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Dec 02,2010

One Tree Hill Podcast #128

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A review of the 10th episode of season eight, Lists, Plans Quotes. Also, a look at next week’s final One Tree Hill episode before the winter break.

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Jul 15,2008

Back Cover of One Tree Hill Season Five DVD

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In the first half of June we brought you Warner’s press release for One Tree Hill – The Complete 5th Season on DVD, a tree which is growing toward an August 26th release date. Warner Home Video has now sent out a picture of the back of the packaging for this release, and we’ve got a peek at it for you today:

May 19,2008

Season 5 Finale What Comes After the Blues Recap

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First aired: 5/19/2008

The Tree Hill residents are forced to face their fears as Dan turns over on a new leaf and Brooke making the hardest decision of her life. In the meantime, Haley’s career takes a turn and Peyton is visited by somebody from her past. Mouth and Millicent meet a new face. With all, Lucas and Brooke help each other through the struggles.


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Promo Video


Lucas and Haley on the rooftop

Nathan and Jamie wake Lucas up

Haley and Peyton talk about the predictions


I Don’t Want To Be – Gavin DeGraw Jamie and Gavin DeGraw sing it in Opening Scene
All Downhill From Here- Amy Kuney – Clips of Lucas drinking
Disappear – Gabe Dixon Band -(Jamie scared of the pool and Brooke and Angie)
Blindsided – Bon Iver (Nate & Quentin on the court; Haley reads Lucas’ predictions to Peyton)
End Of The Road – Tyler Burkum (Lindsey gives Lucas his book & tells him goodbye)
A Man I’ll Never Be – Boston (Brooke takes Angie to the airport; Jamie jumps into the pool; montage)
Half Speed – La Rocca (Millicent tells Mouth she’ll move to Omaha with him; Haley meets Lucas at the river court)
Flume – Bon Iver (Lucas visits Brooke; Mouth helps out with the sportscast)
Baker Lake – Sera Cahoone (Lucas & Peyton talk about their past)

Feel This – Bethany Joy Galeotti – CODA


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Original Spoilers/Filming Info/Pictures

Read the spoilers

Live-Blogging Recap

Lucas is in bed. They show clips of him taking shots in TRIC (one shows with the dog). They show clips of people being hit with water balloons. Dan is with the priest. They show Brooke marking another day off the calendar. She turns around and plays with Angie. Skills and Deb sneak through his apartment and kiss. Mouth is at work. The boss isn’t happy. Haley opens her eyes in the bed and sees Chester. Nathan is at the gym. Jamie is by the pool. People are getting hit with water balloons at COB. Millicent almost gets hit. Another newspaper gets thrown at Lucas’s door.
Jamie goes up to Lucas in bed and says he thinks he drank too much. Lucas says me too. They give him a hard time about the smell. Lucas has a mohawk. Nathan asks if he’s seen it yet and Lucas says no. Jamie wants one but Nathan says no. Jamie goes to get Lucas water. Nathan says Lucas missed the school board meeting. He’s suspended from 10 games and there’s only 11 left. Jamie waits outside. Nathan tells Lucas drinking isn’t the answer.
Brooke tells Angie they’re going to the beach. The phone rings. She says there’s a mistake, she has 8 days left. She says I understand, bye. Brooke tells Angie they want her to go home today.
Lucas is staring at his hair. Haley walks in and says Wow, what is all this. Lucas says I’m not sure. Haley says I’d laugh if it wasn’t this bad. Haley says they’re going for a drive but let’s fix his hair first. She shaves his head.
Jamie has a mohawk at home with Nathan. Jamie asks Nathan which team he’ll play for in the NBA. Nathan says I know you’re excited, but probably he’ll never play. Jamie is playing with a rolled up sock and Nathan asks why and Jamie avoids the question.
Haley and Lucas are in his car in front of COB and Haley asks about the IHY. He said yes, he said it, he was drunk. Haley says you probably broke her heart. Lucas says you’re being dramatic. She makes him stop at a green light. A water balloon hits them. Haley says it’s like Peyton’s heart.
Peyton is on the roof and says you said it made you feel better. Haley hugs her and says it’s going to be ok.

Haley gets out the predictions on the roof and Haley says it’s clear. Lucas waves a white flag and comes out. Lucas says remember our water balloon fights? Haley says yeah, that’s when you saw my tattoo. He says you mean your tramp stamp? Haley says I’m barely your friend right now. Haley tells him she was scared. It hurts her to watch what he’s doing. Lucas says she said no, he said yes. Haley says what do you want? Stop hiding your heart.
Millicent and Mouth are at his work. Mouth says he’s been doing grunt work and they’ve hired Steve, a new sports guy. Millicent says I’ll buy you lunch and they leave.
Dan talks to Reverend Carter. He tells him he’s selfish since he led a good life. The nurse comes in and asks if he wants to give him a pillow. Dan says I just might.
Deb walks in and Nathan says she’s walking the walk of shame. Nathan says were you with the guy? She says it’s from the erotica site.
Nathan asks Jamie if he wants to go in the pool. Jamie says no. He continues to play with Chester.
Brooke and the dr talk. He tells her you’ve done great, but it’s time for her to go home.

Nathan and Q are playing ball. Q talks smack to him. Nathan swears and gets mad Q is better. Jamie is on the sidelines watching. Q says let’s go again. Nathan says I’m done. Q says J Scott, go get us some water. If you see any hot, psycho nannies, run back in here. Jamie says not funny. Nathan says I can’t do this anymore. Q says he’s playing scared. Nate says he’s not scared. Jamie is watching.
Jamie and Nathan are in the car. Nathan hits the steering wheel. Jamie says I’m afraid to go in the pool, Daddy. Nathan says yeah but you went in the pool all the time and you loved it. You can still do it. J says I know, I’m just scared. It’s ok if you don’t play anymore. Nathan pulls away.
Peyton is at TRIC and tells Haley and got an email from Mia that said he met a guy that knew Ellie. Haley says she’s having trouble with lyrics. Haley tells Peyton about the predictions. Peyton Sawyer will become Peyton Scott. Make out with Peyton Sawyer or more. This year I’ll talk to Peyton. Try again with Brooke. Peyton says that’s what he writes but not what he says. Haley says sometimes people write the things they can’t say.
Lindsey walks into Lucas’s bedroom and they say hi to each other.

Lindsey says this is nice, Luke. Lucas says what are you doing. Li says I need to talk to you but you wouldn’t answer. Li says you look hungover. Lucas says the girl I wanted to marry started dating and it went dark. Li says the book is finished. Luke says the dedication is not even done. Li says it’s done. It’s perfect. I guess this is goodbye. And goodbyes shouldn’t happen over the phone. Lucas says Lindsey, do you ever miss me. Lindsey says I should go. She leaves. He gets a voicemail from Brooke on his phone.
Brooke walks out the door with Angie and drops the purple monkey.
Jamie and Nathan are in his room. He tells him he’ll have lots of trophies. Nathan says don’t be afraid to be great. Because you are. We love you.
Mouth and Millicent walk through the hall at work.
Jamie puts on swimmies and stands at the side of pool.
Dan is talking to Rev Carter. He says I’m the one that needs to make amends. Take one for the team.
Jamie backs up from the pool.
Brooke tells Angie she’ll have a great life. She hands her off to the adoption lady. Brooke cries.
Jamie says I’m James Lucas Scott and jumps in the pool. Naley jump in with him with their clothes on.
Brooke and Lucas see each other at the airport. She says you got my message. I told you not to come. She’s gone. Lucas says I know.
NHJ play in the pool.
Peyton is painting the Rivercourt.
Mouth and Millicent kiss at work in the hall.
NHJ play.
Dan takes off Rev Carter’s oxygen mask. He looks at Jamie’s card.
NHJ play. Nathan throws him. Nahley smile at each other.
Dan pick up the pillow almost to smother him and then puts it behind his head. He says sometimes a guy needs something to hope for.
Brucas walk through the airport and leave while Lucas is holding her beside him.

Mouth tells Millicent thanks for lunch and telling the new sports guy off. Millie says I’m sorry it’s hard for you now. Mouth says Lucas was hurting and it didn’t seem right. Someone interrupts and asks a sports question. Millie says go to Omaha. I’ll go with you. They kiss.
Brooke holds the purple monkey on the couch.
Lucas turns on the lights to the RiverCourt. He sees Peyton’s drawing. He walks around looking at it. He smiles when he sees Peyton’s name.
Jamie runs in the house all wet. Nathan says get dressed, we’re going back to the gym. Haley tells Nathan, you still make my heart race. I’m serious. My heart is so full of heart and pride and joy. Haley’s cell rings. She says it’s my other boy.
Haley walks up and says, Wow, fairy Peyton. He says Lindsey’s here but she left. He had to go see Brooke. She says the trifecta, perfect. What’d Lindsey want. She was giving the book and he could email the dedication. He’s thinking of leaving for some time. Haley says you have to quit running. Lucas says what Nathan told him. Haley says you saw him after the accident, now look at him. You know that saying the garbage is healing…it’s wrong. You know what’s better? Love. The day you think it’s overrated is the day you’re wrong. The only thing wrong with love and faith and belief is not having it. She hugs Lucas.
Lindsey is at the airport on the phone. They ask if she told him and she says no. Lucas text Lindsey the dedication. It says something like to all those lost souls who forgot the immensity of love. Lindsey calls Luke to leave a message. She says I’m one of those lost souls because I lied to you. I said I was seeing someonea and I wasn’t. The truth is I was afraid of the immensity of your love. I just wanted you to know. You asked me if I miss you and all I do is miss you.
Lucas is on his cell at the river court. He looks down at Peyton’s signature.

Lucas goes to see Brooke. Lucas asks where Peyton is. She says at work. I didn’t tell her. Luke asks why he didn’t want her there. She says I didn’t want you to see me like this. Luke says I always see you like this you’re beautiful. I’ve been thinking about all you’ve done. You save people, that’s what you do. Luke says call me when she’s home safe. Brooke stops him and says hey luke, we’ve been through a lot but I wouldn’t have made it without you. Luke says you’re welcome. Brooke gives him the purple monkey. I love you, Lucas Scott, you know that? Lucas says I love you too, Brooke Davis.
The new sports guy spilled his coffee and has no pants on. Another anchor Rick starts the cast. They go to Steve the sports anchor. The prompter goes down. The sports guy doesn’t know what to say. They want Steve to fill. Mouth takes a headset and tells him what to say. Everyone is impressed. He ends with I’m say your name. He looks really dumb. Everyone claps. He says thank you and for my encore, I quit.
Peyton is on the phone with Mia. He wants the guy to call her. Lucas walks in and says I don’t hate you. I remember the first time I ever saw you. Skinny arms, tangled mess of hair. It was hard letting you go Peyton. It’s hard losing you. It was hard seeing you again. It’s still really hard. Peyton says when I’m asleep, I have a dream and we’re back in the hotel room and you propose to me and every single time I say es. Lucas says it’s just a dream right/ P says it’s my dream.
Lucas picks up his bags at home.
Haley starts singing Feel This in the studio.
Lucas walks through the airport. He looks back at Tree Hill.
Dan goes in to see Rev Carter with flowers but he’s gone. The nurse comes in and says they did all they could. Dan smiles. He said my name is Dan and my number is 1.
They show Nathan and Q at the gym. Jamie says come on, dad, you can do it. Nathan slams the ball. Jamie says Woah. Nathan is shocked. Nathan says I can do it! We’re gonna do this. Nathan claps and says Woo!
Dan walks out of the hospital and helps an old man to the curb. He walks backwards and says be careful you could get yourself killed. He gets hit by a car. The page goes off on the ground. He’s not moving and he’s bleeding.
Lucas is sitting at the airport.
Brooke, Peyton and Lindsey all say Hello.
Lucas says I’m at the airport with two tickets two Las Vegas, you want to get married tonight?


