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May 18,2009

Episode 24 Season Finale Remember Me as a Time of Day Recap

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Lucas carries Peyton into the Er.
Haley wakes up in bed alone.
Nathan is drinking on the bball court.
Peyton goes into surgery.
Lucas washes his hands of the blood.
He watches her in surgery.
Julian asks Victoria to have Brooke call him.  He loves her.
Dan looks at his headstone.
Brooke goes into COB after the reception.  She asks for messages and V says nothing that matters.
Lucas watches Peyton ash his friends show up.
A baby is crying in the nursery at home.  Lucas gets the baby and holds her in the rocking chair and says “Daddy’s here.”

Lucas makes an unconcious Peyton a root beer float.  He says they have a beautiful daughter.  She’s amazing but she needs you and so do I.  Come on, you promised.
Julian brings a bag to Brooke who is outside on a bench at the hospital.  It’s been four days.  She wants to be there when she wakes up.  He brought her fashion magazines.  Brooke says she needs to wake up.
Mia is on the phone at the studio.  Chase brings in mail.  She opens a box of her new CDs.  Chase said she did good.  Mia says we did good…Peyton, Haley and her.  Peyton should be there.  the phone rings and she says Peyton’s not there but she’ll be back soon.
Lucas tells Peyton she needs her Mom and he needs her mom.  She doesn’t have a name yet.  They were supposed to do that together.  He can’t do it without her and he’s just afraid he’s going to lose her and it’s just going to be the two of them.  And she doesn’t even have a name.  Peyton whispers Sawyer.  Her name is Sawyer ok.  Lucas smiles and says ok.  Sawyer Scott.  You scared me.  Brooke walks in and says she’s about to be her second best girl when she meets her new one.  Lucas wants to get the dr but she wants it to be just them.  Karen brings in the baby.  Peyton says hi, Sawyer, remember me?  She says I missed you and I’m going to love you forever.  She says she’s perfect.  Everyone comes in the room.

Nathan tells Jamie Nino is playing for the Clippers now.  Jamie says it’s ok at least he’s a Chief.  Nathan zips up a bag and Jamie carries it out.
Sam sent Brooke a postcard of her new house and says Wish you were here.  Julian says he misses her.  Brooke says I guess you need to be back in LA.  Julian says he’s prepping for his new movie.  He says it’s been great getting to spend time with her.  Brooke thanks him.  He wanted to make sure Peyton was ok.  They hug.  Then kiss.  Then fall in her bed kissing.  Julian says I love you so much.  Brooke says don’t say it, just kiss me.
Peyton holds her baby in the nursery at home.  Karen comes in.  Karen offers to take her but Peyton says I’m ok.  She says thanks for raising Lucas and the mom you taught him how to be.  Karen says I was just being a mom.  You’ll see.
Mouth is at work.  Millie comes in and says I don’t want to go back to NY.  She has to go talk to Brooke to tell her.
Lucas sits on his front porch.  Karen sits beside him and says she remembers talking to him about the Ravens.  She gives him a letter from Lily.  Lucas says I know you can’t stay but I really wanted to say thank you.  You helped me through all of it and you were selfless and strong and if I’m half the parent you were, Sawyer will be fine.  She says she’ll be more than fine.  Lucas says you kow how you told me to see the magic in the world…he does a magic trick and then says I still do.
Brooke wakes up to find Julian gone.
Nathan walks into his locker and it’s empty.  Someone comes in and Bobby wants to see him.
Haley is folding clothes at home.  Nathan walks in and she’s surprised.  He says you remember that green dress?  I was thinking we could take a trip to Charlotte and you could wear it.  I’m not on the Chiefs anymore.  Let’s go to Charlotte and see a game.  Especially considering I’m the Bobcats new point guard.  Haley cries.  He says thank you for believing in me.

Dan knocks on a door but no one is there.  Whitey walks out with a horse.  He sees Dan and then starts to walk away.  Dan says Please and Whitey stops.  Whitey sets a gun on a table with cookies.  He bought it just for Dan.  He says I’ll just say you broke in.  Dan says you’d be doing me a favor.  Whitey says I’ve heard you have a heart problem but you always have.  Dan says he wishes he went back in that game.  When he looks back and sees what went wrong, it always ends up at the state championship.  4th quarter and refusing to play.  In his dreams he goes back in and his dreams can take it back.  All of it.  And then he wakes up.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry for that day and every day since.  I’m sorry what I did to Keith and to the people that love him.  Whitey says did you every love him?  Dan says not enough.
Brooke calls Sam.  She was thinking about her and how her life was.  She asks if she’s happy.
Mouth gets the news about Nathan at work.
Nathan tells Jamie that sports news is up next.  Mouth announces Nathan.  Jamie is shocked.  He jumps on the couch with Naley.
Karen and Lucas stand at Keith’s grave.
Dan says he was supposed to be dead months ago.  He used to wonder why he was still alive and then her realized he’s not.  He’s dead and it’s his hell.  He spins the gun and cocks it.  He says Lucas got married.  Nathan’s got Jamie.  And he gets to see their happiest moments but he doesn’t get to feel them.  Whitey says he created it.  Dan puts the gun up to his chin.  He goes up to Whitey and tells him to pull the trigger. He says Please, please.  Whitey hugs him.  He says maybe you’re still here for redemption.  Nathan drives up and he tells Dan he came to tell his coach he made it to the NBA.  Dan watches as Whitey and Nathan celebrate.  Dan smiles a little then seems more depressed.

Mia listens to her music with Chase in the studio.  He says  it’s awesome.  She says she’s touring after the album comes out.  He wants to be selfish but he won’t be that way because the rest of the world deserves to see her greatness.  Mia says she’s not going anywhere.
Millie goes to Brooke at COB.  She says she’s doing a signing in NY and you could go if you weren’t going to be in Tree Hill.  Millie is confused.  Brooke says I need you here when the store opens.
Peyton holds her baby on the porch.  Dan comes to see her.  He says he wants to hold her.  She says no…why?  Dan says she’s the only one that doesn’t know what he’s done.  Peyton says just for a second.  Dan holds her and smiles.  He says she’s beautiful and asks her name.  He quotes a line from Where the Wild Things Are.  He says it seems like another life ago.  Peyton says it was.  Dan says I know you’ll have to tell her about me one day, I’m sorry for that.  Dan leaves and Karen and Lucas walk up.  Dan and Karen look at each other and Lucas and Karen walk past without saying anything.
Mia and Chase cuddle.
Millie asks Mouth if he wants his old roommate back.  They hug.
Lucas drives up in the Comet.  Peyton holds Sawyer on the porch.  They smile at each other.
Brooke draws at COB.  V asks about Julian.  What kind of man is he?  She says the kind that’s gone.
Nathan is at Q’s headstone.  He tells him he made it.  He misses him.  Q, you were right, it was a comeback.  Thank you.  He left a jersey at the headstone.

Brooke goes to Leyton’s and asks for Lucas.  He’s not there but sits with Peyton and Sawyer.  Brooke asks how a family feels.  Peyton says it’s just like I dreamed it would.  Brooke asks to hold her.  She says she’s her Aunt Brooke and she’s going to spoil her.  Peyton tells her it’s Sawyer Brooke Scott.  Brooke says it’s a really good name.  Peyton says what about your dreams Brooke Davis?
V puts a letter up as Brooke walks in COB.  She’s going back to NY.  The designs are excellent.  The designs should stabilize the company.  She needs to leave her a few things.  They need to do some media.  And fly to LA and tell that boy you love him.  When she was young there was a boy that loved me but I didn’t love him back because he wasn’t in my circle and I let him go.  And not a day has gone by that I don’t regret it.  She’s been a terrible mother.  I had a daughter who is strong and bright and kindhearted, so beautiful but I’ve nearly broken her with my inability to open my heart but I haven’t broken her.  She’s just as strong and beautiful as ever.  She just misnamed her company.  If Julian loves you and you love him.  That’s all that matters.  That is the most important thing and the clothes can wait.  She gives her a letter and says it’s for her.  It’s the company.  It’s all hers.  100%.  She’d rather have her daughter than her company.  Brooke says she loves the company.  V says I did but I was wrong.  I should have loved you more and the company less.  Brooke says “Mom, I want you to stay on and run things from NY.”  V asks if she’s keeping her.  She says you’re my mother.  They hug.  V calls her daughter and tells her she loves her so much and she’s so proud of her.
Millie says she came by to watch Mouth work.  Mouth says I love my laugh as she walks away.
Mouth voiceover.
Nathan and Haley and Jamie walk into the arena.
Haley voiceover.
She tells him he made it.  They kiss.
Dan is at the RC.
Dan voiceover.
Mia is at a signing w/ voiceover.
Chase says thanks for the 45 seconds.  She says 30.
They announce Nathan at the beginning of the game.  Haley is in the crowd with Jamie.
Nathan voiceover.
Lucas plays with Sawyer.  Lucas voiceover.  Peyton walks in and has a voiceover.
Julian is working at night on the movie.  Brooke says hi and walks up to him.  she says you said one day I’d be ready to let someone in and today is the day.  He says if this was a movie you’d kiss me right now.  No, I’d say I love you and then I’d kiss you.  She says I love you and then kisses him.
Lucas in the comet downtown.  Lucas says take a ride with me, Peyton Sawyer?  She says don’t you mean Peyton Scott? They drive off.  Peyton does the voiceover.  Then Lucas…believe that dreams come true every day because they do.

