much as I want them together!).

Mouth and Millicent were so cute this episode! I want to see more of them–and with some of the other characters. I sort of feel like Mouth is on his own little island this season. Oh and so glad to see Alice gone, gone, gone!!

Brooke and Owen! I loved, loved, loved that scene with Brooke and Owen in the car. Very much a throwback to that Brooke and Lucas scene. But I loved the best that she stuck her dress back on and got out!

Now, onto this Nanny Carrie business! That woman! If I should even call her that! I can’t believe she lied to Haley and then KISSED Nathan! And then, THEN Nathan doesn’t do anything! No, he doesn’t kiss her back but he doesn’t even tell Haley or even say anything to Carrie. Yes, he told her no more flirting and skinny dipping at the beginning but see how far that got them? She just pushed even more. That girl has got to go!

As for the preview, woah, did you see that look on Lindsey’s face? There’s going to be a girly throwdown in the library next week!

So I’m curious, what did you think about the proposal? Was it romantic? Heartfelt?

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Feb 12,2008

Episode 7 In Da Club Episode Reactions

Posted by Amy with No Comments

Amy’s Reaction:

Ugh, I always have to start with the end!!!!!!!  OMG!!! I’m freaking out!!!  Lucas and Lindsey got engaged!!!!!  I refrained from reading the spoilers on this one and totally did not expect that.  I thought this would be kissy kissy night for Leyton.  And it was but only for a moment.  And the last one for awhile probably!  Wahhhh…

OK.  Got that out of my system.

Actually no, I’m not done.  I think I’ve gone from shock to anger.  Why would Lucas do that to Peyton?  Really.  He just kissed Peyton.  He just kissed Peyton. Yes, I said that twice.  Did he tell Lindsey he just kissed Peyton and then propose?  Did you see the shock on Peyton’s face?  It was awful.  I’m not happy with Lucas right now at. all.  And in all of that somehow I did feel bad for Lindsey.  She can see what’s obvious and good for her for standing up to him.  You know, I’m kind of glad Haley saw the kiss.  Now she will feel so guilty for not telling on him and she’ll tell Lindsey at the right time..I hope…I did see lots of wedding pictures, you know.

OK for the rest of the episode….

I LOVE Brooke and Owen.  He’s giving her a run for her money and it’s AWESOME.  I love watching Brooke squirm.  I really hope they end up together.  Totally hot couple.

I LOVED seeing Mouth this episode. Finally.  Creepy Alice is GONE.  Millicent and him are SO cute together.

I really started liking Quentin this episode.  Weird that he fits in with his teachers at the bar but I guess whatever works.

Nathan and Haley.  And Carrie.  Carrie has lost her ever-lovin’ mind.  She had some lines tonight that left your jaw hanging open.  I’m glad to see Nathan turn her down though.  Still wish Nathan would talk to Haley about it.  But honestly, I think he just thinks he can handle it right now and is protecting Haley from getting upset when he knows he doesn’t want Carrie.

Wow, I think I’m stressed.

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