Writer: Mark Schwahn
Director: Mark Schwahn
Guest star: Michaela McManus (Lindsay Strauss), Lisa Goldstein (Millicent Huxtable), Chris Beetem (Dr. Copeland), Barbara Alyn Woods (Deborah “Deb” Lee-Scott), Robbie Jones (Quentin Fields) , Gavin DeGraw (Himself), David Halns (Bill), Angela Ray (Nurse), Tom Werme (Steve), Bradley Evans (Jerry), Lee Spencer (Director), Wilbur Fitzgerald (Bill)


Credits Source:

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May 12,2008

Episode 17 Hate is Safer Than Love Recap

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Lucas’ “I Hate You” episode

First aired: 5/12/2008

Lucas is crushed by devastating news. Quentin is pushed to his limits during a Ravens game. Dan is second on the donor recipient list to get a new heart. Haley thinks about her decision to release a new album while Brooke’s baby undergoes emergency surgery and a shocking truth stuns Peyton, told by Lucas.


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Don’t Forget Sister – Low vs Diamond (recap; montage)
One More Time – AutoVaughn (Nate’s workout)
In My Arms – Plumb (Haley finds Jamie walking down the street; Brooke waits for news)
Elephants As Big As Whales – PlayRadioPlay! (Haley & Jamie cloud watching; Brooke gets good news about Angie’s operation)
High School Is Such a Serious Thing – Seth McFarlane (Peyton’s ringtone)
News To Me – We Are Castles (Peyton rushes to Haley’s aid)
Run – Gnarls Barkley (First half of game)
Heart Attack – Low vs Diamond (Second half of game)
10 000 Stones – Adrianne (Lucas gets drunk; Jamie’s thank you to Dan; Mouth at work; montage)
Damn (Robotekks Remix)- David Kater (Deb meets Skills at TRIC)
Hallelujah – Kate Voegele (CODA)

Original Spoilers/Filming Info/Pictures

Read the spoilers 

Live-Blogging Recap 

Ravens are playing. Lucas starts arguing with the ref and throws the ball down.
The dr comes out and says “Brooke” to Brooke.
Nathan walks in on Deb unhooking her bra in front of the computer.
Dan almost gets hit with a water balloon walking on the sidewalk.
Jamie is walking down the road.

The above seem to be clips from the future.

Peyton gets a call from the dr and the nurse says it’s time for the surgery. You see Lucas’s book halfway through on the bed. Peyton gets out of bed and calls for Brooke.
Peyton and Brooke go in the hospital with Angie. Brooke wants P to call Lucas.
Skills and Lucas are talking about the game. Skills asks what’s wrong with him. L says he hasn’t heard from Lindsey in a week. He thinks she’s ducking him. Skills says she’s just busy. Skills smells Millicent baking and says come on.
Nathan goes to see Jamie in bed. He says to come on. Jamie is already dressed, just hiding under the covers. Jamie tells a joke (Knock Knock? Who’s there? Ya. Ya Who? YAHOOO!) and says he has to get his cape.
The dr comes out and says Angie will do great and so will she. He says it will take awhile but he’ll come get her when they’re done. Brooke gives Angie a pep talk and starts to cry. The nurse takes her. Brooke stops Dr. Copeland and asks his name. He says just try to relax, she’s in good hands.

Nathan is pulling Jamie on his scooter while he runs on the river front boardwalk. They get to a hill and stop. Nathan thinks they can do it. Jamie encourages Nathan. Jamie and Nathan are at the court and says we made it halfway up! Jamie gives Nathan his cape and Nate puts it on. Nathan says he needs a scooter.
Brooke is pacing at the hospital. Peyton is sitting with her and tries to calm her down. Brooke says she should get going. She knows she has a big day. Brooke says she doesn’t even know Dr. Copeland’s first name. Brooke says Lucas. He’s here. He apologizes he’s late. Lucas says he’ll wait with her. Brooke says she should go considering Peyton has to go. Brooke insists since her day is busy. Peyton tells her to call her first thing. Peyton is giving Lucas looks and says Bye, Luke and leaves. Peyton walks down the hall to leave. The nurse walks in to Dan’s patient room. The dr says he’s #2 on the recipient list and gives him a pager to carry 24-7. He says Reverend Carter is first.
Haley is at the studio and puts Jamie and Nathan’s picture on the piano. Haley wants to go see her but P says they’re under strict orders to not leave until a song is recorded. Mia is in the studio.
Nathan and Jamie are in the kitchen. Nate tells him to throw something away. Jamie says no, Nanny Deb would do it. Nate says she’s not your maid. Jamie says Yeah, she kinda is! Nate makes him throw it away and finds his card to Dan. He stares at it, sad.

Mia says the studio looks great. Peyton congratulates Mia. They make small talk. Mia says she has no relationship. Peyton asks if she wants to do a PSA for Rock the Vote. Mia is excited. Peyton and Mia leave. Haley looks at Nathan/Jamie’s picture. She seems worried.
Deb is on the computer chatting. She starts unzipping her jacket and then her bra. Nathan walks in. Deb says doesn’t anyone knock around here? They go in the kitchen. Nathan says what if Jamie had walked in! Deb says she met someone. He’s romantic, sensual. They’re arranging to meet. Nathan says it’s weird that she’s talking to a stranger. Deb says what about all the times you locked yourself in your bathroom when you were 12. Nathan says Mom! Deb says I knew what you were doing. Nathan looks for Jamie. He says he lost track of him when he got blinded.
Jamie is walking down the street by himself. Haley pulls up in her car and wonders why he’s there. He holds up his card. Haley tells him to get in.
Brooke is talking to Lucas. She says she never told her she loved her. Lucas says she knows. Lucas asks about Owen. She says nothing apparently. She asks about Lindsey and says nothing. She hasn’t returned his calls. Brooke says to get out of there for the game tonight. Lucas says he’ll stay and he’ll go get them coffee. Brooke tells him Lindsey will call. Lucas says he’s ok for a little while longer.
Haley and Jamie are at the park. She apologizes for the card. She was trying to protect him. She tries to explain he’s a bad person. He says I just wanted him to know he still has a friend. Everyone should have a friend. They start looking at the clouds. Jamie says you shouldn’t lie to me. Haley apologizes again. She promises she will explain things better. She says I love you. He says I love you too.
Brooke is almost crying at the hospital. Dr. Copeland comes out and says Angie did great. She’s in recovery and stable. Brooke cries. Lucas walks up and says Brooke? She says she’s going to be ok. They hug. Brooke stops the dr and thanks him for fixing her. Brooke and Lucas hug again.

Mia is filming the Rock the Vote PSA. The crew leaves. Peyton says speaking of tour buses..The Starburst Concert Series…it’s very you. Mia says it sounds great. Millicent calls Peyton and says she’ll be right there. She runs into COB. Haley is on the roof with a water balloon. Peyton said Millicent said she looked depressed and she was heading to the roof. Haley explains she knows Mia says she doesn’t have time for a relationship and she has a family and doesn’t know if she can handle doing a record again. Haley says she throws the water balloons on a bad day. Dan is on the sidewalk. Peyton throws it and almost hits him. Haley says you’re going to give him a heart attack! Peyton says you should have told me! But it was fun!
Mouth is at work and they tell him to grab a camera and go get a story at the basketball game. He says don’t let us down. Mouth says you can count on me.
Tip-off at the game. Lucas is yelling instructions. Q is playing one-handed. Haley walks in and sits down and sees Dan at the game. Dan backs away from the court. The other coach tells Lucas they can’t keep that up for long. Lucas calls for subs. The coach says is this hockey? Lucas says no, it’s your worst nightmare. Raves are up by 7 at halftime. Q is excited as they go to the locker room. Jamie is congratulating the team.
Lucas is in the office and gets a call from Lindsey. Lindsey, hi. No, I mean, half the game. I’m so glad you called. I was beginning to worry. We’re up by 7. Oh, I miss you so much. He pauses while she talks and says “Oh.”
Back to the game, Lucas is riding Q hard. Skills says, Luke. Luke throws his clipboard down. Lucas yells at the team Suck it up. Finish it. We are not going to lose this game. He makes them says Bear Creak Sucks on break. The other team says to foul Q. Either miss the free throw and they’ll break his other hand. They foul him. Q has to throw it one handed. He makes the first one. And the second one. The coach tells a player to take out the wrist. Q intercepts and they hurt Q’s hand. Lucas starts yelling at the ref and throws the ball. They call a technical foul on Lucas. A player says something to Lucas and Lucas grabs him and starts a fight. Lucas is escorted out.

Lucas goes into the locker room with Nathan. Lucas starts hitting lockers. He says he should have knocked him out. Lucas says she’s seeing someone else. Lindsey. She called at halftime. She’s supposed to come back to me. Nathan says what if she doesn’t? You can’t wait around forever. Maybe it’s time to move on. Lucas says she’s supposed to come back.
Brooke is with Angie. Lucas walks in. She asks if they won. He says I don’t know. She says she’s doing great. Brooke says I appreciate it but I’m the only one allowed in her. Lucas says Lindsey called. brooke says that’s great. Lucas says, well..see you. Brooke says what did you mean you didn’t know if you won? Lucas says I don’t know if the team won, but I lost for sure.
Mia and Peyton are at the studio. M says can I ask how you and Lucas are? Mia says get him drunk. They always tell the truth when they’re wasted. Peyton says, Says the 18 year old.
Lucas is taking shots at TRIC. He gets a call on his cell. He ignores it.
Jamie asks Haley why Lucas got so mad. Haley says I don’t know, he won’t answer me. Dan walks up and Haley suggests he gives him his card. Dan takes it and gives J a hug and says you’re my best friend. Jamie walks back to Haley. Dan says thank you to Haley. Haley says that wasn’t for you, that was for him.
Mouth’s boss asks if he got footage of Lucas grabbing the kid. He apologizes. They tell each other, I told you he wasn’t ready.
Peyton asks Mia if she’s sure she doesn’t want her to stay. Mia says she wants it to be a surprise. Peyton says I’m really proud of you. Mia says thank you for my life. I love it. Peyton says your songs were always great. I just pointed people towards the greatness. Sing good, rock star. Peyton leaves and finds Lucas passed out at the bar. She wakes him up. She helps him up and they leave.

Haley walks into the studio and sits at the piano. Mia asks why she’s there. Haley isn’t sure. She says she’s so happy for her. But she’s a little jealous. Mia’s says I’m jealous of you. I think if 4 years from now I have a family and I’m getting ready to make a record, I’m going to feel lucky. Haley thanks her.
Deb walks in TRIC and says look for the rose. She sees it and it’s Skills. She says you said you were older! Skills says you said you were younger! Deb says nothing can happen. They are back at the apartment and make out. Deb says what’s one night between two consenting adults?
Mia sings Hallelujah, Jesus with the guitar.
Nathan and Skills walk out of the gym and says it’s going to be bad.
Mouth watches tape of Lucas grabbing the kid and takes it out and ruins it.
Haley goes home and Jamie comes and asks if everything is ok. Nathan walks up and hugs them both.
Brooke is watching over Angie. Dr. Copeland comes in. He suggests sleep. She says she wants to be there when she opens her eyes. Dr. says that’s why he became a surgeon. The feeling. He says the day she gets married and has children, she’ll say Brooke Davis got me here. Brooke says and Dr. Copeland too. He says it’s Ethan by the way. Brooke says thank you. Ethan says you’re welcome, Brooke, and walks out.
Dan is watching over Rev. Carter and says the Dr was right. The nurse comes in and asks if he’s family. Dan says no but he’s number one on my list.
Peyton covers up Luke in bed. She says she’s so sorry, I didn’t want this for you. She leans down and kisses him on the temple. He opens his eyes and says Peyton. I hate you. I wish you never came back. You ruined my life. He rolls over and goes back to sleep. Peyton’s mouth open and she walks out.