May 11,2009

Episode 23 Forever and Almost Always Recap

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Lucas voiceover!
Haley and Lucas are at the wedding site.  Haley is putting out white rose petals.  Lucas explains that Karen and Larry can’t make it.  Lucas gets a text that the minister fell through.  Haley says she knows her sister knows someone that got ordained on the Internet.  Lucas says she should do it and gets her ordained on his iPhone.
Jamie has a leash on him and Skills says the last wedding he got kidnapped.  He makes him use walkie-talkies.
Peyton tries on her dress on COB with Brooke.  Brooke tells her not to over do it.  Peyton tells Brooke she wants her to take care of Lucas if something happens to her.  And the baby too.  She doesn’t want Lucas to be alone or the baby or Brooke.  Peyton asks if she has talked to Julian lately.  She says no.  Peyton says she’s scared she’s going to miss it all.  Brooke says it’s not fair.  Peyton says she feels sorry for everyone who goes through life alone.  They hug.  Brooke says let’s go get you married.
Mia is doing a soundcheck.  Chase comes in and Mia tells him he’s hot.  They kiss.  He asks on her take on weddings.  He says big fan.  Chase says he’s a fan of receptions.  Slutty wedding sex.  The bridesmaid that gets freaky.  Mia says Brooke is Peyton’s bridesmaid.
Brooke meets Lucas at a tent.  He has a suit on it.  She gives him tuxes to try on.
Nathan finds Haley at the wedding site.  She says she was worried about him.  His practice ran late.  She says she’s digging him coming back into town thing.  He goes to leave and turns around and says I love you.  She says I love you too.
Lucas comes out.  Lucas says I know you don’t have a date.  She says it was last minute.  He invited someone.  She doesn’t want to have a pity date.  Julian walks up.  He says I guess she didn’t know.  He starts to explain and Missy walks up.  Brooke says Of course the other me.  Missy says they should go.  She gives her a nasty look when they walk away.

Mouth films the wedding site.
Brooke rants about Missy to Haley and Peyton.  Haley says she’s getting nervous. Peyton says to go to music lyrics if she gets in trouble.
Mouth continues to film the wedding.  Skills says they’ve been waiting for this since RC days.  Skills says Jamie is on lockdown only to find the he attached the leash to a dog.  Lauren pulls Jamie from behind a tree and they high-five.
Nathan and Haley talk.  Nino got the spot on the NBA.  Nathan apologizes.  Haley says she’s proud of him.

Mouth is filming while people are getting seated.  He finds Lucas.  He says he’s looking for Brooke since the Julian mess up.  Nathan walks up and he says whatever I said before Lindsey’s wedding, just go with that.  Lucas and Nathan go stand with Haley at the front.  Brooke walks down the aisle.  Brooke complains about Missy.  Peyton walks down the aisle. Haley seats everyone.  Haley gives the definition and root of matrimony.  Then Haley says Every Rose has its thorn.  Peyton says really?  Out of all the lyrics.  Haley says really Skills?  He finds Jamie at the end of the aisle.  Haley reads Lucas’ letter that Peyton Sawyer would become Peyton Scott.  She tells of how they met at the lake and how Lucas’ use to talk about her.  She says she believes in true love and it will be hard but having the perfect one makes it easier.  Lucas says he’s loved Peyton since he first saw her.  He says I love you.  I always have and I always will.  Peyton says Lucas Scott, we’ve been through so much and despite how confused I’ve been and lost, there was always you finding me and saving me.  You deserved to be adored and that’s what we’re going to do.  We’re going to adore you for years to come.  I’m so terribly in love with you.  And I always will be.  Haley pronounces them man and wife.  They kiss.

Nick Lachey records in the studio.  Brooke walks in with a tux.  She says I haven’t seen you in forever and wanted to come say hi.  She hugs him and measures him behind his back.  She says I’m going to need you to that on.
Mia plays at TRIC.  Julian congratulates Lucas.  Lucas says why did you bring Movie Brooke?  Julian says it’s the only Brooke that likes me.  Lucas says she’ll freak.  Brooke walks in with Nick Lachey.  Missy freaks out.  Nick says yeah, hi. Julian tells Missy to come on.  Nick asks who got married.
Julian freaks out to Missy and says she so did not bring the guy from dancing with the stars to make me jealous.  Missy says true he was hot on that.  Missy says I guess Nick will be lucky tonight.  Slutty wedding sex.
Skills pours Lauren a drink.  Jamie says he’s having trouble with him and Ms. Lauren.  First Nanny Deb and now his teacher.  Skills says he didn’t mean to hurt him.  Jamie says ok but just stay away from Madison.
Mia continues to sing.
Missy chats to Brooke and Nick about DWTS.  Julian sits down and says he’s been talking to his guys, a band of boys, sort of like a boy band.  Nick asks how Julian and Missy met.  Brooke says on a failed movie.  Brooke tells Nick his new song is great.  Julian says it’s hot in here.  Like 98 degrees.
Julian ices his face where Nick punched him with Peyton.  Julian asks if she told her what happened.  Peyton says no.  Julian says he misses her so much.  Peyton tells him to talk to her.

Nathan stands outside.  Mouth walks out and thought he might want to talk.  He got it off the wire.  Mouth says he called the Chiefs for something and heard his absence was unexcused.  Nathan says the wedding was last minute.  Mouth says if I played the game like you I’d play anywhere they’d let me.
Lucas and Peyton talk.  She says she feels like a princess.  He asks how she is.  She says fine.  Better than fine.
Mia says congratulations to Lucas and Peyton.  She introduces Sweet Silver Lining.  She wrote it for the bride who is also her boss and friend.  She makes him dance with her or she’ll find Nick Lachey.
Haley asks Nathan for a dance.
Mouth and Millie and Skills and Lauren and then Brooke and Nick. Julian watches.  Chase watches Mia sing.  Julian says Let’s Dance to Missy.  But he watches Julian.  Nathan and Haley walk off.  Julian and Brooke watch each other.
Haley and Nathan make out in the bathroom.
Brooke kisses Nick on the neck.
Julian kisses Missy.
Brooke and Nick kiss.
Nathan and Haley make out.
Lucas and Peyton kiss on the dance floor.

It’s after the wedding.  Nick says he’s going to take off.  he thinks Julian is jealous enough.  He says he might have left with Missy but he’s clearly still into her.
Skills says I guess that’s another date gone wrong.  She disagrees.  She thinks a guy that appreciates kids is hot.  The date isn’t over.
Julian asks Brooke for a dance.  She says no thanks.  He says dance with me or say I love you.  Brooke says I thought you left.  He was avoiding her and Nick.  Julian says Missy left.  He accidentally called her Brooke in the bar.  Julian asks about Sam.  She doesn’t know, she went to live with her birth mom.  He says it must have been hard for them.  He wishes she would have called.  Brooke pulls away and says she can’t do it.
Naley snuggle at home.  He says he skipped practice to be there.  He’s tired of missing everything.  She says are you tired or just hurt because you didn’t get a call back.  He says I’m just tired.  Haley pulls him up from the chair and takes him to see Jamie.  She says that little boy’s hero is his father and the rest doesn’t matter.
Mia and Chase talk at the bar.  Mia is disappointed no one had slutty wedding sex.  He says the night’s not over.  Julian is at the bar.
Missy and Nick make out on the pool table.
Julian goes to COB to find Brooke.  Victoria comes out.  Julian introduces himself.  Victoria says the same.  He asks Brooke to call her.  Victoria says you know it’s Clothes over Bros.  He says his father never made him feel good enough.  He sees that in Brooke and all thanks to you.  He says I love your daughter. I’m in love with her and one day she’ll love me back and one day you’ll learn to be nice to her and you won’t be in her life.  He says nice to meet you, feels like I’ve known you all my life and walks out.
Lucas walks in and surprises Peyton with the house being decorated.  He calls her Peyton Scott.  He says she loves the sound of that.  They walk to their room.  He has one more surprise.  He goes to the back door and says Hey, I love you Peyton Scott.
He has the comet covered.
Peyton looks at the room.  It’s decorated.
Lucas uncovers the car, looks at the car and smiles.
A drop of blood hits one of the rose petals.
Lucas comes in the back door and calls for Mrs. Scott.  He sees the blood and she’s unconscious on the floor.

May 04,2009

Episode 22 Show Me How to Live Recap

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Chat is going on on tonight. Use #OTH to find others commenting :)

Peyton is recording a video. Peyton lists off musicians that are on an iPod that is music for life, when she has a bad test or bad breakup, listen to her Playlist 100 songs to save your life. She said there is a new artist that is special…Mia.
Mia sings at the piano at the studio.
Peyton talks about best friends. She said she got really lucky with hers. She lists off attributes that she loves and hates. The best part about Brooke Davis is that she puts friends first. If she’s in trouble you can call her.
Brooke watches Sam and her mom. Victoria comes up and says it’s been a month, she should stop. Brooke says she’s eating pecan pie and she hates it.
Peyton says it’s hard to lose a mom and if you are watching this, you must know how that feels and I’m so sorry. But if you need a mom and dad fix, you have Nathan and Haley.
Naley and Jamie are at home. Haley has to go meet Mia and asks Nathan to drop Jamie off on his way out of town.
Mia continues to play her song in the studio.
Peyton hopes they get to share these things together but they’re all right here. She holds the box. She needs one thing. Please take care of your father. He’s going to need you like my dad needed me. Love him and take care of him. Be kind to him. Do that for me. Lucas walks in on Peyton talking. Peyton says she thought she should. Lucas says no. You said it was going to be ok. Our child is going to have to remember you, they’ll know you. I’m not having it. What’s next? Peyton says I want to get married. Now. Lucas says absolutely not. After you have this baby. She insists. Lucas says we’re not doing anything just in case. Lucas says I’ll be in the garage, you should be in bed. He leaves and she says Thank you, I love you too, by the way.

Victoria and Brooke visit a department store to check out the competition. V tells Brooke she ran a background check on Sam’s birth mother. They argue. V holds up a red dress on Brooke and Brooke says do you think we’re shopping?? You are so trying to shop with me. V says they’re doing R&D.
Nathan takes Jamie to Lucas. Lucas tells Nathan about the time capsule. He said it’s supposed to be exciting but it’s terrifying. What if something happens to Peyton? Nathan says it’s like his HCM and his basketball. Maybe he should just let Peyton do it. Nathan says if you had one more day with her, do you want to argue or be married.
Brooke gets Sam in her bedroom to go to Peyton’s baby shower. Sam seems upset. Brooke asks about her mother. She said her parents made her give her up. She has a picture of her house with a white picket fence. She always wanted one. Sam asks to meet her at Peyton’s.

Mouth is at Nathan’s game reporting. Coach comes in and says they’ve had an 8 game winning streak. Coach says impress the NBA scout there tonight. Nathan is excited.
Victoria tries on clothes on Sam but Sam doesn’t like them. V says how was it with the waitress. Sam says it’s ok. V says they must have so much to talk about seeing they have 16 years of neglect to talk over. Sam tells her not to be mean. Sam says she’s not what she expected, she’s ok. She says she’s kind of like her. V asks if she wanted her back. Sam says it doesn’t matter, she’s happy here. Sam doesn’t want to hurt Brooke but she wants to know her. V asks if she wants to live with her. Sam says no. V says now let’s find a dress for you worthy of the Davis name.
Skills says she has a date with Lauren. Junk and Fergie says you know what 3rd date means. Skills says to be out by the time you get back.
Peyton tries on a dress that Brooke made her. Peyton asks about Sam and Brooke says she’ll be there. Peyton says she’s doing a great job. Brooke is thinking of adopting her. She just got all the papers in the mail. Peyton tells her not to worry about her birth mother, she just became the luckiest person ever.
Jamie finds the iPod and sees the song from the state championship. He tells Luke he was in mommy’s tummy. He finds the drawing of the state championship. Luke says it’s the night he wanted to marry Peyton.
Mouth asks Nathan how the long distance thing is working out. Nathan says if he figures it out, let him know. Nathan tells him about the scout there.
Peyton opens a present from Mia. It’s pictures of Mia. She is going to pick the one that goes on the cover of the record. Sam walks in dressed up.

Skills picks up Lauren but she has a last minute babysitting ordeal with Chuck. Skills says he can come along. They take him to putt-putt and go carts. Lauren says she’s glad he didn’t cancel. Chuck wrecks and Lauren has to go take care of him. He then gets in pictures with them in the photo booth. Skills in annoyed.
Nathan plays ball and is doing well.
Jamie finds a picture of the cheerleading squad. Then Lucas gets a picture of Keith, Karen and Luke as a kid. Jamie says he was funny looking. Jamie says you’re kind of like my uncle Keith. Jamie finds the picture of the angel. Jamie asks if Peyton will be ok. Luke says he doesn’t know. Jamie says it will be ok.
Peyton gets a baby memory book from Haley. Peyton starts to cry and says she loves it. She wants them to know she loves them so much. Mia says no crying, I’m taking a picture.
Nathan talks to Coach in the locker room. He reminds him to make sure he looks good too.
Brooke gets home and Victoria is there. She says she wishes she had asked about the dress first. V says she wants to talk about Sam. She thinks she should let her spend time with her birth mother. Brooke says it’s not her business. Brooke says she’s just jealous Sam wants to spend time with her. She’s not going anywhere. She shows her adoption papers. Sam walks in and asks what is going on. V says idk, ask your mother. Brooke says she wants to talk to her. She tells her she wants to adopt her and make it official. Sam says yeah but doesn’t seem convinced. She asks if she can still see her real mom.

Skills and Lauren talk about Deb. He says it was a lifestyle difference. She says she likes guys that are young, bald, athletic and likes kids. They go to kiss and he throws up on his show. Skills says I do like some kids. Some kids.
Nathan continues to play well.
Haley goes to get Jamie from the garage. She says the Comet. He asks about the shower. She says yeah it was good. Haley asks how he is and he says it went well, just what he needed.
Skills drops Lauren off. She says he was great with Chuck. Skills says maybe next time by themselves.
Sam cries in her room. Brooke comes and asks to talk to her. She didn’t mean to ambush her. She thinks she should spend time with her birth mother. She asks if she hates her. Brooke says she never could. She says you can always come back. Sam asks her why she’s so good to her and she says she loves her. She asks her if she can keep the dress. She tells Brooke she’ll always be her first mom.

Skills comes home and tells Junk and Fergie about the kid. Lauren knocks on the door and says I realized you forgot something and kisses him.
Sam and brooke tell each other they’ll miss each other and love each other. Victoria gives her a hug bye. Brooke and Sam hug. Sam takes her bags and leaves. Brooke asks her what they do now. V says they have their work to do now. Brooke says of course.
Coach says he hasn’t heard anything from the scouts, they just wait for the phone to ring.
Sam walks in front of a white picket fence. The house has a red door.
V and Brooke work at COB. Brooke looks through a few drawings and draws an Anarchy sign on a bag and then starts crying. V tells Brooke it’s going to be ok. Brooke says she’s fine, we have our work to focus on now. She puts the drawings back in the drawer.
Nathan watches the phone and then turns out the light.
Peyton tapes in the picture of the girls in the book. Luke says there is one thing missing. Our wedding photo. Peyton says really? We can get married right away? Luke says only if the dr says it’s ok. It’s not b/c of the baby. I want you to be my wife because I love you. Peyton says I love you too. They kiss.

Apr 27,2009

Episode 21 A Kiss to Build a Dream On Recap

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Peyton throws paper airplanes in her room.  She tells Luke she’s one stir-crazy.  He points out her bed-head.  She says she’s read B. Davis 5 times.  He said he’s working on something.  Peyton asks why he’s been so weird lately.  She guesses he’s making her a present.  He says you’re right you are going crazy.
Victoria and Sam go to see Brooke at COB.  Brooke tells Victoria she needs to stay away from Sam.  She asks what she’s up to.  V says she likes her.  Brooke says she’s vulnerable and she doesn’t want her disappointed.  Brooke says the relationship is about business and it includes Sam. V sees a letter for Sam.
Haley brings the latest issue of B. Davis.  Peyton says the baby is doing well.  She says she got a call from the label.  They want to buy Haley’s song for an artist.  Haley seems shocked.  She never thought about selling her songs.
Devon is begging Coach for his spot back.  He says the roster is full.  Nathan walks in.  He’s early.  He’s supposed to meet Nino.  Coach says he’s been getting calls from scouts about Nathan.
V reads the letter.  It is from her birth mother.  V stuffs it in the paper shredder.  She tells Brooke it’s junk mail.

Mia sings in the studio.
Brooke works in COB.  V is on the phone for work.  V compliments Brooke on her new line.  She says she’s always been talented.  Brooke tells her to stop threatening the supplier.  V asks Sam why Brooke is sad.  She says it’s Julian.  Brooke says she hears bonding and to back away.
Peyton tells Mia she loves the song.  Mia says good kissing inspires good music.  Peyton says he is a good kisser.  Mia seems upset and Peyton explains.  Peyton says I thought you’d be more concerned about the virginity part.  Mia is
Jamie is at the RC with Skills.  They are practicing with his team.  Jamie tells him about the school dance.  Skills gets him to ask Madison to the dance.
Luke works on the Comet.  He finds a ticket to the Cure.  Flashback to them in the Comet at the river and he gives her the tickets.
Coach tells Nathan congratulations.  He has an offer from a European team for 2 years.  They want a decision by the next day.