Writer: Mark Schwahn
Director: Stuart Gillard
Guest star: Robbie Jones (Quentin Fields), Barbara Alyn Woods (Deborah “Deb” Lee-Scott), Kate Voegele (Mia Catalano) , Chris Beetem (Dr. Copeland)

Source for credits/overview

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May 05,2008

Episode 16 Cryin’ Won’t Help You Now Recap

Posted by Amy with 61 Comments


Lucas investigates Dan’s heart condition. Haley struggles with letting Dan into Jamie’s life. Peyton also still struggles with her guilt over Lucas’ breakup and Mouth finally gets the chance to be a sports anchor.


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Watch the Promo


Dan/Nathan at the court



Builds And Explodes – Tim Williams
When Will It Happen – Arden Kaywin
My Love in Blue – Tom Hanson
Song We Sang Away – Low vs Diamond
Dreamers – jack savoretti
In Love With a Girl – Gavin DeGraw
Second Chances -Paper Route
Twenty Years – Augustana

Original Spoilers/Filming Info

Read Spoilers

Live-Blogging Recap

Dan is at the cemetery looking at Keith’s headstone. Right beside it is a headstone with his name and picture on it being lowered.
Jamie is asking Nathan about why Dan wasn’t at his party. Jamie says Dan says he missed him. Nathan says you know that jersey you got? It came from Dan. Haley walks in Jamie’s room. Jamie tell Haley about the jersey. Haley says her and Nathan need to talk. They are downstairs. Nathan says it’s true, Dan needs a heart transplant. Haley doesn’t believe him. He tells him about the will and he seems scared. Haley says at least they know why he is hanging around. Nathan says it doesn’t matter, he’s not spending time with Jamie.
Brooke is playing with Angie. She has to go to a board meeting tomorrow. Lucas comes in. Brooke asks why he’s here. He said he wouldn’t miss it. Brooke says she’s getting better. Angie is sleeping through the night. Lucas says see, I told you you’d be a good mom. Peyton walks in and says that’s the best night of sleep ever. She’s in her pj’s and stops when she sees Lucas. She says hey, what are you doing here while she pulls on her t-shirt. Brooke says they’re going to the dr. Lucas leaves. Brooke looks at Peyton and says You too! She looks at Angie and says aren’t they silly?
Skills and Lucas are at practice. Q is there. Lucas announces Q will be out for 6 weeks. They have 12 games and they have to work hard. The guys are not convinced they will do well. Q walks out. Skills asks why. He says there’s nothing left for him there. L says you can’t quit. Q says I just did.

Peyton and Brooke are feeding Angie. Peyton says she can help she’s just been paying attention to the studio. Brooke says that’s fine, Angie likes Lucas better. Peyton says Heyy! Brooke says he’s still pining over Lindsey and she’s trying to distract him. Peyton says she’s got to get to the studio. Haley is recording. Brooke tries to get Angie to smile at the news. She still won’t. Peyton leaves. Brooke continues to feed Angie.
Mouth is at the tv studio. A guy walks in and says his on-air guy just got sick and he knows he hasn’t talked to him since replacing Angie but he likes what he’s done and asks if he wants to fill in tomorrow. He has 3 slots and he needs him to fill all of them. Mouth says thanks. He says I heard about your Omaha offer and I think you made the right decision.
Haley walks into the office to see Lucas. He says it’s Dan and he’s dying. He says Riiighht. He says he told Nathan at the beach house. He says there’s a will and everything. Lucas says he’s lying. He says I’ll get into it but in the meantime, be careful, don’t get sucked into it. Haley says what if it’s the truth? Lucas says it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy (what??).
Nathan and Dan are at the rivercourt. Dan says I know you’re trying to come back. I know you may not be the same but you can reinvent yourself. Nathan says stop it! Following me, trying to see Jamie. Nathan says I don’t care that you’re dying, leave me alone. Dan says it’s not too late. You don’t want to regret it. Nathan throws a ball at his head and says you don’t get it. Leave my family alone!
Peyton uncovers a piano at the studio. She tries to get Haley excited but can’t. Haley says if you had the chance to get close to your father would you? Peyton says before Ellie, no. Sometimes I think it’s better to know my ideal version of him. Haley says there’s a chance Dan might be dying. And Jamie is obsessed with Dan. Peyton says I wouldn’t be standing here without Ellie and she changed her life.
Lucas goes to see Dan. Lucas says he knows nothing is wrong. Dan says you of all people should be concerned. Lucas says nothing is wrong with my heart and yours either. I have the best doctor and he can’t do anything for him. Lucas says you’re dead to so many of us already it really doesn’t matter.

Haley is playing the piano. Peyton says I never thought we’d be making a record together. Haley says it’s fine as long as you’re not using it to hide behind. Haley says listen, before the wedding I told Lucas he shouldn’t marry Lindsey after I read his book and I knew he was still in love with you whether he’s ready to admit it or not. Peyton says it’s just a book. Haley said really? How about when I write my music? My subconscious ends up sneaking in and I don’t notice it. Peyton says I watched him on the altar and I could see where his heart was and I don’t why Lindsey can’t see it and it’s unfair to Luke. Haley says I think she’s just afraid of you and your history. Think how you’d feel if the roles were reversed.

The (hot!) dr comes in to see Brooke and Lucas and explains what’s wrong and the surgery. He says he has to stop her heart for two hours. Brooke is overwhelmed. She will be on a machine then he’ll graft skin from another part of her heart. He will use an electric shock to bring her back. Brooke says it seems dangerous, is there another way? He says no. Lucas says what’s her prognosis without the surgery. He says she’ll die. The dr says I want you to focus on what a great thing it is you’re doing. If there are no further questions, I’lls ee you next week. Lucas says do you happen to know (a dr’s name which is Dan’s).
Q and Nathan are at the rivercourt. Q says we’re both Ravens alumni. Nathan says you can’t quit. Q says you sound like your brother. What’s he know about playin’ injured anyway. Nathan says let me tell you about Lucas, Lucas played injured his entire senior year and he never gave up and what if they made the playoffs? Nathan says you have to reinvent your game..are you going to throw everything away? Q says you know I threw that punch for you? Nathan says I’ve thrown a lot of punches and every last one was selfish. Face it, you punched him for you, deal with it.
Millicent is playing a video game. By herself. Mouth walks in and says we’re gonna have to keep an eye on that. Mouth tells her about the on-air spot. Millicent is excited. She has a presentation for work but he’ll do great. They hug.
Jamie walks in and asks Haley where Dan lives. He wants to thank him for his jersey. Haley says they can’t go right now but he can right Dan a note and she’ll make sure he gets it. Jamie’s excited.
Brooke and Angie are at home. She puts her down. Lucas is beside her. She says I can’t even get her to smile, what am I doing? What if she dies? What will I tell her parents? Lucas says she’s giving her a chance. Brooke says yeah I guess so. Thank you for being here for us. Lucas says thank you for letting me.

Jamie is beating Skills playing video games. Lucas is in the kitchen with Naley. Lucas says it’s true. He spoke to the cardio dr. Lucas says it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. Maybe that makes me the one with the bad heart but he says good riddance. Nathan doesn’t know what to think. Back to Skills and Jamie. Skills says why you only shoot 3’s. Jamie says because 3’s are bigger than 2’s!
Brooke and Millicent are at COBs. They are watching Mouth on tv. He’s having trouble reading the prompter and then he spills his water. He says this is sports and I’m, uh, wet. Brooke says at least it’s over. Millicent says no, he has two more. Brooke says she has time to drive her there.
Skills, Lucas, Nathan and Jamie are watching tape in the locker room. Skills says they should shoot all 3’s. It’s Jamie’s idea.
Lindsey is at her office. Peyton walks in and says we need to talk.

Lindsey says why are you here? Peyton says it’s weird but I’m here for you and Lucas. Lindsey says there’s nothing more to say. Peyton says I know he loves you and yes, he wrote about a comet but in his non-fiction life he seems very much in love with you. Lindsey says have you read the book? I didn’t think so because if you had you wouldn’t be questioning who he loved and how much. Peyton says it was a work of fiction and what wasn’t was he said I do to you. Lindsey gets the book and says it’s not me who has to make a decision about Lucas. It’s you. Go home, Peyton. Go home and read his book.
Q and Jamie are at the gym and Nathan is there. Nathan says keep shooting I’ll be back. And Quentin, you’re not quitting the Ravens. Jamie says you’re quitting the Ravens?? Q says I got hurt. J says my daddy got hurt too and sometimes it makes me sad. I’d give him anything to see him play again. I can see he wants to. Nathan runs into Dan. He gives him 5 minutes. Dan says I never told anyone this but I tried to kill myself in prison. When I slipped off that chair I took it as a sign my life wasn’t complete. I need to fix all of it. I need that peace before I die. Son, let me help you with what little time I have left. Nathan hears Jamie. Dan says Nathan, please. Son. Don’t deny a dying man his wish.
Mouth is ready to go on air. Millicent walks up. Mouth says I don’t know what happened. I got nervous. Millie says it’s ok. You know what you told me? Sports remind me of the greatness inside of us. On any day an underdog can rise up. You’re my underdog. Next time, just talk to me. Just look at me. I’ll be right behind the prompter. Mouth goes and starts and does great.
Brooke walks into the board meeting with Angie. They ask if she’s ready. She says I’m ready to go. I just need one second. She leaves with Angie crying.
Q goes into the office and talks to Skills. He says you must be looking for Lucas. He says no, I was looking for you. Q apologizes. He said things out of line. He was upset about his wrist and he didn’t think he had his back. Skills says we always have your back and you have to trust us and we’ll do whatever it takes to get you were you want. Q says ok. Skills says apology accepted as he walks out.
Brooke and Angie are outside talking. Brooke says it’s important and she has one shot. She says we’re going back in and giving the presentation. Are you with me?
Lucas is at practice and says Are you with me? And then gives instructions. He says meet your new point guard…Q walks in. They have a huddle and break.
A lady is holding Angie while Brooke gives her presentation. She says they’re unveiling Baby Brooke. It is hip and fun and edgy and every cute baby drools for it…or on it. Good huh? I know! She gets Angie and says come here, my angel. She leaves the board room.
They show Mouth doing great and he signs off. Millicent gives him a big smile.