Sam and Victoria walk and talk.  Sam complains she has no friends and Brooke would freak if she knew they were talking.  V tries to go into a store but Sam says she shoplifted from there.  V gives her a speech.  V says she’s a member of the family.  Theft is common and they’re not common.
Jamie asks Madison to the dance.  She says Chuck just asked her.
Mia is at the studio.  She asks Haley if she knew Chase lost his virginity to Brooke.  Haley says yes and figures Mia didn’t know.  Haley says welcome to Tree Hill.  Mia says she’s “Brooke Davis”.  She feels stupid.  Everyone knew but her.  Haley says she can relate since Nathan lost his virginity to her sister.  He probably didn’t tell her b/c he wasn’t thinking about anyone but you.
Luke finds a map in the Comet. Flashback to the road trip to Atlanta.  Peyton says her last graduation gift was sending his book to some publishers in NY.  She says it’s payback.  She said someone once told me “your art matters”.  She said one day you’ll have to cast a hot Peyton Sawyer.  He says Only if I can play Lucas.  They hit something in the road and get a flat tire.
V and Sam look in the store.  The clerk watches them closely.  V says she’s watching the wrong girl and another girl starts to steal a clutch.  She tells her she can go back to being incompetent.  As they walk out, Sam asks why she’s such a b*tch.  She says maybe she gets a high from it.  They run into Brooke.
Brooke vents about V and Sam to Peyton.  Peyton asks if it’s really bad if they talk.  Brooke says yes and then says she never took her shopping.
Nathan goes to Coach.  He asks if he’s good enough to make the NBA.  Coach says yes but it takes more than talent.  Coach thinks he should take the European offer.
Mia and Haley play at the studio.  Nick Lachey walks in and says it sounded good.  He said the light wasn’t on so he came in.  Mia says you’re Nick Lachey.  He says you’re Mia Catalano.  Nick asks what a guy has to do to get her songs on his album.

Haley says when the label said there was an artist that wanted her song, she didn’t picture him.  He really wants her to say yes.  She says All in My Head wasn’t supposed to be one that is available. She says there are no magic words, it’s just no.  He said what if he said he had a bad flight, standby, middle seat, Coach.  She says no but will you sign something for my son?
Flashback to Leyton.  Peyton says she’ll hate missing Jamie grow up.  Luke tells her she’ll be an amazing mom one day.
Jamie asks Skills what Chuck has that he doesn’t.  Better timing and a date with Madison, Skills says.  He tells him not to ruin the dance.  Jamie says he’s not going.  Skills says he can’t miss his first dance.  He says he pouted about Nanny Deb, he’s going to pout about Madison.  Skills says if you want to roll like I roll, then I’m going to the dance.  Skills and Jamie walk into the dance.  Jamie watches Madison the whole time and says it’s killing him.
Nathan and Devon talk in the locker room.  Devon said he thought he’d be called up.  Nathan apologizes.  Devon says it’s not his fault.  Nathan asks what he’s going to do.  Devon says he’ll keep trying.  He says he should have been telling himself that you only get one shot instead of telling Nathan.
Brooke walks into COB looking for Sam.  She gets the latest copy of B. Davis and starts to shred it but finds the letter from Sam’s birth mother.

Peyton continues to be bored at home.
Luke keeps working on the Comet.  Another flashback.  They’re at a restaurant.  He gives her a hard time about eating so much.  He says it’s like she’s eating for two.  She says when the Comet pulls out, she’s going to be an adult.  He dares her to dine and dash.  He actually pays the waitress to run out after them.  You see one ticket fall on the ground.
Skills tells Jamie there are a lot of girls he could try with.  Jamie tells him he’s not trying either.  Skills eyes Jamie’s teacher.
Nathan tells Haley he got an offer to play in Europe.  She says he wants to play on NBA.  He says so does everyone else.  He says what if he doesn’t take it and they never call.  Maybe this is his chance.  Haley says she’s behind him whatever he decides.
Nick drinks at TRIC.  Chase says the drink is a Chaser.  He says it tastes like a bad Long Island Iced Tea.  Mia walks up and asks why he didn’t tell her about Brooke.  He says it’s not something a guy likes to bring up.
Brooke and V talk at COB.  Brooke tells her to explain the letter.  V says we could lose Samantha.  It’s a little late for her to show up now.  V sees how much Sam means to her.  Brooke says it’s not about her, it’s about her getting a do-over with Sam and it’s pathetic.

Nick goes in to the studio to be some more.  Haley says the music is ready for him to sing.  Nick sings.
Nathan tells Coach he turned down the offer.  Nathan says he’s going to the NBA.  He said he told the scout about Devon. Coach says he did too.
Skills tells Jamie’s teacher he was going to ask her out but he just got out of a relationship.  She says her too.  He asks if she wants to dance.  She says no but she could go for some rebound s. e x.  The says she’s kidding and a dance would be nice.  They dance.
Nick continues to sing.  Haley is impressed.  She tells him he was good and he can record it.  As long as she can produce.
Brooke comes home and talks to Sam.  Sam says V would really like another chance.  Brooke says she has a letter from her birth mother.  Sam says she doesn’t want to know her.  She had her chance.  Brooke says she must want something from her.  Sam says why wasn’t she good enough.  why didn’t she love her enough.  how could she just throw her away.  Brooke says maybe she wants to tell you giving you up was the hardest thing she ever had to do.  If she wants to know why, she’s the only person that can answer it.
Mia gets a txt from Chase that says I’m sorry.  He walks up behind her.  He says he should have told her.  She asks if he loved her.  He says he thought he did.  Before he fell in love with her.
Jamie sits on a bench with a girl.  Chuck says Madison has been talking about him all night.  She’s waiting to talk to him.  Madison and Jamie hold hands.
Devon walks with his family.  He’s getting a tryout.
Haley gives Nathan a back rub in bed.  He says maybe he just gave up his chance.  She says his chance is coming, she really believes that.
Brooke and Sam stand at the coffee shop.  Brooke says she’ll wait on her outside.  Sam goes in to talk to her mother.
Luke calls for Peyton and tells her to close her eyes.  She says she knew he had a surprise.  Luke shows her The Cure ticket.  She says the best concert we never went to.  She says we had our whole lives in front of us.  Luke says we still do.  They kiss.  Flashback to the Comet.  He says he can’t believe he lost the ticket.  He’s sorry.  She says besides, they only have one last night together.  He says he’ll miss her.  She says he better.  She has a lot of dreams wrapped up in him.  We’ll get married and make a lot of babies in the back seat of the car.  She promises.  He said good b/c I’m going to hold you to it.

Apr 20,2009

Episode 20 I Would For You Recap

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Brooke wakes up to Victoria in her room.  Brooke tells her they are over and wants to know why she’s there.  Victoria says they need to discuss the business.   Brooke tells her to get out and V says she’ll be back.  In the living room Sam says “She frightens me”.
Nathan is at bball practice.  Coach asks to talk to Nathan after it ends.  He says their two best players have the same position.  He’s keeping Nathan as point guard but wants him to help Nino with the transition.  Coach tells him to step up and be a leader because it’s his team now.
Haley takes Jamie to school.  The teacher tells Haley Jamie is gifted and wants him to attend a special school.
Lucas and Skills play ball at the RC.     Skills tells Luke about him and Deb breaking up.  Luke says at least Mouth has someone to hang out with.  Skills says Mouth is fine.
Millie comes out with Mouth’s shirt on.  Millie says she’s happy and she doesn’t know why they waited.  Mouth has Broadway tickets.  He wants to make her happy.
Peyton is driving in her car talking to Mia.  She is playing her song.  She stops and sees a mother and daughter on the sidewalk and pats her belly.  The lights turns green and a suburban hits her.

Brooke goes to the hospital.  Luke says Peyton is fine.  Brooke asks about the baby.  Luke tells her she had complications before where she could hemorrhage.  He says they could lose her.
Nino tells Nathan he doesn’t need help and he’s better than Nathan.  Nathan tells him to prove it.  They play and Nathan wins.  He tells him to be a back up point guard a starting shooting guard.
Sam and Jack listen to music together on her bed.  She says she’s scared of being alone and him kissing her again.  He says the Burger King guy scares him.  Jack says he’s been talking to some foster parents.  They live in Charlotte though.  Sam says he should go.  Victoria comes in and they try to hide but she sees them.  V says they’re there to sponge off her daughter.  Sam says “We don’t like you”.  V asks where Brooke is.  She tells her she’s outside working on sketches.  Sam tries to lock her out but V lets herself back in with a key.
Brooke goes to see Peyton.  She says she didn’t tell in hopes she would go to LA with Julian.  They agree they’ll get through it.

Lucas and Peyton go home.  She says she’s fine.  Lucas leans down and says the baby says it’s time for a nap.  Peyton asks about the Comet and Luke says not to worry about it.  Luke and Skills go to see the car.  Skills says the car is dead.
Naley and Jamie go visit the gifted school.  They leave Jamie in the class.  Jamie looks scared to death.
Victoria goes to see Brooke at COB.  V says the business is in trouble.  She needs Brooke back.  V says they were both wrong.  Brooke says it doesn’t matter, she’s not helping her.  V says it’s one thing to refuse her mother but another to refuse all the other people that made her who she is, they’ll all be out of work.
The teacher has Jamie introduce himself to the class.  He tells a few jokes.  The teacher has him sit down.  She says for everyone to get their recess books out.
Mouth and Millie walk and talk in the park.  He says he thinks this is their better version he imagined.  Mouth is going back to Tree Hill the next day.  They decide to enjoy their day.
Jamie and another kid do “mathketball” at recess.  Nathan doesn’t like that they don’t have regular sports at the school.  Haley seems concerned too.

Peyton fixes breakfast and Luke asks why.  He says she’s supposed to be on bedrest.  She wants to go to studio and he says no.  She asks about the Comet.  He says they’ll get another one.  Peyton is sad.
Nathan and Haley argue about Jamie’s school.  Haley wants it but Nathan doesn’t.
Skills picks Jamie up from school.  His teacher introduces herself to Skills.  Skills is impressed.
Peyton listens to music in bed.  Haley comes in with a gift.  Brooke told Haley everything.  Peyton asks her to finish producing Mia’s album.
Sam plays with sugar cubes at home.  Brooke walks in and asks what’s wrong.  Jack found a foster home and he’s moving to Charlotte.  Brooke says she knows it’s hard.  They argue about Julian.  Sam says they could have been a family.  He loves her and he knows to follow her heart and if she could she’d go with Jack.  Brooke says she’s in high school and if she were older she’d understand.  Sam says she sounds like V. Brooke says that was a cheap shot.  Sam says don’t use her as her excuse to not admit she loved Julian.

Skills and Nathan and Jamie and a few kids play at the RC.  Skills tries to get info out of Jamie about Lauren.  Haley wants to talk to Nathan.  Nathan says he was harsh about the school.  Haley says maybe she was wrong about the school.  Basically they flip flopped positions.
Luke finds the Comet in the street.
Jack says they can meet up sometimes.  V comes in and asks about Sam and Brooke.  Sam tells her how she met Brooke.  Sam tells her Jack is moving away.  V says she’s not sympathetic.  Sam says she’s not mother of the year.  V says what about your mother?
Brooke goes to see Peyton.  Peyton says Luke hounds her to stay in bed.  she’s out on the couch.  Brooke tells her V is back in town.  Brooke says if she doesn’t help her, all the people at COB will lose their jobs.  She asks Peyton what to do.  Peyton says she’ll help because that’s what Brooke does.  She sacrifices herself for others.
Mouth packs up to leave Millicent.  They say they’ll make the long-distance thing work.  Mouth leaves.  Millie cries.
The foster parents come in to meet Jack at the coffee shop.  Sam gives  her a hard time about her shirt.  She says she must be Sam.  They say they should get going.  Jack says he’ll be back as soon as he can.  Jack says bye.  Sam says bye.  Sam runs out and says when you kissed me, it was nice and she kisses him.  He leaves.

Nathan and Haley talk in front of a fire.  Nathan doesn’t want to go back.  Jamie asks to talk to Naley.  Jamie says he should get to pick where he goes to school.  He wants to stay at his school.  He likes his friends and his teacher.  He asks to stay.  Nathan says they’ll talk about it.  Haley says they should have asked him first since he’s the genius.  Haley says they can learn a lot from him.
V and Brooke at COB.  V says she forgave her and hopes she does the same.  Brooke says she’ll come back for 51% ownership.  But it’s business and she still doesn’t have a daughter.
Nathan and Nino practice again.  Nathan says you’re good, but I can make you better.  If we both do well, the scouts will come and they’ll never have to play with each other again.  Nino says fine, teach me something.
Jamie takes Lauren flowers and she tells him they’re from Skills.  Jamie tells his friends his staying.
Mouth and Millie lay in bed together through video conference.
Brooke is at COB and holds Julian’s letter jacket.
Haley and Mia show up at Peyton’s house with all the equipment they need.  Peyton tells Mia to play something great.
Luke starts to work on the Comet.
Sam cries over Jack.  Victoria tells her everything will be fine and tells her to come on, puts her arm around her and walks out of the coffee shop.

Mar 16,2009

Episode 17 You And Me and the Bottle Makes 3 Tonight Recap

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Don’t forget the chat room is still available.

Brooke comes out of the room and tells Julian he needs to go.  Julian says he thought most girls liked it.  Brooke says it’s ick.  Julian says it won’t happen again.  He says I promise I’ll never says the words I love you again.
Millie is at Mouth’s apartment to get her stuff, Skills says it was ok.  Mouth says Skills told him to be at the apartment to wait for the cable guy.  She came to get her car.  He thought she didn’t need one.  She’s decided to stay on a permanent basis.  It’s goodbye forever.
Nathan walks in a dark house.  Haley scares Nathan.  She says he couldn’t come home so she brought home to him.  She shows him candles in front of a fireplace and says Happy Anniversary.
Deb tells Jamie she’ll let him stay up.  Dan shows up.  He says Deb looks old.  Jamie says he invited him.  Deb can’t argue.
Lucas walks Peyton to the bedroom with her eyes closed saying he has a surprise.  She says she doesn’t feel so good and then drops to the floor in pain.

“the Surprise” shows on a black screen.
Peyton and Lucas walk in their house.  Lucas says the dr says she has to take it easy.  She wants to see her surprise.  The nursery is completely done.  She says it’s beautiful.  She looks at a onesie that says I Love Mommy.  She starts crying and says she needs a minute and walks out.  Lucas hits the doorframe.  Peyton sits in the living room.  She says they haven’t even picked names yet.  She wanted Sawyer for a boy and after her mother for a girl.  Lucas says to stop, they need to process it.  Peyton says she thought she wasn’t ready.  She says she can’t do it.  Lucas says if you have this baby you could die.  Peyton says it doesn’t matter.  She’s going to have the baby.
Peyton washes dishes and Luke comes in.  He says the dr says there’s a very good chance something could happen to her and they could lose the baby anyway.  He says they don’t have to make the decision now.  They can take a few days before they go in.  She says an abortion.  He says that’s not what the doctor called it. She says call it what it is.  He says how did it happen?  She says she had some pain early on.  He says she was selfish not to tell him.  He says if the pregnancy means he loses her, he wants it to end.  Peyton says it’s not an end, it’s their baby.  Lucas says they can adopt or try again.  Peyton says the life inside her is him.  He doesn’t want the child to grow up without a mother.  Peyton says he’s guilting her into it.  He says if it means he keeps her.
Lucas starts taking stuff down.  Peyton stops him.  Lucas says he had a dream that something happened to her.  It got him to thinking about his life without her and he can’t live that life.  He says he can’t save her from this.  Peyton says they’ve survived all kinds of stuff and we’re not going to let some doctor lay odds on us.  If something happens, you’ll be ok.  Just like your mom.  How will he feel about the child that took her away from him.  Peyton says you aren’t like that and you’ll never be alone.  She says she’ll haunt him so he never has sex again.  She says it’s all about fate.  Maybe they whole point of you and me and every moment together has been leading to here.  Maybe we’re maybe meant to create this life and it will change the world.  Lucas says he can’t accept a bad ending for them.  She says it’s already a great ending because they’re together.  He says they need to know they’re making the right choice.  Peyton has to sit down because the baby is kicking.  Peyton says it’s ok to love the baby.  Lucas says I can’t live without you.  Peyton says we’ll live happily ever after.  All three of us.

“The Long Goodbye”
Mouth tells Millicent to stop.  He says she doesn’t have his glasses.  She says she had lasik.  He says I’m sorry.  For what?  He says for driving her away.  He gives her his cell phone bill.  Most of them are texts to and from Gigi.  He says she deserves to by angry, he did.  He didn’t realize how wrong it was.  She asks why.  Mouth says all my reasons sound slike excuses.  If he hadn’t done that, she wouldn’t have done what she did.  Can she forgive him?  Millie says guys have needs and she couldn’t do it the way Gigi could.  Millie says she wanted to sleep with him but she was scared it would mess everything up.  She realizes their relationship wasn’t that great.  Mouth says we were amazing together.  Millie says our mistakes will always be there.  Mouth says but we’ll be with the wrong people.  Maybe we can find our way through it.  He says he misses her.  She asks what?  He miss knowing the day started with her.  He would come home to someone who understood him.  She snore every morning at 2:30 for 7 min.  He loves her glasses.  She says they’re not coming back.  She says it’s also about her forgiving herself and she can’t do that with him around and she has to go.  Mouth says to stay.  She kisses him bye and says I’m sorry.