Back to practice. They make a 3 pointer and Lucas stops them and says Nice! This might work after all. Q comes over to Nathan and says I just want to say thanks for believing in me. Nathan says just do your best. Q says I’ll make you a deal. You work hard too. For Jamie. For a comeback. Nathan says comebacks suck. Q says you saw something in me…maybe we can practice a few hours every week. Nathan agrees.
The guy at the tv studio congratulates Mouth. He walks off. He thanks Millicent. He says you wanna try? Come on! All you have to do is read off the teleprompter. Millicent reads it. It has lines in it from Mouth. It says Thank you for believing in me. I love you. Marvin. Millie is shocked. She says you love me? He says yes. Milicent says I love you too. They kiss.
Jamie is going to bed. Haley read his letter to Dan. Jamie reads it from memory. He says thank you and I wish you were at my birthday and I wish you’ll be at my next one and all the ones after that. Do you think he’ll like it? She says yes. I love you. She blows him a kiss goodnight.
Haley takes it into the kitchen to talk to Nathan. Nathan says I can’t believe he’s dying. As horrible as he’s been, I can’t imagine him going. Haley says if you need closure, I understand. Just be careful.
Lucas is writing on his computer. He says Lindsey’s name in the chat window.
Haley picks up the letter in the kitchen and just thinks. She is torn. She ends up throwing the letter away.
Dan fixes himself a drink and takes a sip. A knock at the door. It’s Nathan. He goes in. Nathan says I thought about what you said and you were right. I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have without you. I’ve realized family is the most important thing. Nathan says not you, my family. I’m sorry you’re dying but you’re not part of it. Dan says that’s it? Nathan says you made the decision when you pulled that trigger. Dan smashes his mirror.
Lindsey has a message pop up on her computer. It’s a video invitation from Lucas. She declines it. Lucas is disappointed.
Peyton is at home in her bed reading the book. Lucas begins a voiceover…And his world would be whole again and his belief in God would be reawakened in his heart.
Brooke is at home talking to Angie. She says I know the surgery is scary but we’ll get through this together. I know I’m not your real mom but I could use a sign I’m doing ok. Angie finally smiles at her. Brooke cries and says ok, it’s you and me, baby.


Writer: William H. Brown
Director: Greg Prange
Star: Antwon Tanner (Antwon “Skills” Taylor), Jackson Brundage (James “Jamie” Scott), Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis), Lee Norris (Marvin “Mouth” McFadden), Paul Johansson (Daniel “Dan” Scott), Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer), James Lafferty (Nathan Scott), Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley James-Scott), Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott)
Recurring Role: Lisa Goldstein (Millicent Huxtable), Robbie Jones (Quentin Fields), Michaela McManus (Lindsay Strauss)

Credits taken from

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Apr 28,2008

Episode 15 Life Is Short Recap

Posted by Amy with 20 Comments

Angie is crying. Brooke is trying to calm her. Peyton walks in tired and said I really love both of you but I love my sleep and I haven’t gotten any in 3 nights. Brooke apologizes and says she’ll figure it out. Peyton gives her a look. Brooke and Peyton try to pacify Angie and she continues to cry. Peyton says, “Look, Brooke’s boob!” She laughs when Brooke throws an animal at Peyton so Brooke tries to do it again and Peyton says “Brooke, really??” BP are in the kitchen. Peyton says maybe it’s because of her condition. Brooke says she cries all the time. Maybe she doesn’t like her. P says she’ll love you, you’ll see.
Skills holds up underwear and Skills says these ain’t no virgin underwear–my girl wouldn’t be a virgin for long with these. Mouth says he doesn’t care she’s a virgin. Skills says there’s something to be said for it, you know where your girls been. Mouth says that’s not what he meant, Millicent is an amazing girl. Skills says he’s whipped. He doesn’t blame him though. Mouth says they should clean the place up. Skills says let me have the drawers…Mouth points a water gun at him. Skills grabs the underwear on the way out.
Haley walks in on Jamie sleeping and says someone looks older today. Haley tells him it’s his fifth birthday. Jamie wants a Wii and wants Dan to come to his party. Deb walks in and asks what he wants. Haley says nothing.
Nathan is running at the gym and Dan walks in. Nathan wants to know what he wants. Nathan wants to stop by and wish Jamie a happy birthday. He says I know I was a bad father, but let me be a good grandfather. Nathan says he should have thought about that before he killed Jamie’s great uncle. He says he’s not welcome.
Peyton is at the office when they’re building the studio. She’s talking to Mia and telling her to keep doing what she’s doing. Peyton goes to her desk and sees a picture of her and Lucas in the back of her car. Peyton tells Mia to tell her more about the tour.
Lucas is watching film at his house. Haley comes in. She asks about Q. He says if he could channel his stubbornness into his recovery, they’d be fine. Haley asks about his recovery. Lucas says isn’t it your son’s fifth party shouldn’t you be doing something? Haley says yes but I wanted to check on you. You know she’s going to be there. Lucas puts his hands in his face and says, I know, I know. You’ve told me 6 times. Haley says I can ask her not to come. Lucas says the way I see it, Lindsey knows and she’s choosing to come. I told her one day she’s going to come back to me. Maybe this is that day. Haley looks doubtful.

Brooke walks in C/B with Angie. Millicent is asking about sketches. Brooke hasn’t done them and doesn’t remember. M starts to freak out. B says they’ll be fine. It’s under control. Brooke says, first tell me, aren’t I cute with this baby..aren’t I so Angelina? M laughs and says yes.
Skills goes in to Peyton’s office. They talk about Mia. Skills says I know you’re cyberstalking Lucas. I know you’re looking at his facebook to see if he changed his status from engaged to can’t fool me. P says WHAT do you want?? He says I need help finding J’s birthday gift. He wants a Wii.
Mouth and Millicent go into the apartment with groceries and it’s completely clean. They are shocked. Millicent wonders if it’s because of her b/c she feels bad. Mouth goes to open a cabinet and it a bunch of stuff falls out. Mouth hides it and tells Millicent they’re going out to eat.
Nathan and Haley are in the house. Nathan says he saw Dan and he wants an invite. H says J’s been asking about gp Dan coming to his party. H says he can’t blame him for wanting to know his GP. Nate says you just can’t trust him. Jamie walks in and says were you talking about GP Dan weren’t you? Jamie says can he come? Nate says I’m sorry, but he’s not going to make it. They both feel bad when Jamie walks away.
Brooke is sketching while Angie is in a highchair. Angie starts crying. Brooke tries to calm her. Angie throws up on her sketch. Brooke says apparently you’re not into feathers.

Peyton and Skills are walking and he says he’s so excited to find the Wii. P says who is it for? Skills says I need an excuse to talk to Nathan and Haley since they don’t want me around since the wedding. P says that’s crazy, they love you. Skills says yeah but I got their son kidnapped. It changed. P says it’s not him, they’re going through a lot. He says but that’s Naley (he really says Naley), they always be going through a lot. P says I know one thing, if you don’t ask for something you can’t expect for it to happen. Skills yeah you’re right. Have you talked to Lucas want him back don’t you? Peyton says I did and he’s clearly in love with Lindsey. Skills says that’s sweet and total crap. Peyton says I just want him to be happy.
Lucas is trying on shirts. He asks Haley if Lindsey will like it. They go back and forth. Haley tells him to give Lindsey time, she’ll come back if she’s ready. She asks if they talk. Lucas says mostly about the book, she knows where he stands. Haley says you know I’m here for you right? Lucas says yes, but you’re friends with Lindsey so I don’t want you in the middle. Haley says, you are my best friend and I love you so if you need me you better put me in the middle. Haley picks a shirt for him.
Junk and Fergie go in the apartment. M is doing pilates. She asks if they want to do something else. They say no, we’ll leave. You can tell they were enjoying watching her.
Mouth and Skills are getting ready to go to the party. Skills says I shouldn’t have had those beers at the wedding. Mouth says no, it was the nanny, you can’t go down that road. Skills says I just want them to know how sorry I am. Mouth says they know. Skills says why can’t I go over there anymore? I just wish they’d forgive me. Mouth says they will and you have to forgive yourself.
The party is in full swing at Naley’s. Kids running around. Haley answers the door and the clown is there. Haley is freaked out (reaction is priceless) and closes the door and says Who ordered the creepy clown. Deb says she did. He does balloon tricks. Deb opens the door, “I always like clowns. Look at the size of his feet.” Haley goes outside and Brooke and Peyton come up. They talk about the sleep issue. Brooke says she can’t get any work done. A kid screaming wakes up Angie. Brooke isn’t happy and tries to soothe her on the way in.
Lucas and Nathan are talking and N asks L if he’s nervous. Why? Nate says Haley says you tried on 8 shirts today. Lucas says FIVE…that’s privileged best friend information. Nate, says well I got the privileged husband card. You really think she’s the one? Lucas says yeah, I do. Haley comes up and asks if they’re ready to sing. Nathan brings the cake to Jamie in the living room as they all sing. They clap. Haley says to make a wish. Lindsey walks in. Luke sees her. Jamie says I know what I want more than anything. Luke stares at Lindsey.

Fergie, Junk and Skills are breathing helium and cracking jokes. Millicent walks in and asks what they’re doing. Fergie and Junk leave. Millicent asks if they always do everything together. Skills says Dumb and Dumber? Pretty much but I love them. Millicent asks if her living there is ok. Skills says our apartment is a guy crib. Millicent says I’m killing the fun. Skills says old habits die hard.
Brooke is changing Angie in Jamie’s room. Jamie says she’s a girl! That’s gross. Jamie asks for Owen. Brooke says he wasn’t ready. Jamie says he didn’t like what was under the clothes? Brooke says he never got to that, thank you very much. Jamie asks if she wants to play a game..she says maybe later. Jamie is disappointed. Brooke says you wanna know a secret? I decided to take care of her because of you. You showed me how awesome kids are. No one will ever replace you. Brooke says I didn’t have time to get your present. But you’re old enough to pick out your own. She writes him a check. Jamie says that’s alot of zeroes. They hug. Brooke says Happy Birthday.
Lucas has two pieces of cake and goes up to Lindsey and gives one to her and says I got you a corner piece. Lindsey says I was wondering what our first words would be. Lucas says it was either that or I think about you every day. I’m glad I went with the frosting. Lindsey says how’s the book coming? Luke good, I looked at your notes but I’m not comfortable with the ending. Lindsey says you’ll find it when you’re ready. They both try to talk. Lindsey says I might stop by. Luke says that’d be great. Jamie walks up with cake. Jamie asks if she’s coming home b/c Uncle Luke really misses you. Luke says we’re still working on that, thanks, go play with your friends. Lindsey seems uncomfortable.
Skills walks up to Peyton while she’s spying on LL. Skills says maybe it’s time to start moving past this. Maybe you’ll wake up one day and you’ll find life without Lucas ain’t that hard to face. Peyton says maybe. Skills says I’m rooting for you. Peyton says did you talk to Naley? Skills says no. Man up. If not for you, for Jamie. I’m sure he misses you. Skills says yeah, you too.
The clown is making balloon animals for Deb. They flirt. The doorbell rings. It’s Dan. Deb goes outside and asks why he’s here. Dan says she looks horrible. Deb says you’re not going in. Dan says step aside. Deb says I said no. The clown comes out and asks if everything is ok. Dan says, who’s this clown. He says Bucko. Deb says be careful he’s done time. The clown says haven’t we all. Dan says just see my grandson gets this, Bucko.