“The Seven Year Itch”
Naley toast to 7 years.  Haley says she can’t believe they got married at 16. It’s like Jamie getting married in 10 years.  Nathan asks about Jamie and she tells him he’s with deb.  haley brings out fortune cookies.  It says you’re a master of your bed.  she says prepare yourself for a change…in bed.  Nathan says the last couple of weeks have been hard.  She says I haven’t been working full time.  She’s been on “vacation”.  She tells what happened with the principal and she got suspended.  She says it got her thinking about where they’re headed.  She says what if they move to Charleston?  Nathan and Haley walk up the stairs and she shows him the rooms.  One room has a piano.  And it overlooks the driveway with the basketball hoop.  She says she’s dreaming.  Tree Hill is home but they never said they’d stay forever.  Nathan says we’ll dream big.  He says she should get back on the road.  He saw her at the USO show.  They could make it work.  They are stronger now.  Haley points out Jamie.  Nathan says she’s a great teacher.  She says they’d have totally separate lives.  nathan says phone sex.  Haley says it would be tough.  Nathan says he’s certain that she’ll be there when he’s 80.  He couldn’t live with himself if his dream kept her from hers.  They agree to think about it.

“The Deleted Scene”
Brooke walks out of the bathroom and she says I thought I said to leave.  Julian says I didn’t know you dated Ryan Reynolds? Colin Ferrell?  Remind me to get tested.  She unplugs the laptop and says playtime over.  He’s trying to figure out why she got so freaked out.  She dated people in NY but never had time for love.  So the last time you were in love…He says now I get it.  He says if you have more than one copy of Lucas’ book I’m out of here.  He says do you still love him?  She says no.  He says he’s tired of Lucas being in his love life.  She says how do you think I feel when the guy I’m dating came back for Peyton?  She says I’m not Peyton.  Julian says you’re right.  LP is about fate but Brooke chooses her own path.  Yeah, but you can’t choose who you love.  Julian says you choose whether you open your heart to love.  She says what do you want me to say?  Julian says how about I love you.  She says how about I like you alot? It’s not easy.  I have Sam.  Julian says I think you do love me but you’e too stubborn and scared.  Somewhere you gave up on feeling like you deserve love but you don’t see what I see.  Im going to try one more time. I love you, I’m in love with you.  I have been since I saw you do that Molly Ringwald dance.  Brooke says I care about you so much.  Julian says never let it be said that Brooke Davis is easy.  Julian says it’s ok maybe one day you’ll let someone in, it’s not just today.  Julian says go get ready and we’ll pretend the last hour didn’t happen.  Brooke says can we really do that?  Julian says yeah, in the movie it’s called a Deleted Scene.  Go ahead, I’ll wait for you.

“The Cold War”
Jamie asks for ice cream.  He goes to get it.  Deb says as soon as he goes to bed, he’s gone.  Dan puts Jamie to sleep.  He tells him stories about Nathan.  Jamie asks why they aren’t together.  Dan says some couples just aren’t meant to go the whole way.  He asks if he still loves her.  Dan says it’s time to go to bed.  Jamie asks if Naley will always quit being together and Dan says no.  Dan leaves and turns the light out.   Dan says the boy’s out, I guess same for me.  Deb is looking at pictures and she says she remembers the trip to Disney.  Dan says, yeah, it was a great day.  Deb says we were supposed to be a couple that tucked our grandkids in together.  Dan says we didn’t set out for that.  It’s a million mistakes. Deb says a couple really big ones.  Somewhere inside the man she loved is the same that killed Keith.  Dan says let’s talk about Keith.  It was a single moment of hatred, I made a mistake.  I thought I was getting revenge.  It wasn’t was you wasn’t it?    The way I see it, I pulled the trigger, but you loaded the gun.  I’ve done my time, have you?  Deb says don’t you think I’ve thought about that.  How I left Karen and Lily without Keith.  She hates him for the guilt she feels.  She says it’s good he’s going to die soon.  It makes her believe in justice.  Jamie comes in with the pager and says Grandpa, it’s time for you to get better.

Naley is lying under covers in front of the fireplace.  Haley says it’s been great.  Nathan says I didn’t get you anything.  Haley says that’s not true.  Nathan says we will grow old together.  She says “George Bailey, I love ya till the day I die.”
Millie drives crying.
Mouth finds Millie’s glasses in a drawer, looks at them and puts them back.
Julian sees pictures on Brooke’s fridge.  There is one of Brooke, Lucas and Angie.  Julian fakes a call from the production office.  She offers to go but he says no.  Brooke says to come over when he’s done. He says he’ll just crash at the hotel but she looks beautiful.  Brooke says “someday” when he walks out.
Lucas and Peyton sit on the floor together.  Peyton says it will be ok.  Lucas says what if it’s not?  Peyton says we’ll dance at this kid’s wedding.  I’m doing this, I’m having this baby.  Lucas says no, we’re having this baby.

Feb 19,2009

Nada Surf’s Matthew Caws Composes Music OTH 617

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In news exclusively broke by the One Tree Hill Podast blog site, Matthew Caws, from Nada Surf, composed the music for the 17th episode of season six of One Tree Hill. He joins the ranks of artists Matthew Ryan, who did music for 603, and Grace Potter, who did music for 607.


Feb 02,2009

Episode 16 Screenwriter’s Blues Recap

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Also, the chat room is still available.

Two actors try out for Nathan and Haley.  Nathan and Dixon argue.  Nathan and Haley walk out and other couples are outside practicing.
At home, Peyton puts a crib together than was delivered by Karen and Andy.
Dan and Jamie walk to school.  Jamie denies there’s a girl at school he likes but he wants to invite her over to his house.  Dan tells him to say something nice and smile.
Julian and Brooke are in bed.  He tells her it was amazing.  He’s happy to be a part of her crowd.  She says he was probably popular.  He says he is late for casting.  Brooke gets excited.
Peyton shows up to casting.  They mistake her for someone trying out and she sits beside someone practicing the line “Why do people always leave?”

Peyton walks in and pretends to be Peyton.  Dixon says she’s too old.  She brought Lucas lunch.  Dixon makes weird comments.
Sam goes to see Haley in class.  Haley tells her she won the essay contest.  Sam is actually excited.
Jamie tells Dan his girl is coming over.  Dan tells him to dress nice and tell her she looks good.  Dan has to pause and Jamie asks if it’s his heart again.  Dan tells him he’ll be fine.
Mia shows up at casting and she makes her come help with the crib.
Brooke shows up at casting.  Julian asks if she wants to meet Brooke Davis.  She (Missy Lee) comes over and they both freak out.  She freaks Brooke out a bit.
Nathan goes to see his coach.  He asks about Devonne.  Coach tells him he’s starting in the next game.

A few girls try out for Peyton.  One stands out and Dixon says there’s someone about her.  Lucas likes the first one.  Dixon is trying to cast on looks.  Julian says maybe they need a break.  Lucas says he didn’t get to choose a director and he’s not making a mistake with Peyton.
Peyton and Mia have trouble with the crib.  Mia says she’s going to meet Chase.
Missy follows Brooke around and is asking too many questions.  They argue about whether Brooke’s outfit is Brooke-ish.  Julian says it should be sexier.
Sam reads her essay in class.  A phone rings.  It’s Haley’s and Nathan says he’s starting.
At Dan’s, Lauren shows up.  She’s confused why Dan isn’t old.  Jamie hands her flowers.
Haley is waiting to talk to the principal.  A student confuses her as a student.  She had a problem with Sam’s essay because of the sex and drugs.  She threatens her job if she doesn’t pick an essay.

Jamie chats with his teacher. Jamie goes to get kool-aid.  He tells Dan to back off.
Skills comes to baby proof Peyton and Lucas’ house.  He gives her a speech about locks on the toilets.  He says she has Lucas to help.  Skills sees the crib, kicks it and it falls apart.  He says if she needs help, to call since he’s also a handyman.
Sam goes to see Haley at a restaurant.  Sam says she’s hoping Jack comes back and she sees him there.  Sam asks about her losing her job.  Haley wonders where she heard it from.  Haley says she won’t lose her and the paper is good.  Sam says she appreciates it but she should chose a different paper.
Devonne is crying in the locker room.  Coach cut him.  Nathan apologizes, he didn’t know.  A little girl and pregnant girl comes in to leave with him.
Brooke and Peyton register for the wedding and baby.  Peyton asks her to be her maid of honor.  Missy comes up and chatters.  She says she was never that annoying.
Dan and Lauren talk.  Jamie walks in and he hears him telling her a story.  He says you’re trying to make me look bad then yells “he was in prison!”
Fergie and Lucas talk.  He had to write out Fergie from the movie.  Several people come up and ask him questions at once.  He gets flustered and yells at them to make time.