Peyton says hi to Lindsey. Lindsey says Peyton. They make small talk. P asks her how she’s doing. Lindsey says Fine. Not really fine. Let’s just say fine. Peyton says Lindsey, I’m sorry for the way things turned out and how I treated you. I’m just so sorry. Lindsey says I can’t blame you. It’s not your fault b/c I could have said yes. Lindsey walks away.
Skills asks to talk to Naley. He apologizes for the wedding. Nate says it wasn’t your fault. Skills says I should have went to the bathroom with him and I know you don’t want me to babysit him no more. Haley interrupts and says no that’s not it. He says it’s more about us. We’ve been having a hard time trusting anyone. He’s lucky to have you. I promise. Luke walks up and says Jamie’s anxious to open his presents.
Jamie opens Hop on Pop and says thanks, Uncle Lucas. He opens Dan’s present. It’s a jersey with Scott and 23 on it. Nathan asks where it came from. Deb gives him a look. Jamie puts on the jersey and everyone claps.
Dan is drinking and looks at a picture of him and Nathan.
Everyone is leaving the party. Nathan is left and walks in the house by himself.
Deb walks out of the bathroom and sees Haley. The clown walks out after Deb. Haley says the less I know the better. Add that to my list of clown nightmares.
Jamie is playing with his toys. Skills walks in and asks if he got everything. J says almost. Skills says what’d you want? J says a Wii. Skills says what’s that? J says nevermind. Skills says you still ain’t opened my gift yet. J says it’s a Wii! Thank you! Thank you! He asks if he wants to play with him. He says I would love to.
Brooke is trying to get Angie in the car. Luke walks up and helps. Brooke says does everyone know more about babies than I do? Luke says that’s what happens when you have a little sister when you’re 18. Luke says how’s it going? She says fine when she’s not tired or hungry or gassy but she’s always tired or hungry or gassy. Luke says he remembers Lily and she wouldn’t sleep unless someone was holding her. Brooke says it sounds like a lot of girls I know. Luke says she’ll be fine. She says I’m just freaking out about the appointment with the heart surgeon. Lucas asks if he should come with her. Brooke says no, you don’t have to. Luke says he’d like to. Brooke says ok, thanks. I saw you talking to your bride in there, care to give me any spoilers? Luke says I’m going to see how this plays out before I write a book about it. Angie starts crying and Brooke says here’s my cue. Brooke hugs Lucas . You’re great too, Lucas Scott and walks away.

Lucas opens the door to Lindsey.  He says Hi, lose your key?  Lindsey says I didn’t feel right using it.  She comes in.  Luke asks if she’s coming home?  She says I came to get the rest of my things.  L says I thought maybe you were coming back..maybe we could talk a little.  Lindsey says what’s left to say?  She packs a bag.  Lucas says Lindsey I love you.  Lindsey says I love you too but it takes more than love to build a marriage.  Luke says I want to learn.  Whatever it takes to make you come back.  Lindsey hands him her key. Luke says keep the key, this is your home.  Lindsey keeps it and goes to leave.  She leaves the key on the table and leaves.
Pilates is on the tv.  Fergie and Junk are  watching it alone.  He says I didn’t know it was so…sensual.  Mouth walks in and says I didn’t know you were in to Yoga.  They says it’s pilates.  Mouth says I didn’t know pilates was so…erotic.  They ask where his girlfriend is.  She says I don’t know, she had to run out.  Millicent comes in and has pizza and beer.  She says stashed throughout the room you will find heavy artillery.  She comes around with a squirt gun and says I want you to consider your next move very carefully.  They all start a fight.
Lucas is twirling the key in his hand lying on the bed.  There’s a knock at the door.  Brooke is there with Angie crying.  Brooke says I have to get these sketches done and she just won’t stop.  Luke tells her to come in.
Haley is playing the piano.  Haley asks Peyton how was today.  Peyton says just like every day.  H says there’s always tomorrow.  Haley says are you really in love with Lucas or just the idea of him?  P says if I’m being honest, maybe a little of both. I  think I miss what I thought we would be.
Brooke is sketching and yawning.  She laughs and says she adores you Luke.  Luke is on the couch holding Angie. Brooke says it’s kind of strange isn’t it?  Is this how you thought our lives would turn out?  Luke says me being stood up at the altar.  You taking care of a kid that’s not yours…not exactly?  Brooke asks if he wants to go back?  I remember being 16 and everything seemed much easier?  Luke says I’d try to appreciate the things I took for granted but I think we have to go through this stuff to get to the place we want to be.  Brooke says yeah…I should go if you want to get any sleep.  Luke asks if she’s done.  She says a few more. Luke says Stay and finish them.  I don’t mind.  Brooke says really?  Luke says yeah, it’s kind of nice.
Voiceover from Lucas begins.
Skills and Jamie playing Wii.  Haley tells him it’s bedtime.  One more game.
Millicent and crew are having a water fight.  Mouth kisses Millicent and says cover me.  They attack Fergie and Junk. (all shown in slow mo)
Luke has Angie in his arms asleep and sits down on the couch.  Brooke leans on him and they try to sleep.
Nathan goes to see Dan.  He says I told you to stay away.  Why did you give him my first jersey?  Dan says I was sorting through old stuff and I thought he might appreciate a piece of his father.  Dan says this is for you.  It’s Dan’s will.  Nathan says you’re giving me the beach house? Dan says we’ve had good times here maybe you’re family will.  Nathan says he doesn’t want it.  Dan says Son, I have a bad heart.  Nathan says you’re just realizing that?  Dan stops him and says I need a heart transplant  I have six months to live. Nathan is shocked but leaves Dan by himself.

that’s it.

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Apr 21,2008

Episode 14 What Do You Go Home To? Recap

Posted by Amy with 16 Comments

Lucas wakes up in bed and he says in the voiceover that he always thinks of Lindsey when he wakes up. He misses her and wonders if she misses him and another day without her begins. Peyton wakes up and says Lucas. Jamie is waking up and he says Chester. Brooke wakes up and she says Brooke. OMG, I have to pee. Skills wakes up and says what day is it? What time is it? What did I drink last night? Mouth wakes up and says Millicent you smell so good. I have to go to work. I guess I could be late. What do you mean I’m fired? How am I going to pay my rent? Would you like fries with that? Haley wakes up and says Jamie. Nathan says Jamie and then God, my girl is hot. They start to kiss and Jamie’s feet comes in between Naley on the pillow. They tickle Jamie. Dan wakes up to a gunshot and says Keith.
Nathan walks in the kitchen and Haley says she made french toast. Nathan asks how the day is and Haley says she has to grade papers, see Peyton and interview nannies. Jamie says I hate it when you spell. It’s d-u-m-b. Nathan asks if Jamie wants to go to practice. Haley says it’s fine. Jamie goes and gets his jersey. Jamie says thank momma, I l-o-v-e you. Haley says the nannies will be there at 5 and tell Quentin his chapter reports are great.
Lucas walks in on Skills in the office at the desk. He asks how the team is doing. Skills says they lost 8 games. Skills says I’ll take the blame but Q sucks and it’s all his fault because he hasn’t hit a shot because of his hand. Lucas says he’ll talk to Q. Skills says Q asked him not to say anything to Lucas. Nathan and Jamie walk in. Jamie says Daddy said you were on a ship and asked if he saw pirate. Lucas says yeah but they didn’t want any part of me. He asks Jamie to show him his jump shot (free throw??).
Mouth opens his mail and says OMG.
Watch this scene: Brooke and Millicent are at the store. Brooke says she almost forgot her stuff for the meeting and Millicent has it ready for her. Brooke offers her a promotion but says she has to go back to NY. Millicent isn’t happy. Brooke gets a call. She’s shocked. She says I can, I will, thank you. Millicent says I can’t go back to NY. Brooke says change of plans, she needs her at the store. Brooke says I’m going to be a mom.

Millicent is asking about the baby and Brooke says it’s a special foster care case. Brooke is flustered. Millicent calms her down. Brooke says Millicent, they’re giving me a baby! She hugs Millicent.
Jamie is looking up at the jerseys in the gym. He says one is missing. Nathan explains it’s grandpa Dan’s because of the bad stuff he did. Jamie says he does bad stuff and Nathan says not that bad. Q comes in rapping about Jamie. Jamie raps back. Nathan tries but he’s not good at it. Lucas comes in the gym. He shakes Q’s hand to prove he’s in pain. Q gives Skills a bad look.
Peyton is in her office listening to demos. Haley comes in. Peyton says it’s all because of Haley’s instincts. She says Mia has sold 40,000 copies. Haley says it’s all Peyton and she’s trying to butter her up because she has a demo to give her and hands her own demo.
Lucas is looking at Q’s hand. He tries to blame the coaching. He gets Q to palm two balls in his hands. He makes him do it for 30 seconds. Lucas tells him it’s not so much that they’re 4 and 8. It’s just he’s not healthy. He drops the ball out of his hand. Q gets mad and Jamie flinches. They all leave.

Mouth goes into the store. Millicent says I might be getting a promotion and staying in Tree Hill. Mouth says I might be getting a promotion and leaving Tree Hill for Nebraska. Millicent says the closest C/B is here. Mouth says it’s a full-time on-air position and it’s a great opp. Millicent says she should take it. Mouth says you’re part of my dream and I hope we had a future together. Is it too early? Did I freak you out? Millicent says no and kisses him. She says promise me I can have your room because I really would like a room I don’t have to pay by the day.
Peyton is listening to the demo of Haley. Peyton says yes! It’s good business and it will be a blast. Haley says it’s exactly what she needs right now. Peyton says me too. Peyton says you never know where the next miracle is going to come from. Brooke calls and says it’s a miracle! They’re giving me a baby! Brooke says a purple monkey! Peyton says it’s awesome and we thought we had big news. Haley says well, today’s kind of fun.
Lucas, Q, Skills, Nathan and Jamie are at the dr and Q has a cast. Q asks to speak to Skills alone. He says thank for nothing. I needed you to be quiet for me. Skills says when you get better I’m going to let you take that back but for now consider yourself lucky.
The elevator opens with Lucas, Nathan and Jamie and Dan gets in. Jamie says Hi, grandpa. Dan says hey Jamie. Dan says if you two boys want to jump me again, here’s your chance. The elevator closes.

Nathan says to Dan outside of the hospital, We’re not having this. You’re following Jamie around. Dan says I was just getting a checkup. I was hoping… Nathan stops him and says stop, there’s no hope for you.
Jamie says I don’t understand, Grandpa Dan is so nice, how come everyone is so mad at him. Lucas says what if Dan hurt Chester? He says he’d be sad and mad. Lucas says that’s how we feel. Jamie gives Lucas a hug.
Brooke is on the phone with Owen. He freaked out about the baby talk. Peyton and Haley come in. Brooke says the agency has a baby program where babies come from other countries to have major surgery. They stay with a family and then go home. They said a family dropped out and they think it would be a great trial-run for Brooke. She then says look it’s a purple monkey just like I used to have. Haley asks what else she got. Like food and a crib. Brooke says she got sidetracked. Haley says let’s go to my house and look through Jamie’s old stuff.
Mouth comes in C/B. He says he wants to stay in Tree Hill and wants Millicent to move in. He says he doesn’t want her to leave and she needs a place. Millicent says I can’t. Mouth says it’s soon and you’ll save money and get to see me everyday. Millicent says she can’t but she’s really glad he’s staying.
Haley is getting stuff together for Brooke. Haley asks her if she knows how hard it will be to let her go? Brooke says yes, but she needs help. Nathan and Jamie come in. Then Lucas walks in right as Peyton comes in and says I found the car seat. Brooke says surprise. Peyton and Lucas just stand there awkwardly.

Peyton and Lucas are walking and talking. Peyton says you must have enjoyed time with your mom. Lucas asks about the record. Peyton says I’ve been meaning to ask you…what do you think about a small studio? Lucas says that’s a great idea. It’s smart. Lucas says I don’t blame you. Peyton says I feel bad for you and somehow responsible. I really hope that doesn’t come off as arrogant. Lucas says she’s coming back. She loves me and I love her. It will be ok. Peyton says I hope so.
Brooke is at home. Chase comes in. Brooke says I guess you talked to Owen. Chase says no, that’s why I’m here. Brooke says ok…. Chase says Owen’s my friend and he’s into you and he’s about his independence. He’s threatened with the baby stuff. Brooke asks if he sent him. He says he didn’t send him and he’s not coming back. Chase says he’s taking off and maybe he wants to say goodbye and wants to see her face again. Probably why Owen didn’t come. If he looked in her eyes again, he’d cave on the independence. He says call him if she needs anything. He says he’ll see her around. Walking out he says don’t take the Owen stuff too personally. Brooke says I won’t. Chase says Yeah you will. It’s a big deal. It scares us off.
Millicent goes to see Mouth at his place and asks to talk to him. Millicent is nervous and asks for something to drink. Millicent says I know I freaked you out and there’s a reason. We just can’t sleep in the same bed. What you’re repulsed by me? Millicent says I’m a virgin!! Mouth says really? Millicent says because of your boss thing you’re clearly not. Mouth says how did I found you? You’re so perfect. I would never pressure you. I want you here. Mouth says you say yes? Millicent says yes if you think it can work. Mouth says, It can, it does. They kiss.
Nathan and Haley are interviewing many different nannies. Haley says no to all the hot ones. A man says so Nathan Haley says you like to watch your nanny swim naked in the pool? Nathan says I guess I deserve that.
Lucas goes to see Brooke. Brooke says she thinks she made a mistake. Lucas says isn’t it a little late? Brooke says if I wanted that said, I would have called Peyton. You’re supposed to say it will be fine. Lucas says it will be fine. Brooke says it’s too late. Lucas says you got a monkey just like yours. Brooke says you remember? Lucas says I do know a few things about you, Brooke Davis. Brooke says I just have to send her back. Lucas says I think it’s great your helping a little girls get the care that she needs. Brooke says I’m scared, what if I break her? Lucas says when it comes to single mom, I have a special one. It’s good that your scared, but you’re going to do great. Brooke says thanks for coming over. You think she’ll like the purple monkey? Lucas says I think she’ll love the girls that gave it to her.
Haley is looking at resumes. Nathan walks in and says Jamie’s out. Nathan says sorry you couldn’t find a nanny you couldn’t trust around me. Haley laughs and says too soon. Haley says the truth is I just want Jamie to myself right now. Nathan says she should take a break and he’ll try to find someone ugly with a lot of great references. Haley says you can’t because I thought you might want to get a work out in. Nathan says I’m really going to suck you know. Haley says you’re gotta find out sometime. Nathan says thank you, Hales. Haley says you’re welcome. Thank you back. Nathan kisses her and walks out.
Q is at the gym and Nathan comes in dressed to play. They talk smack to each other about who’s better. Nathan tries a free throw and misses. Q makes it left handed. Nathan says you’ll be fine even if you have to go to a junior college like me. Q says look where it got you. They play against each other. Nathan is clearly having trouble even with Q’s hurt hand. Q gives Nathan a hard time. Nathan says sometimes you have a big mouth, Quentin. He walks out. Q says that’s a sorry comeback, Nate.

At the gym, Dan is there.  Nathan walks in.  Dan says he’s regretting it all. You too huh?  Dan asks if he’s thinking about it.  Nathan says I’m not.  Dan says just do your best.  Unlike some of us, you have nothing to be ashamed of.
Skills is lifting weights at home. Skills says don’t come to close, I’m pissed off.  Mouth says Millicent is moving in.  Mouth asks him to clean it up…the talk.  He says it’s all good, he’ll talk to the fellows.  Skills starts to joke…Do you think she could walk around…Mouth cuts him off and says no.
Haley is playing guitar and singing while Jamie colors.  Nathan walks in.  Haley says I think I’m going to record the album with Peyton.  Nathan says practice wasn’t good.  Deb walks in and says did someone call for a nanny?  Everyone gives hugs.
Dan does the voiceover.
They show Deb and Jamie playing while Naley watches.
Q is in the gym holding his cast crying.
Lucas and Skills are drinking at the bar.  Lucas tells him he did the right thing now we have to find a player.
Millicent walks in Mouth’s apartment.  Both are all smiles.
Peyton calls for Brooke in the apartment.  Brooke comes in and says I think I need to do this alone.  I think I’m gonna be ok.  Peyton hugs her and Brooke leaves.
They show Dan sitting in the gym, continuing the voiceover.
Brooke is at the airport looking for someone.  They show a woman with a baby come through the crowd.  She takes the baby and holds her up in awe.  It fades out.

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Apr 14,2008

Episode 13 Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace Recap

Posted by Amy with 4 Comments

Quotes from this Episode

Pictures from this Episode

Partial Script from this Episode

They show a recap of Episode 12 ending with Jamie and Dan walking in the house.

Fight scene at the beginning. Dan walks out of the house and Lucas punches him. Nathan comes up and helps. Jamie runs out and yells for Dan. Haley comes out after him. Dan tells Jamie that he has to go and go back to his mom. Lucas and Nathan stand aside breathless. Jamie turns around and says thank you.
Screen says FOUR WEEKS LATER. Haley is talking to a counselor that she’s being overprotective of Jamie. They ask how it’s been going since Nathan moved home. She says they’ve been talking about them as a couple and parents for the past 4 sessions but let’s talk about them as individuals.
Brooke is talking to Patricia about a adoption. Brooke is talking about the success of her business. Patricia asks how old she is, if she owns a home and if she’s sexually active. She then asks if she drinks. Brooke says it’s more for her roommate. Patricia asks about Peyton. Brooke says Peyton is struggling a bit. She says she can move out if it’s a problem.
Leyton says she’s never told anyone that before. She’s at her office. She says after she was gone, she felt silence and for the rest of her life, it was gone. All her songs, her voice, the way it used to soothe her. So she tried to find new songs to fill that quiet but nothing else has. Now she’s gone and Mia’s gone and Luke is gone. It’s just silence.
Andy and Luke are at the boat. Andy tells him he has to let it go. Lucas says he had his life together. He says he has his life together and he says if I did, would I have spent the last 4 weeks with him. Andy says it’s time to get back to his life and it starts with the question, what do you want?
Nathan says I want my family back and I want Haley to trust me again. I want her to look at me the way she used to and I want to be that man and I will be for her and Jamie. Haley wants to believe in Nathan again and believe in the goodness of people and I want my son to be safe and to be great and the greatness to be seen and appreciated.
Brooke says she wants a child. She wants to be mom and she’s ready to be one.
Peyton wants to believe in it all again. Art, fate and love and I made the right choices and there’s still time to fix the choices I made and I want Lucas.
Lucas says he wants Lindsey. Back to a month ago when life had meaning and direction. Andy says I have a way you can get all that.

Peyton walks into Max’s CD store and everything is gone. She leaves a note. She goes to her car and there is a For Sale sign on it.
Brooke turns off her phone. She says she feels like she’s being judged. Patricia says she’s just being evaluated. The home study is the last of it. Brooke says she’ll know whether she can adopt by the end of the meeting. Patricia wants to talk about her past.
Nathan says his past is from his own doing. He’s stubborn and makes bad decision. She asks about the NBA. He says he thinks about it sometimes. He wakes up and walks through town and walks past the gym and still hears the echoes. Haley says he never told her. He says he’s not proud of it. He’s not good at being vulnerable. Second closest time he was vulnerable. The other time is when he took drugs and collapsed on the court. When he left the hospital he went to see Haley and wanted to see if she would forgive him and when she did forgive him, that was the moment everything changed for him. That was the moment he fell in love with her. To see past all the mistakes he’s made. He guesses maybe he screws up so he can feel that again. Nathan says it sounds pretty broken.
Watch the following scene: Andy and Lucas are on the boat. Andy said it was hard knowing he couldn’t ever fill the place in Karen’s heart. Sound familiar? Lucas says yes. Lindsey says his heart is conflicted. Andy says it just took her saying she wanted her. Lucas isn’t convinced. Andy says he has a jet to go to New York. Lucas says she doesn’t want to talk to him. Andy says has there been a day you haven’t thought of her? Lucas says no. Andy says it’s better knowing than not knowing.
Haley says it’s hard not knowing if Nathan still wants everything. Nathan says he can’t believe she said that. Haley says does the name Carrie ring a bell? She says you should have told me about the flirting. Did you like it? Nathan says maybe I needed it because you don’t look at me like that anymore. I haven’t been worthy of of that look in a long time but I miss it. Nathan says when is the first time you felt accomplished. Nathan says basketball. The counselor says this year all that stop until the Nanny started swimming naked. She says it’s a case of transferance. She said it wouldn’t hurt to swim naked. She asks when is the last time you really did something young. She says they’ve been married 6 years and have a son. We don’t get a chance to be young. The counselor says everyone gets a chance to be young, especially when you’re young.

Peyton is in her office and Max comes in and gives Peyton a hug.
Dan is in with his case manager Sam. He says he has to find a job. Dan shows him a picture of Jamie. Dan tries to make smalltalk and Sam says he doesn’t do smalltalk. Dan asks how would he like to make $3,000 for smalltalk. He starts talking about Jamie again.
Dan is talking to Jamie through the fence of the playground. Jamie asks if he can go to jail for not cleaning his room. Jamie says he misses Luke because he’s gone. Jamie says Nathan is back but he’s sleeping on the couch. Dan says he misses him. Jamie says he misses him too. Dan says it will be their secret.
Counselor says when you describe yourself you don’t describe yourself as a basketball player. He says that happens when your spine is crushed. And Haley says you don’t describe yourself as a musician and Haley says I’m busy with Jamie and Nathan. The counselor says I’m only as smart as my diplomas but here’s a thought. You aren’t the people you fell in love with because you aren’t trying to be those people.
Brooke is still in her meeting and stops a ringing on her phone again. She asks if she’s ready. Brooke says yes, I can provide and safe and caring environment. She asks if hers was and if she’ll ever get married. Brooke says maybe if I meet the right man.
Max asks Peyton if she’s heard any good music lately? She says yes but I’ll got it online. Max says I’d like to think it was more than music. Peyton says it was. Max asks if he thinks of Lucas. She says everyday.

Brooke says I don’t understand what Lucas Scott has to do with adoption. She says Lucas says lost a fiance and Peyton hit the bar and Brooke is looking for love in the adoption. She asks about a promotion she did about promiscuity right when she got arrested for shoplifting. Brooke says she doesn’t understand how she got the info. Brooke realizes it’s Victoria.
Andy asks Lucas if he’s talked to Peyton. He says not since the wedding. Jamie went missing and then Dan and then he left. Andy asks about the book and the comet. Lucas says, so Peyton drives a frickin comet, what the hell? I mean, thank God the guy didn’t see a White Bronco or everyone would say he’s in love with OJ. Andy asks what kind of car Lindsey drives and Lucas says that’s not fair.
Brooke says it’s not fair she talked to Victoria. Patricia says we always talk to family. Brooke says did she tell you I just fired her? She says yes, that must mean you are busy. She says she’s ready. Her phone goes off again. She says that was 17 times. Brooke says the best people she knows is from a single parent household. She is from a no parent household and she knows exactly what kind of parent he won’t be.
Watch this scene: Haley says she doesn’t want to be an absentee parent. She says spend a little bit more time being individuals so they don’t resent each other. Nathan says he doesn’t resent them. Haley says she agrees. She asks how did the crowds feel? Great but Nathan and I struggled then. She asks if those were her best days? She says personally, yes. She asks Nathan. He says, it was hard being away from Haley but yeah. She asks if she they could have it back would they treat each other differently in the face of those dreams? They say yes and hold hands.
Peyton says she’s disappointed in herself. She tried to let him go and really she just wanted her and Lucas to be happy. She feels bad for Lucas because his heart is breaking. She hears the silence and the echoes of who we used to be and she asks for patience and grace and the strength to let him just be happy. But mostly she prays for the strength to let him be happy and letting go. That’s the part of grace that really sucks.