Brooke tells Peyton she slept with Julian.  She says she’s been scared to tell her.  Peyton says it’s fine.  But it’s three guys they’ve shared.
Haley goes to see Lucas.  He says he had a temper tantrum.  His gut says one thing and everyone else says something else.  Haley says to go with his gut.  She tells him about Sam’s essay and the principal.  Lucas says to go with her gut and publish the paper.
Dan walks out and sees Jamie.  He says he’s mean and to go away.  He says he was mean but he’s been trying to be good.  He wasn’t making fun of him and Lauren says it’s one of her best dates ever.  He apologizes if he hurt his feelings.  Jamie says he forgives him and goes inside by himself.
Brooke gets in her car and Missy is naked in her backseat.  He gives her a speech about her not being all about sex.  She says she was just following the script.
Nathan goes to see the Coach.  He tries to take up for Devonne.  Coach sticks to his decision.
Brooke goes to see Lucas and yells at him about the script.  He said he didn’t write it.
Brooke yells at Julian.  She says high school Brooke graduated and she’s not just around for the sex.

Peyton is trying to babyproof.  Haley comes in and brings a onesie that says Team Peyton.  Peyton says she’s having a hard time.  She says she’s ok but doing all the baby stuff makes her want Lucas home but he’s really busy.  She has a doctor’s appointment the next day and wants him to go.  Haley says to ask him to go.
Brooke goes home and apologizes to Sam for being late.  She’s still raging about the script.  Sam says they should celebrate the essay contest.  Brooke says she’s proud of her and wants to put it on the fridge.  Sam says at least Julian is still around..unlike Jack.  Sam wants pizza for dinner.
Lauren tells Jamie bye.  He sits on the front step and Dan comes to join him.  Jamie says she just wanted to talk about adult stuff like new cars and Maroon 5.  He says next time he’ll date someone his own age.
Peyton leaves a message with Peyton and tells him she wants him there.  She erases the message and doesn’t tell him anything on the second one.
Lucas and Dixon talk about the casting.  One of the Peytons show up.  She convinces them to be Peyton.
Everyone is at a table reading the script.
Devonne shows up at practice and gives Nathan a hard time.
People compliment Sam on her article.  Sam watches Haley go see the principal.
Julian goes to see Brooke at the diner.  He shows her his yearbook.  He says he’s not the high school Julian either.  He doesn’t want high school Brooke.  The break down described the Brooke before anyone knew her.  He gives her a list of things that describe her now.  funny, intelligent, motherly, childish, tough, sensitive, beautiful, way cooler than she was in high school.  Julian says that girl has been hard to find, but worth the time and he’s going to make sure everyone knows.
Peyton has her ultrasound.  Lucas shows up.  He says she told him last week.  He says he wouldn’t miss it for the world.  They hear the baby’s heartbeat.
The reading concludes as Lucas says Let’s make a movie.

Jan 19,2009

Episode 15 We Change, We Wait Recap

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By the way, I might try something new with the site.  Right before the show, I’m going to try to put it in lock-down mode.  You won’t be able to make comments but I’m hoping more people can read the recap and other posts I put up.

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Nathan is at a game.  Nathna is benched.  Haley and Jamie watch from the stands.  The team loses the game.  #23 comes in bragging about something he did in 3rd quarter in the locker room.  Nathan gets in his face and the coaches walk in.  #23 says he’s just reminding him whose team it is.
Lucas washes dishes and Peyton walks in.  He says he’s worried about the movie.  Tomorrow he’s meeting another director and Julian’s dad is coming in town the next day.
Jamie is disappointed after the game.  Nathan reminds him to have a good attitude.
Julian and Brooke kiss in front of the fire.  Brooke says it’s wrong but it’s so right.  He says maybe they should move to the bedroom. Brooke says she has a no boy/bedroom policy.  Sam walks in and gives her a hard time about the rules.  She says she’ll put her headphones on tonight just in case.  Julian says maybe they should continue it in her bedroom without clothes.  She goes in her bedroom and shuts the door.  Julian says he’ll let himself out.

The new director talks to himself in a junkyard and says an old trailer is Lucas’ house.  Lucas says that’s not like what he grew up in.  The guy says it’s not gritty enough.  Julian says they don’t want to rewrite history.  He says that’s where Lucas will kill his uncle Keith in a driveby shooting.  Lucas says he’s done and walks away.
Dan is at the doctor.  He gets the pager back and has flashbacks of Carrie.
Nathan talks to his coach.  He is concerned about playing time.  The coach says he’s going to have to wait his turn.  He gives him the offensive sets to go over and they’ll talk later.
Julian and Lucas are at a restaurant.  Lucas asks about his hat.  Julian says is it bad.  Lucas says it’s fine.  Julian says if it was fine, it would blend in.  Julian’s dad comes in and they tell them the director won’t work.  He tells them they better make one work or he’s drawing names out of a hat.  They have until tomorrow to decide.
Nathan walks in on Haley playing.  He says I’m still trying to figure out how I got such a talented wife.  She says you got lucky.   He says no, that’s what got me a son.  Nathan tells her he won’t be playing anytime soon and he thinks they should skip the next few games so he doesn’t get disappointed.  Haley won’t have it.
Julian goes to see Brooke at COB.  She says she was waiting for him in her bed.  He says that’s not funny.  She says yes it is.  She is organizing the clothes for the movie.  She made him a letterman jacket.  Peyton shows up.  Peyton says really?  You two are totally having sex.  Peyton says she wouldn’t be mad.  She says she should know he was with someone right after her and she should be careful.  Brooke looks really disappointed.

Haley walks downstairs and Lucas is there with a ring.  He pretends to propose.  She says it’s creepy.  He says that’s how the director wanted to end it.  He asks if she thinks Peyton will like the ring he got her.  She says she always imagined Keith’s ring but he gave it to Lindsey.
Julian walks into COB with the jacket.  Brooke is on edge.  He asks what’s wrong.  She doesn’t want to make it awkward but she wants to know if they’re going anywhere.  He says right now they’re hanging out, having fun.  She says as she expected.  In the past she was ok but her situation has changed.  She wants to set a good example for Sam and she doesn’t know how to explain a fling.  She says she knows he’ll leave when the movie is over.  He says maybe they should slow it down and focus on the movie.  Sounds like she stopped it before he got there but whatever she wants.
Jamie and Dan are at the RiverCourt eating ice cream.  Jamie complains about Nathan not playing.  Dan says playing is about heart, not playtime.
Chase and Mia kiss.  Mia says she wants to play him a song but she’s nervous because he inspired it.
Lucas stops at the lake with Peyton in his car.  He tells her he used to come there when she as in LA.  They talk about the first time they met.  He says he has something for her.  He knows they’re engaged but he gets down on his knee.  She says I’m so glad you always knew me.
Dan goes to see Nathan at the RiverCourt.  Dan says losing always forces change and it’s coming.  Dan says if he gets a second chance he’s going to make the most of it but right now all they can do is wait.
Peyton goes to TRIC.  Julian’s dad is there.  She hugs him and says she’s really happy to see him. He says she looks happy.  He says he has good taste except with director.  He says it’s good to see him.  He says letting her go as the worse mistake he made.  She says it wasn’t hard for Julian since he got that A-list actor so fast.  He says he planted that story.  Peyton seems shocked.

Julian and Lucas meet to pick a director.  They discuss.
Nathan looks over the book the coach gave him.  Jamie comes in and talks to Nathan.  Nathan says he could use his help learning the plays.  They start going over the play.  Jamie says you can’t play until the coach wants you to?
Lucas goes to see Brooke at COB.  Lucas asks about her and Julian.  She says it ended before it started.  She asks about the movie.  He tells her about the latest director.  She says he doesn’t have to compromise.  He asks what he does.  Brooke says do whatever it takes as long as they tell the story the way he remembers it.
Peyton goes to see Haley.  She has Mia’s new song.  Jamie gets on the phone and says “we need to talk”.  Peyton shows off her ring.  She doesn’t sound convincing.  She says she always imagined Keith’s ring.  Haley tells her about what Lucas says.  The coach says he’ll think about it.

Julian and Lucas discuss the director at Lucas’ house.  Dixon shows up in a car.  He says his agent told him they were still having trouble and he came to help.
Chase brings Mia a Long Island Iced Tea.  She tastes it and he says it’s good.  Mia says before he gets arrested he better back to the bar.  But first he has to kiss her.  She tells him he’s perfected that too.
Julian and Lucas meet with Dixon.  Dixon says they need a director.  They need him.  Lucas says why he’s not going to direct the movie.  He says he needs someone to recreate the feeling he gets on the RiverCourt, how one song can change peyton’s mood and how there are two sides to Brooke Davis that are both great.  He wants a director that can make the little things, the big things and he’s just not the director to do that.
Peyton gos to see Brooke.  She says she sucks.  All the stuff about Julian wasn’t entirely accurate.  Brooke is still worried about what Peyton says.  She says she’s engaged to her ex-boyfriend, they are fine.
Nathan is at practice giving #23 tips.  He tells him to go sit on the bench.  He gives him one last tip.
Lucas goes to see Julian’s dad.  Lucas says they chose none of them.  He believes they can do better.  He says that may be true but time is up.
At the game, Nathan gets put in the game.  Haley and Jamie get excited.  Nathan gets assists in the last play and they win the game.