Jamie is holding a bunny for show and tell. He says my Nanny Carrie used to be my best friend so now it’s a tie between Skills and Brooke and Chester and Dan.
Dan and Sam are talking. Dan says family is important. Sam says didn’t you kills your brother? Dan says I’ve changed. He says he can’t keep the money. Dan says he’s paid his debt and donate the money to charity.
Brooke says it didn’t go well did it? Patricia says no, she’s young and single and it’s the first time a mother hasn’t recommended her. Brooke says it’s too bad someone didn’t interview her mother before she had children. Patricia apologizes. Brooke says she’s not sorry but you should be and you know what Victoria said when I said I wanted to start a company? The chances are one in a million and she’s not one. Brooke says there’s a child out there who thinks they aren’t special and I could be that one that helps them find what makes them special. And if you can’t see that, you’re wrong, just like my mother. Patricia leaves.
Lucas is on the boat and Lily comes out and asks for Momma. She says she had a dream about Daddy and him and Daddy said everything would be ok.
Peyton says it’s not going to be ok, I know that. Some days are just messy. Max says that’s just life. Or according to Mia. Do you ever wonder where she’d be if you didn’t start the label. She says she’s be fine. Max says no you changed her life. Maybe that’s why you came home. To change lives. And your own at the same time. max says you should stay her. Just need patience. Peyton says time heals all wounds huh? Max says when’s the last time you got in your car with the top down and just drove? Max says I’m just 36 and live at home, what do I know?
Counselor asks what she loves about Nathan. That he’s there, that he’s accountable, he’s protective, and that shirt he’s wearing. Nathan? Haley says I’m not good at taking compliments. She says they’ll work on that next week.
Lindsey walks into her office and Lucas is sitting there and says hi.

Lucas says he’s been travelling. She says she’s glad Jamie’s ok. Lucas says I know I owe you this, but I can’t publish the book. Lindsey says you have to and it’s too good not to publish. Lucas says I miss you and love you and every day I wake up and have an ache in my chest and want to sleep in because I know you won’t be there. Lindsey says I love you too but I can’t be with you. Luke says I’ll publish the book if you edit it. Lindsey says Luke. Lucas says long nights, arguments it will be like we’re married. Lindsey says I’ll edit it because I believe in it and I believe in you but we can’t be together. Lucas says we will be and you’ll wake up and realize how much I love you and whenever that day is I’ll be waiting for you and you’ll come home with me.
Peyton is in her car and takes her For Sale sign down.
Brooke is at Jamie’s school to pick him up. She gives him a hug and cries.
Dan is watching and then walks away.
Haley and Nathan walk in the bedroom. They say it’s quiet without Jamie. Nathan asks how she’s sleeping lately. She says Jamie tosses around a lot. Nathan says he should start sleeping with him. Nathan says her kindness is overwhelming and if I haven’t said it lately, you’re sexy as hell. She stops Nathan from walking away. Haley says I’ve been thinking not-sleeping in this bed tonight wouldn’t be so bad if you wanted to try it with me. Nathan pushes Haley on the bed and kisses her. You got more of that sexy talk? The kindness stuff or the sexy stuff? She says sexy. He says you have serious ass.
Peyton is doing the voiceover while driving.
Lucas walks in his room with his bags.
Lindsey is looking at the book and Lucas is now doing the voiceover.
Peyton has a flashback to almost running into Lucas on the street.
Brooke and Jamie are playing in her place.
Haley plays piano. Nathan is on the couch throwing the ball up and now doing the voiceover.
Then Haley does the voiceover and it fades out from her playing piano.

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Mar 18,2008

100th Episode Hundred Recap

Posted by Amy with 10 Comments

Lucas is talking to Jamie about driving around while you watch Lucas, Haley and Jamie driving in Lucas’s car. He says his uncle let him drive and then you see Lucas let Jamie drive on a country road.
Peyton drives past the church and pretends she sees her and Lucas walking out from their own wedding.
Brooke is altering the wedding dress and imagines herself in it.
Nathan and Haley are at home and Nathan says he wants to be at home. Nathan kisses Haley. She says he shouldn’t have done that. He says he wanted to. It starts raining inside while they kiss again. Nathan is in the shower imagining that.
Haley, Lucas and Jamie are out watching boats. They talk about the book. She’s convinced it’s about Peyton because it’s about yearning and want. Lucas says it’s about a guy watching the sky. She says don’t show the pages to Lindsey.
Karen runs off the boat and hugs everyone. Karen says it’s not Jamie, he’s just a baby. Jamie says he got bigger. Jamie asks for Lily. Andy and Lily wave from the top of the boat.
Karen sets flowers on Keith’s grave while Lucas and Andy talk. Lucas says he’s glad they are back together. Andy says he loves his mom but he wants Lucas to know he’d give it all up if Keith could be there on Lucas’ wedding day. Dan is getting ready for the wedding and says, “I do love a wedding. Perfect occasion for a family reunion.”

Lucas, Nathan and Jamie are getting ready for the wedding. Nathan says Jamie is going to be the man. Jamie says did you see Momma, she looked pretty. Nathan says you know the drill? You’re going to come down the aisle and give me the rings? Nathan says you can’t lose them because Uncle Lucas is poor. Jamie asks if Nathan’s wedding day was the best day ever? Nathan says the day Jamie was born was his best day. Flowers come for the bride. Nathan and Lucas fight on who get to take them to Haley and Lindsey. Jamie takes them in and Haley tells them to go away. Lily opens the door and Lucas asks to come in. She says no, you’re bad luck! Flashback to Lucas and Lindsey kissing after she reads his second book. Lucas opens up her shirt and says how is it romantic? It’s about a comet? She says it’s about a boy that sees a comet and waits for it to come back. It’s an epic love story in its purest form and she loves it came from him. They tell each other they love each other.
Karen comes in to see Brooke at the story. She asks if she hates her and Karen says no she’s proud of her. Karen asks about Peyton. She says she’s a mess. They all thought it was going to be her day. Karen asks about Brooke. She says she’s trying to be happy. Brooke says she was thinking about how she made Lindsey’s dress and how she never made hers. She wonders where her dignity and grace comes from because she wants to be that person. Karen says she already is and has come further than anyone she knows. And she has just scratched the surface. Peyton runs in and say HI! Thank you for my office. Karen says you can come up with reasons to give up but you might find love somewhere in places you never thought. She says don’t give up on it. And if you don’t get it, you might get something better.
Lily and Jamie are out front. Lily says you have to say it! Aunt Lily! Lindsey comes out. Jamie says you look like Cinderella!
Brooke and Lindsey pull up. Brooke says what kind of friend takes his friend camping. P says Jake Gyllenhal? Skills asks if she has a plan to get Lucas back. He says they should drug her and put her in the gown and when Lucas puts up the veil, it’s Peyton. Skills says maybe Lucas will say the wrong name like Ross? Peyton says how about I get drunk and have meaningless sex? Skills says have I told you how sexy you look in that dress? Skills walks away. Brooke says you’re going to be ok. P says I know, I just need a minute. P sees Lindsey and waves.
Dan is sitting outside and Haley walks up and says he’s not welcome. Dan says you should be careful about being bossy, I’ve been in jail and it’s kind of sexy. Haley says it’s their last conversation and enjoy his reprehensible life.
In the church Lucas and Nathan are waiting. Lucas says he’s ready. Nathan says he’s a good guy and good friend and great brother and whatever life throws at him, he has his back. The music starts and they go out.
Haley walks down the aisle. Naley flashback to them in bed on their wedding night. He says as the flashback comes back I will love you forever, Haley James Scott, I promise.
Carrie is in the balcony. She tells the musician her son is the ring bearer.

Lily is throwing flowers down the aisle. Flashback to the championship game with the confetti coming down. Lindsey walks down the aisle. Hands her flowers to Haley. Stands in front of Lucas. The preacher begins. LL are smiling at each other. Skills says I got you P. Sawyer. Brooke says I will smack you. Brooke looks worried. She has a flashback saying it’s a lot to process. Now you know why I came home. Lucas says are you sure? Brooke says I’m sure. This is what I want. Back to the preacher. Do you take Lindsey to be your wife? Peyton says Lucas you can’t! I’m sorry you can’t! You fixed my car. That day changed everything. When you fixed my car, you fixed my heart. When you proposed to me two years ago I said someday. Someday is now. Don’t leave me again. Everyone leaves. Cut back to present. That was her imagination. Lucas says I do in the present.

Lucas puts the ring on Lindsey. Jamie wants to go to the bathroom by himself. Skills tells him to come right back. The preacher is giving Lindsey her vows. Carrie stops Jamie and says his parents said they could be together again. Jamie doesn’t want to leave. Carrie says don’t you trust me? Jamie says ok and they walk out.
Lindsey says it was a comet. Lucas asks for a moment. Lindsey says the boy saw a comet and he felt as though his life had meaning and when it went away he waited his entire life for it to come back. She asks the first day he ever talked to Peyton. He says her car broke down. Flashback to that day. They show Comet written on the side of the car. Lindsey says the boy saw the comet and suddenly his life had meaning. Lindsey takes her rings off and says I’m sorry, Lucas, I can’t marry you. Lindsey runs out of the church. Carrie and Jamie are walking down the sidewalk. Lucas sits on the steps of the altar.

The church is empty except Peyton in a pew. Lucas is in a room. Lily brings him a flower. Nathan walks in and says sorry, she’s gone. He says he didn’t take the time to make her feel comfortable with his history. Nathan says what are you going to do? Lucas says he wants her back. Nathan says he’s Lucas Scott and go get her if that’s what you truly want. He’s his brother and he’s here for him, now go.
Lily is on the front steps. Haley comes out and is looking for Jamie. Everyone else is looking. Haley tells Karen Dan was there earlier. Skills apologizes.
Brooke sits down beside Peyton. Peyton says Lucas said I do. Brooke said you know why I came home? I have made tons of money and I still don’t have what I want. You need to talk Lucas. He was obviously lying to his own heart. They hug. Brooke says I want to have a baby. P says with me? B says I’ve spent 4 years working and all I want is a family.
Mouth and Millicent walk up and ask if they’ve seen Jamie and he says no.
Nathan is outside. He stops officers driving by and tells them about Jamie and the possibility of Dan kidnapping him. Haley gives the officers his description.
Carrie is dying Jamie’s hair black. Jamie asks if Haley will be mad. Carrie says no, besides I’m gonna be your momma now.