Paul meets Julian’s dad.  He’s supposed to convince him why he should be the director.  Dixon uses Lucas’ lines about the little/big things to convince him.
Haley and Jamie shoot some hoops while Dan and Nathan talk after the game.  Dan says he had a feeling about tonight.  He knew he’d make it.  He knew he can’t be part of it but he’s really proud of him.
Peyton goes to talk Lucas while he’s at his desk.  She gives him back the ring.  It’s not the ring she wants to wear.  She wants to wear Keith’s ring.  Lucas asks if she’s sure.  He gets the other one out of his desk drawer and he puts it on her.  He says it’s right where it belongs.  She says it will be forever.
Julian goes to see Brooke.  He gives her his jacket. She says what does that mean.  He says it means they’re going steady.  He says everyone thought he came here for the girl but he came for the movie but everyone was right, but it was the other girl.  They kiss.  Brooke says maybe we should continue this in my room, preferably without our clothes.
Dixon goes to see Lucas and tells him he got the job as the director.  He says they’ll talk tomorrow.

Jan 12,2009

Episode 14 A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene Recap

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The police are taking tape off of Jack’s house as he watches.  You hear Sam leave him a voice mail.  She’s worried about him and asks him to call.
Julian comes over to Brooke’s house.  He brings coffee and asks Sam about Jack.    She says she hasn’t talked to him.  Julian says she should help him.  Brooke comes in and apologizes and says she’s been busy with press.  She says maybe Q hadn’t been killed if she reported it.  Julian says probably not.  He says they’ll meet up that night.  Sam teases Brooke she has a date that night.
Peyton poses in a mirror with a ball under her dress like she’s pregnant.  She says she’s going to be pregnant when she gets married and that’s so redneck.  Then she worries about telling Brooke.
Sam asks Brooke about telling Peyton and then gives her a hard time about her date and to dress hot.
Nathan comes home to Haley.  They kiss.  Jamie runs in.  Nathan says he’s home the whole weekend.  He said he’s sore and tired.
Peyton comes to see Brooke.  Sam tells her she has big news.  Sam tells her she’s got a date.  Sam says anything for an awkward silence?  Peyton says she’s pregnant.  Brooke starts to cry because she just finished her hand-stitched corset dress.  Brooke is excited about the baby
Mouth is at home.  He’s mad at himself and her.  He packed her stuff and almost gave it to a complete stranger.  Like she did with her virginity.  He says have fun telling Brooke she slept with Owen.

Mia and Haley are in the studio.  Chase comes in and starts to leave.  Mia stops him.  He asks if Mia wants to hang out sometime.  Mia says she’d love to.  He tells her to come back TRIC at 8.
Peyton is at Brooke’s house.  She brings out a box of Baby Brooke clothes.  Peyton mentions Sam and Julian.  Peyton tells her it’s ok if they want to date.  Brooke says it’s not going to happen.
Sam and Julian are at the cafe.  Sam says he likes her.  He says no.  Peyton comes in and says she hears he likes Brooke.  He says they’re working together.  Julian says maybe she’s jealous.  Sam says dude, get over yourself, she’s pregnant.  Awkward.  He says it’s hard to hear for historical reasons but he’s happy for her.
Brooke is online and Millie comes in.  Brooke is trying to figure out what Julian said was flirting.  She says she can’t because of Peyton.  You just don’t do that.  She turns around and Millie is crying.  She tells her she slept with Owen.  Brooke tells her to get out.  She stops her and hugs her.

Mia comes to the studio and asks Haley for advice on clothes for the date.  She thinks she should cancel.  Haley offers to double date.
Haley goes to see Luke at home.  Haley tricks Lucas into telling her they’re pregnant.  Haley asks for him to babysit Jamie and Andre.  It’d be good practice.  Jamie and Andre run in.  Lucas says oh, now?  Haley says um, Nathan fed them cake.  Lucas hears something break after Haley leaves.
Mouth throws darts at a picture of Owen.  Brooke comes to see him.  She says he’s a complete ass for messing around with Gigi.  He has a right to be upset but not as bad as Millie.  He says it’s stuck in his head and he can’t decide to be over it.  She says you can decide.  And if you can’t, you have to decide if you really love her.  Brooke says, give me a dart.
Jamie and Andre play on Lucas’ bed.  Lucas brings them in the living room and says they have all kinds of fun.  Movies and crafts.  And Mouse Trap.  The coolest game ever.  They aren’t impressed.  They show them playing poker and Jamie is dealing.
Nathan and Haley shows up. Chase is at the bar and asks if Mia is coming.  Mia comes in in a little black dress.

Mia asks for a Long Island Iced Tea.  He says he’s busy and does she mind if they hang out there for a while.  Mia agrees.
Jamie takes Lucas’ watch and asks what’s next?
Nathan shoots hoops with Chase at TRIC.  Nathan helps Chase.  Mia comes up and can’t believe Chase built Nathan.  Mia and Haley say they have signed up for karoke.  Nathan says that isn’t fair.
Brooke is freaking out about the non-date.  Beer says get comfortable.  Wine says do me.  She pulls out liquor.  Julian shows up.  He’s on his cell phone.  He asks if she was on her way out.  She plays it off and says she had a charity thing.  He says he brought wine.  She says it’s perfect.
Sam and Jack talk.  He hasn’t eaten and Sam gives him leftover fast food.
Junk introduces Nathan and Chase for karaoke.  The girls signed them up.
They show Jamie and Andre singing the same karaoke song at Lucas’ house.
Nathan and Chase dance while singing.

Lucas tackles the boys on his bed.  Peyton comes in and says it’s time for hide and seek.  Peyton lays on the bed with Lucas.  She says it’s only 9:15.  He says time is moving slowly.  She says go get ice cream while she plays. She’s pregnant and if mommy ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.
Millie goes to see Mouth.  She’s drunk.  She says if he needs sex, he can have it.  She goes to throw up.
Brooke presents the clothes for the characters.  Julian says he feels like he knows her.  Because of the book.  He read it b/c of Peyton but he related to it because of Brooke.  Brooke asks if he wants more wine?
Sam and Jack talk.  He’s upset.  He was still his brother.  Sam says she used to hold her own hand and pretend it was somewhere who cared.  She holds his hand and says he has her.
Nathan and Chase talk about dating Mia.  Nathan says it’s tough dating a rock star.  He says if she ever meets chris Keller, punch first, ask questions later.
Mia and Haley talk in the bathroom.  Mia says she’s ready to fly solo.
Junk and Fergie sing karaoke.  Haley gets Nathan to leave.
Peyton looks out of it.  Lucas finally walks in with ice cream and walkie talkies.  She says he thinks of everything.  Lucas says yeah, I think we’re going to be fine.  She says I love you.
Brooke and Julian talk about her mother.  He says he has a similar situation with his father and he feels like failure.  But one of these days…They toast to one day.

Nathan and Haley come in.   Jamie answer the door.  Leyton is asleep on the couch.
Mia and Chase go into the studio.  She says her job is cool from the outside but it’s hard inside.  He says he should get her home.  She says she’s going to stay but he should get home..he’s old.  They say they have a great time.  They hug.  He says goodnight and leaves.  He comes back and says over the speaker he should have asked her out again and he probably should have kissed her.  He goes back in and kisses her.
Brooke offers Julian another drink but he says he should leave.  Brooke asks what was it.  He says they should say what it was because anything else gets complicated.  He says he’ll see himself out.  He comes back and rambles that it should be business. It would be…She agrees but they kiss.
Millie wakes up and Mouth gives her pills.  She apologizes.  She says she needs a buyer in New York for her costumes.  He said it might be best if she goes.  He says she should get some sleep and walks out.
Sam and Jack are still together.  She says she should go.  He says it must be nice.  She offers to stay with her and he says it’d be weird.  He says he probably won’t see her for a while.  She says sometimes these foster things work out.  He leaves.
Lucas and Peyton are on the couch.  Nathan is on the walkie talkie and wakes up Lucas.  Nathan says he heard about him having a baby.  Nathan says the woman lying next to him is a superhero and he’s there for him.  Peyton wakes up and Lucas says he’s just playing walkie talkie with his brother.  Peyton says our kid will be great right?  He says the greatest.
Nathan says I love you, son to Jamie.  He says Roger that, over and out, Daddy.