Jamie is watching cartoons at a hotel.  Carrie is rummaging through bags and is upset.  Carrie says she needs to go out but keep the doors locked and she’ll be back.  Jamie asks when they’re going home.  Carrie says we’re going to play hide and seek.  Carrie says I’ll go out and you hide and she leaves the room.  Dan is outside watching from a car.
Haley and Nathan are in Jamie’s room.  N says police are looking everywhere.  She should come downstairs.  She says she doesn’t want to.  Haley says you should have been there.  You were his father and I should have let you come home.  She cries and N hugs her.  She says she can’t lose him, he’s all she has.  Dan walks up to the room and knocks.  He calls for Jamie.  He says Listen to me I’m here to help you.  Jamie is scared and backs into a corner.
Lucas goes in the door and finds Lindsey crying, reading the book…something about the comet would return to him.  Lucas says it’s just a story.  It’s crazy.  I love you.  Lindsey says I love you too and I always will but your heart is conflicted and I’ve always known but I was hoping someday I could be your comet.  It’s an epic love story.  It’s just not ours.  And then there’s this–she takes her ring off and puts it on the book and gets up to leave.  Lucas says you can’t leave.  Lindsey says people always leave, you know that.
Carrie walks back in the room and starts playing hide and seek.  Dan comes out and slams her against the wall.  He says I’m Dan Scott and I’m Jamie’s grandfather.  You’re done knowing him the rest of time and if you forget and go near my family.  Let’s just say this, I killed my brother in cold blood, I have no problem killing you.
Police officers are walking through Haley’s house.  Skills says he has to come home.  Lily asks Nathan if she can play with Jamie’s ball.  N says yes.  Lucas walks in and goes to Haley and gives her a hug and tells her it will be ok, he’ll come home.  Jamies walks in and says Momma!  Haley hugs him.  Jamie says I’m fine, Grandpa Dan saved me.  Dan walks in.  Everyone stares at him.  Karen is especially shocked.

And that’s a wrap

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Mar 11,2008

Episode 11 You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side Recap

Posted by Amy with 6 Comments

Lucas voiceover.
Lindsey covers Nathan up on the couch at her place and goes over to Lucas at the laptop and gives him a kiss. They talk about Nathan and Haley and the bachelor/bachelorette parties. Lucas suggests them having their party at the same place so Nathan and Haley have to talk.
Haley and Jamie are in the kitchen. Jamie says he had a dream about Dan last night. Jamie asks when Nathan is coming home. Haley says not for awhile.
Haley and Lindsey are putting together presents. Haley asks about the party. Lindsey says they want something low-key.
Lucas and Nathan are at the river court and Lucas suggests a party.
Skills and Jamie are at breakfast. Skills says his mom and dad messed the party up since Jamie is going to be there. Jamie says he went to a great party last week. He says there was cotton candy and stuff there and oh, there was a donkey. Skills says I had a donkey in my plan too.
Peyton goes to the river court with Lucas and Nathan is gone. Peyton asks if Lindsey told him about how mean she was in the library and he says no. Peyton says she’s really great. Lucas says I know but it’s good to hear you say that. She steals the ball and makes a shot and they laugh.
Brooke comes into COB and Millicent is there. Millicent asks if her and Owen hooked up in New York. B says let’s just say it’s good. Millicent says her and Mouth are “good”. Mouth comes in with a bagel for Millicent and coffee for Brooke. Brooke tells Mouth Rachel is back and tells him what happened. Millicent can tell something is up and Mouth leaves right away. Millicent says I didn’t get my kiss.
Dan walks out of the gate from jail.

Peyton comes into COB and gives Brooke her money in an envelope. Lindsey comes out in her wedding dress. Peyton says you make a beautiful bride. Lindsey says they decided to combine their bachelor/bachelorette parties at Haley’s that night. BP wonder how they talked Naley into it and Lindsey says they lied.
Jamie and Skills are at the party store picking up stuff. Jamie sees a kid playing Rock Band and says that should be at the party.
Lindsey and Lucas are at Macy’s registering. Lindsey mentions she needs to give them the book. He says he is going to do one more pass.
Brooke and Owen walk up and see Lindsey and Lucas kissing and Brooke says kiss me, everyone’s doing it. Owen dips her and says there’s so much peer pressure but they don’t kiss.
Bevin comes up and says she got married and had a baby and brings out a picture and it’s the same little boy Tim showed them in the library (so it is Tim and Bevin’s!).
Peyton walks out on her deck to see Rachel. Rachel says she’s a little ashamed and she doesn’t have to babysit her. Rachel says she can beat it but it’s hard. Peyton says Brooke believed in her and it turned out good and Brooke believes in Rachel too.
Brooke and Owen are walking through the mall. Owen says it’s great what she’s doing with Rachel. She’s says she’s doing it because she needs help. Victoria comes down the escalator and says she went to a meeting and it’s fine that she’s not there. She asks where she was all weekend. Brooke says she had some things to handle. Victoria says well, that’s fine, you’re excused now, go and play, it’s what you do best.

Lucas is at Haley’s. Jamie’s run upstairs and Lucas asks how he’s doing. She says ok. Lucas gives Haley his book and asks her to look it over. She says of course but if I don’t like it, don’t hate me.
Brooke comes into the house and tells Peyton she has a blind date for her. Peyton reluctantly agrees but he better be cute.
Rachel comes in and tells Brooke says she feels good and wants to get back to work and wants to model again. Brooke says she loves her but she was thinking she could work at the store. She says she didn’t mean to get her hopes up and she shouldn’t be around that lifestyle. She says she let her down once before and she can’t do it again. Rachel insists she strong and won’t do it again. Brooke says to give it time.
Dan is at the store buying a gift for Jamie and flirting with her. He asks when she gets off work. She says that depends, when are you going to pick me up?
Millicent comes to Mouth’s. She asks if he’s going to see Rachel. She says I know how Rachel is and I know you have history. Mouth says I’d bring you along but it might not be good. Millicent says she’ll see him at the party.
Nathan and Lucas come up to the party and Nate tells him he knows it is a set up and it’s fine because he missed is wife. Brooke answers the door at her house and Owen and Chase is there.
Haley opens the door and Lucas and Nathan is there.

Brooke goes in to talk to Peyton and Rachel. They can’t believe it’s Chase. Peyton says he’s so cute while Brooke is freaking out. Brooke says if she hooks up with Chase, she has to take a taxi home. Peyton says seriously, if it’s too much, just say the word.
In the car Brooke says awkward! Owen says someone tell me what’s going on. Chase explains the girl he used to talk about. Do you remember her name? Owen realizes it’s her and is shocked.
Nathan and Haley talk and Nathan says he didn’t set it up. Jamie comes in and Haley says spend time with him because he misses him.
Owen and Chase are walking into the party. Chase is loving they hadn’t figured it out.
Rachel gets ready and invites Mouth in to Brooke’s house.
Haley and Nathan are talking. Nathan wipes Haley’s mouth. Nathan thought Haley was glad to see him. She says I am but tonight is not about them. Jamie wants H to play Rock Band. Haley walks away. Jamie says she wants all of them together. Skills walks up and says he’ll play with him. Jamie says maybe later.
Mouth and Rachel talk. She says it’s been downhill from high school. He says he had to sleep with his boss to keep his job. Rachel says he’s come a long way. Mouth says she should have called…is there anything he can do now. Rachel says remember the room in Tree Hill..come on I could use a little release? Mouth turns her down and says he’s leaving. Rachel gets a text that says to come party with them.

Brooke goes into Jamie’s room and asks how he’s doing. Owen walks in and talks with him too. They cheer him up.
Lucas goes up to Haley and says he hopes she doesn’t feel slighted by the set up. Haley says you picked the right person to spend the rest of your life with. Lucas says
Peyton and Chase are talking. Chase says he always thought she was cute. Chase asks if she stills Lucas and she says he’s with Lucas. Chase kisses her. Peyton says Chase. Chase says 3:00, Lucas is watching. They show Lucas and he was watching but turns around.
Mouth and Millicent talk and Millicent says next time you go see a hot model you have sexual history with to consider her feelings.
Brooke is sitting on Owen’s lap and their eating cake. He tells her about a birthday party one time. Brooke says if V remembered her birthday, she usually just threw her credit card at her.
Victoria walks in with Rachel on the couch. She gives Rachel a hard time. Rachel says she’s better now. V says maybe today. Rachel says Brooke believes in her. V says I convinced her to cut her loose once and she can do it again. Rachel says Brooke wouldn’t do it. V says she’s pathetic. Let’s be honest, you can’t beat this thing and deep down, you know it too.
Jamie is in the moon bounce. Haley comes out and gets Jamie and gets mad at Skills for losing sight at how little he is. Skills tells Haley today Jamie just wanted them together and he thinks they’re the ones that has lost sight of things.
LL are by the pool talking. The talk about their plan. They see Naley talking and it’s a start.
Nathan tells Haley he’s sorry. Haley says aren’t you tired of that? You shouldn’t apologize for who you are and I knew who you were when I married you and it’s not fair. It was wrong of me to try and change you. I’m the one that shouldn’t have tried to change you or us and now I’m done trying. She walks away.

Skills goes into Jamie’s room. Jamie is holding a real rabbit. Skills says good work on the party. He says you know I’ll always be there for you. Jamie says Word, wanna hold the rabbit. Skills says that’s where I draw the line. Skills gets scared and says it’s not funny.
Brooke is getting her jacket and Chase comes into the bedroom. Brooke asks if he’s a thrill seeking pilot yet? He says he’s a carpet layer with flying lessons. She asks about the date and he says it’s good and he said you and Owen huh? He’s a good guy. Brooke says he is.
LL are in the moon dance. Lindsey says what if Keith and her dad are in heaven at a bar talking. Keith would tell her dad what a great job he did raising her. She says her father loved him. They kiss.
Millicent gets Mouth with silly string again. Millicent says she’s leaving. Mouth says aren’t you forgetting something and kisses her. He says it’s the best part of his day and he missed it. She says me too and they walk out together.
Haley walks in on Jamie and Skills. Haley tells Skills thank you and gives her a hug. Haley watches Jamie.
Peyton and Chase are walking and she says she had a good time. Peyton kisses Chase. She says Brooke was watching. She says good luck and good night.
Nathan and Jamie are in bed together. Jamie says mommy won’t let you stay? Nathan says it’s not mommy. She’s the best. It’s just Daddy’s on a time out right now. Jamie asks if he’s ever coming home. He says I hope so. Jamie says I hope so too. Haley was at the door listening.
Brooke yells for Rachel at home. Peyton found an empty envelope and says she’s gone. Good try.
Dan and the store girl are in bed together. She asks what’s his story. He says I just got out of jail for killing my brother. She says right…did you do it? Dan says yeah.
Victoria and Brooke are in COB. She realizes Victoria was at her house. Brooke says stay away from her friends. V says this is why you weren’t at the meeting today. You’re too emotional. That’s why I’m here. Brooke says now you are. You were never there until I had my company. V says you took the company as far as you could and then you came to me. Brooke says Rachel needed help. V says you earned my help. B says a daughter is not supposed to earn it. Then says You are fired! V says you’re going to fire me and risk the company. B says it’s not ours it’s mine. V says I’m not an employee. I am your mother. B says I know. You’re fired.  You can go now.  V leaves and Brooke tries not to cry.
Lucas voiceover.  Blessed are the hearts that bend that never are broken…
Haley is reading in bed and makes a phone call.
Brooke walks in upset to her house and Peyton sees her.  Brooke breaks down crying.
Lucas answers a call.  It’s Haley.  She says she needs to talk to him.  She says you can’t marry Lindsey.  Lucas looks down at Lindsey who’s asleep.  Lucas doesn’t say anything.

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